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37 Top General Auction Sites

Part 1: Sponsors



eBay.com is the largest and most well-known online auction service on the web. Unlike other auction sites that focus their services only in the U.S, eBay.com allows its members to conduct international auctions and sales!

So, whether you are interested in acquiring discontinued toys, locating hard to find items, or reselling those items you no longer desire to own, chances are there will be someone out there on eBay.com that is willing to buy or sell these items to or from you.

This site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. There are more than 30 standard categories and hungers of subcategories to choose from, which is by far the largest selection of categories for an auction service. And as an eBay user, you can look at detailed buyer information, customize your selling and user management options too!



Liquidation is a very popular auction marketplace for surplus products from the world’s largest retailers. It is a public traded company (NASDAQ: LQDT).

This is the place you may be able to find real bargains. The site has over 1 million registered members! Check it out yourself!

Part 2: 7 Top General Auction Sites Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers



On the site, you get credits when you give away your items, and you can use the credit to bid on other members' items.



A new auction site.



If you ready to become part of the online auctioning community than eBid might be the site for you. It was founded in December of 1998 and currently operated in ten different countries; United Kingdom, U.S, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Since it does operate in all different countries it has developed its own system of online payment known as PPPay which allows buyers and sellers to pay each other in Euros and Pounds Sterling. eBid differs from eBay because it does not charge users to list on eBid and only costs sellers a small percentage final value fee. It is free to join and become part of the online auctioning world so join today!



a nice auction site where individuals with common interests buy and sell products related to their hobbies.



Bidstart.com is a very popular auction site. Both buyers and sellers flock to this site because it is a haven for all kinds of collectibles. If you are interested in rare or unique memorabilia, jewelry, coins and artwork, Bidstart.com is a great auction site for you. Buyers enjoy using this site because they can purchase rare items for low prices. Sellers enjoy using this auction site because it provides them with a group of interested niche buyers. If you have collectibles lying around your home that seem like old junk to you, sell them at Bidstart.com, where you’ll find plenty of interested buyers. It’s easy to set up a selling account on Bidstart.com, which is another reason why so many people choose to do so. You can start buying and selling your collectibles with Bidstart.com!



An unparalleled leader in the marketplace for luxury and high-value assets such as buildings, historic cars, luxurious estates, yachts- Bid4Assets is the extensive community to take part in for private sellers, government agencies, and interested buyers alike. The idea of an online auction marketplace for high-value property came about due to a real world auction experience in February 1999. It was then that the founders of Bid4Assets realized while “shivering in the cold and snow with cashier’s checks in hand” that there must be a more efficient and practical way to bid on million dollar assets! Thus, Bid4Assets was birthed within that week- using the Internet as a platform of better means to auction for high-value assets. Since then, numerous federal, state, and county government agencies have partnered with Bid4Assets to sell “a wide variety of forfeited, surplus, tax-defaulted and foreclosed property online”. Not only is it utilized by the US Marshals Service, US Department of Treasury, US Department of Energy and more- it also presents the opportunity for ordinary citizens to take part in this high-stakes auction!



OnlineAuction.com is an online auction site that allows buyers and sellers to join and take part in and enjoy the online auction experience. OnlineAuction also known as OLA is a unique auction site because of their different auction ending method. They have designed a method in which the auctions are scheduled at a certain time however if there is a competitive bidding within seconds of an items ending then the auction ending time will be extending so that the highest bidder will win. This ensures that the seller receives the best price. OLA wants to become the best online auction site online and wants to have one million founding members join to help make a change. So come join for free as a buyer, choose from low membership rates, or becoming a founding member today!

Part 3: 9 Top General Auction Sites Popular for Buyers



Shop GoodWill is the first auction site created by a nonprofit organization, the Goodwill of Orange County, California. The site links other Goodwills and allows the centers to place items on the webiste for auction. What has been created is a vast array of products available, ranging from collectibles to clothing to craft supplies. What’s more impressive about the site is that the profits fund Goodwill’s education program, which helps teach disabled individuals and individuals with other hindrances how to search and apply for jobs. Goodwill served nearly 900,000 shoppers just last year. The auction site itself is similar to other auction site – it has featured items, hot (popular) items, and a detailed search function. Simply put, Shop GoodWill is a standard auction site with a wonderful twist – it also helps those in need. And it’s free!



If you are interested in government auctions, Policeauctions.com is a great site for you. Sellers who have inventory of cars, homes, and more are able to sell these items through Policeauctions.com. This site is free to join, and it’s very easy to become a member. You will have access to a large database of customers and other site members at Policeauctions.com. Many of the buyers on this site are serious collectors who enjoy the auction format of online purchasing. You can create your PoliceAuctions.com account in a matter of seconds and start selling and buying government items today. Visit Policeauctions.com to start participating in their fun and exciting online auctions!



offers brand-name merchandise at deep discounts, where most auctions start at $1 and come with warranties.



LikePropertyroom.com, Govdeals.com began as a government surplus auction site. If you want to start selling items through Govdeals.com, you may be surprised to learn how easy the process is! You can fill out a short form under the “Contact Us” page, which will put you in contact with a Gov Deals representative. You must be a government entity to sell through Govdeals.com. If you are not sure whether or not your position gives you access to selling rights on Govdeals.com, simply contact them!

Govdeals.com has been widely recognized for their exceptional customer service, which is available via phone, fax or email. Contact one of their representatives today to find out how you and your government entity can start selling on this popular auction site.



If you have experience selling items through auction sites, you are a great candidate to become a seller at Propertyroom.com. Propertyroom.com is a police auction site, but also allows trusted merchants to post items for auction. While many of their retailers are local, county and state law enforcement municipalities, many of their retailers are regular store owners like you.

Trusted merchants can enjoy Propertyroom.com’s large and loyal user base, as well as fraud-free selling. Propertyroom.com takes safety and security into account when conducting all transactions, and also offers its sellers quick and reliable payment processing. If you want to receive excellent service and support while you sell items online, Propertyroom.com is the site for you!

Sam's Club


Sam’s Club is not only a store but it also has a website where you can buy items online and it also has another site feature called auction where its members can bid on different items they want. Sam’s Club’s goal is to bring their members the highest possible quality products and services at exceptional values. Their auction site feature is just another way that Sam’s Club can assure that all their members are able to buy those hot items at low prices. The auction area of their site offers the hot auctions at the current time which is their computers and software items. With many different types of laptops, desktops, and other software to choose from Sam’s Club computer auction can be right for all their members. So come make an investment in a Sam’s Club membership and start bidding today!



Does your agency have surplus items? Leftover office supplies, machinery, electronics and other surplus work items are very high in demand at PublicSurplus.com. If you’re considering selling your agency’s surplus items, you should consider signing up as a seller at Publicsurplus.com.

It’s very easy to become a seller through Public Surplus. Simply click on the “About” tab on your top right, then the “Seller Registration” button on the left of your screen. Once you’ve registered, a Public Surplus account representative will contact you to activate your account.

It’s easy to set up your Seller’s account at PublicSurplus.com. With this site, you’ll gain access to a large group of dedicated buyers with ease. Sign up for your seller’s account at Publicsurplus.com and start selling your agency’s surplus items today!



If you want to buy electronics and computer swith great price, you may want to take a look at Cow Boom.

A BestBuy company, CowBoom offers new, refurbished, used products, such as computers, game consoles, cell phones, cameras, and other electronics, in both auction format and fixed price format.



Many sellers have found success at the popular online auction site Alwaysatauction.com. AlwaysAtAuction.com has $1 start bids on all items with no reserve. This draws in a multitude of buyers who are optimistic about getting great deals. The site works well for Sellers, too – since it has low posting fees and high buyer traffic. If you want to sell your items, you need to post them on a popular site that has buyers who will consider them. Many of the buyers on AlwaysatAuction.com are fans of sports- as some popular categories include sporting goods and sports memorabilia.

If you’re a seller who specializes in either of these categories, you may find that AlwaysAtauction.com can provide you with the niche buyer group you’re looking for. Even if you sell other kinds of items, AlwaysAtAuction.com also has a platform for accessories, jewelry, collectibles and home goods. Start selling your stuff at AlwaysAtAuction.com.

Part 4: 10 Top Live Auction Sites with Online Bidding Capability



Ha.com calls itself the “world’s largest collectibles auctioneer”. With an enormous amount of customer support, this auction site is gaining popularity and praise. The site is very popular among sellers because it is an easy and convenient place to auction off their collectibles. If you are a seller, you can choose to consign or sell your items. Upon consignment, you will receive a free auction evaluation. You can also take advantage of the “What’s Valuable?” feature, to make sure you get the most for your collectible. This site tries its best to be fair to its buyers and sellers, providing them with a forum for exchange that is most pleasing to both sides. It’s easy to start selling your goods through Ha.com, so get started today!



Online auctions are convenient and easy to use, but sometimes some of the excitement of a live auction is lost when you bid online. That’s why online auctions with live bidding capability are so popular! Liveauctioneers.com is one such website, where you can bid live via the internet, and take part in all of the excitement of a live auction! Once you create an account at this site, you can start participating in the live auctions on items offered by sellers from around the world. If you want to bid in the live auction, you’ll have to sign up for the auction you want to bid in. Then you can start bidding!

At this site you’ll find especially extensive selections of antiques, collectibles, and jewelry. Don’t miss out on the chance to bid live online on these items! Register at Liveauctioneers.com and start bidding today!



If you like to buy things from auctions, but do not have time or money to travel around to each auction site, Proxibid.com is a great website for you. It allows you to place bids from your computer to a live auction. They have real time webcasts, and timed online auction bidding for your convenience. The live webcasts allow you to attend the auction without leaving the comfort of your home or office. You will not have to worry about missing out on great items anymore!

Take a look at the different categories of options available through this website and sign up to get started!



Sometimes there are auctions that you’d love to attend, but they’re just too far away to travel to. That’s where Auctionzip.com comes in handy. This site features auctions that take place all over the United States. If you live near one, you can attend the actual event, but for all those who live too far away, you’ll love this site’s live online bidding capability. All of the auctions that you can bid in at this site are real live auctions, so you won’t miss out on the excitement of the auction, but you’ll be able to bid from your home. Simply register and then choose the Online Absentee Bidding Page. Then you’re ready to bid in live online auctions! Get started today at Auctionzip.com.



Change the way you bid at auctions with Artfact.com.

This website brings you to the auction without physically going there. You are able to find different auctions and place your bids online. The first step is to find the items that you want to bid on. The auctions vary and have items like rare art, collectibles, and other valuable pieces. After you figure out what you want to bid on, place your bids online and wait until the auction is over to see if you have won!

Learning how to bid is easy to do with their online demo. View it now and sign up to get your collection started at Artfact.com.



When you love to attend auctions but do not have the time to travel around, just travel to Christies.com. This website allows you to virtually attend auctions all around the world.

Imagine the possibilities that are open to you when you can bid on items in places thousands of miles away. The pieces you can collect are endless! Christie’s Live allows you to view and hear the auctioneer in real time so you do not miss a second of the action. You are given clear prompts throughout the bidding process to keep you on track.



Looking for an online auction site where you can buy antiques, coins, and other collectibles? Look no further than Icollector.com. This site offers a vast selection of collectible items, from vintage artwork to ancient coins. These items are offered by sellers from around the world, so you’ll be able to browse the best the world has to offer.

This site’s unique live auction capability makes it one of the best sites on the web for buying collectible items. You’ll be able to bid and buy from your own home, but still participate in exciting live auctions. Simply complete the free registration, get approval to bid in the auction of your choice, and then you’ll be ready to take part in the live auction. Try Icollector.com today!



If you are searching for a great live auction website go to Sothebys.com. They keep you in the fast paced world of auctioning with their real time technology. When you sign up with them, you are able to monitor the auction from your desk chair, couch, bed, pool, or wherever! The information can be viewed on your desktop without disturbing other activities on your computer. The Auction Ticker guarantees that you will never miss a result. You can display up to 4 different sales at one time neatly.

Go to Sothebys.com today and find the auctions that have your desired merchandise.



When looking for quality online auctions with a reputable name, go to SkinnerInc.com.

Skinner, Inc. is a trusted name in the auction world, and its services are available online. You can bid on auctions via the internet or phone, without having to leave your home. The catalogues for upcoming auctions are all available online for no charge. SkinnerLive allows you to sign in the day of the auction and bid. You are able to bid in real time with the auction for speed and accuracy.

Sign up for SkinnerLive at SkinnerInc.com today and be able to bid in real time from your home at the next auction.



America’s Auction Network began as a televised auction network, but has expanded onto the web, as well. This popular auction service has gained many supporters over the years, and has a strong customer support base. AAN’s great reputation, experience and customer service set them apart from other auction services. If you want to start selling items through a site that is trusted and secure, AANtv.com may be for you!

Some of the most popular items on AANtv.com are jewelry and other small items. These items are most popular because they are what AAN TV became known for, but there are many other products available on this site as well. Sell your antiques and collectibles, your art, coins, cookware, electronics and more through AANtv.com. Registration is fast and easy – you’ll be selling your goods through AANtv.com in no time at all!

Part 5: 9 Other Auction Sites



a new auction site.



makes it quick and easy for individuals and businesses to buy and sell their products and services, all without expensive marketing costs.



Playle.com is a fun and exciting auction site that began as a family-owned business. Buyers and sellers both enjoy using this auction site because it is mutually beneficial. Buyers enjoy having the option to buy store items instantly, and also utilize a notification system for their desired items. Sellers have a lot of great features on Playle.com too, including rates as low as $9.95 per month. Although it is not free to sell items through Playle, many sellers are willing to pay their reasonable rates because of their active buying community. If you want to start buying and selling collectibles and other interesting ephemera, postcards, antiques and rarities, head on over to Playle.com.



CQout.com is an international auction site that is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Currently the UK’s second largest online marketplace, CQout.com is growing in scale and adding new categories and items all the time. This site is admired by both buyers and sellers for many reasons. Buyers enjoy the enormous selection of obscure items at CQout.com. People searching for toys, memorabilia, craft supplies and other eccentric purchases often frequent CQout.com where these items are in abundance. Many sellers enjoy using this site because it provides them access to a large number of eager buyers who are interested in their products. If you want to start selling your items through CQout.com, you’ll find that it’s an easy process to register and set up your store. Buyers, it’s easier than ever to start bidding and buying at CQout.com, so get started.



Looking for an easy, accessible online webspace to sell your items? Webidz might be the place for you. Webidz is a website allowing sellers to display their items, set up ‘stores’ (online niches where sellers who only offer items of a certain genre of category), and post basic listings for free. Webidz also features blogs, in which users can advertise their items or stores or chat about nothing imparticular. Users are required to register and pay a one-time fee of five dollars, and also pay subsequent fees if they are interested using Webidz special features. Overall, Webidz is a competent alternative to other mainstream auction sites such as eBay and Amazon.



Whether you are interested in buying or selling on an auction website, go to Wensy.com.

For those who like to buy merchandise on auction websites, take a look at the large list of auction categories on this website. Each category tells you how many items are currently in each. You can search through the categories different ways. They allow you to look are current items, items that are ending today, almost done, etc.

If you want to sell your items, register with this website and put your merchandise up for bid. It is free to do, so you have nothing to lose!

Go to Wensy.com now and start buying and selling.



an online auction site with thousands of categories and no listing fees.



If you’re a seller looking for online auction sites, you should consider Seizedpropertyauctions.com. Many sellers find that it’s easy to sell their goods through sites like this one because of their large database of dedicated buyers. If you want to have access to a number of bargain-driven, deal-based buyers, Seizedpropertyauctions.com may be for you.

This site is the official website of Federal Asset Recovery Services, but it also offers consignment services to many trusted retailers. Simply contact the site directly to become an approved seller. It’s never been faster or easier to start selling your goods online, and with Seizedpropertyauctions.com you’ll have bidders on your items in no time.



Upperbid is “the online auction site that focuses on auction buyer safety and auction product quality with sellers from the United States.” Upperbid functions as any other online auctioning site, allowing users to post items and bid in online auctions. Upperbid is no charge to browse, bid, or buy – but you do pay a fee if your item sells. For regular and Dutch autions, listing is free, and for a Reserve Price Auction, the fee is based on the seller’s opening price. Users may upgrade their account by purchasing options for more money. Upperbid also has useful links like Getting Started, How to Bid, How to Sell, and Instant Purchase tutorials on its home page. Upperbid offers a competent inventory of items to choose from.

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