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Popular Tractor Auctions

  1. Ebay.com - As one of the most popular auction sites on the web, Ebay.com is a great site to buy or sell a tractor. Under its Business and Industrial category, this site boasts a huge variety of tractors of all different types, along with tractor parts and repair kits. Buyers and sellers alike will find Ebay.com to be the perfect place to find a great tractor or to sell an unwanted one.

    One of the best aspects to buying or selling a tractor on Ebay.com is the site’s popularity. At any given time, there are thousands of listings for tractors that are up for auction at this site. With so many possibilities, you’re certain to find a tractor that meets your needs. Ebay.com also makes it simple to narrow down your tractor search results so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You can specify price, condition, location, or type – such as agriculture and forestry, construction, or industrial supply. Need new or replacement parts for your tractor? At Ebay.com you’re in luck; at any given time hundreds of sellers have listings for tractor parts. Ebay.com includes some features that make buying a tractor from this site extremely convenient. You can “watch” items you are interested in or have placed bids on in you “My eBay.” This site also allows you to set up an RSS feed of your search results, so you can see when new tractor listings are added to the site.

    High user traffic on Ebay.com also makes it an ideal site to sell your tractor. At a site this busy, you’re sure to have many bids on your tractor. Registering as a seller at Ebay.com is easy, though there are seller fees. Ebay.com also provides a helpful selling guide that gives tips and guidance to help you market and sell your items more effectively. Whether you plan to buy or sell a tractor through an online auction, Ebay.com is a terrific place to do it. Head over to Ebay.com today!

  2. Ironplanet.com - Ironplanet.com is one of the world’s most popular online auction sites for construction and agricultural equipment, making it one of the best sites you could use to buy or sell any type of tractor. Here buyers and sellers from around the world offer their equipment for auction, make bids, and close deals. If you’re looking for a tractor, you’re sure to find what you need at this site, and if you’re looking to sell one, there are thousands of global buyers ready to bid.

    Ironplanet.com sets itself apart by providing buyers with IronClad Assurance. This means that Ironplanet.com sends inspectors to personally examine equipment that is listed in this site’s auctions. As a buyer, IronClad Assurance allows you to bid with confidence that you have complete and correct information about the condition of the equipment you are bidding on. When you are searching for a tractor to bid on at Ironplanet.com, you won’t have to spend long looking before you’ve found what you need. At this site you can search by location, category (such as agriculture, construction, or forestry), type, and make. Though many people still may be unsure about buying large equipment online, past buyers affirm that buying a tractor at Ironplanet.com is convenient and stress-free.

    Need to sell an unwanted tractor? Ironplanet.com is the ideal place to do it. As this site boasts a global audience of buyers, your equipment is sure to receive many bids from interested buyers. In fact, Ironplanet.com reports an average time of just four to six weeks to sell used equipment! When you sell your tractor through this site, all you have to do is list it. Ironplanet.com does the inspection, handles the bidding, payment, and even the transportation. This site even markets your item through print and online advertising, email campaigns, and other marketing methods. Selling your tractor couldn’t be easier! Ready to find and purchase the tractor you’ve been looking for? Ready to sell that tractor you no longer need? Get started at Ironplanet.com today!

  3. Rbauction.com - Many people like the convenience and low prices of using auction sites to buy all sorts of items, from clothing to cars. Online auctions are not only great places to buy and sell smaller items; an online auction can be just the place to find an affordable tractor or to sell the tractor that you no longer need. Rbauction.com is the ideal website for online tractor auctions, as it is convenient and easy to use for buyers and sellers alike. If you’re looking to buy a tractor at a reasonable price, Rbauction.com is the right place to go. Firstly, searching this site for the tractor you need couldn’t be easier. You can choose from types of equipment categories such as Construction, Transportation, Agriculture, and many others. Numerous specific subcategories make finding the exact tractor you are looking for a breeze. If that doesn’t work, this site features advanced search options as well. Your tractor search doesn’t have to end online – in fact, Rbauction.com recommends visiting your nearest Richie Bros. yards to inspect, test, and compare the equipment you plan to bid on come auction day. A visit ensures that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and be confident when you bid.

    It’s likely that you’d find online bidding a more convenient method than bidding in person. Rbauction.com makes it easy for you to either bid online in real time or bid by proxy, by submitting your bids before auction day.

    What if you need to sell your tractor? This site is a great place to do it! Here you can sell anything from a single tractor to an entire farm’s worth of equipment. Richie Bros. offers services such as appraisal and refurbishing, so you can improve upon and be certain of your equipment’s value. Rbauction.com has auction sites around the world, and guarantees that your tractor will be sold on auction day. Whether you need to buy or sell a tractor, Rbauction.com is an excellent site to use. Try it today!

  4. Auctiontime.com - If you’re looking for a reliable auction site to buy or sell a tractor, look no further than Auctiontime.com. This site makes selling and purchasing equipment easy and convenient. With buyers and sellers all over the United States, this site is the ideal place to find a great tractor, or to sell the one you don’t need any more.

    Looking for a specific type of tractor? Auctiontime.com makes it as easy as possible to find exactly what you need. All of the equipment up for auction at this site is divided into Construction, Farm Equipment, Trucks, and Trailers. Most tractors can be found under Construction and Farm Equipment. In each category, equipment is logically broken up into a number of subcategories, and tractors are categorized as 100 HP to 174 HP, 40 HP to 99 HP, and so on. This site’s organization makes it quick and easy to find the tractor you’re looking for. If browsing doesn’t work for you, Auctiontime.com also features an advanced search option, which you can use to look for very specific equipment. Overall, this site includes a wide variety of tractors of all different types, meaning you’ll likely find the one you need here.

    Registering as a buyer at Auctiontime.com is simple and free, but you should keep in mind that it may take a couple of days for your registration to be approved. Don’t wait until the last minute to register if you have your eye on a great tractor!

    Selling at Auctiontime.com is equally convenient as buying. As a seller, you are required to pay a low flat fee to list your tractor at this site, but the successful sale of your equipment will more than make up for this negligible cost. Auctiontime.com allows you as a seller to discuss your sale with prospective buyers before the auction, or even set up a deal prior to auction day. Why hesitate? Take a look at Auctiontime.com today!

Current Tractor Auction on eBay

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