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11 Popular Online Jewelry Auction Sites



As the world’s largest and most popular online auction site, Ebay.com definitely offers an extensive collection that contains all types of jewelry.

Whether it is handcrafted pieces or designer brands, Ebay.com carries them all, and you will have a high chance of being able to find exactly what you are looking for within the over 2 million search results. Ebay.com does require some patience to browse through the many selections until you find the perfect treasure within your price range. The best feature of EBay is the refined search options it provides, allowing you to minimize the amount of time you spend searching by filtering out items you don’t want. For instance, you can choose between over 15 different categories of jewelry, from diamonds and gemstones to engagement rings. You can also search within a particular price range or within new and used items.

Usually you would find the cheapest items through auction bids on EBay; however, this might require you to constantly check the seller’s page to ensure you win the bid. If you are looking for jewelry fast, use the ‘buy it now’ option to directly purchase a piece from the vendor. Designer jewelry that typically sells for thousands of dollars is significantly reduced in terms of price through EBay. For example, the Gucci Icon Necklace in Original Box can be purchased at just $79.99 in brand new condition. Earrings, bracelets, watches and rings from top designers such as Chanel, Juicy Couture, and Tiffany are amongst the highest selling items on Ebay.com. However, make sure you check the rating and reviews for the vendor you are looking to buy from to verify his validity.

Wholesale items are also very popular and great bargains on EBay. You can get 54 Piece-18 sets of wholesale silk collection of necklace, bracelet and earring combination for just $76, with free shipping available within the states. Not only will you find quality jewelry for women, but men’s jewelry collections are also quite extensive. You can find belt buckles, bolo ties, bracelets, cufflinks, money clips, studs, and more. One of the top-rated items is the Latest Emporio Armani Men Eagle Logo Bracelet with a current bid of $71.Classic and modern pieces as well as vintage and eccentric jewelry are all available on EBay’s auction site.



Whether you are looking for a pair of fashion earrings or a pearl necklace, the jewelry auctions at LiquidationChannel.com may have what you are looking for. Here you are able to browse through the different categories to find type of jewelry you are in need of.

Take a look at the Artisan crafted sterling silver rainbow moonstone solitaire ring that is currently bidding for only $22. They have many other styles of rings up for auction as well. Check out the sterling silver amethyst 5-stone ring for that is now bidding for just $8. This beautiful ring is subtle enough to wear daily but elegant enough to pair with a cocktail dress.

Browse through all of the jewelry auctions today at LiquidationChannel.com.



Bidding on jewelry is made easier at PoliceAuctions.com.

Here you can browse and bid on different types of jewelry ranging in style and price range. If you see a piece of jewelry that you cannot live without, bid high to increase your chances of winning it. Limit the amount of jewelry that you look at all at once time but specifying what it is you are looking for. They allow you to specify the type ring, necklace, etc., the material, and the gemstone included. This saves you time and energy in your search and bid process. Their inventory is always changing so the more you look the more you can find!

Go to PoliceAuctions.com now and see if the jewelry you want is the jewelry they have.



For high quality, price varied jewelry, go to JewelryRoom.com today.

This website compiles jewelry from bankruptcies and liquidations and brings them to you to bid on. They have a fine collection of high quality jewelry to add to your jewelry box. Give one of the items as the perfect gift that will make a lasting impression. They give you the listing price of the jewelry and the current bid. See how much you are saving! These items are heavily discounted from their original selling price and are available for your bids. Because their inventory is moving in and out daily, make sure you bid on the pieces you want right away.

Go to JewerlyRoom.com today and bid on the perfect piece of jewelry.



Jewelry auctions are made more exciting with PropertyRoom.com.

You are able to not only search different types of jewelry, but also you are able to choose where the inventory is coming from. This means you can choose to browse jewelry from places like New York, Chicago, Orlando, and other big cities. And sorting the jewelry you see is easy. You can categorize them by price, how long they have been open, and how much time is left. Finding that perfect piece of jewelry just takes a little work and a winning bid from you.

Take advantage of the easy to use browsing and bidding at PropertyRoom.com today!



Owned by a nonprofit organization, Shopgoodwill.com works to present vast inventories of donated goods to serve over 846,000 individuals in five continents.

Although their jewelry selection is not as extensive as other auction sites, Shopgoodwill definitely offers a diverse group of unique, antique and vintage jewelry that are rarely found in traditional stores. You can find a great collection of designer and valuable brooches. For example, a brooch of an elegant vintage carved cameo of a Greek Woman is up for auction for $27 minimum. This piece embodies the carvings of the Victorian era, with gold tone hardware on the backside and unmarked metal content. Tested 10K Gold Jeweled lapel pins are also available for as low as $16 starting bid. Shopgoodwill carries diverse items from all different types of cultures. For example, the unique Middle Eastern Stone pendant might be difficult to come by outside of flea markets. It is designed with Middle Eastern writing etched into a marble like stone accented with a gold tone loop. Not only will this authentic and unique pendant add a touch of culture to your accessories collection, but it can also complement your daily wardrobe.

Shopgoodwill.com features many jewelry sets that may be worth taking a look. The vintage aurora borealis crystal parure necklace and earring set is one of the more popular choices. It includes a 3-strand graduated crystal Aurora Borealis beads and rhinestone clasp necklace with matching star-shaped clip earrings. You will also find designer jewelry sets such as the Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver set for a starting bid of $100. It features a 15.5” necklace with two earrings and a double banded ring size 7. The entire set is engraved with .925 in Sterling silver. This classic jewelry set will definitely bring style to any outfit. You can sort the auctions by price, usually starting at $1, and number of bids to identify the most popular items. Search options can be filtered by new items, ending bids, and buy now options. Shopgoodwill.com provides sources of jewelry from vendors from all over the world for you to browse through and enjoy.



Bid on many different styles of jewelry today at JTVAuctions.com. Here you can bid instantly on the pieces of jewelry that interest you. They have broken their auctions down into many different categories, helping you save time in your search and allowing you to move more efficiently through the pieces that you do not want.

Check out the lemon quartz 5.20ct oval sterling silver 18k yellow gold over sterling silver pendant that is up for bid at just $1! Get your bid in right away and see if you can be the one to win it!

Browse all of JTVAuctions.com today to see if the jewelry you want is the jewelry they have up for auction.



Another online jewelry auction site.



At Liquidation.com you will be able to locate bulk and wholesale items as well as commercial and government surplus inventory. Items are offered through ongoing online auctions. Auctions cover a wide range of quality goods either in bulk or otherwise as singular units.

Here you can take a look at a large assortment of jewelry in either bulk or singular lots. On display at all times are various pieces of jewelry in various cuts and materials with a number of precious stones and metals. Even if you aren’t looking to procure a large allotment of jewels, this is a great place to consider if you are looking to find a quality piece at a reduced price.

There is a wide mixture of jewelry always up for auction at liquidation.com!



Offering inventory from the world’s most trusted brands, uBid.com allows you to shop for the top jewelry pieces at the lowest prices. Daily auctions start at $1 so you have to be quick to snag up the best deals!

Ubid often holds promotions such as the ‘jewelry blowout’ with pieces starting at $1 per piece with no reserves. You can get eye catching pieces such as the Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia Star Ring in sterling silver for one dollar if you bid today! The Mauve Freshwater Pearl with Amethyst features a four branch pearl dangle and lobster clasp. This tassel necklace is classy and complementary with evening wear as well as everyday outfits. However, many of these deals are one day only so you have to check the website frequently.

If you’re looking for men’s jewelry, Ubid offers a wide variety of rings, necklaces, watches and cufflinks for gentlemen. Their pieces range from gold to platinum, with unbeatable prices mostly under $30. The 14K Gold Overlay Gucci-style Men’s necklace is made out of genuine gold material and you can bid at $1 per piece or buy it immediately at $199 value. This Gucci necklace will make a fantastic gift for your husband, friend, or father, and it comes in a free velvet pouch and presentation box. Specific vendors may offer deals such as ‘bid for 6 and get 2 free,’ so you can purchase elegant gifts for groups of friends at a time. Watches are also excellent deals on Ubid.com. The August Steiner Round Rose Gold and Black watch with Subdial goes for only $68. It features a rose gold stainless steel case, screw-in caseback, and black and rose gold dial with illuminated hands. The strap is made from black genuine buffalo leather and tang buckle. It is brand new and has a water resistance rating of 50 meters. You can even opt for the extended protection plan to ensure its durability.

Ubid.com lists the auctions that are closing soon on the sidebar of the home page, so you can grab the items you want before the bidding stops. You can also browse by most popular jewelry as well as by categories such as large quantity auctions, titanium jewelry, and free shipping auctions.



This is a live online auction house. You will be able to bid with other attendees on live jewelry auctions.