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28 Leading Online Marketplaces

  1. Amazon Marketplace - Amazon Marketplace is perhaps one of the most popular online marketplaces out there. This fixed-price online market allows sellers to offer their goods alongside Amazon’s offerings. Buyers are able to purchase new or secondhand items sold directly by a third party through the Amazon Marketplace.

    If you are trying to sell an item through Amazon marketplace, you will be charged a small fee for Amazon’s commission rate (which is based on the sale price, a transaction fee and a variable closing fee).

    If you are purchasing something through Amazon.com, you should keep in mind that you are browsing items from a variety of sellers, and that not every item or seller is exactly the same. Because you are purchasing from a third party, you can evaluate their reliability by viewing their Feedback score or reading customer reviews. Amazon Marketplace is an excellent resource for both buyers and sellers, standing in as the ideal middle man and helping the two find one another.

    Visit the official site of Amazon now!

  2. Seller.Marketplace.Sears.com - Sears has been a popular name in the department store world for quite some time, and now they have expanded their base to include a marketplace website.

    This website allows you to advertise on Sears, sell on Sears, and sell through Sears. When you advertise on Sears.com they help you gain more customers through placing your items on their website. If you decide to sell on Sears.com, you are able to sell your items through the Sears website for a competitive cost. They sell it and you ship it to the customer. And if you sign up to sell your items through Sears.com, they take care of everything.

    Learn more about these new offers at Seller.Marketplace.Sears.com today.

  3. Buy.com - Buy.com is yet another excellent online marketplace. Providing sellers with a platform of interested buyers, Buy.com unites buyers in sellers in an excellent way. Buy.com takes a very reasonable commission rate from their sellers, which varied between 8% and 15% depending on the category. This is a small enough commission rate that sellers will still easily find profits on Buy.com, especially because of the higher traffic that they will get on their items. Buyers will enjoy the variety of products and the reasonable prices on Buy.com, which has become one of the most popular online retailers. Whether you’re planning on purchasing books, toys, jewelry, electronics, pet supplies or virtually any other type of item, you will benefit from the marketplace on Buy.com. Sellers can easily register for an account on Buy.com, and buyers can browse through the available products for free!

  4. Etsy.com - For the creative types who are into hand-made and one of a kind objects, there is an online marketplace that will suit all of your needs. If you are someone who truly loves handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, fine artwork and crafts of any kind, then you need to check out Etsy.com. Buyers will love the wide variety of items that are on Etsy, which is “your place to buy & sell all things handmade”. They will love the evidence of the artist’s hand, which many collectors seek and value tremendously. Sellers will be enamored with Etsy’s client services, especially their featured products and recommended items. Etsy gives sellers the publicity and accessibility that many online retailers crave. Etsy makes it incredibly easy for sellers to find a group of potential buyers who are eager to support their handmade businesses, and for this reason it has established itself as an outstanding online marketplace.

  5. Half.ebay.com - If you use Ebay.com, you’ve probably heard of its related site, Half.ebay.com. This site is a popular marketplace for buyers and sellers alike. Here you’ll find an incredibly vast selection of books, music, games, and movies. Students will especially like to shop here for enormous discounts on textbooks. It’s easy to save hundreds of dollars on pricy textbooks when you buy them from private sellers at Half.ebay.com! And it’s easy to find the books you need with this site’s convenient textbook search engine.

    Hope to sell your books, movies, games, or music? Half.ebay.com is a terrific place to do so. Your registration will only take a minute, and then you’re ready to list your items. Half.ebay.com only charges a small commission on sold items, so you’ll be able to keep most of your earnings. Try it today at Half.ebay.com!

  6. Ecrater.com - Ecrater.com is an increasingly popular free web store builder and free online marketplace. While many successful marketplaces cater to the needs of their buyers and their sellers, eCrater is an exceptional site because of their low commission rate: 0%. It is absolutely free to host your website and manage an online store, and your products are even posted to Google Product Search for increased trafficking. There is an increasingly large base of consumers who use Ecrater.com because they enjoy supporting the small businesses, second-hand items and home-made artworks that are available through eCrater. Whether you want to buy or sell art, antiques and collectibles, or books, computers and electronics, you will find likeminded individuals on Ecrater.com. There’s something for everyone on Ecrater, a buyer for every seller and a strong likelihood that both parties will be happy with their exchange. Like Etsy.com, Ecrater.com has a growing group of creative customers, who allow them to operate with minimal costs to the sellers.

  7. ioffer.com - Ioffer.com is an excellent online marketplace. iOffer is an online community that allows you to buy, sell and trade by negotiating. Its ability to simulate real-life transactions makes it an incredibly useful and helpful site. One of the nicest features on iOffer.com are their suggested items. With “cool picks” and possible gifts for him or her, you will be able to start buying and selling in no time. Look through the featured gallery to get an idea of what items are popular on iOffer.com, where there are over 35 million items to negotiate on. This marketplace is a forum for the exchange of merchandise, and is a very useful site for anyone looking to buy, sell or trade. With no listing fees and a free iOffer store, this site is well worth a visit. Navigate over to iOffer.com today and see why their community of buyers and sellers is so popular.

  8. Bonanza.com - Bonanzle.com is a cool and creative online marketplace that caters to the same crowds as Ecrater and Etsy. If you are an artsy, creative type, then you will fall in love with the products for sale on Bonanzle.com. Their slogan is “Find Everything but the Ordinary”, which you certainly will. From fine artwork to antiques, coins and paper money, dolls, pottery and glass, as well as other niche, craft oriented items, to sporting goods, jewelry, home and garden products and more. All of the items on Bonanzle.com are obscure or unique, somehow standing out for their authenticity or intriguing design. If you sell items that are artistic or interesting, then you will find an ideal marketplace in Bonanzle.com. Sellers will benefit from Bonanzle’s featured items, as well as the setup of their own online stores. If you want to increase the traffic on your creative store, then start posting your items on Bonanzle’s marketplace.

  9. Newegg Marketplace - Newegg Marketplace is the marketplace of Newegg, a very popular electronics retailer. Because the site is very popular with several millions of visitors each month, you may want to take a look at the site if you sell jewelry, sporting goods, pet supplies, fragrances, watch, and other categories offered by the marketplace.

  10. Yardsellr - This is a new social marketplace. You can sign up with your facebook account and join over 4000 blocks such as jewelry, sport card, knitting, and more.

    The site tries to offer you an experience similar to traditional "yard sale" or "garage sale", where you buy from ordinary people in the neighborhood with great price. The site is growing very fast.

  11. ArtFire.com - If you are looking for a responsible way to shop, go to ArtFire.com. This website allows you to purchase items that are handmade from individual artists instead of corporations.

    There are a ton of categories and subcategories for you to select from. Choose between handmade, design, supplies, vintage, fine art, and media. Within those categories are many more subcategories to help you find what you are looking for. The items vary in style, material, color, and craft, allowing you to find the perfect one for you.

    You can sell your homemade pieces for free at this website. Let other people benefit from your fine crafted pieces and earn money at the same time! Go to ArtFire.com now to buy and sell handcrafted pieces.

  12. Rubylane.com - The “Ruby Lane Advantage” is a principle behind Rubylane.com that states that the company is founded on quality, security and excellent customer service. These three elements are clearly present in almost every transaction that happens through Ruby Lane. Consumers from all over the world flock to Rubylane.com to find fine art, antiques and collectibles. You’ll also find unique pieces of jewelry for reasonable prices at Ruby Lane. This site is a general marketplace, where you’ll be able to buy products instantly. Stop waiting on auctions to end to find out if you’ve won the item of your dreams, and use RubyLane.com to purchase these objects instantly!

  13. Tias.com - Tias.com is a great place to find fine antiques and collectibles on the web. You can trust the antiques and collectibles that you get from Tias because they have a pretty strict policy for their sellers. Most of their sellers are authentic antiques dealers who run shops of their own, and use Tias as an additional outlet that reaches over 200,000 customers a day. This general online marketplace is very popular because of its rare and authentic vintage stock. If you are a buyer who is interested in these sorts of things, or a retailer who sells antiques, collectibles, gift, art, jewelry or crafts, Tias can function as a forum for your transactions. This marketplace is an excellent resource for creative individuals who plan on buying or selling collectibles and antiques of any kind.

  14. Goantiques.com - If you’ve got a passion for antiques, you need to pay a visit to Goantiques.com. Goantiques.com is popular among both antique retailers and collectors, as it is a marketplace that caters to both of their needs. Goantiques.com has over 1,000 dealers from 31 countries who contribute the finest products to their Virtual Warehouse.

    If you want to see some of the most rare and exciting antiques from every corner of the globe, Goantiques.com is the place for you. It’s very easy to start buying and selling with GoAntiques.com, so don’t wait any longer. Start interacting in this outstanding online marketplace today!

  15. Blujay.com - Blujay.com is a very popular online marketplace. Although it may not have the fancy layout and look of larger and more popular marketplaces, it is 100% free to use. Buyers and sellers will both fall in love with the community that is dedicated to Blujay.com. Blujay.com uses PayPal and Google Checkout to handle their transactions, and also posts your listings to Google’s Product service. This even further increases the traffic that will be exposed to your products. Sellers will appreciate the prices (which are generally below retail) that they are able to find on Blujay.com’s marketplace. Because the sellers can ship their items directly from their own location (and cut out the costs of sending stock to a retail store) they reduce their operation costs and increase their margin of profit. For this reason, these sellers are able to pass the savings on to the buyers on Blujay. Start buying and selling with Blujay today.

  16. Cyberattic.com - If you like to buy antiques and collectibles to decorate your home or if you’re hoping to sell some of the items you found in your attic, Cyberattic.com is the site for you! This site is a widely used marketplace for both buyers and sellers of antiques, home decorating items, and collectibles. Trying to clean out your home of some knickknacks? Selling at Cyberattic.com is a great choice. For only $9.17 per month, you can become a seller and this site and start making some extra cash for your collectibles.

    For those who are looking to buy, you’ll find a wealth of interesting items for sale at this site. You can browse through categories such as children’s collectibles, home decorating, silver, glass, memorabilia, and ephemera. If you’re looking for something specific, be sure to use this site’s helpful search engine and “Search the Rafters!” Give Cyberattic.com a try today.

  17. Trocadero.com - Buying and selling art, antiques, home décor, and other collectibles, is made simple at Trocadero.com.

    When you are looking for a period piece, a rare painting, estate jewelry, popular collectibles, or other fine pieces, this website is a great place to search. They have different sections dedicated to selling different types of arts, jewelry, collectibles, etc. It is easy to search through and well organized.

    If you are interested in joining this website, take a look at the different services offered. Joining costs a fee, but you may gain a lot from being a part of their website. Visit Trocadero.com today to see the different services they have to offer for buyers and sellers of classic items.

  18. Atomicmall.com - Atomicmall.com is an increasingly popular online marketplace. With spaces specially dedicated to sellers and buyers, it is very easy to use and navigate. Even for those who are not very skilled with internet memberships and online sales, this is a very intuitive site interface. Sellers are able to sign up and setup for free, and are only charged a minimal fee if they sell something. Sellers are able to import offsite auctions (from say, your eBay listing), and utilize Paypal, Google Check Out and Amazon payment methods. Buyers will love the dedication and customer service that comes with Atomic Mall, as they are able to chat with Sellers in real time, and use one cart for multiple stores (which you can’t do on many small marketplaces like Etsy or Ecarter). Since Atomicmall charges its sellers low fees, its buyers are able to enjoy great prices.

  19. addoway.com - A social shopping marketplace where you can buy and sell products.

  20. TripleClicks.com - If you are looking for a way to buy and sell things all at one place, go to TripleClicks.com. You can buy items from various sellers in various different categories. Search for the specific item you are looking for or just browse through a category until something sticks out. When you are a member of this website you are able to benefit from their many different services. You can easily sell your own stuff for cash for a low cost to you. Clean out your garage and save your energy by selling the items online instead of having to organize an outdoor sale. It is free to sign up so go to TripleClicks.com now!

  21. Malleries.com - Malleries.com is a fantastic site for buyers and sellers of antiques, jewelry, art, and home and garden items. This online marketplace features consistently extensive selections of items in all of these categories. The home and garden selection is especially wide at this site – be sure to take look at some of the beautiful decorative lighting that is offered for sale here! And of course because this is a marketplace for private sellers, you’ll find some terrific bargains here.

    Hoping to sell at Malleries.com? Don’t hesitate to get started! Opening a shop at this site is simple to do. Simply choose if you’ll be selling in Antiques and Collectibles, Luxury Goods, or Home and Garden. Fees to sell at this site start at only $14 per month. Start buying and selling today at Malleries.com!

  22. ShopHandmade.com - Whether you are a buyer or a seller, ShopHandmade.com is the place to get you started.

    Buying and selling this website is not only free to do, but it is easy too. You can shop from the different categories, sales, stores, colors, galleries, what’s new, and even shop for cards. It is a great place to find creative pieces that are unique and stylish. You are able to find one-of-a-kind items that have been handcrafted with care.

    If you are someone who wants to sell their homemade merchandise, this website allows you to do so for free! Sign up today at ShopHandmade.com.

  23. Collect.com - Using an online marketplace like Collect.com is a great way to expand your various collections easily.

    They have several categories for you to get started with. Browse through automotive, ceramic & glass, furnishings & fine art, jewelry & timepieces, collectibles, numismatics, outdoors, guns & knives, comics, music & movies, sports, and toys. These categories can help you find the subcategory that you are looking for.

    You are also able to sell your own belongings through this website. They also have a pricing and identification search for you to utilize.

    Go to Collect.com today to find the collectibles that you have been looking for.

  24. Wigix.com - Wigix.com is an awesome online marketplace for buyers and sellers that are into electronics. Buyers, if you want to score some very low prices on some of the coolest electronics out there, then you’ll love Wigix.com. They promise that you will “never overpay again”, with Wigix’s live pricing history that details how much the previous buyer spent on the product you’re viewing. Their structured catalog makes it easy to find the product your looking for, and their Premier Product Destination catalog includes user manuals, videos, reviews, blogs and more to help you make the perfect purchase. Sellers will love Wigix’s free listings and non-existent transaction fees! There are only minimal “final value” fees for items above $25. This enables sellers to still make a profit on their items, while buyers get items that are still far below retail value.

  25. En.DaWanda.com - At En.DaWanda.com you are able to find unique items that are handcrafted and/or hard to track down. You can shop easily or create your own collections for other people to browse through and purchase from.

    This European website lists their merchandise in Euros, but sellers can still choose to sell to North America. Just keep in mind that shipping across seas will be more expensive than shipping is nationally. As a seller, you are able to choose where you sell your items as well.

    This website has a wide assortment of products ranging from scarves to artwork for you to choice from. So go to En.DaWanda.com today and see if you find merchandise that suits you.

  26. MadeItMyself.com - If you appreciate the artistry that goes into homemade items, go to MadeItMyself.com. This website lists different items from people who have created handmade items for your use.

    The items listed range in category and change frequently depending on purchases. You can find handmade items from birdbaths to sachets. It is a community of people like you that just want to share their creativity!

    If you are someone who wants to share your own handmade items, sign up for free with this website. You can easily share your items and list them for the price you want.

    Start your creative adventure today at MadeItMyself.com.

  27. SeeAuctions.com - When you need a reliable place to buy or sell antiques, artwork, collectibles, and more, go to SeeAuctions.com.

    They have broken down the items for sale into different categories, helping you get down to business and find what you need. Browse by the items with most traffic, recently added, recently ending, etc. They have fine art, jewelry, pottery, coins, and much more for you to look through.

    If you want to become a seller on this website, signing up is free! You can receive a 1 year free selling trial of this website to get your started. After that there are fees related to how many items you sell.

    Start today at SeeAuctions.com to buy and sell the finer things in life.

  28. Pricegrabber.com - Pricegrabber.com is a fantastic service that allows sellers to list and sell merchandise easily and conveniently and provides safe transactions for buyers.

    Browse through tons of different categories from computers to appliances and furniture. You can also view the top 200 products which are updated daily. One popular product on Pricegrabber.com is the Apple iPhone 3G in black with wireless Ethernet, audio capabilities and high tech features. PriceGrabber will list this product sold by various merchants so you can compare and contrast prices to get the best deal. You can also simply search for the item you’re looking for to check out more options.

    As a seller, you can attract over 26 million visitors each month and even if you already have an online store, you can link offers on PriceGrabber to draw more traffic onto your website.

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