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16 Top Real Estate Auction Sites

Part 1: 7 Top Online Real Estate Auction Sites

  1. RealEsate.Shop.Ebay.com - Find deals on real estate by bidding the price you are comfortable with at RealEstate.Shop.Ebay.com. Here you can find real estate ranging from time shares, to commercial, to residential, to manufactured homes, and more!

    You can search by state, type, number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, and many other categories to help you narrow your search and save time. If you are specific with your search, you can spend more time researching the individual auctions. This is also a great way to search for homes if you are looking to move to another area.

    Start looking today at RealEstate.Shop.Ebay.com because you never know when the right place will be available.

  2. realtytrac.com

    RealtyTrac has a good list of properties for auction. Just search for the city or state you are interested in, and then choose the “auction” tab.

    When the description is written, the site offers a 7-day free trial to access the database of foreclosure house auctions.

  3. Auction.com - Go to Auction.com to place a bid on the home of your dreams!

    The bidding process at this website is easy to follow and they break it down into a few simple steps for first time users.

    The first step is to search the online auctions for the homes that interest you. Next, create an account with this website and register for the auction you want to bid in. Next you are able to pre-qualify for financing at no cost or obligation with their designated lenders. After you are pre-qualified, do your research and inspect the properties you would consider bidding on. Next you make your deposit to bid, and finally place your bid and hope to be the winning bidder!

    Start now at Auction.com and own the home you have always wanted.

  4. RealtyBid.com - As America’s leader in online real estate auctions, RealtyBid.com is a great place to start searching. This pioneering website is a reliable way to search through and find the properties you are looking for. They have auctions for condominiums, distinctive residences, ranches, land, luxury properties, commercial assets, and more.

    Search by city, state, county, zip code proximity, real estate type, bedroom count, and price! Start your search broad and narrow it down as you go, or start small to get right down to the bidding!

    Go to RealtyBid.com now and search through their auctions to see which one you want to start bidding on!

  5. WilliamsAuction.com - Search for real estate around the country in small towns to big cities, and place your bids online through the auctions at WilliamsAuction.com. Here you are able to search easily through their listings. Each state has a number by it indication how many upcoming online auctions they have for real estate within that state.

    During the 30 days leading up to the auction this website advises you to do your research. That way by the time the auction comes you can focus your energy on putting in the winning bid!

    Go to WilliamsAuction.com today and start looking through their upcoming online auctions!

  6. Bid4Assets.com - Bid on the real estate you want now at Bid4Assets.com. This website allows you to view real estate auctions from around the country and place your bids right online! They have different categories for time shares, residential, commercial, agricultural, and other.

    Each property has a description, current bid, time remaining, and more, easily viewed. Create your account to place your bids. You can choose to auto bid as well as flat bid. The auto bid allows you to step away from the auction, with your maximum bid locked in.

    Start searching now at Bid4Assets.com to see if you can win the real estate you want!

  7. BidontheCity.com -Go to BidontheCity.com now and register for a bidding event coming up! They have properties in Manhattan, Westchester, and the Hamptons!

    This website gives the bidders detailed descriptions of the properties, which are thoroughly inspected prior to the auction. 30 days after the property is listed on their website, bidders from around the world are able to bid for 30 minutes online or at their headquarters. If you have the winning bid, you are given 48 hours to sign the contract! The website works to make the process easy and worry free. Owning a property can take no time at all!

    Go to BidontheCity.com now and start looking!

Part 2: 9 Top Onsite Real Estate Auction Sites

  1. AuctionZip.com - Go to AuctionZip.com to find information on upcoming real estate auctions around the country.

    You are able to search through the auctions within a zip code radius to limit the results you see. You are also able to search by the type of real estate. You can choose to look at land, commercial, residential, farm, or all!

    The auction listing gives directions, details, pictures, auction times, etc., to help you get prepared for the bidding day. Look through the pictures and read the descriptions to get a good idea of how much you would be willing to bid before you go.

    Start looking now at AuctionZip.com.

  2. NAARealEstateAuctions.com - Visit NAARealEstateAuctions.com to see a list of upcoming real estate auctions going on around the country. Whether you are looking for real estate in your area or another city, this website can help you prepare for the auction day.

    Look through the different listings and decide which auction is right for you. View the pictures and get to know the details of the home before you go to prepare yourself properly. They have different maps to help you get to your destination. Find out when registration is and get there ready to go!

    Visit NAARealEstateAuctions.com now and figure out which real estate property you want to win!

  3. MaltzAuctions.com - Take a look at MaltzAuctions.com when you are interested in attending an onsite real estate auction. They have put together information on upcoming real estate auctions to both inform you and prepare you.

    Many of these auctions are from bankrupted properties or bank ordered auctions. This means you may be able to get a good deal at the auction. Many of the auctions have pictures to help you get ready for the auction. The auctions range from residential homes to former office buildings to land.

    Go to MaltzAuctions.com now and see if they have an upcoming auction that appeals to you!

  4. SchraderAuction.com - Browse through the upcoming real estate auctions now at SchraderAuction.com. They have detailed descriptions of the upcoming auctions that give you the necessary information to prepare. Browse through the descriptions and pictures to get a better idea of whether or not the auction is right for you.

    They currently have land auctions coming up, as well as entire homes and also personal property. Many of the homes come with land as part of the estate, meaning you can potentially make two purchases for the price of one!

    Get ready for the upcoming real estate auctions with the information at SchraderAuction.com today.

  5. USTreas.gov - Go to www.USTreas.gov/auctions/treasury/rp/realprop.shtml when you are looking for a website to view upcoming real estate auctions.

    They have a list of auctions coming up, listed by month and date to help your search stay organized. Currently there are auctions coming up in Annapolis, Maryland, Houston, Texas, Marana, Alabama, Alabaster, Alabama, and many more! If you are not already in the area where the auction will take place, use the information found online to familiarize yourself with the estate before the auction!

    Visit www.USTreas.gov/auctions/treasury/rp/realprop.shtml now and see if they have a real estate auction coming up near where you want to live.

  6. Higgenbotham.com -Higgenbotham.com is a good website to visit when you are looking for onsite real estate auctions. This company website specializes in the sale and disposition of real estate both nationally and internationally. They have a team of auction and real estate specialists that are experienced and eager to help their customers find and bid on the real estate they are looking for.

    They have many different types of auction listings. This includes high-rise office towers, condominiums, homes, and even agricultural land. Their website has pictures and details to help you prepare for your auction as well as professionals willing to help you through the process.

    Go to Higgenbotham.com now and look through their upcoming real estate auctions before the time runs out!

  7. JPKing.com -Go to JPKing.com now to view all upcoming real estate auctions they have on their website!

    They have different sections for the different upcoming auctions. This includes premier auctions, developer auctions, assets auctions, and commercial auctions. There is also a keyword search function that allows you to search for a specific auction or auction type.

    There are also listings of past auctions and how much they sold for. This can be beneficial if you are looking for ballpark estimates of properties similar to the ones you want will be going for.

    Start looking now at JPKing.com to get ready for the real estate auction you want to attend!

  8. GrandEstatesAuction.com -Go to GrandEstatesAuction.com to learn the benefits and process of real estate auctions!

    Not only do they have a continually updated list of upcoming auctions, but they help you with the auction process. They have a section of their website dedicated to the benefits of real estate auctions and how the auction process works. This is especially helpful for first time auction goers or those who just want more information.

    Next, look through their upcoming auctions to view photos, details, and the auction schedule. The more you know about the property you want, the more confident you can feel going into the auction!

    Go to GrandEstatesAuction.com now and see if real estate auctions are right for you.

  9. Traiman.com -Traimain.com is home to America’s foremost real estate auctioneer. Over the years they have sold properties own by President Roosevelt’s family, the Carnegie Missouri cattle ranch, and the Wanamaker estate in the Hamptons. You can view their past sold properties to get a better idea of their auction history.

    Take a look at the properties that are coming up for auction at this website. They have many details for each property, allowing you to be familiar and confident with the estate before the auction.

    Go to Traiman.com now and join their email list to receive notifications of further upcoming auctions!

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