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20 Top House Auction Sites


When you go to RealEstate.Shop.Ebay.com you can place bids on the house of your dreams. They have homes all around the country for you to research and place bids on. And because this is an auction website, you should not wait very long to place your bids. The auction may end if you hesitate too long.

Start by searching through their real estate categories. You can choose the state, type of home, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and more! The more you specify what type of house you want, the more likely you are to find it right away in your search.

Do not put your dreams on hold any longer. Go to RealEstate.Shop.Ebay.com today and place bids on the home you want.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

If you would like to purchase a home, consider going through http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD/topics/hud_homes. Here you are able to find homes across the country and in your neighborhood that are being sold. Almost anyone is eligible to participate in the home bidding process. If you have the cash or can qualify for a loan, you are eligible to purchase one of their homes.

The homes are listed for sale at internet listing sites through management companies under contract to HUD. Your real estate broker places the offer on the home through HUD on your behalf. This is ideal for the person that wants to participate in a home auction but wants some experienced help.

Go to http://portal.hud.gov/portal/page/portal/HUD/topics/hud_homes now to get started.


Go to Auction.com when you want to place bids on the home you want.

Start by selecting the state, county, city, zip code, beds, bathrooms, price range, square feet, property type, and more! By selecting multiple different preferences, you can save time by narrowing you search. The less houses that show up, the more time you have to research each one before placing your bid.

Many of the starting bids are miniscule amounts. This is not only great for getting deals on homes, but it allows you to gradually increase your bids as the price rises.

View the home auctions that are currently going on at Auction.com today.


If you want to purchase a home, go through the auctions at HomeSales.gov.

Most of these homes are for sale by auction or another method depending on the property. They are sold by the United States Government. And while these homes are great options, they are only available for single families. But anyone can purchase one of these homes!

In order to make an offer on one of these homes, you must work with a real estate agent, broker, or servicing representative. Currently, U.S. Departments of House and Urban Development, Agriculture, and Veterans Affairs have homes listed on this website for you to make an offer on.

Do not wait for these homes to go off of the market. Make your offer today at HomeSales.gov.


Find homes across the world with the auctions at WilliamsAuction.com. They are one of the nation’s leading real estate auction places. They represent a large variety of homes for sale. This includes bank-owned homes, foreclosed homes, and more. And not only do they have auctions around the states monthly, but they also hold online auctions as well. Simply find the state you are looking for real estate in to start your search the right way and find the home you want.

Through this website, you can also receive Auction Alerts. This is an alert that notifies you when there are new homes for sale in your area. This is particularly helpful when you are not in a rush to move.

Go to WilliamsAuction.com today and see if they have a house for auction that you are interested in.


If you are looking for a home to place bids on, go to UsTreas.gov/Auctions.

Here you can find several types of auctions going on. They have houses up for auction from the IRS, the Treasury Executive Office of Assets Forfeiture, the U.S. Marshalls, and more. There are in person auctions for you to participate in, as well as online auctions to place your bids on. They also have links to other government websites and divisions that offer home auctions.

To get started, pick which type of auction you want to participate in. From there you are able to browse the auctions, go to the auctions, and even place bids. But do not wait. Go to UsTreas.gov/Auctions now.


HudsonAndMarshall.com is a good place to go when you are looking to place bids on the home you want. They are one of the nation’s leading real estate auction firms. They specialize in foreclosure listings. And because that is their specialty, they are there to help you with your auction questions and concerns.

They have home auctions almost every weekend. This means your chances of finding the home that you have been looking for are increased. And because they want to sell their homes, helping you succeed is beneficial to them. They often sell homes below the list price, meaning you may even be able to get a deal on your dream house!

Visit their website today at HudsonAndMarshall.com and see if they can help you.


With over 950 properties currently available, RealtyBid.com is a great place to start bidding on the home you want. They are one of America’s leaders in online real estate bidding. This means you can feel confident when you look through their options and place your bids. Owning your own home may be just a few bids away!

They host bidding events for several different classes of real estate. This includes bank owned homes, commercial assets, ranches, international properties, and much more. They have sold over 25,000 homes online. They were even ranked the country’s number one sales team in team transactions two years in a row in the Lore Magazine/Wall Street Journal/ Real Trends “Real Estate Top 200.” If these distinguished companies can put their trust in their website, you can too.

Visit RealtyBid.com now and get started with their auctions.


Imagine being able to purchase your home without paying the full listing price. When you go through the auctions at http://www.ogs.state.ny.us/realestate/sales/default.html, you may be able to do just that. This website is only useful if you are looking to purchase a home in New York State. The auctions come and go, but it is a good idea to keep an eye on this website to find out what the next property up for auction will be.

This website also has a good amount of information to help you get started with the biding process. They want you to bid on the house just as much as you want to bid on it! But do not wait any longer. Visit http://www.ogs.state.ny.us/realestate/sales/default.html today and see what auctions are coming up next.


Forget about the hassles of buying a house. Go to RowellAuctions.com and take advantage of their home auctions. When you go through this website, you are able to bid for homes both online and in person.

If you plan on going to the auction in person, this website recommends doing your homework before hand. Check out the property, and take full advantage of the inspections or schedule a private site viewing. Next, prequalify yourself. This means you figure out your mortgage qualifications through a banker before hand to put yourself at ease. They also recommend visiting an auction before bidding, just to get the feel for it. And when you figure out what you want to bid, register yourself, bring the required deposit, and bid, bid, bid! They recommend bidding aggressively if you are truly passionate about purchasing the home.

Go to RowellAuctions.com now!


When you are looking for a website that has great auctions for your dream house, go to PropertyAuction.com. Here you are able to search through 1000’s of real estate auctions across the country to find the one that is best for you and your family.

To get ideas or see what the auctions are like, take a look at the featured auctions. This is a great section that highlights specific auctions that may be of interest to many people. It gives you a date that the auction starts so you can mark it on your calendar. This also allows you time to figure out all you can about the property you want to bid on. And because new auctions are added all the time, you can keep as up to date as you want!

Visit PropertyAuction.com now and get familiar with the auctions before they start.


Whether you want to bid on a single family home, a manufactured home, a multifamily home, a condo, or another type of house, go to Bid4Assets.com. This website allows you to place bids on the real estate property you have been searching for. They have various listings under each category to get you started. Figure out what type of home you are looking for and cut down on your browsing time by researching only the homes you are interested in.

They have broken their auctions down into easy to comprehend sections. They show you how much time is left, what the current bid is, how many bids have been placed, and more! You can view information and pictures of the home easily. The more you know about the home, the more confident you can feel with your bids.

Visit Bid4Assets.com now and view their current auctions.


When you want property in Miami, Manhattan, the Hamptons, or Westchester, go to BidOnTheCity.com. This is a great website for the city or suburb dweller that wants a great East Coast estate to call their own. And because these homes are sold at auction prices, you may be able to purchase the home you have been dreaming on for a lower price than originally listed. This is great not only for those on a budget, but for everyone!

Forget about paying a ridiculous amount to rent your home each month. When you purchase a home from the auctions at this website, you may be able to save in the long run.

View the different listings today to figure out which home you want to place bids on. Do your research before placing your bids to maintain your confidence. But do not wait. Go to BidOnTheCity.com now.


Find the home you want through the auctions at AuctionZip.com. When you use the auctions at this website, you may be able to not only find the home you want, but you may also be able to purchase it for a lower price. This is because auctioned off houses often sell for lower than the original listing price.

Take a look at their most viewed residential real estate auctions. There are both online auctions and in person auctions. Figure out what type you would like to participate in before you get started. Or simply browse until you find the home that interests you. You can view the details and browse through pictures before the actual date to figure out how much you are willing to bid.

Figure out which home is worth your bidding now at AuctionZip.com.


Whether you are an expert at bidding on homes or are just a beginner, NAARealEstateAuctions.com is a good place to get the information to start.

Take a look at their step by step guide to bidding at a real estate auction. First, find the auction you are looking for. Next they recommend previewing as much as you can. This means figuring out the details of the home and deciding whether or not it is right for you. If so, arrive early on the day of the auction to make last minute inspections. Next, figure out the general ball park of what you are willing to bet. If you have a set price, you are more likely to feel confident and maintain your calm demeanor. The last step is just to start bidding and have fun!

Visit NAARealEstateAuctions.com now to get started.


If you are looking to start placing bids on a home, go to MaltzAuctions.com. They make bidding on a house easier with their simple instructions and easy to follow website.

To start your bidding process, view as much information as possible on the home. Each auction is given its own section on this website. This means you can see all of the available and important information in one place. You are also able to print brochures for many of the properties to help you while at the auction.

The next step is to register. In order to register to bid, you must make out a certified check to the appropriate party. Registration is typically done right before the auction. This means once you are approved you are ready to start placing your bids!

Visit MaltzAuctions.com now and research the upcoming auctions!


To find an auction website for the home you want, go to http://www.ustreas.gov/auctions/treasury/rp/realprop.shtml. Here you are able to search through the US Department of the Treasury seized real property. These auctions are public auctions that the government puts on to help get rid of seized property and to help you find a home for potentially less money.

They have separated their auctions by date. This means you can look at the upcoming auctions easily and get as much information about them as you can. They have several auctions coming up this month for you to participate in. And while there is not another way to sort through the auctions, viewing them by date is a very organized system.

Go to http://www.ustreas.gov/auctions/treasury/rp/realprop.shtml now.


Higgenbotham.com/auctions is one of the leading national real estate auctioning organizations. They use their experience and expertise to help you find and win the auction that is best for you and your family.

Coming up, they have an auction for a home in Kissimmee, FL. This home has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool with a screen enclosure, a patio with air conditioning, and even a great fireplace. This block home has a brick veneer for both style and durability. It sits on about 6 acres of land. There is even direct access to Lake Tahoe! The interior is made from brick, wood, and textured walls. The floors are made from carpet, wood, and important Italian tiles. View the complete set of information for this upcoming auction now at their website.

And view the other upcoming auctions today at Higgenbotham.com/auctions.


When you want to purchase a luxury home, go to GrandEstatesAuction.com/upcoming-auctions. This website is dedicated to helping you purchase the luxury home you have been looking for through auctions.

There are various benefits to purchasing a luxury home through their website. The investment you make is generally very smart, as the properties are generally purchased for reasonable prices in comparison to the listing price. The buyer also knows that the seller will not back out of the deal and ruin their dreams. And the auction also eliminates the long negotiation process that is often involved with purchasing a home. It also can cut down the time it takes to allow the property to change hands.

Visit GrandEstatesAuction.com/upcoming-auctions now and get started.


Go to Traiman.com if you are interested in purchasing a home through an auction. With a large amount of upcoming auctions along the East coast in places like Philadelphia and New Jersey, starting here may be what you need to succeed.

They have an option that allows you to be notified when an upcoming auction is coming to an area that you are interested in. This is a great way to stay on top of the home auction industry easily.

View their upcoming auctions to figure out if something you are interested is coming near you. But do not wait much longer. Go to Traiman.com today and start researching.

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