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8 Best Cell Phone Auction Sites 2024 By Popularity

eBay      Popularity:

In the world of mobile technology, finding great deals on cell phones can be a daunting task.

However, Cell-Phones.Shop.Ebay.com has emerged as a hidden gem for those seeking to purchase or sell new and used cell phones at competitive prices.

This online marketplace, which is a dedicated section within the larger Ebay platform, offers a wide variety of cell phone brands and accessories. From the latest iPhones to classic BlackBerries, shoppers can explore an extensive selection of devices that often come with price tags significantly lower than those found at traditional retailers. This presents an attractive opportunity for savvy consumers looking to save money on their mobile purchases or even upgrade their current cell phone package without breaking the bank.

In addition to the diverse range of cell phones available, Cell-Phones.Shop.Ebay.com also features a plethora of essential accessories. From protective cases to chargers, the website serves as a one-stop-shop for all your mobile needs. This convenience factor, coupled with the potential for substantial savings, makes it an appealing destination for both tech enthusiasts and budget-conscious buyers alike.

Moreover, the platform not only caters to those in the market for a new device but also provides an avenue for individuals to sell their old cell phones. By listing their pre-owned devices on the website, sellers can potentially earn some extra cash, which can then be used to offset the cost of a new phone or any other expense. This dual functionality of buying and selling creates a dynamic and thriving marketplace within the cell phone industry.


ShopGoodwill     Popularity:

In the world of online shopping, ShopGoodwill.com stands out as a unique platform that combines the thrill of auctions with the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause. This e-commerce site, the first of its kind to be created, owned, and operated by a non-profit organization, offers a novel approach to purchasing cell phones and other items.

One of the most appealing aspects of shopping on ShopGoodwill.com is the ability to bid only what you are willing to pay. This means that you have complete control over your budget and will never be forced to overspend. While you may not always win the auction immediately, the site features a constantly rotating inventory, with new auctions starting and ending daily. This provides numerous opportunities to find the perfect cell phone at a price that fits your budget.

The selection of items available on ShopGoodwill.com is truly impressive, with over 130 Goodwill organizations from the United States and Canada contributing to the site's offerings. From smartphones like the Apple iPhone 14 Plus to art, antiques, collectibles, apparel, jewelry, and electronics, there is something for everyone. The wide variety of unique items makes browsing the site an exciting and enjoyable experience.

What sets ShopGoodwill.com apart from other online marketplaces is its commitment to supporting the Goodwill mission. Every purchase made on the site directly contributes to funding life-changing programs and services for individuals facing challenges, such as those with disabilities or other barriers to employment. These initiatives include job placement programs, vocational training, educational advancement, financial literacy, and self-advocacy. By shopping on ShopGoodwill.com, customers not only have the opportunity to find great deals but also play a vital role in helping others build skills, find jobs, and grow their careers.


PropertyRoom      Popularity:

Discovering incredible deals on cell phones is now possible through PropertyRoom, an innovative auction site that offers a unique shopping experience. This platform collaborates with law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and commercial clients to auction off seized, forfeited, or surplus items, including a wide range of mobile devices.

One of the most attractive aspects of PropertyRoom is the potential to find substantial bargains on popular phone brands, such as iPhones. Many of these auctions start at just $1 with no reserve price, which means that savvy bidders could potentially walk away with a high-end device at a fraction of its retail cost. It's not uncommon to see phones being auctioned off at prices hundreds of dollars lower than what you would typically find at a traditional retailer.

What sets PropertyRoom apart from other auction sites is its constantly updating inventory. With auctions starting and ending on a daily basis, there's always something new to discover. This dynamic nature of the site is particularly appealing to those who enjoy regularly upgrading their phones or who may not find exactly what they're looking for right away. The ever-changing selection keeps the browsing experience fresh and exciting, as you never know what hidden gems you might stumble upon.

While the selection of cell phones on PropertyRoom may be more limited compared to larger auction sites, the potential for finding incredible deals is undeniable. The platform's long-standing reputation and extensive list of over 4,400 law enforcement and municipality partners have established it as a trusted destination for online auctions. With a history spanning more than two decades, PropertyRoom continues to deliver an unparalleled auction experience, offering remarkable value to its customers every single day.


BStock      Popularity:

BStock, a prominent online platform, provides an extensive selection of cell phones through its auction system. These phones are available for purchase in wholesale quantities, with lots typically consisting of six, ten, or more units. This format caters to businesses and individuals seeking to acquire mobile devices in bulk.

As a leading player in the B2B liquidation market, BStock has established a vast network of marketplaces that serve as a bridge between top retailers, manufacturers, and business buyers. Notably, nine out of the ten largest retailers in the United States utilize BStock's platform to liquidate their returned, overstock, and new-condition inventory. This partnership allows resellers to access a wide array of products across various categories, including cell phones, at competitive prices.

Through BStock, buyers have the flexibility to purchase inventory in quantities ranging from a handful of pallets to multiple truckloads. This adaptability enables businesses of different sizes to find suitable deals that align with their specific needs and budgets. With its user-friendly interface and diverse product offerings, BStock has become a go-to destination for resellers looking to source high-quality merchandise from trusted suppliers.


Public Surplus     Popularity:

Public Surplus, an online auction platform, provides the opportunity to bid on various cell phones.

For certain cell phone auctions, vendors offers a shipping option at a cost of $9.99.

The platform's primary goal is to simplify the process of selling and acquiring excess inventory for government entities while ensuring adherence to state laws and guidelines. The system's features are designed to assist agencies in redistributing or auctioning surplus items, preventing waste, favoritism, or collusion.

Public Surplus retains comprehensive transaction records for a period of up to seven years, enabling agencies to effortlessly access printed records and meet audit requirements. The platform also streamlines internal reallocation by automatically informing relevant departments within the organization about available surplus items, which can be requested electronically on a first-come, first-served basis.

Direct Liquidation     Popularity:

Direct Liquidation is a company that offers wholesale cell phone auctions to retailers, wholesalers, and other businesses. These auctions are not intended for individual consumers, as each lot typically includes a significant number of cell phones. The company provides a wide range of cell phones for auction, sourced from various suppliers, including well-known national retailers such as Walmart.

With over a decade of experience, Direct Liquidation has established itself as a prominent supplier of customer returns, overstock, and end-of-life products. The company sources its inventory directly from major retailers and manufacturers, offering a diverse selection of liquidation goods, such as electronics, home goods, clothing, toys, and general merchandise.

One of the advantages of purchasing from Direct Liquidation is the transparency in pricing. The price displayed is the final price, without any hidden costs or buyer's fees. Buyers can make informed decisions, as each listing includes information about the source of the inventory, a detailed manifest, product conditions, and a comprehensive set of photographs.

Direct Liquidation caters to buyers of all levels, whether they are new to the liquidation industry or experienced professionals. The company offers flexibility in purchase quantities, ranging from single pallets to full truckloads of merchandise. This allows buyers to start with a small purchase and gradually scale up to multiple truckloads per week as their business grows.

GovDeals     Popularity:

GovDeals is an online auction platform that offers a variety of surplus items, including cell phones, from government agencies. When these agencies face the challenge of disposing of their excess inventory, GovDeals provides a solution that streamlines the process and prevents it from becoming a burden on their time and resources.

Specifically designed for government agencies and their surplus disposition needs, GovDeals has a proven track record of success. With over 15,000 sellers utilizing the platform, GovDeals has facilitated more than $3 billion in sales by connecting government agencies directly with a vast network of over 1 million registered buyers. This online auction approach consistently generates higher net returns by ensuring that items are sold at their true market value.

As a subsidiary of Liquidity Services, a well-established company in the surplus industry, GovDeals benefits from their expertise and reputation. Buyers on the platform have direct access to an extensive selection of surplus equipment deals from trusted and respected government organizations and suppliers across North America. The platform is secure, transparent, and efficient, providing buyers with a seamless purchasing experience.

Each week, thousands of items spanning various categories, such as transportation, heavy equipment, real estate, and more, are sold on the centralized GovDeals marketplace. With a history of over $3 billion in completed transactions, more than 15,000 sellers worldwide, and a network of over 1 million registered buyers, GovDeals has demonstrated its effectiveness in the government surplus sales industry. The platform's scalability allows it to manage unlimited asset sales in every category and condition, while providing market insights, performance data, and valuation information on demand.

Liquidation.com     Popularity:

Liquidation.com is a business-to-business (B2B) auction site that offers cell phones among its various product categories. For those looking to purchase a cell phone at a discounted price, Liquidation.com provides a platform with a wide selection of cell phone auctions. Bidders have the opportunity to acquire these devices at prices lower than their retail value, allowing for significant savings.

To begin the bidding process, potential buyers can sort the cell phone auctions from the lowest to the highest price. This approach enables them to view the most affordable options first and potentially start bidding well in advance of the auction's end time. By doing so, bidders can participate at their own pace and within their desired price range.

Another effective strategy for shopping on Liquidation.com is to sort the inventory by auctions ending soonest. This allows buyers to monitor the auctions and place their bids at the last minute, increasing their chances of securing a winning bid.

The website offers a user-friendly interface that allows shoppers to refine their search based on various criteria. Buyers can sort through the available mobile devices by specifying preferences such as make, brand, and model, or by auction-related factors like location, bid price, and retail price. With new inventory arriving daily, Liquidation.com ensures a consistently diverse selection of cell phones for buyers to explore.

HiBid     Popularity:

HiBid.com is an online auction platform that offers a variety of items, including cell phones, for bidding. However, it's important to note that the actual vendor conducting the auction significantly impacts the buyer's experience on HiBid.

Some buyers have reported that they have had the best experiences on HiBid when the auction items are located nearby, allowing for personal pick-up of the winning items. This is because shipping costs on HiBid can be quite substantial, which may deter some potential buyers.

HiBid serves as a versatile auction platform, facilitating the sale of a wide range of items, from real estate and vehicles to fine jewelry, collectibles, sports memorabilia, and personal property. The platform is utilized by thousands of auction companies worldwide to conduct live webcast, online-only, and absentee bidding auctions. With such a diverse selection of items available at any given time, HiBid aims to cater to a broad spectrum of interests.

The platform supports multiple types of online bidding, providing auctioneers with the flexibility to host auctions of various sizes, either in-person or entirely online. This feature enables bidders from around the globe to access extensive estate sales and liquidations that they might otherwise be unable to attend, and allows them to place bids at their convenience from any location.

To quickly find auctions and lots, bidders can use the search bar on HiBid.com or browse the hundreds of categories accessible from the homepage menu. The website also showcases featured and trending auctions, as well as a personalized "Top Picks For You" section that suggests items based on the bidder's previous visits to the site.