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9 Best Diamond Auction Sites By Popularity [UPDATED 2024]

eBay     Popularity:

eBay, the world's premier online auction platform, boasts an unparalleled selection of exquisite diamond jewelry available for bidding on a daily basis.

As a global leader in e-commerce, eBay has revolutionized the way individuals acquire and sell precious gemstones and fine jewelry.

The site showcases a diverse array of diamond jewelry, catering to a wide range of preferences and styles. While diamond rings reign supreme as the most sought-after items in this category, eBay also features an extensive collection of diamond earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. This vast assortment provides ample opportunities for discerning bidders to acquire their desired pieces, whether they are seeking a classic solitaire ring or a trendy diamond-encrusted bracelet.

During a recent visit to the site, several notable diamond jewelry items captured attention, exemplifying the caliber of offerings available on eBay. Among these were an 18ct Gold & Platinum Old Cut Diamond Victorian 3 Stone Ring, an 18k 750 Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ring Platinum 3.25ct Diamond & Tahitian Pearl Estate Ring, an Estate Light Brown Diamond Ring 1.00 ctw 14k Gold Size 8, a 3/4 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring 14 K Yellow Gold, and a pair of IGI 1.25ct Diamond 18K Gold Round Cut Stud Earrings. These pieces represent just a fraction of the exceptional jewelry that can be found on the platform.

eBay's mission extends far beyond facilitating transactions; it aims to create pathways that connect millions of sellers and buyers across more than 190 global markets. The platform's cutting-edge technology equips its customers with the tools necessary to flourish and prosper, regardless of their identity or geographical location. By fostering an inclusive and accessible marketplace, eBay ensures equal opportunities for growth and success, empowering individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and acquire the items they desire, including stunning diamond jewelry.


Gem Rock Auctions     Popularity:

Gem Rock Auctions, a renowned auction site specializing in gemstones, showcases an impressive array of loose diamonds available for bidding daily. This family-run, industry-leading platform has revolutionized the way individuals acquire gemstones online, offering a diverse selection of finished loose gemstones, rough gemstones, and mineral specimens.

The site features a wide variety of auctioned diamonds, catering to the diverse preferences of its clientele. Recent examples include 1.06 cts fancy colored diamonds, 1.02 cts fancy intense yellow natural diamond, 1 ct round brilliant cut white diamond, certified electric blue 0.48 ct diamond, and GIL certified 0.80 cts natural white diamond. These exquisite gems represent just a fraction of the extensive collection available on Gem Rock Auctions.

As an international marketplace, Gem Rock Auctions boasts a network of 180 verified gemstone dealers who have successfully sold over 350,000 stones to the public at wholesale prices. The platform takes immense pride in its rigorous vetting process, ensuring that each seller meets the highest standards of authenticity and quality. This commitment to excellence guarantees that every gemstone available through Gem Rock Auctions is not only genuine but also adheres to the most stringent quality standards.

Central to Gem Rock Auctions' mission is the unwavering dedication to maintaining the integrity and quality of gemstone purchases. The platform transcends the mere act of buying gemstones; it serves as a space where the allure and rarity of these precious stones are celebrated and made accessible to individuals worldwide. Gem Rock Auctions invites gemstone enthusiasts to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the treasures that lie within the earth and finding their perfect gemstone, sourced from the most esteemed locales across the globe.

To further ensure the utmost confidence in purchases, all sellers on Gem Rock Auctions must adhere to the Verified Sellers program, which mandates a high level of industry knowledge, consistent refund policies, and fair pricing. Moreover, the Gemstone Sheriff program empowers members to request an audit on any item, conducted by an independent Gemologist who meticulously assesses the accuracy of the item's description and accompanying pictures.


Shop LC     Popularity:

Shop LC boasts an extensive online auction category, featuring a wide array of diamond jewelry available for bidding daily. From the classic allure of diamond rings to the sophisticated charm of diamond earrings, pendants, and bracelets, Shop LC's auction platform offers an unparalleled selection for discerning jewelry enthusiasts.

The diamond jewelry collection at Shop LC is renowned for its great quality and amazing craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering the finest jewelry, encompassing a diverse range of rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and watches. The diamonds adorning these pieces have been meticulously cut to achieve optimal brilliance and are skillfully set in a variety of luxurious vermeils, including the timeless elegance of platinum, the warm embrace of rose gold, the radiant glow of yellow gold, and more, all expertly crafted over sterling silver. The collection showcases a captivating spectrum of diamond colors, ranging from the classic, scintillating white to the mesmerizing depths of blue and the enigmatic allure of mystic black.

At Shop LC, luxury and affordability converge seamlessly. The brand is dedicated to offering unbeatable prices on its diamond jewelry, ensuring that the opulence of diamonds is within reach for everyone. Through efficient sourcing and meticulous supply chain management, Shop LC consistently delivers exceptional value, enabling customers to discover their perfect pair of diamond earrings or that breathtaking diamond necklace without compromising on quality.

With its diverse, budget-friendly, and impeccably crafted selection, Shop LC simplifies the process of finding the ideal jewelry to suit any style or to present as a thoughtful gift to a cherished loved one. Each diamond piece in the collection promises to infuse a touch of glamour and sophistication into every moment. Elevate your jewelry collection today by adding an exquisite diamond creation from Shop LC.

Shop Good Will


Shop Good Will often has an impressive list of diamond jewelry for auction.

Common items for auctions include diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, diamond pedants, diamond rings, and loose diamonds.

Shop Good Will is the ecommerce arm of Goodwill, a leading nonprofit organization for educational and work-related services. Goodwill has over 3,300 local stores across America.



EBTH stands for Everything but The House, and it's a hugely popular online auction site with diamond jewelry for auctions.

Examples of auctioned diamond jewelry include 14K 5.41 ct emerald and diamond halo ring, Israel Gady Shemesh 18K 1.92 ctw gypsy set diamond band, platinum 2.02 ctw diamond stud earrings, Lose 0.92 ct round brilliant cut diamond with GIA online report, 14K 3.36 ctw diamond band, 14K 3.12 ctw diamond stud earrings, 14K 4.52 ctw diamond ring, and 14K 3.42 ctw diamond ring with Milgrain shoulders.



PoliceAuctions.com is an auction site with many buyers. The site has a good number of diamond jewelry for auction.

PoliceAuctions.com has a separate category specifically for "big diamonds". When we visited the site, we found auctioned diamond jewelry like IGL certified 14K solid yellow gold 3/4 carat marquise cut diamond solitaire ring, IGL certified 14K white gold 1/2 carat diamond earrings, IGL certified 14K solid white gold 1/5 ctw diamond solitaire ring, and IGL certified 14K solid white gold 3/4 ctw diamond solitaire ring.

JTV Auctions


JTV Auctions is the auction arm of JTV, one of the largest retailers in the US, with live TV programs available to 84 million households.

You can often find a diverse list of diamond jewelry to bid for at JTV auctions at any time.

Property Room


Property Room is a very popular auction site with some diamond jewelry for auction.

From diamond rings to diamond earrings, you can find various diamond jewelry to bid for.

According to the website, Property Room works with 4,300 law enforcement agencies and municipalities to auction goods.



Jewelry-Auctioned.com is an online jewelry auction site with some diamond jewelry to bid for.

According to the website, Jewelry-Auctioned.com has over 190,000 members, and sold 30,000 individual pieces of jewelry for auction bidders.