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5 Top MacBook Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: Premium Sponsors


Currently, Macbooks are in high demand, and you Apple users know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to this popular piece of equipment.

Ebay.com has plenty of great deals when it comes to good quality Macbooks, making it a site worthy of your time. For example, right now Ebay is auctioning off an Apple Macbook A1181 for only $394.00. The luxurious laptop is in great shape, and the price definitely adds to its appeal.

But what may be more appealing to you bargain hunters, is the Apple Macbook with a current bid of $50.00. Although these specific auctions won't last forever, you can rest-assured knowing that more great deals are always sprouting up on Ebay, allowing you to spend a little and get a lot.


Liquidation.com offers many great deals and bargains, including Macbook!


Amazon is a good alternative to MacBook Auction. It has a very good selection of used and refurbished MacBook for sale, and the price is competitive.

To find them, just click the "xx used" links.


We've said it before about Cowboom.com and we'll say it again: It is a very neat, organized, easy and simple site to shop on! Everything on this auction site is so easy to read and understand. So when you are looking for a Macbook and don't want to waste time figuring out how to narrow down the search, stop on over at Cowboom.com.

Another thing we love about this site is the variety of quality it offers the shopper. Here is where you will find pre-owned 2.4 GHz 4GB Macbook Pro 13.3" laptops bidding as low as $221.00. What is also interesting about each product is that you can check out the reviews from other owners, and get a better idea of the quality of what you're looking at.

More Popular MacBook Auction Sites


Although the set up of Propertyroom.com was a little too clustered for our liking, it was worth battling the busyness in order to scope out some delightful deals on the Apple Macbook.

All under $500.00, the Macbook bids on this auction site are unquestionably noteworthy. You could find the basic 1GB Apple Macbook 2.1, model A1181 with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor for $325.00, upgrade to a 1GB Apple Macbook 3.1 for a lesser price of $271.00, or the more advanced 2GB Apple Macbook Pro, model A1151 equipped with a carry case for just $478.72.

With all products, prices vary based on several factors. What you can rely on at Propertyroom.com is that they will explain exactly what makes one product a lesser price than another, by keeping you informed about the conditions.

Current MacBook Auction on eBay

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