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30 Top Electronic Auction Sites

Part 1: Premium Sponsors

  1. Liquidation.com

    We think liquidation is a very good electronics auction site for professional buyers.

    The site is designed for professional buyers, retailers, or other businesses to source products. It's not for individual consumers, because the electronics are often sold at volume.

    The site offers a vast selection. Large retailers or government agencies use the site to liquidate surplus inventory or salvage assets. So the price is often very attractive.

    This is the auction site where professional buyers can rely on the experiences and skills to find real bargains.

  2. ebay.com - Are you surprised to see eBay on our list of popular auction sites? This online auction site has risen to the top of its class, offering users a platform for buying and selling like no other. If you want to buy and sell electronics, you'll find that eBay has an exceptional market for them.

    Many people purchase their electronics through eBay, whether they are used or in pristine condition. Buyers enjoy using this site because they are able to score amazing deals on the electronics they crave. Sellers enjoy using this site because it is the most popular one around. On top of that, there are low listing fees, images to display your item, and fast and easy payment processing. Start buying and selling your electronics at eBay.com.

  3. Amazon.com

    When people think of Amazon, some still regard it the original online book seller.

    Not anymore. Today Amazon is a huge online marketplace where thousands of sellers offer all kinds of products.

    We think it's a good alternative to electronics auction, because the selection is huge and the price is very competitive.

    We know it's not an auction site. But most people bid on an auction for a good price. If you can get the same great price at a fixed price format, why bother waiting at an auction?

    To find all sellers, you need to click the "xx new", "xx old", or "xx refurbished" link at the product page.

  4. CowBoom.com

    Whether you are looking for DVDs, car electronics, televisions, or any other electronic device, go to CowBoom.com. This online auction website allows you to possibly save money by placing bids on the electronics you want.

    They have several different categories to help you get started. Some of their categories include: iPod and Accessories, Televisions, Gadgets, DVD and Home Theater, Satellite Radio, and much more. Choose the category you are interested in to easily view the current auctions.

    They currently have an iHome 2 Go portable speaker system for iPod available for only $11.09. Not only does this great device allow you to listen to your favorite songs from your iPod, but it also charges your iPod while you listen!

    View the complete set of electronics auctions that are currently happening at CowBoom.com.

Part 2: 3 Popular Electronic Auction Sites

  1. Propertyroom.com - If you want to purchase electronics at auction, pay a visit to Propertyroom.com. Propertyroom.com began as an online police auction site, but quickly evolved into a large auction site that encompasses a number of different categories. If you're looking for electronics, Propertyroom.com's got plenty of them. Seized and used electronics are available, as well as new products straight from the manufacturers. This site is a bargain hunter's dream, where you can find a wide variety of electronic products for incredibly low prices. We are recommending this site for buyers because it offers low prices, great selection and safe, secure payment methods. The next time you're planning on bidding on some electronics, head on over to Propertyroom.com.

  2. Shopgoodwill.com - Are you planning on buying some second hand electronics' Shopgoodwill.com is an excellent auction site where you can find electronics from all over the country. This site has a great selection of vintage electronics and obscure pieces and parts - perfect for old television or radio repairs. If you want to save a little bit of money on more recent technology, it is also available at an affordable second hand rate through Shopgoodwill.com. At this reputable website, you will find auctions on iPods, televisions, computers and plenty of other desirable electronic devices. Get a good deal on your next electronic purchase by bidding on it through Shopgoodwill.com.

  3. Ubid.com - If you want to buy electronic devices, you should pay a visit to Ubid.com. Ubid.com is an exciting auction site that is commonly recommended to buyers. The site encourages its users to "Outsmart retail prices", as it auctions off excess inventory from the world's "most trusted brands". If you want to purchase name brand electronics such as laptops computers, televisions, video game consoles and more, you'll be able to find them for less at Ubid.

    Choose from names like Sony, Gateway and Microsoft to name a few. If you're looking for camcorders and car electronics, this is a great place to find them. And don't forget to check out Ubid's "Red Tag Deal of the Day", where electronics are often featured at fixed low prices. If you're feeling impatient, you can also utilize Ubid's 30 Minute-or-less "Express Auctions" to purchase your new electronics with speed and ease. Start bidding on electronics at Ubid.com.

  4. PoliceAuctions.com

    Go to PoliceAuctions.com if you are searching for an online auction website to purchase electronics. Here you can find many different categories of electronics to help you find what you are looking for. Their organized inventory allows you to search through the specific items you want. Simply find the electronics category that sounds good to you and start your search. They have car audio electronics, home electronics, and more.

    Check out the Stealth 3.0' TFT Touch Screen MP4 player. They have an auction for a pink version and for a black version. Each is currently available for under $30! They have a 2 GB memory and a 2 mp camera. They also have a built in speaker and FM radio.

    Visit PoliceAuctions.com today before the electronics auctions end.

Part 3: Popular Online Marketplaces for Electronics

  1. Buy.com - Buy.com is a very popular online marketplace that is used by buyers and sellers all over the world. If you want to find a place that will provide you with a positive forum for exchange of merchandise, consider visiting Buy.com. If you are planning on buying or selling electronics, Buy.com is hard to beat. Many users flock to this site to check out its latest deals on hot new appliances, computers, televisions and more. Explore Buy.com's "Deal of the Week" and browse through the site to find some other spectacular offers.

    Whether you're a buyer or a seller, this marketplace can work in your favor. Buy.com has become popular for a reason, so take advantage of this highly trafficked site and start buying and selling your electronics with them.

  2. WiGix.com - Another popular online marketplace is WiGix.com. If you are a fan of electronics, you will be pleased to learn that WiGix.com has a large selection of them. This marketplace is popular among both buyers and sellers because it comes with a myriad of features that are beneficial to both parties.

    All Wigix sellers are verified with Paypal, credit card, and/or a bank account - which allows Buyers to shop with confidence. Buyers can also utilize Wigix's review system to make smart purchases, and see similar postings from multiple sellers to compare deals instantly. Sellers can say goodbye to listing and transaction fees with Wigix's free selling policy. Whichever end of the spectrum you're on, you will enjoy this bright and cheery marketplace. For all of your electronic sales, visit WiGix.com.

  3. Ecrater.com - eCrater.com is yet another popular online marketplace. If you are interested in electronics, you should pay a visit to eCrater.com. ECrater.com has an entire category dedicated to electronics, which encompasses a broad range of products from the small to large in scale. Whether you're looking for a little gadget or a new flat screen TV, you'll be able to find it at eCrater.com.

    eCrater.com has been celebrated by both buyers and sellers. You must create an account to begin participating in sales at eCrater, but the registration process is quite fast and easy. You can become a part of the eCrater community, which is a forum for site related discussions. Buyers and sellers visit this section of the site to interact with other eCrater users and develop valuable business contacts. Jump into their flourishing community and start buying and selling your electronics with eCrater.com.

  4. Bonanzle.com - Bonanzle.com is an online marketplace where you will find "Everything but the Ordinary". Popularized by artists and fans of the obscure, this marketplace has earned a home in the hearts of anyone with a creative streak. If you are looking for interesting electronics, Bonanzle is the place to find them.

    Bonanzle.com offers up a hefty selection of vintage electronics, obscure and rare items, as well as standard marketplace items like iPod and MP3 players and accessories. We highly recommend this site to buyers and sellers with extraordinary tastes. If you're looking for somewhere to sell your Original Toshiba remote, maybe that will be Bonanzle. If you want to buy old camcorders, recording devices and music players, nothing beats Bonanzle. Start buying and selling your obscure electronics on Bonanzle.com!

  5. iOffer.com - Another online marketplace that you may be interested in is iOffer.com. IOffer.com is an excellent marketplace that sells a wide range of products. The electronics department at iOffer.com is extensive and up to date - with many new items being added all the time. The top departments within the electronics category include Home Audio & Video, Phones & Wireless Devices, Gadgets and more.

    Buyers and sellers agree that iOffer.com is an excellent forum for exchange. This site is a valuable resource for many business owners and regular Joe's with items for sale. IOffer.com is a place to buy, sell and trade items. Start using this marketplace to buy, sell or trade your electronics today!

  6. Blujay.com - If you are purchasing or selling electronics, Blujay.com will be a useful site for you. This online marketplace is 100% free, meaning that neither the sellers nor the buyers pay extra fees towards the site. Blujay.com is simply a middleman between these parties, facilitating their sales and interaction. If you are a seller who is hoping to get in touch with more electronics-oriented buyers, sign up at Blujay.com. If you are a buyer who would like to snag some awesome deals on a wide variety of electronic devices, you should become a member at Blujay.com. It won't take you very long to create an account, and you can quickly become a part of this marketplace's community as well. Blujay.com is a terrific marketplace for anyone involved in the buying and selling of electronic devices. Head over to Blujay.com to start exchanging your electronics today.

  7. Atomicmall.com - Atomicmall.com is another increasingly popular online marketplace. For anyone interested in electronics, Atomicmall.com is an excellent resource. Whether you are buying or selling, Atomic Mall can help you out.

    Sellers can set up and sign up for free. Fees are only charged after your sale has been completed. Sellers can accept Paypal, GCO and Amazon payments at Atomicmall.com, where it's easy to perform transactions quickly and smoothly. Buyers have the ability to chat with sellers in real time, and can shop without pre-registering. Store owners and happy customers agree that Atomic Mall provides them with a positive community in which they may exchange merchandise. If you want to buy and sell electronics of any age, size and variety, you should head on over to the marketplace at Atomicmall.com.

  8. Audiogon.com - Whether you are looking to buy or sell electronics, go to Audiogon.com.

    This website allows you to place bids on electronics that are up for auction. You are also able to put your own electronics up for auction for others to bid on. Using this website is a great way to save and/or make money!

    They have categories for speakers, preamplifiers, accessories, cables, accessories, and much more. This can help you find the auction you are looking for. You are also able to search by a keyword phrase to find the auction that is right for you.

    Go to Audiogon.com today to get started bidding on and selling electronics.

Part 4: 5 Classifieds for Electronics

  1. Craigslist.org - If you want to avoid the hassle of creating an account and setting up a web store, one viable alternative for selling your electronic goods is the classified site Craigslist.org. Craigslist is the largest online classified site, serving cities all over the country and all over the world.

    If you are a seller, it's very easy to create a posting on Craigslist. Most cities don't charge any posting fees, and the site is frequently visited by buyers from multiple demographics. If you are planning on purchasing electronics, Craigslist can be a great place to snag some insane deals and find rare items. You have to meet the other party in person or arrange for some other kind of exchange, because Craigslist does not take care of that for you. It's fast and easy to buy and sell electronics on Craigslist, so head over and start checking out this classified site today!

  2. Oodle.com - Another popular classified site is Oodle.com. Oodle.com calls itself "Smarter classifieds" because of their advanced search filters and email update system. If you are planning on buying or selling electronics, Oodle.com may be a great site for you.

    When purchasing, simply enter a keyword into their search bar. You will immediately gain access to local listings that meet your specifications. If nothing meets your specifications, you can elect to receive email updates when something does. This "smarter" version of a classified advertisement does all of the work for you. Sellers can enjoy easy sales, as buyers may be interested in their postings before they even click "submit". It's fast and easy to start buying and selling on Oodle.com, so get started.

  3. Facebook.com/Marketplace - If you are not already a member of the popular social networking site Facebook, you may want to consider joining after you hear about their Marketplace. Facebook's Marketplace works as a classified site, where people can post items for sale or trade, or find jobs, housing and community events. The site is particularly effective because it accentuates items that are posted by your "friends" or their "friends". If you want to buy or sell some electronics, this site is a great way to find them locally and sometimes even within your own friend group. You may actually know the person who contacts you about your listing, which makes this site quite successful

  4. Kijiji.com - Kijiji.com is a friendly and free online classified site. If you want to start buying or selling electronics, Kijiji may be able to help you out. This site can put you in touch with people in your area who share your passions and interests. You can also create listings for the item that you want to sell, and be contacted by buyers directly. Once a buyer contacts you, it's your responsibility to handle the transaction (not Kijiji's).

    In this way, Kijiji works as a matchmaker, setting up the two parties and leaving them to their devices. Use Kijiji to find electronics of all kinds, specifically vintage and rare pieces can be found here. If you want to buy, sell or even trade electronics in your area, head over to Kijiji.com today. Enter your ZIP code and find listings in your area today!

  5. Sell.com - If you are looking for a classified site that will enable you to buy, sell and trade in your area, look no further than Sell.com. Sell.com has become a very popular classified site because of its simple parameters and large community of users. It's very easy to search for an item if you want to buy it, and it's also easy to post your item for sale if that's what you'd like to do. Sellers have the option of choosing between negotiable classified ads, fixed price, or no-price classified ads. All sales are private, which means the seller and buyer interact directly and outside of Sell.com's control. If you want to find some cool electronics, this is a great site. If you want to find buyers who will be interested in your cool electronics, look to Sell.com.

Part 5: More Auction Sites for Electronics

  1. eBid.net - eBid.net is another incredibly popular online auction site. We would like to recommend this site to both buyers and sellers, as it offers both parties a multitude of features. If you are a buyer, you'll love eBid's selection. There are so many different kinds of electronics to choose from, all at reasonable prices. Buyers enjoy bidding on their items and competing for the lowest price on their electronics. Sellers enjoy eBid's low listing fees and popularity. Many sellers experience great success by selling their electronics through eBid.net, and so can you. Whether you want to start buying or selling electronics, eBid.net is a great auction site to check out.

  2. webidz.com - WeBidz.com is a popular and enjoyable auction site that sells most anything. With categories like coins, crafts and sports memorabilia, this site might not initially strike you as the place to buy and sell electronics.

    Actually, WeBidz.com is quite the contrary. This Jack of all trades really does offer a superb electronics collection which will please both buyers and sellers. If you are purchasing an item, you will enjoy browsing through their extensive collection. Buyers also appreciate the great deals and obscure electronic items that can be found on WeBidz.com. You must be a WeBidz member to place a bid on any of their items, so register for your account before you start bidding! And, if you're considering selling through one of these auction sites, you'll find that Webidz.com has reasonable posting fees. You can start buying and selling your electronics at WeBidz.com.

  3. webstore.com - Webstore.com is a free online auction site with a lot to offer. Whether you're an electronics buyer or a seller, Webstore.com can benefit you. Buyers have a wide range of merchandise to choose from, with brand name items at sale, clearance or even wholesale pricing. Webstore.com's huge selection of new and used merchandise allows buyers to find even obscure items for great deals.

    Sellers enjoy using Webstore.com because it allows them to keep 100% of their profits. You can choose to sell as an individual or open up a free store. The customizable store pages look professional and sharp. It doesn't matter if your items for sale are second hand or mint in the box - there are buyers for all types of merchandise at Webstore.com. If you're planning on buying or selling any electronics, you should head on over to Webstore.com.

  4. onlineauction.com - Onlineauction.com is a very popular online auction site. Selling merchandise from a large range of categories, they are a general auction site that possesses a strong electronics department. If you are interested in buying or selling electronics, Onlineauction.com may be a good site for you.

    Sellers appreciate the pricing options on Onlineauction.com, where there are no commission fees and no Final Value fees charged. You will only pay a reasonable listing fee to gain access to the large pool of buyers. OnlineAuction.com has a great following of dedicated buyers who enjoy bidding through their site. Start using Onlineauction.com to connect with other electronics lovers all over the world, and begin buying and selling electronics with ease.

  5. epier.com - Epier.com is another popular online auction site. Although Epier does not have a category specifically dedicated to electronics, their Computers, Movies and Music and Video Game sections contain a great deal of electronic merchandise. If you are planning on buying or selling electronics, Epier.com will be an excellent resource for you.

    You must register as a member in order to use Epier.com. The registration process is quick and easy. You can choose to list your products in the free marketplace, or as auction items. This site is popular among both buyers and sellers because it offers a number of features to both parties.

  6. UpperBid Electronics - If you want to start buying and selling electronics online, you need to visit Upperbid.com. Upperbid.com is popular among both sellers and buyers, as the site has various features and policies that cater to both sides of the transaction.

    If you're buying electronics, you'll enjoy browsing through the new and used merchandise at Upperbid.com. Find new, state of the art electronic goods and computers, and even neat vintage stuff from your childhood. Sellers will be pleased to find a pool of buyers that are eager to invest in their products. This site is small, but its dedicated customers keep coming back for more. Become a part of this community of bidders and auctioneers, and start selling your electronics at Upperbid.com.

  7. Cqout.com - CQout.com is an internationally celebrated online auction site. If you want to begin selling your electronics to people all over the world, or start purchasing gear for the best prices around, visit CQout.com.

    If you have a look under the Consumer Electronics tab, you will find that there are many innovative pieces of technology available at CQout.com. Because of the site's auction format, you have a good chance of finding buyers who are interested in your electronics products. Buyers are constantly flocking to CQout.com to find the best prices on their electronics, so you'll always have a high demand for your goods. This site provides a forum for exchange that is beneficial for both parties. If you want to experience success with an online auction site, start buying and selling electronics at CQout.com today.

  8. Samsclub.com - Fiscally responsible consumers all over America have become members of Sam?s Club. If you aren?t a member yet, you're really missing out on some terrific deals on everyday items. If you're purchasing electronics, you may enjoy using the auction site that is available through Samsclub.com. Although you must be a Sam's Club member to enjoy this feature, the deals are definitely worth it.

    There are brand new electronics that sell for mind boggling prices on Samsclub.com. You can find state of the art technology at very affordable prices with this club. When you make your next purchase on an electronic device or gadget, don't waste your money. Spend it at Sam's Club, where every penny counts. Start bidding on the electronic auctions at Samsclub.com.

  9. Publicsurplus.com - Do you want to start bidding on electronics? At publicsurplus.com, you'll be able to find name brand electronics at astonishingly low prices. Although the selection at Publicsurplus.com is not always as extensive as that of other, larger sites, you may be able to find bulk purchases at remarkable prices here. A frequent find at Publicsurplus.com could be a lot of surplus electronics. When companies and schools liquidate their equipment, they turn to sites like Publicsurplus.com to move the items fast.

    Check places like Publicsurplus.com for lots of televisions, camcorders, projectors and other useful electronics that an institution may part ways with. This site is great for small business owners and community organizers who are looking to acquire some electronic equipment of their own at low prices.

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