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17 Best Auction Sites By Popularity in the US


eBay     Popularity:

eBay.com is one of the largest and most well-established online auction platforms on the internet.

Unlike some auction sites that focus solely on the United States market, eBay.com facilitates international auctions and sales, allowing its members to engage in transactions with buyers and sellers from countries around the world. This global reach significantly expands the marketplace and options available to users.

Whether you're interested in acquiring discontinued toys, tracking down hard-to-find items, or reselling belongings you no longer need or want, there's a good chance you'll find interested parties on eBay.com. The platform brings together a diverse community of buyers and sellers with varying interests and needs, increasing the likelihood of matching up with someone willing to purchase or part with the specific items you're seeking.

The eBay.com website itself is designed with user experience in mind, aiming to be intuitive and easy to navigate. With more than 30 main product categories and numerous subcategories nested within, it offers one of the most extensive selections and organizations of product types among major auction service providers. This comprehensive taxonomy makes it easier for users to hone in on and browse the most relevant listings for what they want to buy or sell. You can quickly filter searches down to specific categories and interests.

In addition to its breadth of categories, eBay.com provides detailed information about buyers, including ratings and reviews from past transactions. This transparency allows users to evaluate the trustworthiness and reliability of potential trading partners before committing to a sale. The platform also enables users to customize various settings related to how they buy, sell, and manage their eBay account, giving them control over their experience.

While very large, eBay.com maintains curation and policies to promote a safe, transparent, feedback-driven marketplace. Users are able to report issues and eBay provides buyer protection and conflict resolution services. The goal is to facilitate a vast but functional online auction environment for people around the world.


Shopgoodwill     Popularity:

ShopGoodwill is an auction site with a unique twist – it's the first one created by a non-profit organization, Goodwill of Orange County, California. The platform connects various Goodwill centers, allowing them to list and auction a vast array of products, ranging from collectibles and clothing to craft supplies. What sets this site apart is that the profits generated fund Goodwill's education programs, which aim to teach individuals with disabilities or other barriers the necessary skills to search and apply for jobs.

Last year alone, Goodwill served nearly 900,000 shoppers through this initiative. The auction site itself operates similarly to other platforms – it features highlighted items, popular products, and a detailed search function. However, ShopGoodwill stands out as a standard auction site with a meaningful purpose – it helps those in need while providing a platform for unique finds.

Goodwill's mission extends beyond the auction site, as the organization strives to improve people's lives by assisting individuals in finding employment and growing their careers. In 2019, Goodwill served more than 25 million individuals worldwide and helped over 230,000 people train for careers in various industries, such as banking, IT, and healthcare. The organization also provides supportive services to ensure success, including English language training, additional education, and access to transportation and child care.

ShopGoodwill.com is the first e-commerce auction site created, owned, and operated by a non-profit organization. Today, more than 130 Goodwill organizations from the United States and Canada list and auction unique items on the site, encompassing art, antiques, collectibles, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and more. The revenue generated from these auction sales directly supports Goodwill's mission to help individuals overcome challenges in building skills, finding jobs, and growing their careers through the power of work.

Your purchases on ShopGoodwill.com contribute to funding an array of life-changing programs and services for individuals with disabilities and other barriers. These initiatives include job placement programs, vocational training, educational advancement, financial literacy, self-advocacy, and more. When you shop with Goodwill, your purchases directly impact and change lives for the better.


HiBid     Popularity:

HiBid is a leading auction platform that offers a vast array of items for bidding, catering to diverse interests and needs. From real estate and vehicles to fine jewelry, collectibles, sports memorabilia, and personal property, HiBid.com has something for everyone at any given time.

Thousands of auction companies worldwide leverage HiBid to conduct live webcast auctions, online-only auctions, and absentee bidding events. With such a wide range of items constantly available for auction, HiBid provides a platform where individuals can easily find and bid on items that pique their interest.

One of the strengths of HiBid lies in its ability to cater to both local and online auctions. The platform supports multiple types of online bidding, giving auctioneers the flexibility they need to host auctions of varying sizes, whether in-person or entirely online. This accessibility enables bidders from around the world to participate in large estate sales and liquidations that they might not have been able to attend physically, allowing them to place bids at their convenience from any location.

For bidders, HiBid offers a user-friendly experience. Finding relevant auctions and lots is straightforward – simply use the search bar on HiBid.com or browse through the hundreds of categories available from the homepage menu. The platform also highlights featured and trending auctions below the search bar, providing a glimpse into the current hot items on HiBid. Additionally, there's a "Top Picks For You" section that suggests items based on previous visits, catering to individual interests and preferences.


LiveAuctioneers     Popularity:

LiveAuctioneers is a highly popular online auction platform with a vast user base. It serves as a hub for items from over 6,000 auction houses around the world, offering a diverse range of categories such as art, jewelry, Asian antiques, furniture, collectibles, and coins.

The platform brings together an international audience of millions, enabling them to participate in bidding on auctions for art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles from various parts of the globe. With fascinating objects up for auction in more than 50 countries, LiveAuctioneers presents a global marketplace where treasures await discovery, catering to both avid collectors and first-time visitors alike. The platform offers instant translation services, allowing users to view listings in their preferred language and currency.

By hosting thousands of auctions in real-time over the internet, LiveAuctioneers provides unprecedented access to remote sales, allowing savvy bidders the opportunity to secure desired items at desirable prices. Users can either leave an absentee bid or fully engage in the live auction action, with all bidding taking place through a secure bidder network that keeps maximum bids for upcoming sales private until the item is opened on the day of the sale.

LiveAuctioneers has been a pioneer in the industry since its inception in 2002. Initially based in New York City, the company formed a marketing partnership with eBay to introduce eBay Live Auctions, enabling auction houses worldwide to go online with their live sales – a development that changed the auction business forever. In 2009, the launch of LiveAuctioneers' iPhone and Android apps with live bidding capabilities opened up a new mobile avenue, allowing users to bid anytime, from anywhere, with complete anonymity.

Since then, LiveAuctioneers has been at the forefront of engaging bidders with live streaming video, easy online payments, personalized search alerts, and more. Now in its second decade, LiveAuctioneers stands as the leading auction-related site on the web, boasting millions of qualified bidders.


EstateSales.net     Popularity:

EstateSales.NET stands out as a unique platform in the world of estate sales. With a massive network of estate sale buyers, boasting five times more visits than its closest competitor, it has become a go-to resource for both buyers and sellers.

For sellers, EstateSales.NET provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to help them run a successful estate sale business. It has earned the trust of over 15,000 industry professionals, a testament to its reliability and effectiveness.

One of the key advantages of EstateSales.NET is its extensive network directory, which allows clients to easily find and hire estate sale professionals. This directory is among the most comprehensive in the industry, making it a valuable resource for those seeking experienced professionals to handle their estate liquidations.

EstateSales.NET also offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows users to quickly and easily locate and stay up-to-date on estate sales, tag sales, auctions, moving sales, and other types of estate liquidations in their area. The app streamlines the search process, enabling users to access thousands of sales nationwide each month with just a few taps.

Users can search for sales using their location or zip code and immediately see ongoing sales in their vicinity. The app even provides GPS-located driving directions, making it easy to navigate to any ongoing sale from the sale map of their city.

Personalization is another key feature of the EstateSales.NET app, allowing users to customize their sale list using filtering options and a "Favorite Sales" feature. This ensures that users can tailor their experience to their specific interests and preferences.

Although the app is a recent addition, EstateSales.NET has been operating on a nationwide scale since 2002. The website became mobile-friendly in 2013, but the dedicated app was developed to meet the growing demand for a faster and more streamlined user experience.

EstateSales.NET is committed to making the estate sale hunting experience as enjoyable as possible for its users. The company actively seeks feedback and suggestions from its user base to continually improve the app's features and functionality.

Govdeals.com     Popularity:

GovDeals.com started as an online auction platform specifically designed for government agencies to sell their surplus inventory. If you're interested in becoming a seller on GovDeals.com, you might be surprised at how straightforward the process is. All you need to do is fill out a short form on their "Contact Us" page, and a GovDeals representative will reach out to you. However, it's important to note that only government entities are eligible to sell through GovDeals.com. If you're unsure whether your position qualifies, it's best to contact them directly for clarification.

One of the standout features of GovDeals.com is their exceptional customer service, which is available via phone, fax, or email. Their representatives are ready to assist you and guide you through the process of getting started as a seller on their platform.

For government agencies grappling with the challenge of surplus disposition, GovDeals serves as a lifeline, offering a streamlined solution to manage the sale of surplus inventory without draining time and resources. With over 15,000 sellers utilizing the GovDeals online auction platform, the company has facilitated over $3 billion in sales by directly connecting sellers with their more than 1 million registered buyers. Their platform is designed to generate higher net returns by delivering true market values for the surplus items.

GovDeals is powered by Liquidity Services, the most experienced and trusted company in the surplus industry. This partnership ensures that buyers have direct access to the best surplus equipment deals across North America, sourced from trusted and respected government organizations and suppliers. The platform offers a secure, transparent, and efficient marketplace where thousands of items are sold every week, spanning various categories including transportation, heavy equipment, real estate, and more.

Whether you're a government agency looking to sell surplus inventory or a buyer seeking quality surplus equipment, GovDeals.com provides a centralized and user-friendly platform to meet your needs. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and exceptional customer service, GovDeals.com aims to simplify the surplus disposition process for government agencies while offering buyers a reliable source for high-quality surplus items.

BidFTA     Popularity:

BidFTA.com is a digital platform that facilitates online auctions, catering to both buyers and sellers. Its primary function is to provide a streamlined solution for businesses seeking to offload their assets or inventory swiftly, as well as for individuals or enterprises in search of procuring goods at competitive prices. Whether you're a small business operator in need of replenishing your stock or securing office/warehouse supplies, or simply a consumer on the hunt for a bargain, BidFTA.com positions itself as a viable marketplace to explore.

The platform hosts daily online auctions, featuring a diverse array of retail merchandise and business liquidation inventories. This regular cadence of auctions ensures a continuous influx of fresh opportunities for buyers to acquire desired items and for sellers to efficiently liquidate their assets or surplus stock. The auctions encompass a wide range of product categories, catering to various industries and consumer segments.

Participating in these online auctions offers several advantages. For sellers, it provides a convenient and efficient channel to liquidate their assets or inventories promptly, potentially minimizing the financial impact of carrying stagnant stock or unutilized resources. On the buyer's side, the auctions present an opportunity to source desired products at potentially favorable prices, allowing them to capitalize on cost savings or secure hard-to-find items.

It is important to note that while BidFTA.com facilitates these transactions, it does not directly endorse or promote specific products or services. Instead, it serves as a neutral platform, enabling buyers and sellers to engage in transactions based on their respective needs and preferences. The platform's role is to provide a secure and user-friendly environment for these auctions to take place, fostering transparency and fair competition among participants.

In essence, BidFTA.com aims to bridge the gap between those seeking to liquidate their assets or inventories and those interested in acquiring goods at competitive prices. By leveraging the power of online auctions, the platform streamlines the process, offering convenience and potential cost savings for both buyers and sellers alike.

Invaluable     Popularity:

Invaluable is an online platform that connects auction houses with potential buyers from around the globe. It serves as a centralized hub where thousands of auction houses can showcase their offerings to a vast network of clients and enthusiasts. By leveraging Invaluable's services, these auction houses can deepen their relationships with existing clients while simultaneously expanding their reach to new audiences worldwide.

One of the key features of Invaluable is its curated selection of items and auctions, which are tailored to the interests of its users. Users can subscribe to receive notifications and updates on upcoming auctions, ensuring they stay informed about the items and categories that pique their curiosity. This personalized approach helps users stay connected to the things they love, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

With thousands of new items added daily, Invaluable offers a vast and ever-evolving collection of exceptional art, antiques, and collectibles. This diverse range of offerings makes discovering and acquiring unique and remarkable pieces accessible to anyone, regardless of their location or schedule. The platform's user-friendly interface and global reach allow collectors and enthusiasts from around the world to explore and bid on items that resonate with their passions.

Invaluable takes pride in its robust information security and data protection measures, ensuring the utmost safety and privacy for its users. The platform employs industry-leading encryption techniques, such as tokenization, to safeguard sensitive information like bank and credit card details. This commitment to exceptional security standards instills confidence in users, allowing them to engage in transactions with peace of mind.

For those new to the world of online auctions or seeking guidance on navigating Invaluable's platform, the company provides a comprehensive guide. This resource offers useful information and tips to help users understand the bidding process, familiarize themselves with the platform's features, and make the most of their experience.

In essence, Invaluable serves as a bridge between auction houses and collectors, facilitating the discovery and acquisition of remarkable art, antiques, and collectibles on a global scale. With its focus on curation, accessibility, security, and user-friendliness, Invaluable aims to create a seamless and engaging experience for all participants in the world of online auctions.

AuctionNinja     Popularity:

AuctionNinja is a technology solution and online marketplace tailored specifically for estate sale professionals. It offers user-friendly auction and estate inventory management software, enabling seamless operations and enhancing efficiency. The software aims to simplify the complex processes involved in estate liquidation, ultimately benefiting both professionals and clients alike.

In the estate liquidation business, efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount. Christie Spooner and Grant Panarese recognized this in 2012 and began searching for a technology solution that could streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience. However, they soon realized that no existing software adequately met the unique needs of their industry.

Undeterred, Christie and Grant took matters into their own hands and developed their own auction and inventory management software. In late 2014, they launched this software for their company, Black Rock Galleries, and immediately witnessed its profound impact on their business. Their industry peers quickly took notice of the software's capabilities.

After numerous conversations with colleagues, it became evident that there was a widespread demand for an industry-specific software solution designed by professionals who truly understood the intricacies of estate liquidation. Thus, AuctionNinja was born.

MaxSold     Popularity:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to sell a large number of items quickly? Maybe you're downsizing, moving, or just looking to declutter your space. Whatever the reason, the process of selling a significant volume of stuff can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's where MaxSold comes in – a platform that connects sellers with a community of interested buyers, making the selling process a breeze.

MaxSold understands that traditional methods of selling items, such as garage sales or online classifieds, can be inefficient and often fail to attract the right buyers. Instead, they leverage the power of digital marketing to reach a wide audience of potential bidders and buyers. By promoting auctions through targeted ad campaigns, engaging newsletters, and active social media channels, MaxSold ensures that your items get the exposure they deserve.

One of the key advantages of using MaxSold is that it provides a fast and effective solution for selling a large quantity of items. In the past, people often resorted to renting dumpsters to dispose of their unwanted belongings, which not only cost money but also meant that potentially valuable items ended up in landfills. With MaxSold, you can give your items a second chance at life while also earning some money in the process.

Another benefit of MaxSold is that it helps sellers get fair market value for their items. By connecting sellers with a pool of interested buyers, the platform creates a competitive bidding environment that ensures items are sold at a price that reflects their true worth. This is particularly advantageous for those selling unique or specialty items that may be difficult to price or find buyers for through traditional channels.

For buyers, MaxSold offers a treasure trove of interesting and one-of-a-kind items. From vintage furniture and collectibles to everyday household goods, the platform provides an opportunity to discover hidden gems and score great deals. By participating in MaxSold auctions, buyers can not only find items they need or want but also support local sellers and contribute to a more sustainable economy by giving pre-owned items a new home.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in need of a fast, efficient, and profitable way to sell a large volume of items, MaxSold is definitely worth considering. With its innovative approach to connecting sellers and buyers, its commitment to digital marketing, and its focus on sustainability, MaxSold is revolutionizing the way we think about buying and selling second-hand goods.

CTBIDS     Popularity:

Caring Transitions, a company that has been assisting individuals and families with their downsizing and relocation needs for over a decade, recognized a unique opportunity to maximize the value of their clients' treasured possessions. The idea for CTBIDS was born from the collective experience of Caring Transitions owners nationwide, who carefully manage and find new homes for the cherished items their clients no longer need.

Life events such as downsizing, disability, divorce, and the loss of a loved one often necessitate parting with personal belongings. Caring Transitions offers a comprehensive range of services to help navigate these challenging situations, from emptying kitchen cabinets to managing entire estates. Their goal is to alleviate the stress and burden associated with these transitions.

When individuals find themselves in need of decluttering due to lack of space, time, or a change in personal value, Caring Transitions seeks the most effective solutions to maximize returns while minimizing the client's involvement and stress. This may involve a combination of approaches, such as hosting local estate sales, utilizing online auction services, or working with specialized brokers. In cases where items have little value or require special handling, Caring Transitions also facilitates charitable donations and coordinates with disposal specialists to ensure appropriate and responsible management of these belongings.

EstateSales.org     Popularity:

EstateSales.org, a prominent website in the United States, serves as a platform for advertising estate sales and hosting online estate auctions. With a substantial registered member base exceeding 1,000,000 and partnerships with over 4,000 estate sale companies and auctioneers, the website has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking estate liquidators in their vicinity. The nationwide directory provided by EstateSales.org simplifies the process of locating estate sales, auctions, and estate liquidation companies across the country.

The origins of EstateSales.org can be traced back to the passion for garage sales shared by three individuals: Mike Judkins, Nate Denning, and Marshall Salinger. Judkins, a web developer, launched WeekendTreasure.com in 2006 to address the challenges faced by garage sale enthusiasts in finding and mapping out sales. Similarly, Denning and Salinger, both software engineers and garage sale aficionados, created Gsalr.com in 2007, featuring an interactive map of garage sales.

As both websites gained popularity among the estate sale community, the trio joined forces in 2009 to develop innovative technology that would connect people with used goods more effectively. This collaboration led to the launch of EstateSales.org in November 2009, which has since become one of the most widely used estate sale websites in the United States. In 2016, the website introduced the first online auction platform designed specifically for the estate sale industry, further solidifying its position as a pioneer in the field.

Today, EstateSales.org is operated by a talented team of six individuals, with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and satellite offices in Seattle and Atlanta. The website continues to be a trusted resource for those seeking estate sales, auctions, and liquidation services nationwide.

GovPlanet     Popularity:

GovPlanet serves as a platform for state, local, and federal agencies, including the military, to sell their surplus equipment. This marketplace assists government agencies in achieving quicker sales and obtaining better returns when it comes time to dispose of excess inventory, ranging from excavators and trucks to Humvees.

One of the standout features of GovPlanet's weekly online auctions is the IronClad Assurance® equipment condition certification. Every item undergoes a thorough inspection by certified professionals, and GovPlanet stands behind the accuracy of these inspection reports. By making these reports accessible to bidders prior to the auction dates, GovPlanet fosters buyer confidence and facilitates the online sale of surplus equipment. This approach eliminates the need for agencies to invest valuable time and resources in transporting items to a central auction location or waiting for an upcoming auction event. GovPlanet's platform is designed to cater to the specific needs of government sellers, ensuring compliance with stringent property assurance and control requirements.

As an IronPlanet marketplace, GovPlanet benefits from the parent company's 17 years of experience in conducting online auctions. This expertise enables GovPlanet to provide a reliable and efficient solution for government agencies looking to maximize the value of their surplus assets while streamlining the selling process.

Liquidation     Popularity:

Liquidation serves as an auction platform that specializes in offering surplus products from major retailers worldwide. As a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LQDT, Liquidation has gained significant attention from investors and businesses alike.

For individuals seeking great deals, Liquidation could be an attractive option. However, it's important to note that the platform primarily caters to wholesalers and businesses rather than individual consumers. The products featured on Liquidation are typically sold in bulk quantities, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Liquidation's approach to selling surplus inventory has proven to be an effective solution for retailers looking to clear out excess stock and maximize their returns. By partnering with Liquidation, these retailers can tap into a vast network of potential buyers and efficiently dispose of their surplus products.

While the prospect of finding substantial bargains on Liquidation is enticing, it's crucial for buyers to carefully assess their needs and capabilities before engaging in any transactions. Purchasing large quantities of products requires adequate storage space, as well as the ability to either resell or utilize the items effectively.

Overall, Liquidation has established itself as a prominent player in the surplus auction market, providing a platform that connects retailers with businesses and wholesalers seeking to acquire products at competitive prices.

Policeauctions.com     Popularity:

Policeauctions.com, a website catering to those interested in government auctions, provides a platform for sellers to offer items such as cars and homes to a large customer base. Joining the site is free and straightforward, allowing users to create an account within seconds and start participating in the online auctions. Many buyers on Policeauctions.com are serious collectors who appreciate the auction format for online purchases.

Founded in 1999 by Vortal Group, Inc., Policeauctions.com has grown to over 7 million members in its two decades of operation. The site began as a simple list of links to government auctions and other interesting websites but has evolved into the most comprehensive source of government auction data on the internet, surpassing competitors in terms of listings and accuracy. In addition to government auctions, Policeauctions.com also hosts $1 no reserve auctions featuring items like certified diamond rings, collectibles, and gold coins.

In 2013, the company rebranded as Serrf Corp., signaling a modernization of its culture and a shift towards mobile-first technology for its wholesale $1 auctions. These auctions feature real-time bid updates, eliminating the need for page refreshes and creating a more engaging and natural auction environment. Serrf Corp. prioritizes customer satisfaction, striving to respond to all support inquiries in a timely manner, even offering after-hours support with targeted response times of 12 hours or less.

Policeauctions.com handles a significant volume of business, with over 150,000 auctions held annually and more than 2 million auctions in total. The company's success is reflected in its substantial social media following, with over 1 million Facebook likes and more than 40,000 onsite testimonials from users sharing their positive experiences with the platform.

Publicsurplus.com     Popularity:

When government agencies find themselves with excess inventory, such as office supplies, machinery, electronics, or other surplus work items, they may consider selling these goods to recoup some of their costs. Publicsurplus.com is a platform that caters to this need, connecting agencies with a large pool of interested buyers.

For agencies contemplating the sale of their surplus items, becoming a seller on Publicsurplus.com is a straightforward process. By navigating to the "About" tab in the top right corner of the website and clicking on the "Seller Registration" button on the left side of the screen, agencies can initiate the registration process. Once the registration form is submitted, a Public Surplus account representative will reach out to the agency to activate their account.

Publicsurplus.com offers agencies a user-friendly interface for setting up their seller's account, which grants them access to a substantial group of committed buyers. This streamlined approach to selling surplus items can help agencies efficiently manage their excess inventory and potentially generate additional revenue.

For government agencies seeking a solution to their surplus item challenges, exploring the option of selling through Publicsurplus.com may prove to be a beneficial decision. By signing up for a seller's account, agencies can tap into a ready market of buyers and start moving their surplus inventory quickly and effectively.

PropertyRoom.com     Popularity:

Property Room, an online auction platform, has emerged as a favored destination for bargain seekers. The website collaborates with over 4,300 law enforcement agencies and municipalities to auction off stolen, seized, surplus, and abandoned goods.

Legal requirements dictate that law enforcement agencies must auction found, unclaimed, and personal properties through public auctions. In 1999, a former police detective recognized the potential of bringing these auctions online and established Property Room.

At the time of writing, Property Room attracts approximately 600,000 visitors per month. While this figure demonstrates a considerable fan base, it pales in comparison to the massive user base of platforms like eBay. However, some buyers perceive this as an advantage, as fewer competitors can lead to securing exceptional deals.

One of the appealing aspects of Property Room is that many items start at just $1 with no reserve price, and auctions conclude on a daily basis. This approach provides buyers with ample opportunities to find unique and affordable products.

Although Property Room may not boast the same level of popularity as some of its larger counterparts, it has carved out a niche in the online auction market. By focusing on a specific category of goods and partnering with law enforcement agencies, the platform offers a distinct shopping experience for those willing to invest time in searching for hidden treasures.