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10 Most Popular Laptop Auction Sites

eBay Sponsor


Buying a new laptop can be expensive, but you could find a deal by bidding on one of the auctions at Computers.Shop.Ebay.com.

Be as specific as you would like to be when you are searching for the laptop you want. Select the brand, the screen size, the type, processor type, memory, processing speed, and more. This allows you to more easily find the auction that is right for you. Place your bid and watch the auction to make sure your bid wins.

You are also able to sell your laptop through this website. Place it up for auction and make some extra money to put towards a new computer.

Use Computers.Shop.Ebay.com the next time you are looking to buy or sell a laptop.

Liquidation.com Sponsor


If you are looking for an affordable way to purchase a laptop, go to Liquidation.com. This website allows you to place bids on the laptop you want. This can be a great way to save money. Many of the items end up being auctioned off for much less than the retail price. Imagine paying half of the price for a high quality laptop!

There are currently almost 100 different auctions going on for laptops. To make your searching easier and faster, use their search narrowing options. Select the price range, the condition, the seller, and more! Or simply sort the inventory from the lowest to the highest price. This will allow you to see the most affordable auctions currently happening.

They have several options bidding for under $400. But these auctions will not last. Go to Liquidation.com today to get started.



Being able to name your own price for a laptop can help you save money, and at uBid.com that is essentially what you can do. This website allows you to place bids on the various laptop auctions that they have going on daily.

To help you from going over budget, set yourself a bidding limit. If you are outbid, you can always wait until the last minute and up the bid one last time to see if you can win in the final seconds.

Right now they have Sony and HP laptops bidding for under $250! They even have some laptops bidding under $200! You must go to uBid.com to see for yourself.



With currently 63 different laptop auctions going on, ShopGoodwill.com is a good place to start your laptop search. They have a variety of brands, monitor sizes, colors, styles, etc. for you to choose from. Buying a laptop can be a big investment, so by bidding your own price, you are able to be in control of your spending!

Their laptop auctions start at very low prices. This allows you to get in on the auctions while the prices are low, and work your way up to the budget you have. You can also wait until the last minute to get your final bids in to increase your chances of winning!

Visit ShopGoodwill.com now and get started.



Take a look at the laptop auctions online today at CowBoom.com. They have a variety of different options both in model and brand for you to choose from.

This website currently has netbook laptops being auctioned off for under $200. They have an Acer Aspire One netbook currently at only $140! They also have an HP 1116NR netbook now at $165.99. These netbooks are a great alternative to laptops because of their convenient size and similar function.

For a full size laptop, take a look at the Toshiba L305-S5955 laptop currently priced at $228.99. Or view their other laptops for more options.

Go to CowBoom.com now and start bidding on the laptop you want before it is too late!



When you are looking for a laptop, go to PropertyRoom.com. Here you can place bids on the laptops from various brands and models.

To narrow the amount of laptops that you have to search through, type in a key word or use their sorting options. You can sort by the auctions closing soon, closing latest, lowest price, highest price, opened longest, and opened recently, as well as other options. This can help you save time on your search and allow you to spend more time bidding to win!

Take a look at the auctions that are still under $100 and start bidding today at PropertyRoom.com.



If you are looking for a reliable way to bid on Dell computers, go to DellAuction.com. This website has many different Dell computers up for auction, ready for you to bid on.

To limit the amount of auctions you look through, pick the type of laptop you are looking for. They currently have 112 Dell Latitude laptop auctions going on. You can search through these auctions by time ending, time started, fixed price items, hot Dell deals, and more.

With some laptop auctions under $200, using this website could help you find a great deal.

Go to DellAuction.com now to start bidding.



A new auction Site.



Find a variety of laptops being auctioned off at Auctions.SamsClub.com. Here you are able to place bids on the laptops that you are interested in.

Right now, they have an HP 15.6 G61-327CL notebook bidding for $351. It has a 2.10GHz processor speed. This sleek black computer has a 6 cell lithium-ion battery to keep it going. It has genuine Windows 7 Home Premium for your added benefit.

Take a look at the other laptops that are available at this website to get a better idea of your options. Start bidding and see if you can win the one you want. But do not wait, go to Auctions.SamsClub.com now.



Laptops do not have to cost you a lot of money. When you go through Bidz.com you can place bids on the laptops you want. This can help you stay under budget and save you time and money. Simply find the laptop you want and place bids until the time runs out! You never have to bid more than you want so saving money can be easier!

Right now they have a Dell mini netbook bidding for only $170! This laptop can retail for over $400! Not only is this a great deal, but the shipping charges are very low; only $4.95! It has been factory refurbished and tested so you know you are getting a high quality item.

Do not wait until the auctions run out. Go to Bidz.com now to start placing your bids.

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