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38 Top Doll Auction Sites

Aprt 1: 9 Top Online Doll Auction Sites Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Doll.shop.eBay.comm - If you are someone who is passionate about collecting dolls, you need to visit eBay’s doll department. At Dolls.shop.eBay.com, you will find a plethora of people who are engaged in the doll collecting world.

    Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you will love this community of collectors who are both knowledgeable and eager to discuss all kinds of dolls.

    You can browse through an extensive collection of dollhouses, paper dolls, antique dolls, Barbies and more at eBay.com. Here, you will find dolls from every era and manufacturer. You can also find assorted doll memorabilia, including clothes, cards and collecting guide-books.

    If you want to sell some of your old dolls and memorabilia, you will find that the process is very easy with eBay. You can quickly make an account and start posting your items to the site. This incredibly popular collector’s site will give you access to a great database of buyers.

  2. Us.eBid.net -EBid.net is an international auction site that has a lot to offer. If you are a doll collector, you will be excited to find a great variety of rare and unusual dolls at eBid.net. If you want to sell some dolls or doll memorabilia, you can use eBid.net as a venue for sales, as well. This site is popular among both buyers and sellers for many reasons.

    Buyers appreciate the variety of merchandise, as well as the fantastic deals and hidden bargains that can be found at eBid.net. Many sellers are unaware of the potential value of their dolls and doll-related items.

    Sellers enjoy using eBid.net because it is incredibly easy to sell items on this site. You can quickly and easily post an item for sale, and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated customer base. Whether you are buying or selling dolls, you can participate in doll auctions at eBid.net.

  3. Onlineauction.com - Another online auction site that has an active doll following is Onlineauction.com. Whether you plan on buying or selling dolls, this site may be very helpful to you. This site calls itself the “real” auction website, and has many advantages over other auction sites.

    Onlineauction.com has an $8 monthly membership fee. Compared to many other sites, this fee is very low. There are no listing or re-listing fees, no sales commissions, and true competitive bidding. Sellers appreciate the ability to post personal website information with their listings – which can help promote your online store. Buyers enjoy the great selection and feature-rich interface of the site. Whether you’re purchasing or selling dolls, you’ll enjoy the experience on Onlineauction.com.

  4. Webstore.com - Webstore.com is an online auction site and marketplace that both buyers and sellers enjoy. If you are interested in collecting dolls, this site will be of interest to you. There are plenty of dolls and doll related merchandise up for auction at Webstore.com. Doll clothes and houses are also widely available through this site.

    If you are a seller, you will find it easy to start selling some items on this site. There are no sign up fees, no selling fees, and you’ll keep 100% of your profits. You can either sell as an individual or open a free store. You can choose between fixed prices or auction formatting. Your customizable page can help you sell your doll products locally or globally – the scale of business is yours to choose.

    If you’re a buyer, you’ll enjoy receiving fantastic deals. Buy or sell your dolls on Webstore.com.

  5. Specialistauctions.com - If you are looking for rare, unique dolls – one great place to look is Specialistauctions.com. At Specialistauctions.com, you will encounter a community of passionate collectors who enjoy sharing their love for certain items. Those who are passionate about dolls frequently post new items and make purchases in the Dolls and Bears category.

    It’s very easy to buy and sell doll items at Specialistauctions.com. This site calls itself the only “REAL” alternative to eBay for collectibles online. Sellers appreciate rapid success rates and low fees, while buyers enjoy the extensive selection for the items they are passionate about. If you want to start buying or selling dolls at auction, visit Specialistauctions.com and start today!

  6. Webidz.com - Another site where you will find some fantastic doll auctions is Webidz.com. Simply click under the Dolls-Bears section to start browsing through some of the doll auctions. Here, you will find hundreds of related auctions that feature dolls, doll houses and doll clothes. There are many rare and limited edition dolls up for auction on this site.

    If you are a buyer, you’ll enjoy getting some phenomenal deals on these items. Since Webidz.com doesn’t have as many users as other collectible sites, you can win auctions at lower prices. If you’re a seller, you’ll enjoy selling your dolls to Webidz’s dedicated customers. These people are passionate about dolls, and knowledgeable, too. You may think that those old Barbies are just pieces of junk – but the buyers on WeBidz may think otherwise. You can start participating in the doll auctions at Webidz.com, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

  7. Plunderhere.com - Plunderhere.com is an auction marketplace. This popular online store features a number of products and collectibles, including dolls and doll memorabilia. If you are interested in the online sale of dolls, you may have a fun time at Plunderhere.com.

    Although the site has a pretty basic layout, its content is superb. You will find dozens of doll auctions at any given time. Sellers really enjoy using Plunderhere.com for several reasons. Firstly, the site allows you to import your listings from other auction sites like eBay, Etsy and eCrater. It also charges low fees and grants you access to a great pool of buyers. Buyers enjoy Plunderhere.com because they can score some awesome deals. Whether you’re buying or selling dolls, you’ll enjoy the doll auctions at Plunderhere.com.

  8. Epier.com - If you are interested in online doll auctions, you will enjoy ePier.com. EPier.com calls itself “The Free Marketplace”, and is very popular among both buyers and sellers. This site does not charge its users fees to post or purchase items at auction. Sellers enjoy using this site because they receive 100% of their profits, unlike on some other sites that charge posting fees and final commission rates.

    Buyers enjoy browsing for dolls at ePier.com because of the sites eclectic mix of vintage and new dolls and memorabilia. If you are looking for a special doll house or outfit, your chances are good of finding one on ePier.com.

    If you enjoy doll auctions, ePier.com is a great site for you. Create your account today to begin participating in this community of passionate collectors.

  9. Cqout.com - Another online auction site that is popular among doll collectors is CQout.com. This site is an international online auction site that provides its users with incredible dolls from around the world. You can find miscellaneous doll items, as well as doll houses and memorabilia on this site. Doll clothes and accessories are also easily available.

    If you want to sell some of your old treasures on CQout.com, you’ll find that it’s an easy and pleasant experience. Many sellers enjoy great success with doll sales at CQout.com. If you are a buyer, you’ll enjoy using this site as well. We recommend CQout.com to all participants in the doll auction community. If you enjoy collecting dolls or selling them, you may want to create an account at CQout.com today!

Part 2: 20 Top Online Doll Marketplaces Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Etsy.com - If you are interested in handmade, creative items, Etsy.com is a great site for you. This website calls itself “your place to buy and sell all things handmade”. Etsy’s fabulous marketplace offers plenty of creative, interesting objects and toys, and the dolls on this site are truly special.

    Although you won’t find a significant number of collector’s items here, you will find handcrafted dolls and special gifts that will make any recipient smile.

    If you create handmade works or want to sell artistically inspired toys, you will find that Etsy.com’s marketplace is easy to use and navigate. The selling process is very simple at Etsy.com, and you can soon enjoy your own online store through the site. Many buyers flock to this site to support artists and purchase authentically crafted items. Become a part of this exciting artistic community today, and start buying and selling your dolls at Etsy.com.

  2. Amazon.com - Since its inception in the early days of the internet, Amazon.com has become a superpower among online marketplaces. This site allows sellers and buyers to make merchandise exchanges all over the world. You can find practically every product imaginable at Amazon.com. If you are shopping for dolls, you will be pleased to know that you can find a wide variety of dolls through Amazon. Old, new, used or pristine, there are dolls of every size, shape and variety. You can also find doll accessories like clothing and houses with Amazon.

    It’s very easy to start selling merchandise through this site. You will be charged a low fee to post your items, or to promote them as “featured” purchases. Sellers have a history of enjoying great success with this marketplace, and many buyers check out with a pleasant experience. Start buying and selling your dolls and memorabilia at Amazon.com.

  3. Dolls.rubylane.com - Ruby Lane is a unique online marketplace that features art, antiques and fine collectibles. This site has a very prestigious collection of rare and interesting objects, which are very creative and artistically inspired. If you are a fan of Etsy.com, Bonanzle.com or other art-driven online marketplaces, you will definitely enjoy RubyLane.com.

    At Rubylane.com, there is a very extensive doll section. Here you can find vintage, rare and handmade dolls that are truly something special. Whether you plan to buy one of these elegant little ladies for yourself or as a gift, you will be happy with your purchase.

    If you want to sell your own hand-made, vintage, rare or unique dolls on Rubylane.com, you can do so with ease. It’s a piece of cake to set up an account and start selling, so get to it!

    Doll fans from all over the world will enjoy participating in the artistic community at Rubylane.com.

  4. Bonanzle.com - At Bonanzle.com, you will find “everything but the ordinary”. This creative marketplace focuses on hand made items, as well as vintage, rare and unusual objects. If you are interested in collecting dolls, this site can be a very exciting community. Both buyers and sellers agree that Bonanzle is an outstanding marketplace.

    Buyers can enjoy coupons and sales on the unique merchandise that Bonanzle offers. It’s easy to search for specific products, and also fun to browse through featured items. Sellers have the opportunity to import their listings from eBay and Craigslist to begin selling in seconds flat. Whether you want to start buying or selling dolls, you will find that this online marketplace is a good forum for you. You can begin buying and selling dolls and doll merchandise at Bonanzle.com.

  5. Ecrater.com - If you want to start buying and selling dolls online, another outstanding marketplace can be found at Ecrater.com. Ecrater.com is a 100% free marketplace, which encourages buyers and sellers to interact without charging them exorbitant fees. Many other online marketplaces charge listing fees, membership fees, or small commissions from your sales. Ecrater.com does not do this, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

    If you plan on selling dolls and doll merchandise, you may enjoy Ecrater’s Web Store Builder. This free feature allows you to personalize your own web store through the site, making your business feel more authentic and professional. Buyers enjoy the incredible selection among dolls on this site. Head over to eCrater.com and get a feel for this exciting marketplace.

  6. Blujay.com - Another 100% free marketplace can be found at Blujay.com. This site, and all of its features, is completely free for both buyers and sellers. While many other online marketplaces, like eBay and Amazon, charge their users minimal fees, Blujay.com does not.

    If you want to start selling your dolls and doll memorabilia online, you’ll find the process to be quite simple at Blujay.com. For a free site, Blujay also offers a great array of features for their sellers. You can post unlimited items, which last for up to 180 days. You also receive 4 photos per item, so your buyers can have a look at what you’ve posted. Like Ecrater.com, Blujay.com also offers its sellers a free online store. This store can help you showcase your items and provide you with a professional workspace.

    We would like to recommend Blujay.com to both buyers and sellers. If you enjoy collecting dolls, you should visit Blujay.com.

  7. Wigix.com - At Wigix.com, you can buy and sell dolls of any kind. Old dolls, new dolls, used dolls and pristine mint-condition dolls can all be found at this site. Wigix.com is a free marketplace, which offers buyers and sellers some excellent features.

    If you are a seller, you can easily organize all of your products at Wigix.com. It’s easy to keep track of your online store, which is customizable and professional. You will gain access to a great pool of buyers, who enjoy Wigix’s interface and policies.

    If you’re a buyer, you will enjoy this fair, free marketplace that can hook you up with some incredible sellers. Head to Wigix.com and start browsing through some of the doll posts. You will find hundreds of dolls and bears that are unique, special and interesting. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you should head over to Wigix.com and check out their doll department today.

  8. Artfire.com - One great doll marketplace can be found at Artfire.com. Artfire.com focuses on artistic products and creatively inspired items. Many of the dolls on this site are special or unique in some way, and will certainly stand out among the crowd.

    At Artfire.com, you can find dolls from many different time periods. One featured doll that we came across was from the 1800’s, and had a 20” skirt and porcelain face. This hand-painted, delicate little lady was selling for about $500.

    If you want to start selling your doll collection, you can fetch a fair price at Artfire.com. The buyers on this site are looking for authentic, unique, artistic dolls. Both buyers and sellers can agree that Artfire.com has some pretty fair policies, and accounts are very easy to set up.

  9. Sears.com - If you’re shopping for dolls, you may want to head over to Sears.com. This site offers an exciting collection of new dolls that have recently hit the market. You can find a wide array of Barbies and other popular dolls that young children love. Find popular likenesses of television characters, as well as great accessories to match.

    We recommend the marketplace at Sears.com to buyers, since it is difficult to become an approved seller with Sears. Sears only sells merchandise from trusted brands, which means that you get quality products from them all the time. This site is great for any doll shopper –whether you plan to purchase this doll for yourself or for someone special. Shop at Sears.com today.

  10. Goantiques.com - Another site that offers an outstanding marketplace for the exchange of dolls is Goantiques.com. Goantiques.com was created by WorthPoint as an authentic forum for the sale of antiques. Although you may think of furniture and figurines when you think about antique shops, Goantiques.com also has a spectacular selection of vintage dolls.

    In order to sell on GoAntiques.com, you must “Join as a Seller”. This process is very simple, and you can begin it by clicking on the link on the top right corner. This site houses a passionate community of antique collectors, as it is “designed for professionals who are in the art, antiques and collectibles industry”. If you are an antiques dealer, auction house, show promoter, or simply just a collector – you can become a part of this exciting community today. Visit Goantiques.com, and have a look at their impressive doll collection.

    You can start selling and buying gorgeous vintage dolls in a matter of moments on Goantiques.com.

  11. Tias.com - If you are looking for fine antiques and collectibles on the web, you need to visit Tias.com. Tias.com is an extraordinary online marketplace that offers many rare and exclusive antiques and collectibles. There are lots of dolls on this site that will take your breath away.

    Although the dolls at Tias.com are far from cheap, buyers visit this site to find rare and exquisite pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. These dolls are very impressive, and can make a lovely gift either for yourself or a loved one. If you want to become a seller at Tias.com, you will need to be approved by their directors. This is because Tias.com filters their sellers to maintain high standards of quality.

    Antique lovers and doll enthusiasts should visit Tias.com for a tempting treat. At Tias.com, you can buy and sell antiques from all over the world in a matter of seconds.

  12. Atomicmall.com - Atomicmall.com is an exciting online marketplace that has a lot to offer. If you want to buy or sell modern dolls, this site can be a great help for you. New and gently used dolls seem to have the greatest selling success rates on this site; whereas vintage items are less frequently seen.

    Sellers are not charged any listing fees at Atomicmall.com. If you want to start selling on this site, you can set up your account in just a few minutes. You can import your offsite auctions from other major marketplace, and the site’s interface accepts Paypal, Google and Visa/MC.

    Buyers have the ability to chat with sellers in real time at Atomicmall.com. This personal experience will help you find the item you’re looking for, without playing guessing games.

    Start buying and selling your dolls at Atomicmall.com.

  13. Shophandmade.com - Are you an artist or artisan? Shophandmade.com is an online marketplace that encourages its users to buy and sell handmade goods. Artists, collectors, and regular folks who appreciate real craftsmanship and hard work flock to this site to exchange their ideas and items. If you want to sell or purchase some handmade dolls, this site is a great resource for you.

    Shophandmade.com calls itself the “fastest growing handmade craft store on the internet”, and that very well may be true! This site is fee-free and pays a lot of attention to its users. You can become a part of this artistic community with a few simple clicks, and start browsing through the creative, cool dolls on its pages. Visit Shophandmade.com for an awakening artistic experience today. You can start supporting artists and hardworking craftsmen by purchasing directly from them with Shophandmade.com.

  14. Delcampe.net - Delcampe.net calls itself the “international marketplace for collectors”. This site has users from all over the world, who are very passionate about antiques and collectibles. If you are looking for a special doll that is from another era, you may very well find one on this site.

    We would like to recommend Delcampe.net to both buyers and sellers. It’s very easy to register for an account on this site, and you can start buying and selling right away.

    Registration is free, and you will instantly be in touch with sellers and collectors from all over the world. There are different dolls being posted at Delcampe.net all the time, so check back often for new posts on this marketplace.

    Find out why people all over the world are using Delcampe.net to buy and sell their favorite collectibles and antiques. Get involved in the doll marketplace at Delcampe.net!

  15. En.dawanda.com - If you are interested in unique, eclectic and interesting products, you may want to have a look at DaWanda.com. This marketplace calls itself the number one spot for “unique products”, and can offer some spectacular dolls for you and your family.

    Stop shopping for boring dolls like Dora the Explorer and Barbie, and find something more special for your young one. At DaWanda, you can browse through dozens of well crafted designs. Navigate through the “Kid’s World” section, where you will find a number of interesting collectibles and toys. If you want to start selling some of your unique items, that’s very easy, too! Simply head over to En.DaWanda.com to get started today. You can become a member very quickly and begin enjoying the creative elements at DaWanda.com today.

  16. Seeauctions.com - At Seeauctions.com, you will find an awesome collection of authentic antiques, collectibles, fine art, jewelry and more. You will also come across a lovely array of dolls from many different time periods. These dolls are mostly in good condition, and somehow seem more special than the dolls of our day. Whether you are a collector, seller, or simply someone searching for a special gift- you will appreciate Seeauctions.com.

    Currently, SeeAuctions.com is offering a Seller Promotion. You can sell items for free on the site for 1 year, with no commissions, fees or payments at all. You will not have any limit on your listings, and can easily import inventories from other marketplaces. It’s easy to start selling with SeeAuctions.com, so take advantage of this promotion while it lasts.

    If you are someone who appreciates art and antiques, you will enjoy being a member of Seeauctions.com.

  17. Ioffer.com - iOffer.com is a very simple marketplace, which offers buyers and sellers a forum for exchange. Calling itself “a place to buy, sell and trade”, iOffer.com is fair and upfront with its users. If you want to start buying or selling dolls in a marketplace setting, iOffer.com may be the best choice for you. This site is great for modern dolls and second-hand dolls as well. Vintage dolls sell with less frequency at iOffer.com, possibly due to the large number of marketplaces that cater to these items.

    If you want to, you can start selling on iOffer.com today. There are no listing fees, and you receive a free iOffer store. You can transfer your items AND their ratings from other marketplaces, and access an entirely new community of shoppers. This forum for exchange will hook you up with plenty of potential buyers, who love finding deals at iOffer.com.

  18. Buy.com - One of the first popular marketplaces on the internet, Buy.com has been around for a while. This popular marketplace offers a wide array of products, from home goods to electronics and more. If you’re shopping for dolls, you’ll be pleased to see that Buy.com has a great selection of those as well. This site is a trusted place to find products for your home and for your family.

    We would like to recommend Buy.com more to buyers and sellers. Although the site doesn’t cater to personal sellers, it is a great forum for merchants and store owners to showcase quality products. There are no fees for listing your items on Buy.com. When an item is sold, sellers pay a commission of $.99 per item, plus a percentage of the product price. Buy.com appreciates quality products, and treats its customers and users with great respect. Visit this site to start buying and selling dolls today!

  19. Madeitmyself.com - At Madeitmyself.com, users can expect to find an eclectic mix of artistic products. Their logo, “think it, make it, sell it,” is indicative of their grassroots style. This site encourages artists and craftsmen to create their own products and sell them. Although you don’t have to be the original creator of the products you sell, most of the items at Madeitmyself.com are handmade and unique. This is a great place to find interesting dolls and stuffed animals for yourself or for loved ones.

    If you are an artist, or a creative retailer, you will enjoy the selling features at Madeitmyself.com. You can list for free, and the process of creating an account on this marketplace is very easy. In order to sell or buy, you must register first. So head over to Madeitmyself.com and sign up today. Your account is free – all that is needed is a valid email address.

  20. Trocadero.com - Collectors and art appreciators don’t like to tell outsiders about their favorite marketplace: Trocadero.com. They keep this great little site a secret because it allows them to find spectacular deals on authentic antiques and items from all over the world. If you are looking for exotic and rare dolls from different areas and eras, this site can connect you to them. Or, if you are an antiques dealer looking for an online place to share your goods, this site may be your beacon.

    Vintage and antique dolls are a very popular item on the web. At Trocadero.com, you will meet many collectors and retailers who understand the value of an authentic antique doll.

    Whether you are interested in collecting or selling dolls, Trocadero.com will be a valuable asset to you and your business. You can start buying and selling your antique and special dolls at Trocadero.com.

Part 3: 4 Top Online Classifieds Popular for Both Doll Buyers and Sellers

  1. Forsale.oodle.com - Oodle.com calls itself the “smarter classifieds” site. This intuitive classified site makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. If you enjoy browsing Classified sites for dolls, Oodle.com has a lot to offer. Unlike other classified sites that only display relevant search results, Oodle.com utilizes an e-mail update system.

    Oodle.com’s e-mail update system sets it apart from the classifieds crowd. When a new posting matches one of your previous searches, the site will alert you so that you don’t miss it. For doll collectors who are especially fond of rare or antique name brand dolls, the e-mail alert system is especially helpful. Simply enter the names of the dolls that you’re looking for, and wait for Oodle.com to notify you later! This site is a great resource for all types of collectors, so take advantage of its outstanding features today.

  2. Craigslist.org - Craigslist.org began as a small classified site in the San Francisco Bay area. Now, it has expanded to become the most popular classified site on the web, and a valuable resource for many collectors and budget-conscious shoppers. If you are shopping for dolls, you will find quite a few of them on Craigslist. The site allows you to contact posters directly, and arrange your transactions with them.

    Many doll collectors enjoy using classified sites because the prices are not fixed. There is a lot of room for negotiation once you’ve contacted the person behind the posting. You can find dolls in your area, or expand your search to include other areas that you may be willing to travel to. Start searching for your next doll at Craigslist.org.

  3. Hoobly.com - Hoobly.com calls itself “your free local online classifieds”. This site allows anyone to post items for sale in their neighborhood. Prospective buyers must contact the ad posters directly to negotiate on and exchange the item. If you are a doll collector or appreciator who wants to find some good deals, you will love Hoobly.com.

    At Hoobly.com you will find a number of second hand dolls, as well as some rare and vintage dolls. Oftentimes, people sell valuable dolls for far less than they are worth, especially if they are not involved in the doll collection circuit. Many adults throw away their old toys and playthings, oblivious to their potential value. As a collector, you can maximize on their mistakes – and find incredible bargains on this classifieds site. If you enjoy yard sales, haggling, and finding the best price around, you’ll be enamored with Hoobly. Visit Hoobly.com to find your next doll for a great price.

  4. Sell.com - Sell.com is a popular classifieds site in which users are encouraged to buy, sell and trade. If you are interested in dolls, doll memorabilia and other assorted toys, you will find plenty of people who share your mindset at Sell.com. Not only does this site foster an entire community of collectors, but it also unites bargain hunters with small time sellers.

    You can either browse categories or search with keywords to find the item you’re looking for at Sell.com. Once you’ve found the doll of your dreams you can contact the seller, and discuss and pricing and shipping costs. After agreeing on a price, you can have the seller ship the item directly to you. Unlike many classified sites, Sell.com is not strictly local. Many of their sellers have Paypal accounts and can ship items around the country. You will not be limited to your geographical area while using this classifieds site, so start shopping for your doll today.

Part 4: Top Online Doll Auction Sites Popular for Buyers

  1. Shopgoodwill.com - If you are a collector who is interested in vintage and antique dolls, or simply someone shopping for less expensive, second-hand dolls, you may find great success at Shopgoodwill.com. Shopgoodwill.com offers second hand items from people all over the United States. Some products on this site have never even been used, and still have the tags on them! The proceeds from Good Will sales go to benefit underprivileged families and support charity. If you have ever donated items to this organization, you may be familiar with its policies. Shopping at Shopgoodwill.com is not only a good way to save money, but it’s a kind gesture that gives back to the community. Not only will you enjoy the dolls that can be purchased from Shopgoodwill.com, but you can feel good about purchasing them from an organization that supports others. Start shopping for your dolls at Shopgoodwill.com.

Part 5 : 4 Top Doll Live Auction Sites with Online Bidding capability

  1. Proxibid.com - For real webcast auctions, broadcast right into your home, you can visit Proxibid.com. This site is a big hit among auction-lovers, who don’t want to sacrifice the thrill and enjoyment of an auction for the convenience of home shopping. With Proxibid.com, you can combine the fun of bidding with the ease of the internet all at once! Doll collectors enjoy using this site because they can see the item of interest right on their computer screen. Unlike the stagnant, still images on most auction sites, Proxibid’s live webcasts are lively and exciting.

    This site is geared largely toward collectors, so it doesn’t feature many new or popular dolls. Most of the dolls at Proxibid.com are vintage works of art, and fall into the “Fine art, Antiques and Collectibles” category. If you enjoy live web auctions and authentic vintage dolls, Proxibid.com may become one of your very favorite sites.

  2. Mharrislive.com - Are you a fan of live webcast auctions? Many people who enjoy in-person auctions and the thrill of an adrenaline rush will agree that live webcast auctions, like the ones at MharrisLife.com, are exciting and fun. If you’re shopping for dolls, you may want to try out this interesting auction site.

    Unlike eBay auctions with still pictures and product descriptions, MharrisLife.com functions more like the home shopping network. You can bid on items instantly, online, from the comfort of your own home. There are several dolls to choose from, and many auctions that cater specifically to those collectors. For instance, the “Columbus 2010 Ohio Doll Show and Sale” was broadcast on Sunday, April 18th, and allowed collectors to get a real-time look at their prospective purchases. Start shopping for your dolls on Mharrislife.com, and put the fun back into online auctions.

  3. Liveauctioneers.com - Another popular live auction site is LiveAuctioneers.com. This site focuses on international auctions of collectibles, antiques, jewelry and art. Doll collectors will be pleased to know that this site does have a significant collection of dolls – and many of them are from different time periods. You will not find any Bratz dolls or Polly Pockets here, mostly just collector’s items that continue to appreciate in value. This site is ideal for auction lovers. Liveauctioneers.com marries thrill with convenience. You can enjoy the excitement of a live auction, as well as the luxury of bidding from your own home. Keep an eye out for auctions that catch your eye, and tune in when they begin. You and your loved ones will enjoy crowding around the computer screen to snag a deal on the best dolls around. Check out Liveauctioneers.com.

  4. Artfact.com - Art enthusiasts will fall in love with Artfact.com. If you are someone who appreciates the atmosphere of a live auction, from a reputable house like Christie’s or Sotheby’s, you will definitely enjoy Artfact.com. Artfact.com puts the class back into online auctions, and with their Live Webcam feature you will feel just like you’re sitting in an auction seat. This site specializes in rare art, antiques and collectibles, and has an amazing array of high quality items up for bid. Serious doll collectors can find toys from faraway lands and time periods on this site. Although you won’t find our modern day, plastic-faced, pose-able nylon haired dolls on this site, you will find authentic, hand-painted, dolls that are crafted from fine materials. Visit this site for spectacular collector’s items, and enjoy the rush of a live auction while you’re at it!

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