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13 Best Jewelry Auction Sites 2021 By Popularity

Part 1: Advertisers



As the world’s largest and most popular online auction site, eBay.com definitely offers a huge selection of jewelry auctions. When the description is written, eBay has 2,002,909 items of jewelries for auction, far more than all other sites in the list combined.

However, too many choices can also be a problem. It's nearly impossible to browse all 2 million jewelry auctions.

After considerable research, we find the best way to solve the problem is to focus on auctions with at least one bid. Generally speaking, the quality of an auction with at least one bid is significantly better than that of auctions with no bid. The solution isn't perfect, but it will save you considerable time and make your purchase experience much more efficient.

To help you find the jewelry auctions you want, we present you a list of quick links to jewelry auctions at eBay by category. After you click the link, you’ll see jewelry auctions in the order of number of bids.

diamond auction         loose diamond auction        

ring auction         diamond ring auction         engagement ring auction        

gem auction         earrings auction         necklace auction         bracelet auction

fine jewelry auction         vintage & antique jewelry auction        

watch auction        

Part 2: 12 More Best Online Jewelry Auction Sites



EBTH is a very popular auction site, with lots of jewelry for auction.

EBTH stands for Everything But The House, and it offers uncommon items in many categories for users to bid on.

The jewelry section of EBTH offers brooches, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, loose stones, necklaces, pendants, pins, rings, and assorted jewelry, for auction.

All items start from $1, so if you browse carefully, you may find some true hidden gems here.

JTV Auctions


JTV Auctions is part of Jewelry Television network, which is one the largest jewelry retailers in the nation.

On JTV Auction, you may find a good number of jewelries to bid for, such as rose gold pedants, pearl necklaces, sterling silver rings, gold earrings, diamond rings, and more.

According to the website, JTV (Jewelry Television) hires many Graduate Gemologists and Accredited Jewelry Professionals.



This is a live online auction house. You will be able to bid with other attendees on live jewelry auctions.

Shop LC


Whether you are looking for a pair of fashion earrings or a pearl necklace, the jewelry auctions at Shop LC may have what you are looking for. Here you are able to browse through the different categories to find type of jewelry you are in need of.

Take a look at the Artisan crafted sterling silver rainbow moonstone solitaire ring that is currently bidding for only $22. They have many other styles of rings up for auction as well. Check out the sterling silver amethyst 5-stone ring for that is now bidding for just $8. This beautiful ring is subtle enough to wear daily but elegant enough to pair with a cocktail dress.

Browse through all of the jewelry auctions today at Shop LC.



Bidding on jewelry is made easier at PoliceAuctions.com.

Here you can browse and bid on different types of jewelry ranging in style and price range. If you see a piece of jewelry that you cannot live without, bid high to increase your chances of winning it. Limit the amount of jewelry that you look at all at once time but specifying what it is you are looking for. They allow you to specify the type ring, necklace, etc., the material, and the gemstone included. This saves you time and energy in your search and bid process. Their inventory is always changing so the more you look the more you can find!

Go to PoliceAuctions.com now and see if the jewelry you want is the jewelry they have.



For high quality, price varied jewelry, go to JewelryRoom.com today.

This website compiles jewelry from bankruptcies and liquidations and brings them to you to bid on. They have a fine collection of high quality jewelry to add to your jewelry box. Give one of the items as the perfect gift that will make a lasting impression. They give you the listing price of the jewelry and the current bid. See how much you are saving! These items are heavily discounted from their original selling price and are available for your bids. Because their inventory is moving in and out daily, make sure you bid on the pieces you want right away.

Go to JewerlyRoom.com today and bid on the perfect piece of jewelry.



Jewelry auctions are made more exciting with PropertyRoom.com.

You are able to not only search different types of jewelry, but also you are able to choose where the inventory is coming from. This means you can choose to browse jewelry from places like New York, Chicago, Orlando, and other big cities. And sorting the jewelry you see is easy. You can categorize them by price, how long they have been open, and how much time is left. Finding that perfect piece of jewelry just takes a little work and a winning bid from you.

Take advantage of the easy to use browsing and bidding at PropertyRoom.com today!



Owned by a nonprofit organization, Shopgoodwill.com works to present vast inventories of donated goods to serve over 846,000 individuals in five continents.

Although their jewelry selection is not as extensive as other auction sites, Shopgoodwill definitely offers a diverse group of unique, antique and vintage jewelry that are rarely found in traditional stores. You can find a great collection of designer and valuable brooches. For example, a brooch of an elegant vintage carved cameo of a Greek Woman is up for auction for $27 minimum. This piece embodies the carvings of the Victorian era, with gold tone hardware on the backside and unmarked metal content. Tested 10K Gold Jeweled lapel pins are also available for as low as $16 starting bid. Shopgoodwill carries diverse items from all different types of cultures. For example, the unique Middle Eastern Stone pendant might be difficult to come by outside of flea markets. It is designed with Middle Eastern writing etched into a marble like stone accented with a gold tone loop. Not only will this authentic and unique pendant add a touch of culture to your accessories collection, but it can also complement your daily wardrobe.

Shopgoodwill.com features many jewelry sets that may be worth taking a look. The vintage aurora borealis crystal parure necklace and earring set is one of the more popular choices. It includes a 3-strand graduated crystal Aurora Borealis beads and rhinestone clasp necklace with matching star-shaped clip earrings. You will also find designer jewelry sets such as the Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver set for a starting bid of $100. It features a 15.5” necklace with two earrings and a double banded ring size 7. The entire set is engraved with .925 in Sterling silver. This classic jewelry set will definitely bring style to any outfit. You can sort the auctions by price, usually starting at $1, and number of bids to identify the most popular items. Search options can be filtered by new items, ending bids, and buy now options. Shopgoodwill.com provides sources of jewelry from vendors from all over the world for you to browse through and enjoy.



Another online jewelry auction site.



The site has lots of jewelries for auction with credits.



At Liquidation.com you will be able to locate bulk and wholesale items as well as commercial and government surplus inventory. Items are offered through ongoing online auctions. Auctions cover a wide range of quality goods either in bulk or otherwise as singular units.

Here you can take a look at a large assortment of jewelry in either bulk or singular lots. On display at all times are various pieces of jewelry in various cuts and materials with a number of precious stones and metals. Even if you aren’t looking to procure a large allotment of jewels, this is a great place to consider if you are looking to find a quality piece at a reduced price.

There is a wide mixture of jewelry always up for auction at liquidation.com!



This is a live online auction house. You may find some jewelries for auction at the site.

Part 3: Popular Fine Jewelry Auctions on eBay Ending Soon

Amethyst Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 7 0311    $3.99    1 bid     1 minute

Citrine Ring Silver 925 Sterling Fine Art Design Ring Size 7 /R137730    $12.99    1 bid     5 minutes

Golden Rutile Quartz Stone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 9 0308    $3.99    1 bid     7 minutes

David Yurman Solari Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold    $280.0    9 bids     9 minutes

Labradorite Rose Quartz Amethyst Gemstone Beads 6-16 mm Necklace 18.5" GB-7962    $7.99    1 bid     11 minutes

Black Opal Ring Silver 925 Sterling Fine Art Design Jewelry Size 7 /R137797    $15.5    3 bids     11 minutes

Moonstone Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 7 0305    $3.99    1 bid     13 minutes


Black Opal Ring Silver 925 Sterling 6x4 mm. Quality AAA Size 6 /R137809    $21.5    5 bids     14 minutes

Natural Spanish Dangle Drop Lemon Topaz Earring 925 Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry    $22.34    1 bid     16 minutes

Garden Quartz Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 10 0303    $3.99    1 bid     17 minutes

Beautiful new mauve & white stone & pearl necklace / bracelet by Pia in box     $15.0    1 bid     17 minutes

9ct 18 fine trace chain    $15.99    1 bid     18 minutes


14K GOLD RED JADE BRACELET 7.5 inches     $75.0    2 bids     20 minutes

Amethyst Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 8 0301    $3.99    1 bid     21 minutes

14k Gold Lapis Lazuli Dragon Pendent     $75.0    2 bids     22 minutes

Garden Quartz Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 7 0300    $3.99    1 bid     23 minutes

David Yurman 5mm Cable Classic Renaissance Bracelet with Red Topaz    $137.3    1 bid     25 minutes

Amethyst Ring Silver 925 Sterling Fine Art Design Size 6.5 /R138004    $10.5    2 bids     28 minutes

Golden Rutile Quartz Stone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 8 0297    $3.99    1 bid     29 minutes

TURKISH TOPAZ .925 SILVER & BRONZE PENDANT #31151    $7.0    2 bids     30 minutes

Amethyst Ring Silver 925 Sterling Fine Art Design Size 7 /R138012    $14.0    6 bids     30 minutes

Classics David Yurman Sterling Silver 14k Gold 5mm Red Cable Bracelet    $131.5    4 bids     34 minutes

Lemon Quartz Ring Silver 925 Sterling 20x11 mm. IF GE Size 8.5 /R138019    $24.99    1 bid     34 minutes

Amethyst Ring Silver 925 Sterling Special Fancy cut 14 mm. Size 8.5 /R138022    $24.99    1 bid     38 minutes

Amethyst Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 7 0292    $3.99    1 bid     39 minutes

Pandora Glass Bead Light Blue 925ale    $9.0    1 bid     41 minutes

Black Needle Rutile Stone 925 Sterling Silver Ethnic Handmade Ring Size 7 0289    $3.99    1 bid     45 minutes

Opal Ring Silver 925 Sterling Handmade Design Size 6.75 /R138100    $5.5    4 bids     46 minutes

Sterling Silver VO Blue Sodalite 5.5g Bracelet CAT RESCUE    $17.99    1 bid     53 minutes

Italian Gold over 925 Silver Box Chain 22" long Full Hallmarks 45.5g Not Scrap    $31.0    6 bids     57 minutes

TURKISH EMERALD .925 SILVER & BRONZE PENDANT #33249    $4.5    1 bid    1 hour 9 minutes

c1900 VICTORIAN ANTIQUE SOLID SILVER OVERSIZE BOLT CLASP/PENDANT    $6.99    1 bid    1 hour 10 minutes

Malachite Ring Silver 925 Sterling Special Sale Price Size 8 /R138180    $17.99    1 bid    1 hour 12 minutes

David Yurman Infinity Pendant Necklace 925 Silver Blue topaz Chain    $128.5    1 bid    1 hour 15 minutes

David Yurman Cuff Cable Bracelet Green Onyx with 14K Gold Bangle DY 5mm Classic    $125.5    1 bid    1 hour 16 minutes

SOLID SILVER JOB LOT MIXED AGES 96.5 GRAMS    $31.0    2 bids    1 hour 16 minutes

David Yurman Classic Sterling Silver 7mm Cable Black Onyx Bracelet    $123.8    1 bid    1 hour 17 minutes

Handmade Wire Wrap Natural Larvikite Gemstone Jewelry Wrap Pendant Size-1.80''    $6.99    1 bid    1 hour 22 minutes


Green Amethyst Ring Silver 925 Sterling Special Sale Price Size 8.75 /R138192    $20.5    2 bids    1 hour 26 minutes

Amethyst Stone 925 Sterling Silver Band Statement Jewelry Handmade Size-4 H-109    $5.99    1 bid    1 hour 27 minutes

Vintage 9ct gold mum ring , size P    $49.0    12 bids    1 hour 30 minutes

Rhodolite Ring Silver 925 Sterling Special Sale Price Size 8 /R138195    $15.79    2 bids    1 hour 30 minutes

OTTOMAN TOPAZ .925 SILVER & BRONZE PENDANT #33277    $9.9    4 bids    1 hour 36 minutes

OTTOMAN AMETHYST .925 SILVER & BRONZE PENDANT #33279    $25.0    1 bid    1 hour 38 minutes

Thulite Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace Jewelry 18 8650    $6.99    1 bid    1 hour 43 minutes

Black Needle Rutile Gemstone 925 Stamped Handmade Jewelry Ring Size 9 9490    $3.99    1 bid    1 hour 49 minutes

Malachite Ring Silver 925 Sterling Special Sale Price Size 9 /R138213    $19.99    2 bids    1 hour 52 minutes