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  1. vendio.com - If you need a site that can provide you with accurate and efficient eBay research, look to Vendio.com. Vendio’s eBay research tools help you to identify the right items to sell on eBay, sell more profitably, and ultimately beat your competitors.

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  2. Hammertap.com - Have you been struggling with your eBay business lately? You need to base your eBay success on solid research, not guesswork. Some of the biggest power-sellers on eBay have not gained success through sheer luck, but rather by studying the trends in consumer demand. You need to research what products will sell in order to ensure your success. It may seem difficult at first, but with Hammertap.com, you will be clued in to the trends and facts that many of these power sellers (and Hammer Tap customers) have learned along the way.

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  3. Popular.eBay.com - Many people are unaware of the fact that eBay offers its users a bit of information regarding product sales. While many people choose to turn to outside sites for eBay research, eBay actually elucidates its most popular items at Popular.eBay.com. In this section of eBay you can research the most popular items from each category. Whether you want to know which books are selling best, or what the hot new electronic product is, you’ll be able to find it under this tab. This valuable information is right under your nose on eBay.com, although many users fail to realize it. By knowing which items are most popular, you also learn what will provide you with the easiest turnover rate. You need to start making smart decisions and utilizing eBay research to guide your sales. You can use Popular.eBay.com to find out which items are popular, so that your eBay store can become popular too.

  4. Pulse.eBay.com - Much like Popular.eBay.com, Pulse.eBay.com is one of eBay’s certified research features. If you want to know what some of the most popular searches are, you can use Pulse. Pulse also illuminates the largest online stores, and gives users a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks and the latest happenings on eBay. Pulse.eBay.com is an important feature for anyone hoping to become a successful seller. By knowing the latest trends and the most watched items at any given time, a seller becomes more likely to reach success on eBay. Stop guessing about your products, and start stocking the stuff that really sells. Start using Pulse.eBay.com to gain access to valuable eBay research, and get in touch with what your buyers really want.

6 Top Website for eBay Market Data

  1. Terapeak -

    Taking two years worth of trending data, “over 500 million closed listings”, insight into competitor’s market, and 90 days of item specific data- Terapeak gives you the answers on when to list, best day and time to list, the best keywords and categories to use, and the best price to sell at.

    Use information as a tool for stronger profits, it’s a guaranteed scientific way to do business. Learn top-selling strategies by what was once reserved for Industry Professionals.

    Visit the official site of Terapeak.com now!

  2. Sellathon.com - If you want real data and powerful, easy-to-use analytics, look no further than Sellathon.com. Sellathon.com can help eBay sellers increase profits by providing them with valuable eBay research. If you want to optimize your listings based on actual data, Sellathon.com is the site that can help. With Sellathon, you will be able to maximize the number of buyers who see your listings and learn how your visitor’s behavior affects your listing’s visibility and final value. In addition to that, you’ll learn other tips and insider secrets that can gear you towards success. There is a free 30 day trial available for anyone who wants to give Sellathon a shot, and after its expiration a subscription costs as little as $4.95/month. If you want to learn how to improve your listing’s visibility, how to attract more serious customers and how to maximize on your eBay listings, sign up for Sellathon.com’s eBay research service.

  3. Watchcount.com - Watchcount.com is a valuable eBay research tool that can help you maximize your selling endeavors. If you want to know what’s hot on eBay, Watchcount.com can let you know. Their main page asks users to enter keywords or choose a category to see which eBay items have attracted the most buyers. Simply click the “Show me what’s popular!” button, and receive a detailed itinerary of the internet’s most popular products. This simple site makes it easier than ever for you to start maximizing on trends in the eBay market. Power sellers use sites like WatchCount.com all the time to stay ahead of the curve, so start incorporating Watchcount.com into your selling procedure some time soon.

  4. priceminer.com - If you are selling art, antiques and collectibles, and looking for a site that can provide you with valuable eBay research, then you should consider using Priceminer.com. Priceminer.com specializes in art, antiques and collectibles, and is an online price guide that many professional sellers consult regularly. Priceminer can help you set the right prices and attract the right customers, making it easier for you to have smooth transactions with your fine merchandise. In addition to helping you ascertain the current value of your saleable items, Priceminer can help you view items currently for sale matching your search, as well as identify your items by viewing photos of similar items. It’s easy to get on the path towards success with Priceminer.com. Stop estimating the value of your fine artworks, jewelries and collectibles. Use Priceminer.com to make intelligent decisions based on serious eBay research.

  5. Get4it.com - Are you serious about conducting a successful eBay business? Looking for a site that can provide you with eBay research to improve your sales? Visit Get4it.com and start receiving information that can help you succeed on eBay. Buyers can use Get4it.com’s Free PriceIt or CompareIt services to compare prices by keyword searches across eBay and across the web. Frugal spenders will love this feature because it allows them to get the best prices available. Sellers can develop a product pricing strategy with help from Get4it.com, and utilize the ResearchIt feature to customize their sales to gain profits. If you want to start increasing the sales for your eBay business, you should start using eBay research from Get4it.com.

  6. sellerdome.com - Sellerdome.com is an excellent site for eBay research. If you want to search the international eBay markets, Sellerdome.com may be a good tie for you. You can see the top eBay sellers world-wide on Sellerdome.com, and see what they are selling to stay on top. Sellerdome gives you the basic statistics on each top seller, including their location, feedback, items, category, and year joined. Among that information are other helpful statistics, as well as blogs that are frequently updated. This site is a fun way to grab some quick facts about eBay’s top sellers, and it can also be a valuable asset in planning your next moves as a seller. If you want to increase your shot at success, you need to study eBay’s trends and do some research. Research sites like Sellerdome.com can help you get an edge on your competition.

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