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10 Top UK Auction Sites

  1. ebay.co.uk

    It doesn’t matter if you’re in the UK, the US, or anywhere else in the world. Ebay remains the largest figure in online auctions worldwide. For UK auctions, you can’t go wrong with eBay.co.uk. This auction site has everything that you could possibly need, from electronics to antiques, motorcycles to stamps.

    Tickets to concerts, comedy or cinema, or clothing of any variety can be found on eBay.co.uk. Almost anything that you can think of is available for bidding on eBay.co.uk. This incredibly popular online auction site has become a cultural phenomenon that you ought to be a part of. Ebay.co.uk has recently made some important safety changes to help their customers remain safe while they’re shopping.

  2. ebid - Ebid has been offering its users “online auctions since 1999, just the way you like them.” If you’re in the UK and you want to do some bidding, you ought to use uk.ebid.net. With thousands of sellers, categories and bargains, this is a very extensive online auction site. See all of your costs in pounds, and quit worrying about dollar conversion rates. This UK based version of eBid even has a little emblem of the Union Flag next to its logo. With a safe and secure interface, uk.ebid.net is a reliable and enjoyable website that delivers everything it promises. If you want to bid on a wide variety of auctions, then head over to uk.ebid.net and start bidding today!

  3. Bidz.com - In the UK, Bidz.com has become an increasingly popular online auction site. Many people enjoy using Bidz.com because it specializes in brand name and jewelry auctions. It can be difficult to authenticate the brands and quality of jewelry and designer items through ordinary auction sites. Bidz goes through a number of measures to ensure that they present their customers with high quality, authentic merchandise. The site is available in a number of languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic and German, and is extremely easy to use and navigate. If you have a question or problem, you can contact their friendly customer service reps and have them sort it out for you. This site is a great choice because of its high quality merchandise, impeccable customer service and ease of use.

  4. cqout.com - CQout.com is the UK’s second largest online marketplace. With a wide selection of products to choose from, CQout has been gaining popularity and praise. There are over a million listings on CQout.com at any given time, with everything from arts and antiques to office equipment and supplies. All of the traditional items that you might find in an online marketplace can be found for bidding on CQout.com. The site is easy to use and navigate, with featured items to catch your eye and a Help tab and customer service phone line in case you feel confused. CQout prioritizes customer safety, too – by using a SecurePay feature that keeps you safe. You will love using CQout.com because of its variety of products, serious safety precautions and dedication to all customers.

  5. Governmentauctionsuk.com - One of the best auction sites in the UK is Governmentauctionsuk.com. If you are into government auctions of seized property, you’ll absolutely love this website. With government, bankruptcy and liquidation auctions, you will have plenty of items to choose from on Governmentauctionsuk.com. Repossessed, local authority, utilities property and more can be yours in an instant. Police, VAT, Tax & Court Seizures of vehicles, homes and personal property can all be bid on at Governmentauctionsuk.com. Find positively brilliant deals on absolutely anything by searching All UK Auctions, Online Auctions and Shops with just one click! Gauk online is your one stop spot for all of the auctions you could possibly dream of – so start bidding on your government’s seized property today.

  6. smallclic.co.uk - Another popular auction site in the UK is Smallclic.co.uk. You’ll love snagging a great deal on Smallclic.co.uk, where the downward bidding system allows the person who bids the lowest price to win the auction. If you can bid strategically, your chances of winning will greatly increase! This site hosts a number of live auctions, specializing in electronics such as videogame consoles, computers, phones and other various items. Smallclic.co.uk is VeriSign secured, and has a secure payment method that accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Carte Bleue. This site works like a penny auction website, in that you buy your credits first and place bids with them later. By making their profits off of customers’ bid purchases, Smallclic is able to offer their products at significantly reduced rates, thus enabling this downward bidding system.

  7. specialistauctions.com - Specialistauctions.com is the place for you to buy and sell your rare or collectible items. Unique items like arts and antiques are in abundance at Specialistauctions.com. Memorabilia, musical instruments, coins and banknotes and other rarities are all available for bidding on Specialistauctions.com. This auction site is one of the most popular in the UK, and has a wide community of followers. You can subscribe to their newsletters and blog to stay informed on the latest listings and special features. It’s free to list your items on Specialistauctions.com, and there are no hidden costs for images. This site is a joy for both buyers and sellers, so head on over to Specialistauctions.com today.

  8. auctionair.com - Auctionair.com is one of the UK’s most popular auction sites. With different types of auctions to choose from, Auctionair leaves the decisions up to its bidders. You can choose between high bid auctions and low bid auctions, and even purchase unclaimed wins! High bid auctions are traditional online auctions that follow the same format as sites like eBay. Low Bid auctions allow you to first purchase credit and then spend that on your bids. You win if you have the lowest unique bid on an item. If you bid strategically, Low bid auctions can be a source of entertainment as well as a practical way to save money. Auctionair has a page dedicated to bidding tips, helping you to get the most for your money. Auctionair.co.uk is an excellent auction site with a dedicated group of followers, and it’s easy to see why.

  9. 121bid.com - 121bid.com is a 100% free auction site. That means there are no fees EVER on 121bid.com. This auction site is beneficial to both buyers and sellers, as it creates an environment in which both parties come out on top. You can purchase almost anything on 121bid.com, from antiques and art to toys, games or travel. Home and garden, health and beauty – you name it, they’ve got it. 121bid.com has become a very popular site, not only for their free policy, but also for their high standards of security. Their site has state of the art programming, server hosting, security and a wide array of features that are constantly being upgraded. This site is increasing in popularity as we speak, as its community of buyers and sellers are often quite satisfied with their transactions. There’s nothing to lose, so try out 121bid.com.

  10. webidz.com - Webidz.com is another extremely popular online auction site in the UK. This site contains forums and stores, which separates it from some other online auctions. Webidz.com caters to a community of users – a group of people who are continually buying and selling items. That’s not to say that a first time user would feel left out, quite the contrary. This site updates a list of the newest members, and maintains a Site Status bar on the right-hand side. With over 40,000 registered users, and hundreds of thousands of live auctions at any given time, you have a high likelihood of winning your auctions. The site status bar lets you know how many users are currently online, which can inform your bidding decisions. Many people are praising Webidz.com for their commitment to customer service. As this community expands, we anticipate many of our readers to hop aboard.

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