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16 Top Gift Card Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: Premium Sponsors

  1. eBay Gift Card Auction - At eBay's auction shop, buyers can find over 12,000 choices for gift certificates to popular stores and services while sellers can make a profit by listing their items.

    Gift certificates are available for restaurants, clothing stores, book stores, movies and travel with top brands including Lowe's and Best Buy. You can find discounts like $10 off $50 to Lowes so you can continue to save on your purchases and gift cards to Home Depot for up to $500. You can bid on these items for a fraction of its retail value and they are applicable to stores nationwide. EBay provides you with the option to bid on gift certificates or buy now for immediate use.

    As a seller, you can include detailed description, payment information and images on every gift certificate listing and easily manage the bids you receive with your own EBay account.

Part 2: 15 Top Online Gift Card Auction Sites, Exchanges, and Marketplaces

  1. CardPool.com

    Go to CardPool.com when you want to purchase gift cards for yourself or for others. This website allows you not only to purchase discounted gift cards, but you can also sell your unused gift cards for up to 90% cash back!

    One of the great features of the website is that they offer free shipping on their gift cards. This means you get a discount on the gift card, and the free shipping allows you to save even more money! And you do not have to worry about fault gift cards. All purchases and transactions are guaranteed for 100 days! They have created a marketplace that is both secure and efficient.

    Visit CardPool.com today to get started and save on the gift cards you want.

  2. GiftCardRescue.com

    At GiftCardRescue.com, you can buy, sell, or trade popular gift cards!

    When you get a gift card that you do not want, it can be frustrating. But this website may have the solution. Here you can sell your unwanted gift card for cash! Simply select the type of gift card you want to sell, and decide if their offer is worth the trade!

    You can also exchange your gift card for an Amazon.com gift card! They will give you an offer of how much they will pay for your card, and then transfer that money into an Amazon.com gift card!

    This website also allows you to buy discounted gift cards. Browse through their inventory of available cards to make a selection!

    Visit GiftCardRescue.com today and see which option works best for you!

  3. ABCGiftCards.com

    If you are looking to buy, sell, or trade gift cards, go to ABFGiftCards.com. This website allows you to do all of these things from the comfort of your own home.

    No one wants to throw away a gift card just because they have no interest in the store. But this website allows you to trade those unwanted gift cards for something you truly want. Imagine swapping the clothing store card you do not want for the electronics card you would actually use!

    And if you do not want to trade the card in, simply sell it for cash! Turn something you do not want into something you can use anywhere!

    Finally, buy discounted gift cards here! Spend a little money and get more money on the card! But do not wait; someone else may buy the one you want! Go to ABCGiftsCards.com now to get started.

  4. GiftCards.com

    Buy gift cards at GiftCards.com from the convenience of your own home today!

    This website has several different features for you to take advantage of. You can purchase a virtual gift. The Visa Virtual gift is sent electronically and is usable on phone orders or online. No plastic cards to worry about!

    This website also has a large variety of merchant cards available for discounted prices. They buy the cards from hundreds of retail locations and offer them to you for less money! And if you have a merchant card that you do not want, they will buy it from you for 60-80% of the value!

    Do not wait to get the gift card you want! Go to GiftCards.com today and see what they have to offer.

  5. Plasticjungle.com - Plasticjungle.com allows users to buy discounted gift cards for up to 30% off. If you know that you are going to spend a good bit of money at one of your favorite stores, why not give yourself a discount before you even leave the house? With PlasticJungle.com, you will be able to bid on gift cards and receive serious discounts.

    Plasticjungle.com also allows users to sell unwanted gift cards that they have received. If you've been given a gift card to a store that you don't like, then you can sell your card for up to 90% of its value.

    This is a great way to stretch a dollar, and Oprah magazine included it in their '25 Solid-Gold Ways to Save' article in June of 2009. Plastic Jungle makes it easier for you to get exactly what you want, by helping you to trade in cards for cash.

    Plastic Jungle keeps track of their savers' stats on the top of the page. On one week, the average buyer saved $35, and the greatest saver of the week saved $153. Some sample deals include a $1,000 Tiffany gift card selling for $875, or a $100 Macy's card selling for $88.00. You won't have to worry about the authenticity of your gift card, because PlasticJungle.com verifies the balance before sending it to you. All transactions are guaranteed on PlasticJungle.com. They offer industry-leading features such as gift card replacement protection in the event of loss or damage through shipping. Shipping is free on PlasticJungle.com. That means that you pay one price for the gift card, and that's all. No money will be spent on shipping your card to you.

    If you want to start saving money on the products that you're going to buy anyway, use PlasticJungle.com. Who knows, you may even be able to grab some sales and bargains with your already discounted gift card! Save more money, and do it the easy way. Trade in your cards with PlasticJungle.com, and purchase new cards for the stores that you shop at anyway! Among the most popular sites for gift card auctions, PlasticJungle.com deserves your time.

  6. CardWoo.com

    Go to CardWoo.com when you are looking to sell your unwanted gift cards or buy discounted gift cards.

    Here you are able to do a number of things. You can purchase the gift cards you have always wanted at a discounted price. This means you get more for your money! And on top of the savings, you receive free shipping.

    If you have an unwanted gift cards, having it sit around until the expiration day is useless. Instead, sell it at this website. You can receive cash for something you do not want in the first place! Why not take advantage of their services to make a little money!

    Sellers also receive free shipping, with tracking capabilities. You also receive a free envelope to ship your card. And there is free insurance for sellers up to $100!

    Visit CardWoo.com now and get started.

  7. TheGiftCardTrader.com

    Whether you want to trade or sell gift cards, TheGiftCardTrader.com could be a good place to start. They have an easy to navigate website to help you get started.

    If you have a gift card that you do not want, trading it at this website could be your best solution! Forget about letting it expire in your wallet. Find someone on this website that is looking for your card! They can either buy it directly, or trade you for a card they have.

    One of the features on this website is the Exact Match function. It allows you to type in the gift card and dollar amount you have, and the gift card and dollar amount you want. Simply click FIND MY MATCH and this feature will show you if someone has what you want and wants what you have!

    Go to TheGiftCardTrader.com today to start trading.

  8. GiftCardBin.com

    Go to GiftCardBin.com if you are looking for a way to buy or sell gift cards.

    Gift cards can be a great present, but they can also be a bad present if you are not happy with the card you get! This website has taken care of this. If you have a gift card you do not want, simply sell it to this website for cash! The unused card does you no good, so why not get money out of it!

    If you are looking to purchase gift cards, whether for yourself or someone else, this website can also help you. They have discounted gift cards for sale from a number of different merchants. You can sort through their inventory easily until you find the one you want!

    Visit GiftCardBin.com today!

  9. GiftCardSwapping.com

    Whether you have a gift card you want to sell, swap, or purchase, go to GiftCardSwapping.com to get started.

    When you use this website, you are able to take advantage of their various features easily. You can purchase pre-owned gift cards from other members at a discounted price! This means you not only get the card you want, but you get more for your money!

    You can also swap gift cards if you have one that you do not want. Swap with another member or swap with the website!

    And if you just need some extra cash, sell your gift card! Sell it to other members or sell it to the website directly!

    Get started today at GiftCardSwapping.com.

  10. Ioffer.com - Ioffer.com is a community that enables you to safely buy, sell and trade gift cards at your own pace, with no listing fees and opportunity to open a free iOffer store.

    Ioffer.com currently holds thousands of gift cards, ranging from electronics to movies. If you frequently visit the theater, why not buy a $100 Fandango Movies Gift Card Certificate to save on every movie you watch? You can obtain this card for just $40 with free shipping or make the seller an offer. This Fandango Bucks card works at any movie theater and will be delivered via email 24 hours after the sale ends.

    Toy lovers might want to bid on a $100 Lego Gift Card with additional discounts. This certificate allows you to shop at the Lego online store to find brand toys for all ages. Visit Ioffer.com for more gift card choices.

  11. Bonanzle.com - Whether you prefer clothing stores or restaurants, Bonanzle's gift cards can help you save on all your favorite products and services.

    For music lovers, the $100 Gift Card to GrassRoots Music & Guitar Store is a perfect choice. Applicable at any store nationwide, this certificate can save you time and money on your music purchases. You can buy instantly by entering the gift card number on Bonanzle.com.

    If you shop at multiple stores, the $25 Amazon.com gift card will cater to all of your interests. With no expiration date or service fees, the Amazon gift certificate allows you to shop for the hottest new electronics, stylish clothes, discounted supplies and more.

    Don't miss out on the chance to save more on any item of your choice with Bonanzle.com's gift cards.

  12. Wigix.com - Wigix.com offers over 2400 gift certificates of all different values and prices to popular merchants like AMC Theatre and American Eagle Outfitters.

    You can find gift certificates from credit card issuers including Master Card and Discover, which enable you to use credit everywhere. Make an offer today for a $50 Master Card gift card, an ideal present for celebrations, birthdays and holidays. Because prepaid gift cards fit services and goods of every kind, they work for individuals of all preferences and ages.

    Wigix.com also provides gift cards to specific stores like Barnes and Nobles. For book and movie enthusiast, this $50 gift certificate will make a practical and thoughtful gift. It will open you to an unmatched selection of books, CDs, DVDs, games and more from the world's largest bookseller.

    Visit Wigix.com to browse through tons of other great deals on gift cards.

  13. Craigslist.com - Craigslist.com might not have a large number of choices for gift cards, but you will likely find lower prices and broader range of certificates.

    Simply select your location to view all listings by sellers near you. Popular listed gift cards include Toys R Us certificates, iTunes cards, and Best Buy gift cards. Many items can be purchased for less than their money worth. For instance, one seller has advertised for a Toys R Us Gift Card of $60 for only $50. You can also find gift certificates to large chain department stores like Marshalls that can be used anywhere in the US with no expiration date. With a $225 Marshalls gift card, you can shop for a variety of brands including Baby Phat, DKNY, Coach and more for bargains on your favorite products. Contact individual merchants on Craiglists.com for questions on listed gift cards.

  14. MonsterGiftCards.com

    Whether you want to buy, sell, or trade a gift card, MonsterGiftCards.com may be the place for you.

    This website allows you to browse through their large selection of gift cards to make a purchase. They have categories ranging from games to electronics to specialty foods. You are able to find many of these gift cards at discounted prices. That means you could spend less money than the amount on the gift card!

    If you have a gift card that you do not plan on using, you can trade it in on this website. Swap the coffee gift card you have for the electronics gift card you want! It can be easier than you think! And afterwards you will have something that you will actually use!

    Check out MonsterGiftCards.com today and see which gift cards stand out to you.

  15. GiftCardCastle.com

    GiftCardCastle.com may be the perfect website for you to find discounted gift cards.

    This website allows you to both sell and purchase gift cards. And no matter which you choose shipping is always free. This means you will not have any surprise charges at the end.

    They have created a secure and easy to use marketplace for gift card sales. If you do not want the gift card you have, simply sell it for free! And you can purchase others, possibly at a discounted price!

    This website offers a 101 day guarantee on all transactions. This means if something does not work out in the first 101 days, you are covered!

    Go to GiftCardCastle.com today before someone buys the gift card you want.

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