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8 Top Used Laptop Auction Sites

Part 1: Premium Sponsors


If you are in Wholesale, Liquidation.com is worth checking out, especially if you are looking for good quality deals.

What else does Liquidation.com offer the shopper? Well, for a lot of buyers out there, it is important to know exactly who and where this product is coming from, and at Liquidation.com, you can narrow down your laptop search by selecting within the Seller subcategory and/or the Asset Location.

Currently at Liquidation.com, a wholesaler can purchase 10 (ten!!) used HP Tablet Laptops PCs TC4400 for the current bid of $1,900 from “GadgetLiqiuidator” and in New Haven, Connecticut. Although these devices are used, they have been fully tested. All of the hard drives have been removed, but hard drive carriages are included with this order, which is definitely a bonus! These 10 Tablet laptops are powered by Intel Centrino Core 2 1.83 GHz processors. Bargains are calling!


Ebay.com is the site to search for the laptop you are looking for, especially if you aren’t so willing to sacrifice specifics.

With a dynamic of distinguished brands like Dell and Sony, to Toshiba and Gateway, and all in ample amount, Ebay.com makes it easy for you to navigate your way to your newest electronic addition.

If you are looking for a working Dell Latitude D600, find it here, currently selling for only $91. Or if you are stuck on Sony, don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy your very own Sony VAIO VGN-N385 brand new for only $84!

If you aren’t sure on the specifics, browse through the numerous categories, both general, like type and brand, and specific, such as screen size and processor type. In no time, choose the laptop that is perfect for you… at unbeatable prices!


If you are looking to find numerous popular and in-demand laptop brands, for half the manufacturer price, then you are going to be nothing less than amazed with the deals and steals at Cowboom.com!

Cowboom.com is not as categorically congested as most auction sites, and you do not find yourself breaking a sweat over trying to figure out how to find exactly what you are looking for.

Select your price range and start searching through the many available laptops, ranging from new, re-furbished or pre-owned. If you search now, you may even stumble upon a pre-owned Apple Macbook Pro 13.3 inch laptop C2D 2.66GHz 4GB 320GB currently for only $545!

Part 2: More Used Laptop Auction Sites


Devoted to Dell? Get your bid in on one of the many Dell refurbished laptops at Dellauction.com, where you can comfortably rely on performance.

Dellauction.com features various Dell Latitude laptops, designed to fit a variety of needs. For instance, the 14.1” widescreen Dell Latitude D360 2200MHz 2048MB 150GB is both thin and light with mainstream performance, making it your perfect match if you are the typical travelling student and/or worker. But what makes this ordinary laptop extraordinary is this current bid price on Dellauction.com, where it is selling for only $276.99! And with this distinctive deal on such a great gadget, consider yourself dubbed extraordinary as well!

At Dellauction.com, you can remain stress-free when it comes to purchasing the wrong electronic (after all, technology can be confusing!), because the return policy offers a refund within 30 days!


Shop at Shopgoodwill.com and don’t be surprised by the wide variety of laptops available! Whether your taste is classic or current, this site has it all. The best part? The prices!

There are not many other places in which you are going to be able to find your essential electronic for only $86.00. Shopgoodwill.com is currently featuring a Dell Inspiron PP12L accessorized with a large Wenger Swissgear Shoulder Bag for the small price of $86.00! Fully loaded and free of viruses, this laptop is equipped with the basic software and accessibility features that you would expect from any other typical computer. What do other standard computers have that this one doesn’t? High prices!

Laptop hunting at Shopgoodwill.com will leave you AND your bank account satisfied. Feel “Goodwill Great” and get to Shopgoodwill.com before someone else does!


If you are up for hungry hunting (and we know you are), there are many great quality deals to find at Bidz.com.

It does require some searching, but what’s a little searching when it comes to saving big bucks? Bidz.com wants you to know, right from the start, how much you are saving. So what can you find right by their discounted price? The money you would be paying in retail!

Featured now is a slim and light Asus Computer International 8.9INCH WSVGA/ATOM Z520/16G SSD/1GB. Purchasing this at Bidz.com at only $232.00 saves you the $318.00 (or 57%) that you would be spending if you bought it at the retail price of $550.00! The only thing better than saving is know exactly how much you saved!

With all the money you saved, you could also purchase some savvy accessories for your new electronic starting at only $3. Happy hunting!


In need of a new laptop, but could do without the high costs? Propertroom.com is the site you need to see!

Starting at $1, (Yes, we’re quite serious) you have the opportunity to bid on your new laptop at Propertyroom.com. Find the ever-popular Macbook Pro A1151 selling now for only $360 or a DV600 HP Pavilion as low as $126.99. Talk about competitive prices!

But if you are really on the hunt for a remarkable steal, Propertyroom.com is now bidding a HP Pavilion Laptop and Printer for just $185.05!

But those are just a few of the deals you can find when shopping at Propertyroom.com. With Macbook and Dells at their lowest prices, and incomparable deals, Propertyroom.com is beyond affordable!


At Ubid.com, you can find laptops starting at $1, or laptops with bids up to $644. The competitive nature of this site is proof that here at Ubid.com, you can buy with confidence.

In order to rid irrelevant laptops and find the perfect price for you, just click on the Price Range subcategory and search away! Spending $1-$199 on a laptop will get you a Dell Latitude D610 Refurbished Notebook PC, powered by an Intel Pentium M 1.7GHz processor, 512MB of DDR2 memory, and a 40GB hard drive. You can take care of all your basic needs all for… wait for it… $8.00!

If you have a little more mullah to spend, click on the $400-$699 range, and discover steals like a Dell Inspiron 1545 powered by an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor T4200 for just $599!

If Ushop at Ubid, you are sure to save more than you spend!

Current Used Laptop Auction on eBay

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