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9 Best US Auction Sites By Popularity in 2023



eBay.com is the largest and most well-known online auction service on the web. Unlike other auction sites that focus their services only in the U.S, eBay.com allows its members to conduct international auctions and sales!

So, whether you are interested in acquiring discontinued toys, locating hard to find items, or reselling those items you no longer desire to own, chances are there will be someone out there on eBay.com that is willing to buy or sell these items to or from you.

This site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. There are more than 30 standard categories and hungers of subcategories to choose from, which is by far the largest selection of categories for an auction service. And as an eBay user, you can look at detailed buyer information, customize your selling and user management options too!



Shop GoodWill is the first auction site created by a nonprofit organization, the Goodwill of Orange County, California. The site links other Goodwills and allows the centers to place items on the webiste for auction. What has been created is a vast array of products available, ranging from collectibles to clothing to craft supplies. What's more impressive about the site is that the profits fund Goodwill's education program, which helps teach disabled individuals and individuals with other hindrances how to search and apply for jobs. Goodwill served nearly 900,000 shoppers just last year. The auction site itself is similar to other auction site – it has featured items, hot (popular) items, and a detailed search function. Simply put, Shop GoodWill is a standard auction site with a wonderful twist – it also helps those in need. And it's free!



LiveAuctioneers is a highly popular auction sites many users.

You can find items for auction offered by 6,000 auction houses around the world. Popular categories include art, jewelry, Asian antiques, furniture, collectible, and coins.



LikePropertyroom.com, Govdeals.com began as a government surplus auction site. If you want to start selling items through Govdeals.com, you may be surprised to learn how easy the process is! You can fill out a short form under the "Contact Us" page, which will put you in contact with a Gov Deals representative. You must be a government entity to sell through Govdeals.com. If you are not sure whether or not your position gives you access to selling rights on Govdeals.com, simply contact them!

Govdeals.com has been widely recognized for their exceptional customer service, which is available via phone, fax or email. Contact one of their representatives today to find out how you and your government entity can start selling on this popular auction site.



Liquidation is a popular auction marketplace for surplus products from the world's largest retailers. It is a public traded company (NASDAQ: LQDT).

This is the place you may be able to find real bargains. However, the site is mainly for wholesalers or businesses. So the products are usually auctioned at bulk.



If you are interested in government auctions, Policeauctions.com is a great site for you. Sellers who have inventory of cars, homes, and more are able to sell these items through Policeauctions.com. This site is free to join, and it's very easy to become a member. You will have access to a large database of customers and other site members at Policeauctions.com. Many of the buyers on this site are serious collectors who enjoy the auction format of online purchasing. You can create your PoliceAuctions.com account in a matter of seconds and start selling and buying government items today. Visit Policeauctions.com to start participating in their fun and exciting online auctions!



Does your agency have surplus items? Leftover office supplies, machinery, electronics and other surplus work items are very high in demand at PublicSurplus.com. If you're considering selling your agency's surplus items, you should consider signing up as a seller at Publicsurplus.com.

It's very easy to become a seller through Public Surplus. Simply click on the "About" tab on your top right, then the "Seller Registration" button on the left of your screen. Once you've registered, a Public Surplus account representative will contact you to activate your account.

It's easy to set up your Seller's account at PublicSurplus.com. With this site, you'll gain access to a large group of dedicated buyers with ease. Sign up for your seller's account at Publicsurplus.com and start selling your agency's surplus items today!



Property Room is an ideal auction site for bargain hunters.

The website helps over 4,300 law enforcement agencies and municipalities to auction stolen, seized, surplus and abandoned products.

Law enforcement agencies are required by law to auction found, unclaimed, and personal properties at public auctions. In 1999, a former police detective founded Property Room to deliver the auctions online.

Property Room has about 600,000 visitors a month, when the description is being written. While the number shows the auction site has a pretty large number of fans, it’s no where near the huge user base of eBay. Some buyers regard it as an advantage, since less buyers means less competitions, and sometimes you may get a truly good deal.

Many items start at $1 with no reserves and close daily.



At Listia, you can purchased auctioned products by credits. Credits can be gained from selling products or purchased with cash. Each new user may get 1000 free credits.