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31 Top Pottery Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: Sponsor

  1. ebay.com - EBay.com is a fantastic source for both buyers and sellers interested in individual or wholesale pieces of pottery and china.

    Art pottery is a popular category on EBay, with more than 40,000 choices from brands like Abingdon, California Pottery, and Roseville. You will find unique and interesting pottery pieces on auction such as the Pottery Vase with Geometric Design made in Germany. This 6 inch tall beautiful vase features an eclectic pattern around the rims and bidding starts at just $7.

    EBay also offers vintage pottery items like the Vintage Amber Colored Swirl Glass Brandy Snifter Vase opening at $12.99. This amber colored glass stemmed vase makes a great centerpiece for any seasonal or floral display. Although it is from the 1960’s, it is still kept in excellent condition without chips or cracks.

    You can even list your own pottery collection at Pottery-glass.shop.ebay.com for a low fee.

Part 2: 9 More Popular Pottery Auction Sites

  1. Shopgoodwill.com - If you want your money to go to a good cause, you should consider purchasing your Potterys from ShopGoodWill.com. Goodwill is an organization that gives their money back to families in need, and when you make a purchase from their website the proceeds help to fund the less fortunate. If you are planning on purchasing a Pottery from an auction site, you should have a look at Shopgoodwill.com’s current auctions. They frequently have rare and vintage games that are sold off for great bargains. Since much of their merchandise has been donated, they are able to sell it for a very low price. With Shopgoodwill.com, everyone benefits from your Pottery purchase. You pay less, and it goes to someone who needs it. Bid on your games at Shopgoodwill.com.

  2. Liveauctioneers.com - Live Auctioneers features thousands of online auctions for a variety of pottery from all parts of the world.

    Simply take a look at their live catalog for online bidding options on all your favorite items, and you will find 868 plus live auctions. A popular pottery is the Weller Pottery Blue Glazed Vase with linen fold design. It is decorated with pink roses and leaves on blue ceramic, measuring 8” high. This piece will make a bold statement in your living space.

    Another artistic pottery choice is the J. Stevens Pisca Forest Pottery Vase with a starting bid of just $35. Its cerulean blue exterior resembles the island waters, radiating serenity and brilliance. Not only will it look stunning in your display case but it’ll also make an excellent holder for flowers and plants.

    You can log into Liveauctioneers.com to start live bidding on these pottery and similar pieces.

  3. Icollector.com -If you’re searching for cultural and classic pottery, Icollector.com is the place to go. You can live bid on a variety of pottery from bowls to jars to figures and vases.

    Icollector.com features prehistoric treasures like the Precolumbian Pottery Figure in red clay. This seated male figure is intriguing and ethnic, reminiscent of ancient Aztec symbols and images. Place your bid online now for a chance to win this rare find in mint condition.

    Icollector.com also holds auctions for classic American pottery like the Acoma Pottery jar from the 1960s. It features black and white fine line to form a retro geometric pattern. The jar is ideal for holding essentials, knickknacks and eclectic items, and you can place a bid today for just $50!

    Search for more artistic pottery items on Icollector.com and you can join the community for free!

  4. Proxibid.com - Proxibid.com holds 432 and more live webcast auctions for you to bid on pottery in real-time, and their advanced search capabilities make the process faster and easier.

    One featured live bid is the Frankoma Pottery piece Cornucopia, an 11” casserole platter with green to brown classic hues. With an opening bid of just $25, this dish is exquisite with a shell like opening to capture the beauty of the Mediterranean seas.

    Proxibid.com’s live auctions also feature unique collections of pottery pieces including the Collection of Figurines from Western Mexico. It includes a fine mounted copy of a rare style of ceramic in the form of painted American Indian Pottery. This set will look astounding on display in your home, showcasing your modern historical tastes.

    You can watch each pottery lot as you bid to increase your chances of winning!

  5. Artfact.com - Bidding on pottery is simple and effective on Artfact.com. With three easy steps, you can find the pieces you love, bid on them online and win to build a personalized collection.

    Artfact.com offers many auctions for culturally diverse styles of pottery. For instance, the African Tribal Drum is an amazing find for a minimum bid of just $10! You can absorb the distinct African tribal styles in pottery form and introduce an ethnic piece to accent the rest of your décor.

    You will also discover figural pottery like the Continental Glazed Pottery Novelty Figural. It is a centerpiece vase featuring three boys holding a hot air balloon down with basket at their feet. This pottery vase is intricately hand-made and carved, and it’s very functional for plants and flowers.

    Bid now for a great opportunity to save on valuable pottery!

  6. Christies.com - Christie’s live auction bidding concentrates most of their pottery collection on Asian inspired themes and pottery figures.

    For instance, you can find a Chinese Wei-Style Grey Pottery Piece that resembles a tang-styled painted camel and rider from the 7th century. This hand crafted pottery reflects the uniqueness of the ancient Chinese dynasties, and can be bid on now without reserve!

    Additionally, you can bid on pottery collections worth up to $1,500. The Twenty Chinese Pottery Figures set includes eight large human figures with four smaller pieces and six animal figures, as well as a pottery figural candle stand. This collection originates from the Tang Dynasty, and you can display it anywhere in your house to radiate their cultural traditions.

    You can peruse through Christie’s auction catalog before bidding to pinpoint your most preferred items.

  7. Aantv.com - Aantv.com is one of America’s top auction networks with online bidding options for all sorts of pottery. Although their selection is limited, the items they offer are still valuable.

    If you’re searching for the perfect pottery vase, check out the Emmanuel Maldonado Mosaic Pottery Vase for a mixture of green, terra cotta and black on green colors. This vase projects a burst of energy with a special pattern of geometrics on a black base.

    Aantv.com also features smaller pottery accessories like the art Pottery Oil Lamp. This pottery is oil burning pedestal lamp with a tan body, matte finish and glazed black rim. For $11.25, you can take home this lamp and light up your room!

    Watch all of your bids right online from Aantv.com to keep track of your wins!

  8. Sothebys.com - Soethbys.com offers an international collection of pottery with live auction feeds that deliver real-time results directly to your desktop; however, they don’t have many pieces to choose from.

    One of their pottery auctions is the Pair of Large Chinese Pottery Guangdong Female Figures from the 19th Century. This pair of interconnected figures feature two water carriers in traditional Chinese garb, glazed in quality ceramic material.

    Sothebys.com also concentrates on other types of Asian inspired pieces such as the Familie-Verte Scroll Weight from the Qing Dynasty. This piece includes a branch handle reserved on a ground of scrolling lotus flowers and base painted with a spray of bamboo.

    Sothebys.com’s online catalogue will show you all of their ongoing and upcoming pottery auctions. You can even register for a free account to track your favorite pottery lots.

  9. Ubid.com -Ubid.com is an excellent online auction site for Potterys. We would like to recommend this site to consumers because of its excellent selection and customer service policies. Not only will you find a wide array of games at Ubid.com, but you will be certain that they are from reputable merchants who keep their word. It is a long and difficult process to become an approved seller at Ubid.com, so buyers can be certain that these merchants are trustworthy. If you want to start selling items through Ubid.com, you should be prepared to go through a very arduous process in order to do so. This is an outstanding site that takes care of its customers. Start purchasing your Potterys from Ubid.com.

Part 3: 14 Online Pottery Marketplaces

  1. Bonanzle.com - Bonanzle.com is a fantastic source for original and authentic pottery pieces, with over 2,000 items in their collection. Their pottery ranges from abstract, floral to solid designs, in new and used conditions.

    Bonanzle offers many bold pottery pieces like the Nemadji Art Pottery Vase in orange, red and blue. It is beautifully constructed with a combination of colors for a defining exterior and glazed interior. Not only is this item appealing, but it is also functional, great for holding flowers and plants.

    You can additionally discover cultural and ethnic pottery from different parts of the world. The Africa Dedza Pottery Malawi Ceramic Plate sells for just $12. It is an original handmade and hand-painted pottery plate designed with African styled fish, and it will add cultural flare to your dinnerware collection.

    You can buy now, add pottery to your cart or contact individual sellers for more info.

  2. Goantiques.com -Goantiques.com features over 1,000 dealers from 30 plus countries for a wide variety of pottery merchandise in their virtual warehouse.

    Goantiques.com focuses on vintage pottery pieces that may be rare and difficult to locate. For instance, the colorful Vintage Italian Majolica Ricco Deruta Vase is vintage piece circa 1950 that will add a dash of Tuscany to any of room in your home. This vase brings out an earthy feel with stylized swirls, drawing inspiration from Moorish influence in Spain.

    For a simple yet classy pottery set, the Coalport Plates collection works well with any environment. This pair of fine Coalport cabinet plates will sparkle in your display case and can impress guests during gatherings.

    Sign up for email alerts from Goantiques.com to be updated on all pottery specials and promotions.

  3. Pottery.rubylane.com - Rubylane.com is one of the largest online marketplaces for pottery, with more than 16,000 items in stock. Browse through their showcase gallery today to check out the featured pieces!

    One featured item is the 5 Inch Flower Pot from Canadian Pottery. For just $19, you can add this cute flower pot to your collection. It is glazed with orange brown drip for a fiery appeal and it can fit well in your garden or any empty space.

    A featured cultural pottery piece at Rubylane is the Desert Gold Mayan-Aztec Mug from Vintage Frankoma. This exotic mug embraces a Mayan-Aztec pattern originated from 1958, and will glow on your dining table with a golden yellow glaze. Get it now for the low price of $15!

    Rubylane.com even makes personalized recommendations based on the pottery you view on their site.

  4. Trocadero.com - At Trocadero.com, you can find delicate essentials to add to your pottery collection. Their pieces are hand-selected from different parts of the world.

    If you’re searching for a fabulous vintage vase from the 1920s, check out the Niloak Mission Swirl 4-5/8” Vase with Sticker. This vintage art pottery features swirls of colors in copper, turquoise, white, brown and green with an interior of blue specks. Not only will it look attractive in your living room, but it’s also useful in holding flowers.

    Trocadero also offers original pottery in their collection, such as Roseville Pottery Teasel Vase in blue prototype. The stunning dark mottled blue exterior provides a sense of tranquility and rustic appeal. You can display it in your living room for years to come.

    Freely browse through hundreds of other pottery choices at Trocadero.com

  5. Blujay.com - Blujay.com, a 100% free online marketplace, offers a wide range of art pottery as well as china and dinnerware.

    Bluejay.com’s dinning collection is filled with amazing finds of the latest new pottery. For example, the Stangl Creamer is charming and cute with a fruit center and brown background. It features a hand-painted design of peaches in the center, and you can get it for just $17!

    Why not combine the Creamer with a Sugar Bowl to work towards a complete collection? The Sugar Bowl with Lid Pattern by Knowles comes decorated with orange poppies and a yellow border. It will brighten up your room with its spring floral scheme and complement other accessories as well.

    Contact individual sellers today to find out more about specific pottery at Blujay.com.

  6. Etsy.com - Not only are the pottery at Etsy.com creative and innovative, but they’re also rare items that cannot be purchased through other marketplaces.

    From ceramics to house ware, Etsy.com has the perfect pottery for every purpose and occasion. For everyday use, the Jingde Town Hand-Painted Camellia Gaiwan is a classic, equipped with elegant hard cover box and elegant porcelain and artisan paintings. For just $25, you can add it to your personal collection gift it to a friend.

    Etsy also makes pottery for special holidays such as the Easter Spring Pottery Basket in white and soft sky aqua blue. Handmade from white stoneware with a cane handle, this basket is great for holding knickknacks, candy or Easter eggs. It is molded with non toxic glazes, safe for children and adults.

    Add any pottery item to your favorites and share them with other Etsy members.

  7. Amazon.com - One of the largest online marketplaces, Amazon.com features thousands of pottery items, from ethnic dishes to classic bowls.

    A colorful and unique ethnic pottery piece is the Bunzlauer Polish Pottery Oval Baker in blue with yellow and green floral patterns. It is beautiful and safe in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. You can start baking cookies, brownies, cakes and more with this stylish dish!

    For a European collection, check out the Brown Bettery 6 Cup Tea Pot originated from Staffordshire England. Made with top quality, it features real English red clay backed to a rich brown color and finished with a transparent glaze. The round shape will produce an exquisite tea infusion!

    Just search any type of pottery through Amazon.com and be pleasantly surprised at the results.

  8. Ioffer.com - Ioffer.com allows you to negotiate with sellers in real life to receive sought after pottery pieces at lower prices.

    Many of the listed items provide the option of individual offers. For instance, the Enkoopia Chickabiddia Plate by Franci Villa Vanilla is a fun and whimsical mid century plate that features chicken in a coop with her babes on a white background. This interesting piece is in excellent condition with black wording around the edges. Don’t hesitate to make the seller an offer today!

    A classic pottery plate is the Wedgwood Countryside Dinner Plate for just $4.99! This vintage piece features countryside bridge scenery in faded cobalt blue and it measures 9.75” in diameter, perfect for any balanced meal.

    If you love these items, Ioffer.com has tons of similar pottery in store for you!

  9. Ecrater.com - Ecrater.com serves as both a free web store builder and online marketplace where you can sell, and search among millions of products with a great line of pottery.

    Ecrater.com features decorative pottery with vases, jugs, wall hangings and more. The Clay Pottery Jugs Vases is popular among customers, and you can buy it now for just $34.99. This matching set of clay pottery has been distressed with a drippy yellow finish and it can make a gorgeous matching arrange or stand alone in separate pieces.

    Another fascinating décor piece is the Hand Painted Tree Pitcher Decanter Jug, originated in Germany. This original pottery features the intricate design of a tree on side and the rim as well as a free-form handle. View additional photos and detailed descriptions at Ecrater.com!

  10. Tias.com - Tias.com is one of the most popular fine antiques and collectibles source on the web. They carry modern vintage styled pottery at affordable prices.

    For simple pottery, check out the Laurel of California fruit bowl in speckled green. Circa 1950, this fruit bowl combines class and a contemporary edge to deliver dinnerware that will complement your décor. Laurel of California lines also come in a variety of colors in speckled glazes and pale hues.

    For decorative pottery, the McCoy elephant vase in yellow and blue is charming and adorable, suitable for children and guest rooms. For just $16, you can get this mint condition vase, ideal for small plants or flowers to spice up any plain corner!

    Don’t forget to check out Tias.com’s newest additions to uncover pottery treasures!

  11. Shophandmade.com - Shophandmade.com is a fast growing handmade craft marketplace, with authentic and environmental friendly pieces for every style and taste.

    Shophandmade.com has a fantastic collection of pottery mugs and pots, including the Handmade Purple Tulip Pottery Mug for just $18. This beautiful piece provides a splash of spring with carefully crafted flowers made with dishwasher safe ceramic material.

    You can find a whimsical pottery piece for every room in the house. For the bathroom, the Handmade Stoneware Scent Pot can introduce a refreshing scent. This unglazed clay pottery absorbs fragrance and releases it for a natural air freshener. You can even decorate the pot with multi colored yarn or ribbons.

    Browse through Shophandmade.com’s pottery gallery to find something that catches your attention and then use the one click buy now tool to instantly purchase.

  12. Artfire.com - Because Artfire.com focuses on pottery handmade by artists around the globe, you will discover the most creative pieces.

    Artfire.com offers more than 4900 choices in mugs, plates, pots and bowls. For a unique and fun mug, the Staffordshire Potteries Mug is a great choice. This vintage mug features the design of an elf hidden amongst natural flowers and bees in a red glaze. You can buy it now for only $10!

    Artfire.com also provides options for elegant collections like the Dessert Bowls in Bright Blue Set of 4 by Studio Élan. Each of the four bowls is glazed inside with a smooth and glossy powder blue and outside with a cobalt blue variation. Perfect for snacks or ice cream, these bowls are cute and sturdy!

    You can take a look at Artfire.com’s sales section for more valuable pottery!

  13. Sears.com - Although Sears.com provides less original pieces, they offer great variety from brand names like Hartstone and Tumbleweed.

    Hartstone pottery works well for cooking purposes, with pans and bakers targeted for all different occasions. For instance, the Hartstone Pottery Pizza Pan can entertain guests in style. This 15” pan will help you back like a professional chef with non-absorbent and naturally stick resistant features. You can get it at sears.com for a discounted $23.99!

    For a touch of class and sophistication, check out the Tumbleweed Pottery Oval Bowl in forest green. Made with high quality ceramic stoneware, this bowl is artistic and dishwasher safe. It can also be complementary for fruits, candies and displays right on your dining room today.

    Read through customer ratings and reviews of all pottery at Sears.com.

  14. Madeitmyself.com - Madeitmyself.com is a free listing marketplace that specializes in handmade pottery by individuals across the country.

    You can find professional and personalized pottery in the featured, hot picks and recently listed sections. A current hot choice is the Pottery Bowl in blue and white by Vintagecrafts for just $8. It exhibits a brilliant blue and white abstract pattern and can be utilized in multiple ways. This bowl can hold soap, jewelry, keys, snacks and more!

    Madeitmyself.com also features pottery made from various materials. The Terra Cotta Clay Basket is handmade with terra cotta earthenware clay in a rich “Indian Red” color. Each piece was hand rolled, cut and coiled craftily by the artist.

    Sign up at Madeitmyself.com to save all of your favorite pottery products and sellers as well as access the community discussion board.

Part 4:: 7 Other Pottery Live Auction Sites

  1. Onlineauction.com -Onlineauction.com allows pottery lovers to open up their own eStore for free with no listing fees and tons of tools including photo editor. Buyers will also be able to browse through and bid on thousands of pottery pieces to add to their personal collections.

    You will find unique and rare items like the Vintage Arnart Cobalt Blue Hand Blown Hand Painted Vase starting at just $7.99. It showcases a pattern of flowers and paintings with a gold trim at the top, middle and bottom. You can use it simply as a display item or place a variety of flowers in it.

    Onlineauction.com also provides auctions for other types of pottery like the Medium White Hobnail Fenton Bowl. Modeled like a coral reef, this Fenton bowl makes a lovely addition to your home, office or personal collection.

    View more photos and descriptions of your favorite pottery at Onlineauction.com.

  2. Webstore.com - Webstore.com offers sellers no fees so they can reap in the most profits and buyers with the best deals with name brand pottery merchandise at low bids.

    Webstore.com holds auctions for ceramics, china, stoneware, tea pots and sets as well as other types of pottery. The Vintage Glazed Claire Burke Peach Planter is a charming candle pot with an opening bid of $8.99. This gorgeous planter or candle pot is glazed inside and out, with intricate hand molded design of peaches.

    Another attractive vintage pottery piece is the Vintage Japan Teapot with red roses. A great addition to any tea set, this pot is crafted from porcelain with painted rose patterns around the side and spout. Once you start bidding on it now, you can potentially win it for less than $12.

    Contact individual sellers for more information on selective pottery auctions.

  3. Webidz.com - Webdiz.com currently has 1600 active auctions for pottery and new ones are being added every day. From plates to cups to vases, Webdiz.com offers every type you can think of!

    If you’re searching for the perfect set of plates, check out the Pair Shenango Restaurant Plates in harvest gold wheat design. At a minimum bid of just $12, this gold embroidered pair of plates radiates class and elegance, guaranteed to impress friends and family at your next special gathering.

    Webidz.com also offers other kinds of pottery like the 3 Corelle Saucers by Corning. This set of beige and marigold tea saucers will complement many styles of tea cups and each plate is in excellent condition with no chips or stains.

    You can register now at Webidz.com to start bidding, selling or adding your top pottery auctions to a watch list.

  4. Wensy.com - Wensy is a popular free online auction site that allows you to sell, trade and bid on pottery without fees!

    You can now filter auction results by gallery, new items, closing ones and highest bids to make your search process easier. If you’re looking for a cute yet classy pottery bowl to hold fruits or knickknacks, take a look at the Vintage Fenton Milkglass Oval Nut Dish with enclosed handles. With a low starting bid of $12.99, you can win this vintage piece from the 1960s in mint condition.

    Wensy.com also features pottery sets like the Lucerne-Green Dessert Plates by Meakin. It includes 11 vintage dessert dishes patterned with white flowers and leaves on a wide ruffled bay leaf green band with scalloped edges. With a vintage romantic look, this set will light up your dining table for any occasion or holiday. Sign into you Wensy.com account to bid!

  5. Us.ebid.net - Not only does eBid offer higher visibility for sellers, but it also provides a wide variety of choices for buyers interested in pottery. They have 655 auctions alone focused on pottery goods, from mugs to vases to pots.

    eBid.net’s no reserve pottery auctions enable you to get the best prices on top notch pottery. For instance, the Stoneware Studio Pottery Mug starts at just $6.50. Decorated with lovely plant life, this mug is smooth in texture and monogrammed at the base. It will make a perfect holder for coffee, tea or even hot water.

    eBid also provides auctions for dishes and bowls like the Hawkshead Studio Pottery Stoneware Dish, an attractive piece with an orange tinted glaze. Its rim is embossed with symmetric decorations and the base is stamped with a Hawkshead symbol.

    Manage your bidding history right from your eBid.net account!

  6. Epier.com - Epier.com is a free online auction site with a community of 204,500 plus members and tons of bidding options for all kinds of pottery.

    They provide sellers with high returns on investment, free registration and management tools for all your auctions. You can even upload free icons, descriptions and storefronts for your pottery items.

    Buyers can browse through pottery auctions by brands like Hall, Roseville and Bauer or by styles like Asian, European and Stoneware. Popular pottery auctions include the Vintage Milkglass Hobnail Cruets. This set of cruets are classy and in great condition. You can start bidding for just $3. Other pottery pieces include the vintage Westmoreland Glass milkglass paneled grape bud vase.

    Check out more choices at low bids at Epier.com!

  7. Plunderhere.com - Plunderhere.com is a fantastic source for both buyers and sellers of pottery, providing you with the option to import your listings from other sites like Etsy, eBay and more.

    A featured pottery piece is the Footed Ball Vase with Etched Flower Leaves in pink starting at a bid of $8. This 16" round vase features flower with leaves etched on one side and a ruffled and clear glass top. It will match well with both contemporary and traditional decors.

    Plunderhere.com also holds auctions for functional pottery like the Coke Cola Mug in blue sweet berry starting at $4.50. This simple mug can brighten up the room with its bright blue shade whenever you are drinking coffee, tea, juice or other beverages. It can hold up to 8 ounces of any liquid.

    Register an account at Plunderhere.com to login into the members’ area and start bidding or selling!

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