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12 Top Travel Auction Sites and Secret Hotel Sites

Part 1: Premium Sponsors

  1. Priceline.com Name your Price

    As one of the most popular and established travel sites, Priceline offers a “name your own price” model. You name a price, and wait for the hotels, airlines, and car rental companies to decide whether they’ll provide the service at the price.

    This is an extremely successful business model, and lots of consumers benefit from the service.

    A good strategy is to do some research in advance, so you’ll know the “market price” of your planned trip. Then name a price lower than it. So you can make sure what you get is a true bargain.

    They are so confident that the method works that they will give you $25, if you find another site offers a price lower than what you get at the “name your own price” campaign. Please check the site for the details.

  2. Hotwire.com Hot Rates

    Hotwire is famous for “4 star hotels at 2 star prices”. When 3 star or 4 star hotels have extra rooms, they may use Hotwire to fill it.

    The price may be very good, but you may only know the hotel or airline after book it. You will be able to know some details, such as location on the map and average guest ratings, before you book it.

    The website has a large selection on hotels, flights, and car rentals. You may want to take a look to see what it’s so popular!

  3. Travelocity Top Secret Hotels

    If you often travel, chances are you have already known Travelocity, one of the most famous online travel sites. However, you may not know the site now offers a “top secret hotel” service.

    Probably motivated by the huge success of Priceline and Hotwire, Travelocity launched a competing service, “top secret hotels”. Similar to Hotwire, you will find a good number of hotels at amazing price, but the name of hotel will only be revealed after you book it.

    If you are only interested in “top secret hotels”, you can filter you hotel search result by choose the “Top Secret Hotels” field at the left column.

  4. eBay Travel

    Is jet-setting your thing? Whether for business or pleasure, do you like to experience new people, landscapes and cultures? If so, the online eBay travel shop may be a great resource for you.

    The eBay travel shop functions like eBay, offering users the chance to peruse deals and buy and sell items, but is specfic to travel needs. The eBay travel shop showcases a wide variety of luggage and travel accessories, as well as vacation packages and timeshare offers. Whether you want to ski in Aspen or relax in the Bahamas, eBay travel shop is an accessible, easy way to bid on vital travel items.

  5. LuxuryLink

    LuxuryLink.com is the world’s leading luxury travel website.

    Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon getaway, treating yourself to a relaxing tropical vacation, or bringing the whole family along, Luxury Link is a respectable and affordable resource. The site offers many package deals at five star resorts and hotels, at HUGE savings. Luxury Link carefully reviews the participating institutions, verifying that they are of a prestigious and luxurious caliber for the site. They offer a “buy now” feature, which offers greater flexibility than some of the auctions do – but the auctions allow people to experience the excitement of saving up to 65% on the retail value of their vacations. Luxury Link has established itself as a reputable, affordable travel website, with plenty of packages and options for the masses.

Part 2: More Travel Auction Sites and Secret Hotel Sites

  1. biddingforgood.com

    The popular charity auction site often offers a good number of travel auctions.

  2. charitybuzz.com

    The charity auction site offers a limited number of luxury travel experiences for auction.

  3. floridavacationauction.com

    As the only auction partner of "Visit Florida", the office source of Florida travel planning, the site offers a good number of Florida hotel stays for auction.

  4. atauction.com

    The site offers a small number of hotel stays for auction.

  5. Sky Auction

    SkyAuction.com was created with the idea that online purchase of travel tickets CAN be an exciting interactive process, while low in cost!  For those enthusiastic travelers who want to “get more from their travel dollars”, SkyAuction offers a fast-growing travel auction marketplace to “Bid On” or “Buy Now” on discounted travel services which includes: airline tickets, room nights, tours, cruises, and all-inclusive vacations.

  6. CruiseCompete.com

    CruiseCompete.com is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a great deal on your next cruise vacation. If you want to select from some of the best cruise packages, don’t spend your time browsing through dozens of websites. Let Cruisecompete.com’s travel agents compete to offer you the best deal.

    The service is very easy to use. It only takes three simple steps to be on your way to booking your cruise vacation. First, find a cruse by searching. You can browse ships (say you have a preference for Carnival cruises, and you only want to ride on their ships), or by specials. CruiseCompete.com offers a number of special packages that will definitely catch your eye. You can also utilize live agen help on Cruisecompete.com.

    One thing that sets cruisecompete.com apart from its competitors is the element of service involved. Their high commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a valuable vacation planning tool. With live agents to assist you in your search, you are never left wondering about the features or accommodations of a cruise. Cruisecompete.com makes sure you know all of the facts before you make any purchases, and they work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with their service.

    The second step in purchasing your cruise package is to request quotes and receive competing offers. This is the most exciting step in making a purchase through CruseCompete. At this point, different agents will offer you different rates and packages that meet your needs. You will get to choose from a number of competitors who will all be trying to offer you the lowest price. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can proceed to the final step. The final step is to contact the agent(s) to ask questions or to book your cruise.

    Yes, it really is that simple! CruiseCompete.com is an interactive site that allows its customers to get some incredible deals on cruise packages. If you want to take a luxurious vacation, you will positively love the opportunities that await you through CruiseCompete. Start searching for your perfect cruise today, and let a live agent help you select the vacation that will suit you best.

  7. uBid.com

    Bid on the travel packages you want, now at uBid.com. This website allows you to place bids on deals from all around the popular vacation spots. Bid on places from Las Vegas to Orlando to Lake Wharf on the Gulf of Mexico.

    You can view the results by price, ending soonest, number of bids, A to Z, most units available, and more. If you really want to win an auction, wait until the last minute to place your bid. This can help you get the last price in and hopefully increase your chance of winning.

    With all of the deals currently available, traveling may not be as expensive as you think. You may be able to take your family, or just you and your partner, on the trip of a lifetime.

    Visit uBid.com now and start bidding.

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