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26 Top Craft Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: 12 Top Craft Auction Sites Popular for Buyers and Sellers

  1. ebay.com - Do you have the creative touch? Like to make scrapbooks, sewing projects, and other crafts? If you’re looking for a great place to buy craft supplies or finished pieces, look no further than Ebay.com! At Crafts.shop.ebay.com, you’ll find everything from sewing and fabric supplies to kid’s crafts and mosaics.

    This is a particularly good site for scrapbookers to browse, with an enormous selection of adhesives, embellishments, markers and pens, and even scrapbooking kits. Right now, there are over 120,000 different choices in the scrapbooking section of this site, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

    Hoping to sell craft supplies or your finished craft? Ebay.com is a fantastic place to do it. As you probably know, signing up at Ebay.com is easy to do, and this site charges relatively low fees for sellers. Get started today at Ebay.com!

  2. Us.ebid.net - If you like to do crafts, you probably know that supplies can sometimes be a bid pricey. Buying craft supplies or finished crafts in an online auction is a great way to go, and Us.ebid.net is an outstanding choice. From beads and sewing supplies to leatherwork and decoupage supplies, this site has everything you need to make whatever craft you prefer. The Hand-Made Goods section is a great place to browse if you’re hoping to find some original handiwork to display in your home, to wear, or perhaps to send to a friend.

    Hoping to sell your crafts online? Us.ebid.net is a good choice for sellers as well. Here you’ll only have to take a moment to complete the registration process. There is only a minimal final value fee for sellers, so there’s really no downside to selling here. Try it today at Us.ebid.net!

Part 2: 10 More Craft Auction Sites

  1. shopgoodwill.com - The site has a good selection of crafts for auction.

  2. Webstore.com - If you’ve shopped or sold in online auctions before, you’ve probably heard of Webstore.com. This site is a great choice for buying and selling all sorts of items, including crafts and craft supplies. Sellers will love using this site because it is completely free to sell at this site. You can even open a free webstore of your own with an unlimited number of items.

    Hoping to find deals on craft supplies or crafts? Webstore.com is the site for you. With thousands of different choices in supplies and finished crafts, you’re sure to find what you need at this site. If you like sewing, be sure you take a look at this site – the selection of sewing supplies here is particularly extensive. It includes fabric, patterns, lace, and even cross-stitching supplies. See for yourself today at Webstore.com!

  3. Webidz.com - Webidz.com is another outstanding auction site for both buyers and sellers of crafts and crafting supplies. Here you’ll find everything from beading supplies to woodworking and weaving supplies. If you like creating bead art, be sure you don’t overlook this site. The selection of beading supplies here is particularly immense, and offers some great opportunities for creating beautiful beaded projects. Another especially good selection this site has is embroidery supplies, so if embroidery is your craft of choice, waste no time hurrying to Webidz.com!

    If you would prefer to sell your crafts or craft supplies, this site is a terrific choice. The final value fees at this site are minimal, and it only takes moments to sign up and start selling! Take a look at Webidz.com today.

  4. Onlineauction.com - A popular auction site, Onlineauction.com is the perfect place to buy or sell crafts and supplies. Whether you want to sell finished handmade items or crafting supplies, this site is the place to go. As a seller, you can register with this site and start listing your items for auction in a few minutes. This site, unlike many others, charges a low monthly fee for sellers, which is certainly worth it when you begin to successfully sell at Onlineauction.com!

    For those who like crafting and want to save some money on supplies, look no further than Onlineauction.com. Like to make your own candles and soap? Or maybe you prefer scrapbooking or knitting? No matter where your creative urges take you, you’ll find bargains on a huge variety of craft supplies at this site. Check it out today at Onlineauction.com!

  5. Cqout.com - Hunting for somewhere you can buy and sell crafts online? Cqout.com is the site you’ve been looking for. Here you can buy supplies for scrapbooking, card making, pottery making, rubber stamping, and just about any other craft you can think of. For those who particularly enjoy scrapbooking and making cards, this site is a fantastic choice. The selection of scrapbooking supplies here is consistently plentiful, including ribbons, design paper, stencils, and more.

    Cqout.com is not only a good site for buyers of crafting supplies, but sellers as well. To sell your items at this site, all you need to do is register and the only fee you’ll encounter is a low commission fee when you make a sale. This means you’ll keep the vast majority of the money you earn! Give Cqout.com a try today.

  6. Plunderhere.com - If you plan to buy and sell crafts or craft supplies online, Plunderhere.com is definitely worth your time. This site is both buyer and seller friendly, offering not only a good selection but low fees and easy registration for sellers. In fact, sellers only need to pay a small commission on each successful sale, keeping the cost of selling at this site to an absolute minimum.

    For those who are more interested in buying crafts or craft supplies, this site is an equally ideal choice. Be especially sure to check out the selection at Plunderhere.com if you like to do embroidery or cross stitching – you’ll find hundreds of choices in supplies for your favorite craft! Don’t be deterred if you prefer a different type of craft, as this site also carries knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, and stamping supplies as well as many other options. Start buying and selling today at Plunderhere.com!

  7. Everythingelse.bidstart.com - Bidstart.com is a popular auction site for collectors and hobbyists, so it’s no surprise that this site is a good place to go for crafts and craft supplies. Maybe you prefer woodworking or scrapbooking, or perhaps sewing or knitting. No matter what your creative style is, you’re likely to find supplies at this site. Because everything here is offered for auction by independent sellers, you’ll find some terrific bargains here!

    Along with being a good place to find craft supplies, Bidstart.com is also a great place to sell them. When you sell here, you’ll be able to offer your items to an active and relatively well known online auction marketplace, so you’re sure to make successful sales. Simply sign up and start listing your items – all you’ll need to pay are minimal listing and final value fees. Start today at Everythingelse.bidstart.com!

  8. Epier.com - For anyone who wants to either buy or sell crafts and craft supplies in an online auction, Epier.com is the perfect site. This site is “The Free Marketplace,” making it as profitable as possible for sellers to sell their items here. As a seller, you won’t have to pay any fees whatsoever to list and sell your craft supplies!

    Crafters who are hunting for an online source of supplies will also particularly enjoy browsing the selection at Epier.com. You’ll find supplies for bead art, candle and soap making, quilting, knitting, and more all at this site. Epier.com features a particularly varied selection of yarn, with categories for different types of yarn such as cashmere, acrylic, wool, and others. Hurry to Epier.com today and get started buying and selling!

  9. Wensy.com - Another free online auction site, Wensy.com is a great bet for those who are looking to buy or sell craft supplies. Buyers will love not only the great selection here, but also the bargains. Because the site is free to use, sellers are able to offer some terrific deals on craft supplies at this site. Anyone who knits, crochets, paints, or likes making bead projects and artwork will love browsing the wide selection of supplies at Wensy.com.

    Does this site sound like a good place for you to sell your craft supplies? Don’t hesitate to sign up and start listing your wares! At Wensy.com, you won’t have to pay any fees at all in order to sell. You’ll be able to keep 100% of the money you earn from the items you sell at this site. Why not start today at Wensy.com?

  10. Upperbid.com - If you’ve bought or sold in online auctions before, you may have heard of Upperbid.com. This terrific site is another place where you can buy supplies for your creative crafting endeavors or sell the craft supplies you already have. Those who enjoy painting, quilting, scrapbooking, leatherworking, and other crafts will all find something to their liking at this site. This auction site also offers “Instant Purchase,” which makes shopping in the online auction even more convenient.

    Upperbid.com is friendly to both buyers and sellers alike. Sellers will like using this site because of its low fees and user-friendliness. In addition, you’ll be able to offer your craft supplies to an active online auction community. What more could you ask for? Take a look at the opportunities that Upperbid.com has to offer today!

Part 3: 10 Craft Marketplaces

  1. Etsy.com - When it comes to online craft marketplaces, Etsy.com is one of the best on the web. This site offers buyers and sellers of handmade objects and craft supplies the perfect marketplace to shop or present their products. If you like shopping for handcrafted decorations and gifts, this site couldn’t be more ideal for you, with selection of bags and purses, jewelry, knitting, handmade furniture, and more. This site makes it easy to find items you’ll like – you can shop by color, use “Alchemy” to request custom items, or even shop local.

    Artists and crafters who want to sell their wares will love this site as well. Here you can list and sell your items in the marketplace for extremely low fees. You’ll be selling your own handmade products in no time! Take a look at Etsy.com today.

  2. Artfire.com - Artfire.com is another fantastic online marketplace for crafty people. This online community is the ideal place for artists around the world to open up shop and sell their handmade items and artwork. If you are an artist and you’d like to sell your products online, you’ll be glad to discover how easy it is at Artfire.com. All you have to do is register and start selling – there are no fees to sell at this site!

    For those who would prefer to shop, this site will certainly not disappoint. This site has a huge selection of handmade crafts, vintage items, fine art, and craft supplies from all over the world. You can discover that perfect item by using this site’s convenient “Unique Gift Guides,” shopping by color, or using the advanced search feature. Check out what Artfire.com has to offer today!

  3. Ecrater.com - An online marketplace is a great way to get your handmade items out into the market or a fantastic place to find great gifts, decorations, and other creative items. So why not take a look at Ecrater.com? This online marketplace is great for crafters, artists, and those who love to buy handmade items. Not only can you shop from a huge selection of handcrafted items here, you can also browse an enormous collection of art and craft supplies. There are some especially great fabric and pattern choices here.

    Looking to sell your handmade crafts or crafting supplies? Look no further than Ecrater.com! At this site, you can sell your items in your own online store without paying any fees whatsoever. Get started buying and selling today at Ecrater.com!

  4. Bonanzle.com - It’s likely that you’ve heard of Bonanzle.com before. This unique online marketplace is where you can “Find Everything but the Ordinary,” making it perfect for artists, crafters, and craft lovers. Here you can easily open your own online store and start selling your artistic creations or craft supplies. When you sell through this site, the only fee you’ll have to pay is a small commission on each successful sale. Getting started is easy, simply sign up and start listing your items!

    Bonanzle.com is also a fantastic place to buy crafts and craft supplies. Here you’ll find sewing supplies, fabric, scrapbooking supplies, beads, and original handcrafted items.

    For some really great finds, be sure to check out the “Hand Picked Lists,” which contain all sorts of interesting items. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at this eclectic site. Hurry to Bonanzle.com today!

  5. Blujay.com - Blujay.com is a free online marketplace and a terrific place to buy and sell crafts or craft supplies. Here you’ll find an enormous selection of handcrafted items and crafting supplies. From candle and soap making supplies to fabric and stamps, everything the artist, crafter, or craft lover needs can be found at Blujay.com. For those who like to cross stitch or sew, this site is a particularly great choice, with massive selections of sewing and cross stitching supplies.

    Selling at Blujay.com is also a wise choice, as this marketplace charges no fees whatsoever for sellers. When you sell your handmade items or craft supplies here, you’ll make your products available to a large and active marketplace community. Why wait? Register and get started today at Blujay.com.

  6. Shophandmade.com - Do you like to wear, give as gifts, or decorate your home with handcrafted items? Or are you an artist or crafter? Then Shophandmade.com is the site for you! If you like to make crafts and would like to sell them, this site is worth a good look. Here you can sell your items entirely for free – there are no mandatory listing, monthly, or commission fees.

    Shophandmade.com is one of the most popular handmade craft marketplaces on the web, so it’s no surprise that the selection here is so astounding! Sellers at this site offer a variety of crafts and handmade items including furniture, knitting, ceramics, and jewelry, as well as vintage items. In order to find what you’re looking for, you can search by keywords, color, or category, or browse new items and sale items. Start buying or selling today at Shophandmade.com!

  7. Madeitmyself.com - Another online marketplace dedicated to crafters and artists, Madeitmyself.com is the perfect place to go to buy or sell handmade items. When you shop here, you’ll be amazed by the variety that the sellers here offer. From accessories to ceramics to handmade items for your children or your pets, you’ll find just about any handcrafted item you could want at this site. For those who are particularly concerned about being kind to the environment, the Earth Friendly section of items is the ideal place to shop.

    If you’d prefer to sell some of your own crafts instead of shopping, this site remains a terrific choice. Here you can sell for almost no fees – just a small percentage commission when you make a successful sale. As this site is one of the most popular craft marketplaces on the internet, it’s a win-win situation! Try it today at Madeitmyself.com.

  8. Atomicmall.com - Another great option for buying and selling crafts in an online marketplace is Atomicmall.com. This site offers opportunities for buyers to find good deals on handmade items or craft supplies, and for sellers to conveniently and cheaply list and sell their wares. If you’re a seller, you’ll appreciate this site’s low fees – no listing fees, just a reasonable final value fee when you successfully make a sale. If you already offer items for sale on other sites such as Ebay.com, you can easily import your items to this site as well.

    For buyers, this site remains a fantastic choice. If you like to sew, you might especially enjoy the extensive selection of vintage clothing patterns that are available from sellers at this site. Take a look at Atomicmall.com today!

  9. Ioffer.com - Whether you’re hoping to buy or sell craft supplies online, Ioffer.com is an excellent bet. Selling your crafts or craft supplies here is easy. All you have to do is register, and then you’ll be selling in no time. This site doesn’t even charge listing fees, just a small fee when you sell an item. You can even open up a free online store for your handmade items or craft supplies when you sell at Ioffer.com!

    In the Hobbies and Crafts section at Ioffer.com, you’ll find an amazing variety or crafts and crafts supplies that is sure to spark your creativity. Whether you prefer jewelry making, sewing, scrapbooking, or even woodworking, this site’s sellers offer anything you’ll need for your craft of choice. If you’re feeling creative, be sure to take a look at the Multi-Purpose Craft Supplies section. Check out what Ioffer.com has to offer today!

  10. Tripleclicks.com - You may not have heard of Tripleclicks.com before, but this site is a great place for crafty and creative people who want to buy or sell craft supplies online. If you like bonsai but can’t commit to caring for a real one, be sure to take a look at the beautifully crafted wire bonsai tree sculptures that are available here. This site also features a terrific collection of sewing supplies and kits. Sellers here offer a good variety of scrapbooking supplies as well, especially stickers.

    For those who would rather sell handmade items and art supplies, don’t pass by the opportunity offered by Triplclicks.com. Registering at this site is free and takes only a minute, and then you can purchase site credits for just cents in order to list and sell your items. Give Tripleclicks.com a try today!

Part 4: 4 Top Craft Classifieds
  1. Oodle.com - Looking for handmade items or craft supplies? If you are, you may have considered looking in online classifieds. Oodle.com is a great online classified ad site, where you can find just about anything you need from people who live in your neighborhood. From a fully-functional pottery kiln to fine artwork to decorate your home, you’ll find an astounding variety of crafts and crafting supplies at Oodle.com. At this site you can easily find items that are offered for sale by people in your area, so you can conveniently make a deal and get your purchase.

    Oodle.com is also a good place to list items for sale. Here you can post an ad for 30 days for free, and plenty of people in your area will be sure to see your listing at this popular site. Take a look at Oodle.com today!

  2. Craigslist.org - Craigslist.org is one of the best known online classified sites on the web, so it’s no surprise that this site is a great place to find crafts and craft supplies from local sellers. In the Arts and Crafts section of this site, you’ll find hundreds of choices on any given day. From original carvings to scrapbooking supplies and everything in between, this site’s sellers offer a stunning variety of items. If you don’t have the time or patience to sift through the many classified ads posted at this site, it’s easy to run a simple search for what you’re looking for.

    If you have handmade items or crafting supplies to sell, Craigslist.org is also a good choice for you. Posting ads at this site is easy and free. Soon you’ll likely be receiving responses from locals who are interested in buying your items. Give Craigslist.org a try today!

  3. Hoobly.com - If you’ve used online classifieds before, you’ve probably heard of Hoobly.com. This great online classified site is the ideal place to find crafts and craft supplies for sale from people in your area. With separate areas for cities all over the United States as well as many cities around the world, it’s easy for you to find your own neighborhood at this site. If you like sewing, the current craft supply listings will be particularly to your liking, which features a huge variety of sewing supplies. For an array of interesting handmade items, be sure to look at the Handcrafted Items section of this site’s classifieds.

    For anyone who is interested in posting an ad to sell crafts or crafting supplies, Hoobly.com is the site for you. It’s free to sign up and post an ad at this site. Take a look at Hoobly.com today!

  4. Ebay classifieds - Kijiji.com, or Ebay classifieds, is another great classified ad site for crafters. In the arts and crafts section of this site, you’ll find a wide variety of different items for sale by people in your area. Right now, the selection of handcrafted items, paintings, and sculptures is particularly extensive, but you never know what you might find when you browse the ads at this site. If you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to use the simple search tool to find what you need.

    This site is also a good choice for anyone who has handcrafted items or craft supplies that they wish to sell using online classifieds. With Ebay classifieds, you can post your ad for free. It’s easy to create an ad, and you can include up to 8 photos. Check out Kijiji.com today!

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