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26 Top Truck Auction Sites & Classifieds

Part 1: Top Truck Auction Sites Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Motors.shop.ebay.com -

    If you are looking to buy or sell a truck, start at Motors.Shop.Ebay.com. Here you are able to place bids on thousands of truck auctions. And if you can also use this website when you are looking to sell your truck! It is a great place to do everyone at once; sell your truck and bid on a new one!

    Selecting the right auction is important, so be sure to type in the make and model of the truck you are searching for. If you are just browsing in general, there are several options available to help you narrow your search and view different auctions.

    Go to Motors.Shop.Ebay.com now and take a look at their auctions before they run out of time!

Part 2: 12 Top Truck Auction Sites Popular for Buyers

  1. Copart - When you need a truck but are looking to save a little money, go to Copart.com. This online auction website allows you to place bids on the trucks you want and only bid as high as you are comfortable with! This means you can be able to win the truck you want for the price you choose, and in today’s economy having the right price is everything!

    They currently have over 6,500 truck auctions going on. They are starting and stopping daily, meaning you may be able to find your ideal truck at any time! But do not wait, go to Copart.com now and get started on your bidding!

  2. GovLiquidation.com - Finding the right truck for you can be done at GovLiquidators.com. This website allows you to bid on the trucks that you want until you win! They have many different options for you to search through, and many different ways to search! The categories they have are aimed at helping you find the truck auction you want and fast!

    There are truck categories for 2 ½ ton trucks, 5 ton trucks, utility trucks, and other heavy duty and regular trucks for you to browse through. Type in the model you are looking for to see quickly whether or not they have it up for auction currently.

    Do not delay, go to GovLiquidation.com today and see if they have the truck you want to win.

  3. www.GovSales.gov/fassys/fassubcat1 - Start your truck search today at www.GovSales.gov/fassys/fassubcat1 if you are looking for an easy way to bid on the trucks you want. This government website has many different categories of trucks to help you get started.

    The auctions are either internet auctions or live auctions. While the live auctions only allow bidding on site, they do give you the address and time of it so you can go participate. But with the internet auctions you are able to bid and win from your own computer!

    Start paying attention to the truck auctions at www.GovSales.gov/fassys/fassubcat1 to find the truck that you want.

  4. Taylorandmartin.com

    Taylor and Martin, Inc. Auctioneers is a large scale truck auction that holds sales both online and at national locations!

    Upcoming sale locations include: Charlotte, NC, Fort Worth, TX, Bringhton, CO, Tunica, MS, and South Sioux City, NE! Catalog information is available online for each of these sales in addition to details, terms and conditions, and directions. If you are hoping to participate in the truck auction in North Carolina, it will be held on August 26, 2010 at 10:00 am. There are currently 155 items listed as inventory online for this auction, which include trucks like: a 2005 Volvo 670 VNL64T, 2004 Peterbuilt 387, 2005 International 9400I Eagle, 1999 Kenworth T-800, and many more!

    To learn more about this auction and view a complete list of inventory, head to Taylorandmartin.com!

  5. Truckcenter.com

    Truck Center is a growing truck auctioneer, which is located in Fontana, California.

    This website offers bidding opportunities on a variety of trucks from light duty trucks to heavy duty trucks and trailers. There are currently nine upcoming sales that are scheduled to take place in a variety of United States cities including Dallas, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Atlanta. The next auction will take place on September 22, 2010 in Fontana (Los Angeles), California with 84 heavy duty trucks! If you are in the market for a newer heavy duty truck, you might want to consider looking at the 2009 Volvo VNL64T610, which comes with a 10 speed manual transmission and 6 cylinder diesel engine.

    Look at this great option and so many more before the sale online at Truckcenter.com!

  6. Adesarigs.com

    The ADESA auction group holds many heavy truck auctions throughout the year in a variety of US states.

    In the months August through December, ADESA will hold 24 heavy truck auctions in the states of: Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and North Dakota! If you live near Little Rock, you may want to consider attending the Arkansas auctions, which will take place on August 26, October 21, and December 31, 2010. Online, you can view equipment listings and directions for each of these sales. The August 26, 2010 auction has inventory listed for 25 different trucks and trailers like a 2006 Hino Box Truck with 23,095 miles!

    For more information and inventory listings, check out Adesarigs.com today!

  7. Truck-auction.com

    Manheim is a large and well respected auto auction name amongst dealers throughout the country.

    In addition to cars, Manheim has a division devoted exclusively to the sale of trucks located in Fort Worth, Texas. A complete calendar for all Manheim truck auctions is available online, with sales like: a Spring & Fall Construction Auction, Special Trailer Auction, Truck and Trailer Auction, and Multisite On-line events! The next truck and trailer sale is scheduled to take place on September 8, 2010 with trucks ranging from a 2007 Ford F550 XL to a 2006 Perterbuilt 379EXHD! If you can’t find what you are looking for, try the “Search Inventory” tab, which allows you to refine specifications to your liking.

    Take a look at these trucks, and so many more online at Truck-auction.com!

  8. Truckpaper.com

    Truck Paper is a website designed to make your life a little easier when dealing with the stress of finding truck auctions.

    This website offers itself as a database for thousands of for sale listings and upcoming truck auctions. If you navigate to the left-hand side of the webpage, you can click on the “Upcoming Auctions” tab, which brings you to a calendar filled with auctions offered by a variety of companies. In addition to providing auction dates for companies like Martin & Martin Auctioneers, Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, and Roller & Associates Auctioneers, AuctionTime.com sales are also noted. Simply click on a date to learn more about a specific sale!

    View an assortment of truck auctions online at Truckpaper.com!

  9. Autoauctions.gsa.gov

    If you are looking for a small to mid-size truck and like the idea of making a purchase from the government, you might enjoy Autoauctions.gsa.gov!

    This website allows you to refine search results based on vehicle type. After choosing to view all trucks, 301 relevant listings appeared, like a 2002 Chevrolet C2500 Pickup with extended cab. This website is well laid out, offering the city in which every vehicle is located, a picture, make and model of each vehicle, year, and sale date. Once you find truck you like, click on the listing for auction site details, some of these trucks are also available online, although the majority require live auction bidding.

    Take a look at the offerings available on Autoauction.gsa.gov and get bidding!

  10. Govdeals.com

    GovDeals is a useful and informative auction website that offers many items for sale online.

    A search on this website for heavy duty trucks weighing 1 ton and over currently yields 44 results. Listings for a 1997 Kenworth Tractor, 1999 International 4900 Trash Compactor, 2000 Freightliner FLD Truck Tractor are some of the many auction items listed. If you are more interested in a work truck, you might like the 1998 Truck Utility 4X4, which has a current high bid of $4,060.00 with two days left before the auction ends! New bidders can register for free on this website and begin placing bids at once!

    For detailed information and a complete list of inventory, go to Govdeals.com!

  11. Govliquidation.com

    If you are interested in purchasing a truck and feel like bidding on an item sponsored by the government, you might like Govliquidation.com!

    This online auction site offers a range of machinery from utility trucks to 2 ½ and 5 ton trucks. To view a specific type of truck, simply click on the option the suits your needs at the top of the page. If you are looking for a dump truck, take a look at the 1970 AM General Dump Truck, 20 Ton Capacity, 8X6 wheel drive, which hast a current lot price of $150.00! You can bid easily online, by entering your bid about and pressing, “Bid Now.”

    Take a look at this dump truck and hundreds of other trucks online at Govliquidation.com today!

  12. Auctiontime.com

    Auction Time is an online auction offering construction machinery, farm equipment, trucks, trailers, and attachments.

    If you are looking to purchase a heavy duty truck online, Auctiontime.com might be what you have been looking for! Currently, this website offers 11 such trucks like a 2006 International 9400i, 1993 Freightliner FLD12064ST, 2001 Mack CH613, 2001 Sterling A9513, and more! If you are looking for a yard spotter truck, check out the 2005 Ottawa Commando 30, which opens with a bid of $20,000 on September 14, 2010 at 4:00pm! Once you come across a truck you find suitable, simply register to bid, which take about one day to become approved!

    Look through the inventory and bid on an array of high power trucks online at Auctiontime.com!

Part 3: 11 Top Truck Classifieds Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Facebook.com - Whether you are looking to sell a truck or buy a new one, the classifieds at Facebook.com are a great place to search.

    If you need to sell your truck, placing an ad on these classifieds will help to get your truck out there. Because so many people use this website daily, you have a good chance of someone seeing your post!

    If you are looking to purchase a truck, using this website can help you start the search. You are able to search within your area to find people near you that are selling the model you want.

    Go to the classifieds at Facebook.com today to purchase or post an ad for your truck!

  2. Oodle.com - Search for the truck you want now at Oodle.com. These online classifieds can help you find the truck you have been looking for with just a simple keyword search. You are also able to search through the different categories to help narrow down the selections.

    Not only can you purchase a truck at this website, but you are also able to sell your current truck! Simply post your ad on this website and see how many people contact you! Selling your truck does not have to be difficult; simply wait for the buyers to come to you!

    Start looking at Oodle.com to buy or sell your truck.

  3. PickupTrucks.com - Search truck listings near you today at PickupTrucks.com. There are many different searching options to help you find the specific truck you are looking for within a radius of where you are. You can choose to look through new, used, or certified used. Also, you are able to choose the make, model, maximum price, and a specific distance from your zip code.

    You can also place an ad on this website to sell your truck. It can be viewed on their website by more than 10 million people!

    Go to PickupTrucks.com today and see if you are able to find the truck you are looking for or sell the truck you no longer want.

  4. CommercialTruckTrader.com - When you are looking to buy or sell a truck, go to CommercialTruckTrader.com. This website is a great place to get your truck ad viewed and to view thousands of other trucks to buy.

    This website is there to help you place an ad for your truck. They have tips for placing a successful ad, 1.5 million page views per week, and 12 weekly print magazines! With all of this exposure you are likely to have your truck viewed often.

    Searching for the truck you want is also convenient at this website. Search by truck type, manufacturer, keyword, and the location! But do not put it off any longer, go to CommercialTruckTrader.com now!

  5. CraigsList.org - Place an ad for your truck or view other truck ads now at CraigsList.org. As one of the more popular online classifieds, this website can help you find the trucks you want or sell the truck you don’t want!

    Type in the make and model of the truck in the keyword search and set your price range to narrow your search. You can easily limit your search to just the classifieds in your area so you have less distance to travel!

    Check out CraigsList.org today to post your ad and look through the thousands of other truck ads before it’s too late!

  6. CasForSale.com - Take a look at CarsForSale.com when you are looking for a good website to buy and sell trucks at! This online classifieds website is a great place to view many different trucks all at once place. Sort the matches by make, model, year, price, city, state, and even mileage! Set your own price range and save time by only viewing the trucks that you can afford.

    Posting at ad for your truck on this website is free! You have nothing to lose by posting your ad, there are no strings attached to this free ad! So go to CarsForSale.com now and see how fast your truck can sell!

  7. BackPage.com - Choose the area you want to search through and find trucks for sale near you today at BackPage.com.

    You are able to search efficiently through these online classifieds for the truck you want. Set your price range and type in a keyword to view the most recent listings. You are also able to select to only view the truck ads that come with an image for further assurance.

    You can also post your ad easily at this website to have your truck viewed immediately. The steps are simple and they help to walk you through them until the ad is up! There is no need to wait, go to BackPage.com now and get started.

  8. OldRide.com - Search for classic trucks at OldRide.com today. They have a great selection of vintage and classic trucks ranging in year, color, make, model, and price. There are many different ways to search, allowing you to view different selections each time.

    To save time traveling, search through the ads that are closest to where you live. However, because many of these trucks are so unique you may want to expand your search to find what you are looking for.

    Post your own truck classified at this website to help speed up the selling process. Go to OldRide.com today, do not wait another minute!

  9. Hoobly.com - Begin your truck search at Hoobly.com. Online classifieds can be a great way to not only purchase the truck you are looking for, but also to sell the truck you no longer want. They have both capabilities easily accessed to you so can get started right away with your buying and selling.

    They do not have as many search options as some websites do, but they do have a lot of postings on a day to day basis. You can type in a keyword search to help you get started. And posting your own ad is free, so you have nothing to lose by going through this website!

    Start at Hoobly.com now when you are looking to buy or sell a truck through online classifieds.

  10. TruckerToTrucker.com - If you are looking for a great website for online truck classifieds go to TruckerToTrucker.com. They not only allow you to search through their giant database of constantly changing truck classifieds, but you are also able to place your own truck classified!

    Placing your truck on this website can be beneficial. It is only $19.95 to place an ad and that ad stays on their website until your truck sells! It is posted immediately so others can begin looking at it right away.

    Use the general search when you are looking for a truck or utilize their advanced search for more specific matches! But do not wait; the truck you want may be out there right now! So go to TruckerToTrucker.com today!

  11. BuyaTruck.net - Start your truck search at BuyaTruck.net. You can place your own ad or view one of the thousands of classifieds currently listed for trucks. The ads are always changing, meaning you can find new trucks for sale each day.

    There are different options for you if you want to post your own classified ad. The listings can stay on the website up to 3 months, allowing your ad to be viewed thousands of times! The basic ad starts at just $14.95, and the rates go up from there depending on what you are looking to do.

Part 4: 2 Local Truck Auction Sites Popular for Buyers

  1. TruckCenter.com - Go to TruckCenter.com to view trucks from local auctions that are currently going on or coming up. They have auctions at five permanent locations across America where you can participate and bid on their trucks.

    Their website has up to the minute sales calendars and inventory lists on their websites. Complete asset descriptions are able to be viewed easily through their website for buyers and sellers. They also have a minimum of 12 high resolution photos of each truck they are selling, allowing you to get a good look at it before you go to the auction.

    Look through the inventory at TruckCenter.com before you go to one of their local auctions and purchase a great truck!

  2. RBAuction.com - View the catalogues of trucks at upcoming local auctions at RBAuction.com.

    This website allows you to view the auction inventory before you go. Imagine being able to set your price limits and know which truck you want to bid on before you even arrive! Well this website allows you to do just that. Pick the region where you are looking for an auction and get started with your search.

    You can also bid online with their real time software or learn how to bid through a proxy at their auctions. View the different options now at RBAuctions.com and get started today.

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