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23 Computer Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: premium Sponsors

  1. Liquidation.com

    When you are looking for a computer, go to Liquidation.com. Whether you want something for everyday use or just something to keep around the home, this website could be a great place to get started. They have different brands, different size monitors, and more.

    If you have a preference on the condition of the computer, select it before you begin searching. You can select new, salvage, or returns. You can also select the price range while you are at it! The ranges go up in $100 increments. There are currently no computers auctioning for over $500 so you do not have to worry about high prices!

    You can also sort the computer auctions by the time ending soonest. This means you can get your last minute bids in and hopefully increase your chances of winning!

    Go to Liquidation.com now and start bidding!

  2. eBay Computer Acution - As part of the bigger Auction network of eBay is eBay Computer Auction.

    Though this is a service that is a sub-category to eBay's immense collection of auction products, you will still find more computer and technological tools offered here than on any other online service. Search from brand new items to smaller pieces needed for a build-from-scratch project- eBay Computer Auction is sure to have it all!

    This is the place to search for bargains. Prices aren't set to a retail market value, a fluidity that ultimately results in lower-prices! Sellers can also utilize this service to make a few extra dollars on surplus items around the household. Especially in the computer world, you will find a need to update and upgrade. Find that new flash memory drive or computer software here for a fast efficient results and low-costs.

    Visit the official site of eBay Computer Acution now!

  3. Amazon.com - Amazon marketplace is a good alternative to computer auction site. It has several advantages over other options.

    First, the selection is excellent. For each popular model of laptop or desktop, you often find over 20 sellers. To check all sellers, when you are on the page of the product, please click the link of "xx new" and "xx used". Some sellers are retailers, while others are consumers getting rid of used computers.

    Second, the price is great for many models. Due to the high competitiveness, you may be able to find a computer selling at a price better that at a computer auction, without the waiting period.

    Finally, Amazon offers "a-to-z Safe Buying Guarantee". Please check the site for details.

  4. CowBoom

    If you are looking for a website that auctions off computers and electronics, go to CowBoom.com.

    This website has a section of it dedicated just to computers and things related to computers. Whether you are an expert in technology or just looking or a few things, this website is a great resource for you to use. They auction off things from laptops to adaptable cords. You can choose to look at new, use, refurbished, or all. There are different sections of the computer category to help you find the specific thing you are looking for in less time.

    Go to CowBoom.com now and see if the computer item you need is up for bid.

  5. Sam's Club Computer Auction - Sam's Club is not only a store but it also has a website where you can buy items online and it also has another site feature called auction where its members can bid on different items they want. Sam's Club's goal is to bring their members the highest possible quality products and services at exceptional values. Their auction site feature is just another way that Sam's Club can assure that all their members are able to buy those hot items at low prices. The auction area of their site offers the hot auctions at the current time which is their computers and software items. With many different types of laptops, desktops, and other software to choose from Sam's Club computer auction can be right for all their members. So come make an investment in a Sam's Club membership and start bidding today!

Part 2: 5 Popular Computer Auction Sites

  1. Dell Computer Auction - As the name of this site suggests, Dellauction.com is the ideal site for anyone who loves Dell! Here you will find every Dell computing product you may need. As this is an auction site, you will be sure to find fantastic prices on the Dell name products you trust. This site does not offer an option to sell, so if you are looking to sell your Dell products you will have to do so somewhere else. However, Dellauction.com is an excellent choice for buyers. Registration on this site is quick and easy, so you can get to bidding and buying in no time at all. For all Dell lovers, this site is well worth your time. Go and see for yourself at Dellauction.com!

  2. shopgoodwill.com - Most people have heard of Goodwill, perhaps they donate unwanted items to the local Goodwill, or browse a nearby Goodwill store for bargain clothing. What some people don't know is that Goodwill has a terrific online auction site with a great computing section! At Shopgoodwill.com, you will find thousands of auction listings in the computing section. Whether you need a laptop, desktop, printer, software, or hardware, you'll be sure to find it here. Shopgoodwill.com is conveniently free to all bidders, so it is easy and painless to get started bidding on the items you want. The downside to this site is that only Goodwill branches can sell, so if you plan to sell your used computing items, you'll have to go somewhere else. On the upside, this means low prices for buyers! So go see what Shopgoodwill.com has to offer!

  3. uBid.com Computer Auction - uBid.com pitches itself as "Your connection to excess inventory from the world's most trusted brands". There are several different categories of items on uBid, and perhaps one of the most comprehensive of these categories is the Computer section. With hundreds of computers and computer accessories, uBid offers high technology at a low price (if you're lucky!). Their inventory includes printers and scanners, as well as basic computer parts like monitors and drivers. Whether you're looking to buy or make a desktop or laptop, uBid's Computer Auction has the components, hardware and software that you need. Signing up will take a few minutes, because uBid.com requires you to register with a username and password to make sure that your credit card information is secure.

  4. PropertyRoom.com

    Forget about the days of overpaying for computers. At PropertyRoom.com you may be able to find the computer you want, and you may be able to find it for less money! This website allows you to place bids on the computers you want. This could help you not only save money, but it could help to ensure you win the computer that is right for you.

    This website also has many of the accessories you may need to make your computer complete. They have speaker sets, headphones, wires, cables, and more!

    A lot of these auctions sell the desktop and the monitor separately. This allows you to find each piece you want individually to make up the whole computer of your dreams!

    But do not wait. These auctions will not last forever. Go to PropertyRoom.com now!

  5. Bidz.com

    Go to Bidz.com if you are looking for a place to purchase computers. This website does not have as many options as some of the other stores, but it could be a great place to get started. They have different sizes, models, brands, etc, for you to place your bids on. And because many of these auctions end up selling their computers for much less than the retail price, you could save money!

    They have laptop computers as well as desktop computers. This means you could have one computer to stay at your home, and one for on the go! Take a look at the HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook. It is currently bidding for only $121! The retail price of this computer can range hundreds of dollars more than this!

    Visit Bidz.com now and start place your computer bids!

Part 3: 5 Top Online Computer Marketplaces

  1. eBid.net Computer Auction - Us.ebid.net may not be the most computer auction site, but it is well worth your time. The computing section of this site boasts an extensive selection of computers, laptops, printers, and computing accessories such as cables and hard drives. Whether you need a CPU box or simply a sound card, you are sure to find it here. The motto of this site is "Free to Bid, Free to List". which is true of their policy to a certain extent. If you want the ability to do advanced listings or special privileges like video descriptions for your items, you will have to pay a fee. An advantage to using Us.ebid.net is the quick registration - you will be able to register and start buying and selling straightaway! Give Us.ebid.net a try!

  2. Ioffer.com - Some people may not have heard of Ioffer.com before, but this site?s computing marketplace is certainly worth a look. Ioffer.com boasts an extensive selection of computing item listings in a number of categories such as PC components, drives and storage, and networking, to name a few. If you are looking to buy a laptop, there is no better site than this. Among the huge selection of laptops in the marketplace, you can find names such as Dell, Apple, Acer, HP, and Compaq. It is quick and free to register at Ioffer.com, and sellers must only pay a small percentage fee when their item sells. Whether you plan on buying or selling computing items, Ioffer.com is worth a try!

  3. Ecrater.com - If you're looking for an online marketplace to buy or sell computing items, look no further than Ecrater.com! This site currently boasts a stunning array of over 50,000 listings in the computing section, meaning that you are sure to find what you need here. This site is especially ideal for someone who is looking to build a computer, or needs computer components, as the component section at Ecrater.com is hugely extensive. Whether you need a sound or video card, a hard drive, a CPU, or extra memory, it can all be found at this site. Buying and selling at Ecrater.com is free, and it is easy and quick to sign up. Sellers will be glad to know that there is no fee to sell; you will keep 100% of the money you earn. Give Ecrater.com a try!

  4. Bonanzle.com - The motto of Bonanzle.com is "Find everything but the ordinary", but it probably should just be, "Find everything!" This site is the ideal place to go for buying and selling computing products. With tens of thousands of listings in the computing section, you're sure to find whatever it is you're looking for. Bonanzle.com is an especially good choice for those who need desktop or laptop accessories ? from card readers to web cams to adapters and chargers, it?s all here! This site also offers the convenient ability for sellers to import their eBay and Craigslist items to sell at Bonanzle.com. Sellers will also be pleased to hear that listing an item for sale here is free, though there are small final value fees. Take a look at what Bonanzle.com has to offer!

  5. Wigix.com - Wigix.com is a unique marketplace site that offers a wide variety of computing products. The feature that sets Wigix.com apart is that each individual product has only one page - unlike many other marketplace sites where a single product may have as many pages as there are sellers offering it - which means more convenience and less wasted time for buyers. Within the computing section of this site, you will find an outstanding variety of products, including web cams, USB hubs, laptops, printers, and keyboards, just to start! It is quick and easy to register with Wigix.com, and becoming a buyer is free. If you are a seller, you'll gladly note that listing your item for sale is free, although keep in mind there is a small transaction fee when you sell your item. Check out Wigix.com today!

Part 4: 5 Popular Computer Classifieds

  1. Craigslist.org - Most people have heard of Craigslist.org, one of the most popular online classified ad sites there is. If you are looking to buy or sell computing items and equipment, Craigslist.org is the perfect place to do it! In the computing section of this site, you will find an enormous variety of items for sale, from laptops and keyboards to software and manuals. As the listings are relatively unorganized, you may have to use the internal search engine to find the particular item you need. But rest assured - whatever it is that you need, you're more than likely to find it at Craigslist.org! This site is also an excellent place to find incredibly low prices on the items you need. Posting classifieds is free, and signing up to buy and sell is quick and easy. Why not give Craigslist.org a try?

  2. Oodle.com - Oodle.com is a popular site and a great destination for buyers and sellers of computing items! There are currently neary 50,000 listings just in the "Computers" subcategory, and over 200,000 in the "PC Components" subcategory. Whether you need a printer, scanner, laptop, or flash drive, it's all here! From kids computer games to hard drives, there is no way you could fail to find what you need from among this massive variety. It's quick and easy to buy and sell at Oodle.com. Posting a classified ad is free, so you can get started buying and selling computing items right now! When it comes to computers and computing accessories, Oodle.com is definitely worth your time.

  3. Kijiji.com - Kijiji.com is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to buy or sell computers or computing equipment. First you will choose where you live, and the site will direct you to the local listings for that location. Then you can select what it is you are looking for. In the computing section of this site, you will be greeted with hundreds upon hundreds of listings, where incredibly low prices can be found on many of the items you need. At Kijiji.com, not only can you buy and sell, you can also trade items. Becoming a buyer or a seller is free, and you don?t have to pay a cent to post a classified ad! Take a look at Kijiji.com today!

  4. Blujay.com - There is no question about it: Blujay.com is an ideal site for buying or selling computing products. This site boasts an immense selection of computers, computer parts, and computer accessories for sale. Right now there is an especially extensive selection of software and computer games, power adapters, and power jack connectors. Blujay.com even features a section of domain names for sale! Another feature that makes this site great is that it is all free for buyers and sellers. Sellers can even post free photo ads! In addition, registering at this site is easy to do and takes no time at all. Be sure to head over to Blujay.com and see what great computing products and sales opportunities it has to offer!

  5. Sell.com - Sell.com is not only a great place to sell any computing items, it's a fantastic place for buyers as well! In the computers and computer accessories section of this site, you'll find hundreds of products, among which you're sure to find whatever it is you need. Sell.com even has a section of classifieds for website and email hosting! Currently, the selection of Apple products offered for sale at this site is especially good. The unique feature about this site is the procedure for buying - first you find what you need, then you contact the seller, and you and the seller will agree on a price. This means the potential for truly unbeatable prices! Sellers should note, however, that it costs $1 to $3 to post a classified ad in the computing section. See what opportunities are offered Sell.com today!

Part 2: 3 Popular Computer Auction Sites

  1. webstore.com - Webstore.com is an auction site that some people may not have heard of, but don't be deterred - this site boasts an excellent computing section with hundreds of items up for bid. If you are planning on buying, it's easy to find what you?re looking for on this site because of the convenient subcategories in the computing section. Whether it's a laptop, software, networking devices, or a CPU, you'll quicly be able to find it at Webstore.com. This site is an especially good place to look for laptops and laptop accessories, as there is a wide selection in the Laptops category. If you plan on selling, you'll be glad to hear that Webstore.com does not charge any fees for sign up or basic listings! Check out the computing section at Webstore.com, and start buying and selling today!

  2. webidz.com - The computing section at Webidz.com is sure to blow you away! Here you will find a huge variety of computer related products up for auction, tens of thousands in fact. Though all of the computing subcategories offer an extensive variety for buyers, this is an especially good site for those who need networking equipment. From routers to Ethernet adapters to all the various wires and cables you may need, you will certainly find all the necessities here. Sellers will also be glad to know that Webidz.com also offers free basic listings, but does charge fees for more advanced features. Registration here is quick - it takes only about five minutes ? so you can start buying and selling right now. Head over to Webidz.com and see what this site has to offer!

  3. onlineauction.com - Onlineacution.com is a great choice for online computer auctions! This site offers a broad range of computers, parts, and accessories. If you plan on buying, you can choose to bid on drives, fans, servers, printers, cables, networking items, hardware, software - essentially anything you could ever need for computing! Whether you plan to build your own computer from scratch, or buy a fully functioning one, you?ll be certain to find what you need in the computing section at Onlineauction.com. There is no fee for bidding and buying, but sellers should know that there is a membership fee in order to list your items in the auctions. However, Onlineauction.com minimizes the fees you have to pay to sell by only charging the membership fee and not charging any additional fees for individual listings. Take a look at Onlineauction.com!

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