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15 Popular Diamond Ring Auction Sites

Part 1: Sponsors


Diamond rings can be expensive, but when you go through Ebay.com you could find a great deal.

Because you place your own bids at the website, you never have to pay more than you are comfortable paying. They have a variety of sizes, cuts, clarities, and more to help you find what you are looking for.

The 24 round natural diamond ring is currently bidding for only $24.99! This price even includes free shipping! This stylish ring has a unique twisted design that is eye catching and elegant. The band is made from sterling silver with a purity of .925. The exact carat weight is .15. And because this ships with first class mail, you could receive this amazing ring in a matter of no time!

Visit Ebay.com today to see which of the diamond rings is right for you.


If you are looking to purchase a diamond ring, go to Liquidation.com. They have a large selection of diamond rings to get you started.

Because diamond rings are such a large investment, saving every penny helps. You can select your price range to help you save time. By making your own bids, you never have to pay more than you want to pay. And a large majority of these rings are brand new, for sale by a wholesale seller.

The genuine diamond buckle ring is currently bidding for $100. The diamonds are .2 cwt with a SI in clarity and an H in color. It comes in a size 7 but you could always get it readjusted if it does not fit.

Visit Liquidation.com today to start placing bids.

Part 2: More Diamond Ring Auction Sites


Go to Bidz.com if you are looking for diamond ring. Whether it is for a special someone or for you, this could be a great place to start looking. This website lists the original list price of the rings they have for auction. This means you are able to see the exact amount of your savings when you bid! You could save thousands of dollars simply by going through this website!

Check out the brand new .55 CTW genuine clean diamonds 14K two-tone gold ring. It is currently bidding for only $189. Other places sell this ring for up to $2,770! That is a total savings of $2,581! It has nine diamonds making up the center piece with others around the band.

Go to Bidz.com now and start placing your bids.


If you are in the market for a diamond ring, go to PoliceAuctions.com. They have diamond rings ranging from traditional engagement rings to contemporary designs. Many of the rings also have other gemstones incorporated for a look that can be eye catching and fun.

You can select the material you want the band to be made out of. This could save you time on searching and give you more time to focus on bidding. Choose between white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver!

With the clear pictures of the rings, you can search through the rows of auctions easily. Let your eyes scan the auctions until something pops out! Start bidding and keep bidding until you win!

Visit PoliceAuctions.com today and start placing your bids.


Buying a diamond ring can be a big investment, but it does not have to be difficult. At JewelryRoom.com you can sort through their large inventory of diamond rings until you find the one that is right for you. And because you are able to place your own bids, you may be able to spend less money that you thought!

One of the great features of this website is that they show you what the original list prices are for each auction. This can help you know how much you are saving. It can also help you feel better about making that extra bid.

Sort the auctions by the time ending soonest. This will allow you to get last minute bids in. This could also possibly increase your chance of winning.


At PropertyRoom.com you can possibly find great deals on the diamond ring you have been looking for. They have a great assortment to get you started. Their inventory ranges from yellow gold to sterling silver. Their diamonds range in cut, clarity, and even color. Some of the rings even come with other gemstones. You can go as traditional or as funky as you want!

Take a look at the sparkling genuine diamond ring in 14k white gold. It is currently bidding for only $68. It is a size 7 and is brand new! The stone shapes are round and there are many different stones all over the ring. The white gold provides a great background for the shiny diamonds.

Visit PropertyRoom.com now and see how many diamond rings you can afford!


Auctions4Jewellery.com could be a good place for you to start searching for a diamond ring. They do not have a very large selection of diamond rings for you to choose from, but they do have a few to give you ideas.

Take a look at the three-stone ring that is currently available at this website. It has two diamonds surrounding a bright red ruby. This ring retails at $2,400 but is currently bidding for only $306! It comes in either white or yellow gold in sizes 6-8. The ruby is .5 ctw and the diamonds are .5 ctw. Imagine sliding this three-stone beauty onto your finger or someone elseís!

Do not wait too long. These auctions will end shortly. Go to Auctions4Jewellery.com now.


Diamond rings can be affordable! Go to uBid.com to see for yourself.

This website has diamond ring auctions starting at just $1. Imagine the amount of money you could save if you only had to pay $1! If you get into the auction right away, you can start a $1 and work your way up until the auction is over.

Another great way to bid is to sort the inventory by the auctions ending the soonest. This allows you to get the last minute bids in and the diamond ring you want. Whether you were bidding on the auction all along, or just want to swoop in at the last minute, this could be an effective tactic.

Go to uBid.com now and see which diamond ring auction looks good to you.


The diamond ring auctions at JTVAuctions.com could be a great way to save money and find the ring you want. Instead of overpaying for the same ring elsewhere, you could cut costs by bidding the price you are comfortable with.

Check out the .75 ctw champagne and white diamond ring in 14k yellow gold. It is currently bidding for only $145. It is in the shape of a flower. This gives it a unique style without taking away from the elegance. Imagine you or the one you love wearing this ring every day!

Go to JTVAuctions.com now to see if they have a diamond ring worth your bid!


When you want to purchase a diamond ring, go to ShopGoodwill.com. Here you can place bids on one of their many diamond ring auctions. The rings range in band material, cut, clarity, size, etc. This means you can search through the varieties until you find the one that stands out.

Take a look at the 14KT gold 20pt diamond ring. It is a size 5 and currently is bidding for only $134.99. This ring has a fun design that is classic but still unique. The diamond accents the gold but is not overpowered by the band.

Visit ShopGoodwill.com today to see their complete inventory of diamond ring auctions.


Finding the perfect diamond ring does not have to be out of your reach. At AlwaysAtAuction.com you can browse through their inventory to find the diamond ring that is right for your taste. Because this is an auction website, you are able to see new auctions frequently. And placing your bids can be easy. Simply create an account and you could maybe even win today!

For a classic diamond ring, take a look at the 14k white gold white topaz and diamond ring. It is currently bidding for only $149! This size 7 ring could be the perfect addition to a relationship. It can be compared at retailers and other websites for over $1,000! And while this is a great price, you have to start bidding to win!

Go to AlwaysAtAuction.com now and sign up.


If you are in the market for a diamond ring, go to LiquidationChannel.com. This website has a great selection of diamond rings to help you make a purchase. They have classic solitary rings as well as unique rings with intricate details.

One of the great features of this website is its narrowing and sorting functions. You can select several of your preferences before shopping. You are able to select the metal and the shape of the ring you want! Next you can sort the remaining inventory by price range, or title.

This website has diamond rings in the shape of flowers, hearts, squares, circles, and much more. They have bands that swirl around the diamond, are covered in diamonds, etc.

Start shopping for the diamond ring you want now at LiquidationChannel.com.


You can find diamond ring auctions today at Bid4Assets.com. While their inventory is not as large as some other websites and stores, it could still be a good place to start. There are diamond rings for both men and women currently available. So whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, the perfect ring may be just a few bids away.

Take a look at the menís diamond ring. This 1.7 ct 14k yellow gold ring could be a great gift for the man in your life. Show him how much you love him with this size 9 beauty. The estimated retail price of this is $9,245 but it is currently bidding at just $126!

Take advantage of this deal and the other great diamond ring auctions, now at Bid4Assets.com.


LiveAuctioneers.com is a great way to participate in diamond ring auctions without leaving your home or office.

They have a large selection of high quality diamond rings to help you with your shopping. And because they are being auctioned off, you could get a great price on them. Imagine paying half the retail price for a gorgeous diamond ring, or possibly even less!

Take a look at their featured auctions. This section displays a wide variety of high quality diamond rings. You are able to bid right away on the current auctions to increase your chances of winning. Each auction displays a picture, the starting price, a brief description, and the auctioneer. This helps you skim through easily before looking at the details.

Go to LiveAuctioneers.com today and see which of the diamond ring auctions is worth your time!


Go to iCollector.com if you are searching for a diamond ring. Auctions can be a great way to save money on big purchases. Diamond rings can be very expensive, but online auctions allow you to name your own price and bid at your own pace.

This website has a very large selection of diamond rings to help you get started. They have many different shapes, metals, CTWs, prices, and even rings with other gemstones. And to make your shopping easier, they have many different filtering options. You can choose the category, country, year, auctioneer, and more!

They currently have a .35 ct princess cut diamond ring bidding with a starting bid of just $50. It is a size 6.5 and can be shipped as soon as the auction ends!

Visit iCollector.com now and see which of the diamond rings suits you.

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