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12 Best Coin Auction Sites By Popularity [UPDATED 2023]



If you want to participate an online coin auction, you may take a look at eBay, which often has vast number of coins available for auction.

You can find coins in various categories, such as US coins, world coins, bullion, European coins, gold bullion, US gold pre-1933, silver bullion, and Morgan silver dollars.

Coins on eBay are offered in either fixed price format or auction format. To find coins in auction, you can choose a category like "US coins", and then click the "auction" check box on the left of the page.

As the leading coin website, eBay has certain advantages over other coin auction site. First, its selection is second to none. You often can find many choices in your desired categories. Second, eBay has a strong feedback system, where you can know the experiences of other buyers.

Heritage Auctions


Heritage Auctions is a leading auction house with lots of coins for auction from time to time.

The auction website offers many useful features. For instance, you can place a secret maximum bid, and let the software automatically place a bid for you within the maximum price.

Another interesting feature is Heritage Live, where you can participate live auction through streaming audio and video.



Founded in 2010, GreatCollections is one of the most popular coin auction sites.

Coins on the site are certified by grading companies including PCGS, NGC, PMG and ANACS. GreatCollections has possession of all items being offered for sale, and ships to the auction winners directly.

Popular categories include silver and trade dollars, world and ancient coins, small cents, nickel five-cent pieces, silver eagles, commemoratives, and more.



LiveAuctioneers is a very popular online auction platform with a good selection of coins.

You can find auctioned coins are offered by various sellers. One advantage of LiveAuctioneers is its strong feedback system, where you can find reviewers of other bidders. Based on the experiences of other buyers, you may make better decisions on whether you want to patriate an auction or not.



Proxibid is a highly popular auction platform with many coins for auction.

Because Proxibid is a platform with many auctioneers, you will deal with various auctioneers for different coin auctions. We suggest you research carefully before bidding on a coin from an auctioneer.



Property Room is a highly popular auction site with lots of coins for auction.

Examples of auctioned coins are 1958-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS, 1918-S Indian Head Buffalo Nickel, Better - 1934-D - Peace Silver Dollar, 1888-O Morgan Silver Dollar, RARE - 1883-S Morgan Silver Dollar, Early 1922 Peace Silver Dollar, 1957 Franklin Half Dollar, 1939 Washington Quarter, and many more.

Pristine Auction


Pristine Auction is an online auction site often with good number of coins available to bid for.

Founded in 2010, the family-owned auction site has 2 facilities in Phoenix, totaling over 60,000 square feet.

Examples of coin auctions included 1955 Lincoln Cent, 2010 $50 Buffalo Gold Coin, 2018 Chinese Silver 1 Kilo Official Mint Medal Dragon & Phoenix, Complete Set of (45) 1916-1940 Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1892 U.S. Mint Six Piece Proof Set, Lot of (25) 2020 1 Gram Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, 1823 Capped Bust Silver Half-Dollar, and more.

Stack's Bowers Galleries


Stack's Bowers Galleries provides a popular coin site.

Since 1933, Stack's Bowers Galleries has conducted live, Internet, and specialized auctions of coins and currencies.

You can participate a Stack's Bowers Galleries coin auction in person, by telephone, by postal mail, by absentee ballot via email, by fax, or by mobile app. With the mobile app, you can watch and bid just like you were in the auction room.



PoliceAuctions.com offers a good number of coins for auction.

Founded in 1999, PoliceAuctions.com claimed to have over 7 million members.



Catawik is a very popular European auction site with many coins available for auction.

Catawiki has over 200 experts guiding 65,000 objects in auction each week.

Though most of the sellers are from Europe, many of them are willing to ship the coins to the United States.



ShopGoodWill offers some coins for auction.

Compared with some other sites on the list, coins auctions of ShopGoodWill are limited. But there are also less buyers, so you may find a bargain from time to time.

CGB Numismatics Paris


CGB Numismatics Paris is a popular coin auction provider in France.

According to the website, each week over 700 coins and bank notes are open for bidding with a starting price of €1 with no reserve price.