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31 Top Watch Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: Premium Sponsors

  1. Ebay.com - Most anyone who has ever bought or sold anything in an online auction knows about Ebay.com.

    Unsurprisingly, this site is an excellent place to either purchase or sell a watch. With separate categories for pocket watches, wristwatches, tools, and accessories, you’ll find everything you need for watches at Ebay.com. Right now, there are over 300,000 items for sale in the watches category! From among this consistently massive selection, you’re sure to find the watch you’re looking for. There are currently many auctions happening with brand name watches such as Rolex, Fossil, and Omega.

    If you’re hoping to sell and watch and make some extra cash, Ebay.com is the perfect site. Registration is quick and easy, and you’ll only have to pay very minimal fees in order to sell your watch. Get started at Ebay.com today!

  2. Liquidation.com

    Find the watches you want, now at Liquidation.com. Instead of paying a high price for a fancy watch, place bids at this website and you could save money! They currently have over 70 different watch auctions for you to bid on.

    There are many different ways for you to sort through the watch auctions. You can select the price range in $100 increments. You can also select the condition: new, used, returns, shelf pulls, or salvage. You are also able to select the seller, the warehouse, and the shipping. And once you have narrowed down your search, sort the remaining inventory by price, name, or quantity. Start with the auctions ending soonest to get your last minute bids in.

    Go to Liquidation.com now and see which of the watch auctions works for you.

  3. Bidz.com - Whether you’re looking to find a great deal on a watch or to sell your watch online, Bidz.com is the right place to do it. Buyers, you’ll love the wide selection of watch auction listing you’ll find at this site.

    You can easily find the watch you’re looking for by specifying brand, material, or ladies’ or gentlemen’s watches. Right now, this site features watches from brands such as Miss Sixty, Swiss Army, and Tonino Lamborghini. But those are just a few of the many different choices you’ll find here!

    If you choose to sell a watch using Bidz.com, you’ll be selling into an active and wide reaching jewelry auction community. Try Bidz.com today!

Part 2: 5 Popular Watch Auction Sites

  1. Policeauctions.com - If you’re looking to find a great bargain on a watch in an online auction, be sure to consider Policeauctions.com. This site offers buyers up to date government auction data, which means you can find watches in seized, unclaimed property, and other types of government auctions. The advantage to using this site to buy a watch is that you are sure to get low prices here. For instance, the Swanson Japan watch is a great find right now, and the top bid is only at $38! Ladies, you’ll especially like this site’s selection of watches, as the collection of ladies’ watches is especially extensive.

    Ready to get started bidding? You’ll be glad to hear that registration at this site is easy and free. Once you register, you’re ready to start bidding on all the watches you want! Try it today at Policeauctions.com.

  2. Shopgoodwill.com - If you’d like to find a good deal on a watch in an online auction, then Shopgoodwill.com is a fantastic choice. This auction site consistently features a wide variety of watch auction listings, from Disney Tigger watches to Kenneth Cole watches. And of course, the deals to be found here are quite astonishing. Right now, you can find a name brand Fossil watch starting at only $8.77! Be sure to take a look at all of the great watches available at this site, and see if you can find a bargain on that watch you’ve been wanting.

    When you shop for a watch at Shopgoodwill.com auctions, you won’t only be buying yourself a new watch. The revenue from these auctions goes to support Goodwill’s education, training, and job placement programs for disadvantaged people. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Shop today at Shopgoodwill.com.

  3. Ubid.com - Online auctions are a great way to find a deal on a watch, and Ubid.com is a good choice for online watch auctions. While the selection of watches at this site is generally somewhat narrower than at other sites, the bargains certainly make up for it. It’s not uncommon to find an incredibly low price, such as the Versales Silver Tone Oval Band Silver Dial watch, starting at just $1! Be sure to check out the Closing Soon section to snag some deals before these auctions close!

    Right now, the selections of Skagen and Pulsar watches at this site are especially extensive, so those who like these two brands will particularly like shopping here. Other prominent names that are available here include DaVinci, Versales, and ESQ. See for yourself today at Ubid.com!

  4. Propertyroom.com - Propertyroom.com is another terrific police auctions site, where you’ll surely find that watch you’ve been looking for at a great price. The watches at this site have been stolen, seized, found, or are simply surplus goods that law enforcement agencies need to sell. This means that not only will you be quite likely to find an incredible price on a watch; you also never know what variety of watches you may find here. Take a moment to complete the free registration and then start bidding!

    At Propertyroom.com, you can choose to shop by Men’s, Women’s, Vintage, and Pocket Watches, or simply browse all of the categories at once. The men’s watches collection at this site is currently the most extensive, including names such as Bulova, Aquaswiss, and Grand-Master. Take a look at Propertyauctions.com today!

  5. Alwaysatauction.com - Another great choice in watch auction sites is Alwaysatauction.com. This site offers buyers a wide selection of watches to choose from including men’s watches, women’s watches, and even watch accessories. It’s easy to find astoundingly low prices here, because all of the auctions start at $1 and there is no reserve price! All you have to do is a take a moment to register at this site, and then you can take advantage of these fantastic bargains.

    There’s no way you could leave Alwaysatauction.com without finding a watch you like. Right now, this site is offering over 100 different choices in watches, including a huge variety of types and styles. From Invicta Swiss to Louis Richard watches and many more, this site has a little bit of everything. See for yourself at Alwaysatauction.com!

Part 3: 9 Watch Marketplaces

  1. Bonanzle.com - If you think an online marketplace is the way to go when it comes to buying and selling watches, then Bonanzle.com is a great choice for you. This unique online marketplace is specifically dedicated to buyers and sellers of unusual or special items. For this reason, this site is a great place to find unusual watches, along with the more typical watches you might expect to find in an online marketplace. Watches like the Intercrew Unisex LED watch are the type of interesting and exciting finds you might make here!

    For those who want to sell watches, Bonanzle.com is a terrific option. Listing items is free at this site, and you’ll only have to pay a small final value fee. You can also conveniently import any watches you might be selling at Ebay.com to this site. Get started today at Bonanzle.com!

  2. etsy.com - In 2010, etsy still doesn’t have a category for watches. But in the jewelry section, when the description is written, the site lists over 15000 watches.

    Etsy is a place to buy and sell anything handmade. Therefore, if you have handmade watches to sell, etsy is a popular choice where you will get good amount of traffic to your listings. If you are a buyer, etsy’s large selection of handmade watches also makes it an attractive place to shop.

    Actually if you look at the number of annual visitors, etsy is a leader of online handmade marketplaces. So you certainly don’t want to miss the site, if you don’t to miss the millions of visitors each year.

  3. Ioffer.com - Online marketplaces are great places to sell all sorts of items, and watches are no exception. One popular online marketplace, Ioffer.com, would make a fantastic place to buy or sell a watch. This site offers sellers the opportunity to sell for a nearly negligible fee. As a seller, you’ll only have to pay a minimal final value fee once you successfully sell a watch. In order to give your listing an extra edge, you can also choose to use this site’s premium features, such as homepage featured, category featured, highlighting, and bold type.

    Ioffer.com is also a terrific place to buy a watch. Here you’ll find an especially large selection of watches by well known names, such as Diesel, Louis Vuitton, and Tiffany.

    Right now there are nearly endless choices in watches for sale at this site. See for yourself today at Ioffer.com!

  4. Wigix.com - Wigix.com is a one of a kind online marketplace that provides great opportunities for those who want to buy or sell watches. This site, unlike an auction site or other online marketplaces, has one page per item, which shows all of the different sellers who are offering the item. This makes it simple to find the best price on the watch you want. When searching for the right watch, you can also use criteria such as condition, dial color, bracelet color, and style. Rolex lovers will especially like the wide selection of Rolex watches currently available at this site.

    If you want to sell your watch, Wigix.com might be just the site for you. Using this site to sell watches is completely free, and you can even open your own online store. Register today and get started buying and selling at Wigix.com!

  5. Neweggmall.com - Neweggmall.com is a popular online marketplace for a wide variety of items, including all types of watches. This site includes thousands of watches from all different sellers, so the variety is quite astonishing. Right now, there are nearly 20,000 different watch choices listed in the watch marketplace! But don’t be overwhelmed when you start to shop here – it’s easy to find the watch you want. At Neweggmall.com, you can search through the watches by price, brand, age, adjustability, type of alarm, size, and many other criteria. Keep your eyes open for good finds from names like Nautica, Fossil, and Lacoste.

    This site also provides helpful ways for you to find a terrific bargain on a watch. You can choose to shop free shipping or discount items only. Give Neweggmall.com a try today!

  6. Buy.com - Another popular online marketplace, Buy.com is also a good place to find a good deal on watch you’ve been wanting. You’ll find all the major names in watches at this site, as well as more obscure types of watches. Right now, there are over 14,000 different watches listed for sale at this site! From pocket to pendant to wrist watches, you’re sure to find the watch you want in this massive selection.

    If you’re especially fond of fine digital watches, you’ll find much to your liking at Buy.com. Along with an enormous variety of traditional wristwatches, this site carries quite a few digital watches. And if you’re looking for spare watch parts or watch accessories, you’ll find those here as well! Take a look at what Buy.com has to offer today.

  7. Blujay.com - Blujay.com is a well known and widely used online marketplace, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is a great place to buy or sell a watch! This marketplace is 100% free, which means you really won’t have to pay any fees in order to sell you watch here. In addition, this site is popular, so many shoppers will be sure to see your watch, and you’ll be closing a deal in no time at all.

    Hoping to find a bargain on a watch at Blujay.com? This site features a constantly changing variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s watches. From big name designers to Disney cartoon watches, you’ll find the watch you’re looking for here. Blujay.com also features a particularly wide array of watch accessories and parts, specifically watch bands. Take a look at the great watch selection at Blujay.com today!

  8. Ecrater.com - If you still haven’t found the right online marketplace to buy or sell a watch in, Ecrater.com is a great bet! This site offers sellers the unique opportunity to set up an online store for free. If you decide to sell watches using this site, you can also conveniently import any watches you might be selling at Ebay.com. To bring more traffic to your web store, this site also submits your products to Google Product Search.

    Ecrater.com is also a terrific choice for buyers. With over 10,000 watches currently listed for sale, you’re sure to find a watch that catches your eye. This enormous selection of watches includes all different types, from vintage pocket watches to new designer wristwatches. In fact, the current selection of vintage watches is especially extensive. Take a look today at Ecrater.com!

  9. Atomicmall.com - Atomicmall.com is another site that many online shoppers love to use for buying and selling all types of products. Why not buy and sell watches here? If you’d like to buy a watch, don’t hesitate to check out the great selection at this site. In addition to a wide array of different watches, including name brands and vintage watches, you’ll also find many watch manuals, watch boxes, and other accessories here. If you have a question about the watch you might buy, you can chat with sellers in real time through this site!

    Thinking about selling a watch at Atomicmall.com? You’ll be glad to hear that sign up and setting up your watch listings is free, and you’ll only need to pay the site a small fee when you make a sale. Try it for yourself today at Atomicmall.com!

Part 4: 3 Watch Classifieds

  1. Craigslist.org - Just about everyone who uses the internet has heard of Craigslist.org. This useful classified ad site is a great place to buy and sell just about anything, including watches! If you plan to buy a watch at this site, be ready to sift through many jewelry ads before you find the watch you want. It will certainly be worth your time though – this site is known for its sellers who offer incredible deals! In addition, you’ll be conveniently buying from a local seller if you use this site to buy your new watch.

    If you’d like to post a classified ad for a watch, it couldn’t be easier! Ads are free to post at this site. All you’ll have to do is complete a simple sign up process, and then create your ad. Give Craigslist.com a try today!

  2. Kijiji.com - Online marketplaces are a great way to buy and sell items, but what if you want to keep your commerce local? In that case, online classifieds are a great choice, so why not try Kijiji.com? Selling your watch at this site is easy and simple. All you need to do is click “Post your free ad” and create your ad! It’s completely free to post ads at this site, so you won’t need to worry about fees of any kind.

    Hoping to buy a watch from a local seller? This site is also a great choice for you. In the Jewelry and Watches section, you’ll find a variety of watches from sellers in your area. Depending on where you are, there are generally over 100 ads in this section, so be sure to search carefully and perhaps you’ll find that watch you’ve been looking for! Get started at Kijiji.com today.

  3. Sell.com - If you still haven’t found a watch classifieds site that seems right for you, Sell.com is another terrific choice. Here you can find a variety of watches, including pocket watches, wrist watches, and women’s watches, from local sellers. It’s always a surprise which types of watches you might find at this site. Right now, there is an especially large selection of women’s watches, featuring many Timex pieces.

    Selling at Sell.com is also a good opportunity to make some extra cash off of your watches. As a seller, this site is easy to use. All you’ll have to do is register, and then start creating your ads! Posting a classified ad for a watch ranges in price from $1 to $2, and Sell.com throws in a free ad when you first join the site. How could you ask for more? Check out what this site has to offer today!

Part 5: 9 More Watch Auction Sites

  1. Us.ebid.net - If you’re a buyer or a seller and you want to get in on the watch auction action, Us.ebid.net is the site for you! With thousands of watch auction listing current at any given time, this site provides great opportunities for buyers to find the watch they want and sellers to make some money selling their watches. In fact, Us.ebid.net currently has nearly 10,000 watch auction listings! Among these thousands of choices you’ll find just about any type of watch. Those who are looking for high quality digital watches will especially like this site, as they are particularly well represented in the watch auction listings.

    Those who are hoping to sell watches will also find luck at this site. Registration is quite simple, and sellers only pay a small final value fee to sell items. Upgrading to special site features also costs a little extra. Start today at Us.ebid.net!

  2. Onlineauction.com - Onlineauction.com is a popular choice for people who like to buy and sell goods via online auctions – so why not choose this site to buy or sell a watch? The first step is taking a moment to complete the registration at this site, and then you can get started. If you want to sell a watch, you’ll be glad to hear that you only need to pay a small monthly seller fee, an expense that will surely pay for itself once you start selling watches!

    Once you’re a member at Onlineauction.com, you’ll be free to browse, bid, and buy. The watch auction listings at this site include an astounding amount of variety, so you’ll certainly find a watch that strikes your fancy. Finds like the President Obama watch or the Sparkling Heart watch will make browsing the watches at this site interesting and rewarding. Try Onlineauction.com today!

  3. Webidz.com - Online auctions are always a good way to find a bargain on an item that you’ve been wanting, or to sell something you no longer want and make some extra money. So why not turn to Webidz.com to buy or sell a watch? This site is a great choice for watch buyers and sellers alike. With consistently thousands of watch auctions listed, you’re sure to find the watch you’re looking for here. Interesting current finds include the Lord of the Rings Map watch, and Savador Dali Metamorphosis of Narcissus watch, and the Breitling Navitimer watch.

    For those who are hoping to sell a watch, simply register and get started! You’ll be able to keep just about every penny of the price you sell your watch for, because you’ll only need to pay a onetime fee of five dollars. After that, selling is free! See for yourself today at Webidz.com.

  4. Webstore.com - Looking for a unique way to buy and sell watches in online auctions? Then Webstore.com is the perfect site for you! Buyers and sellers alike benefit from this site’s lack of buying and selling fees. This site allows sellers not only to place watch auction listings for free, but also to open free webstores. As a seller, you’ll have no limit on the number of items you sell in your webstore at this site!

    If you’re planning to buy a watch, Webstore.com is a terrific place to find a bargain. In the watch auction marketplace, you’ll find some interesting and exciting watches, and likely with some good price tags. You can shop in the designer brands, novelty, pocket watch, accessories, or wristwatch sections to find exactly what you’re looking for. Sign up at Webstore.com today and get started buying and selling!

  5. Upperbid.com - Whether you’d like to buy a watch in an online auction or to sell one, Upperbid.com is another great choice for online watch auctions. This site consistently features a wide variety of different watch listings, meaning you’re quite likely to find the watch you’re looking for. Right now, you’ll find an especially extensive variety of themed watches such as the Turtle Watch by Cache or the Hearth Locket watch.

    In order to get started buying and selling, all you’ll have to do is complete the quick and convenient registration process at this site. If you decide to sell a watch, you’ll only have to pay a minimal final value fee once someone buys it. That makes Upperbid.com a win-win situation for everyone! Give this site a try today.

  6. Epier.com - If you still haven’t found the watch auction site that seems right for you, don’t hesitate too see what Epier.com has to offer. This site provides a terrific online auction marketplace for watch buyers and sellers alike. Sellers will love that this site is completely free to use as a basic seller. There are no final value or listing fees. If you choose to, you can upgrade to a premium seller and pay a small fee for more site features.

    If you plan to buy watches, you’ll be astounded by the great selection that is consistently available at this site. Finding the watch you want is easy here, as the watch auctions are organized by watch brand. Choose from big name watches such as Omega, Rolex, and TAG Heuer, or shop in the Other Brands section for something a little more offbeat.

    Start buying and selling today at Epier.com!

  7. Cqout.com - Cqout.com is another popular choice in auction sites, so why not use this site to buy and sell watches? Here you’ll find thousands of watches listed for auction at any time.

    Among this huge selection that comes from independent sellers from around the world, you’re sure to find just the watch you’re looking for. Right now, there is an especially large selection of Bell & Ross watches to choose from.

    Want to list a watch in an online auction? Cqout.com is the place to do it! By using this site, you’ll be reaching an international audience of buyers. In addition, you’ll only have to complete a simple registration process, pay a small registration fee, and then a small commission. This site is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. Try buying or selling watches today at Cqout.com!

  8. Samsclub.com - When you think of Samsclub.com, you probably think of shopping for good deals on bulk items. But have you ever considered taking your search for a great watch auction site here? In fact, at Auctions.samsclub.com, you’ll find some terrific watches listed for auction. In order to bid on these watches, you’ll have to complete the registration process at the site. After you do that, you’re free to bid on any watch that catches your eye!

    Though the selection of watches at this site isn’t quite as extensive as at other watch auction sites, you’ll still find a satisfying amount of variety here. Some good finds right now are the Men’s Kenneth Cole New York watch and the Ladies’ ESQ Neve watch, both elegant and refined choices. Start bidding today at Samsclub.com!

  9. Aantv.com - If you’re continuing to hunt for a fantastic watch auction site, be sure not to overlook Aantv.com. Here you’ll find an extensive variety of all different types of watches. In fact, this site currently features nearly 200 different watch auction listings! This site’s selection of watches is unique. Though you’ll still find some high end timepieces here, the majority of these watches are sports and college themed. University of Kansas, University of South Florida, and Penn State are all featured on watches here, as well as many others! NFL and Nascar watches are also in abundance at Aantv.com.

    Does this seem like your kind of watch auction site? Well then don’t hesitate to sign up! Registration is quick and won’t cost you a penny. Then you can participate in the great watch auctions at this site. Start bidding at Aantv.com today!

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