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17 Top Comic Book Auction Sites and Alternatives

Part 1: Premium Sponsor

  1. www.ebay.com

    Are you an avid comic collector? Whether you’re a fan of Spiderman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, eBay is a great online auction space for you to find antique comics for sale.

    Simply visit www.ebay.com and select the ‘Collectibles’ tab. You’ll then be able to browse Comics by the time period in which they were released and what type of comic they are. eBay hosts auctions for a variety of comics, from Golden Age to Copper Age, graphic novels to manga, and more. You’ll find collectible comic selections for under $20, like a House of Mystery comic for just $10.56. Check out eBay today to browse these affordable collectibles!

Part 2: 8 Popular Comic Book Auction Sites

  1. www.comicconnect.com

    Looking for ease and expertise when searching for the next comic in your collection? Check out Comic Connect! Comic Connection is an online comic marketplace that seeks to avoid fees and provide excellent service to comic collectors everywhere. On Comic Connect, individuals can buy, sell, and rate comics. Comic Connect offers links to both Monthly Auctions and Event Auctions, hosted online. Shoppers can browse the items listed in these auctions by clicking on the appropriate tabs. You can search the comics by their price, quality grade, and date they were added to the site. Comic Connect is not the site for a beginner collector, as many of their comics are desired collectibles and are priced high. If you’re a seasoned collector, it’s definitely worth a look. It has rare issues like Superman #1, Captain Marvel #2, and others. Check out Comic Connect’s comics today!

  2. www.pcei.com

    Looking for a trusted name in American comics while you’re collecting? Try Pacific Comic Exchange! Pacific Comic Exchange is “the largest computerized online comic book trading store”, and can be a great resource if you’re searching for rare comics. All PCE comics are CGSA (Comic Grading Standard of America) certified, and their quality is ensured. You can buy or sell comics on PCE. If you’re interested in buying, select the ‘auctions’ tab from the Buying menu. You can then see Comics available currently hosted on the actual site, rather than the PCE store on eBay. We recommend PCE for seasoned collectors, since the prices can be quite steep (in the thousands). Also, PCE only specializes in Golden and Silver Age comics, so if you’re looking for a comic outside of this time period, it’s best to try another site first.

  3. www.comics.ha.com

    Heritage Auctioneers, the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer , is a great place to go if you’re in need of a comic book auction website. HA offers both weekly online comic auctions (on Sundays) and a permanent auction archive (where you can see which comic sold for how much money). Heritage has an unbeatable comic selection – they carry illustration art, animation art, pulps, magazines, manga, strips, and more from multiple periods of comic book production, such as the Golden Age, Bronze, and Silver Ages. This site is great for fervent collectors, as it has tons of options. It’s also good for beginner collectors as well, since the prices are low. Check out Heritage Auctioneer comics today!

  4. www.comiclink.com

    If you’re a comic collector, you need to check out Comic Link! What is Comic Link? Comic Link is a comic book auction site that hosts multiple comic auctions monthly, and also has a buy it now section if buyers want to pay a base price for comics. To browse what’s available on Comic Link, visit www.comiclink.com and click on the ‘Comics for Sale’ tab. You’ll be able to choose between a monthly hosted auction, current running online auctions, and buy it now comics. You can search from several options on the left, which include searching by type of comic book/comic art, searching by the book’s release date, and searching for other memorabilia. While Comic Link has a great selection, the comics are very expensive (many best-sellers sell between $2 ,000 and $10,000 USD). If you’re a serious comic collector, we definitely recommend Comic Link.

  5. www.compalcomics.com

    Even if you’re a comic collector, you may never have heard of ComPal Comics. ComPal is a British online comic auctioneer/marketplace that offers a wide variety of rare comics for auction. Currently, ComPal offers their next monthly auction on September 7, 2010. This auction will have British comics, annuals, and art work, as well as US Golden and Silver Comics and US 1970s and ‘80s comics. To browse this catalogue, simply visit the site and click on the ‘Catalog’ tab. This brings you to a list of comics available for this month’s auction, as well as details about each book available. ComPal is a trusted name in Comic auctions, and can be a great resource if you’re buying online. If you’re looking for more frequent auctions, you might want to try another site. But we definitely recommend checking out ComPal! Good luck!

  6. shopgoodwill.com

    The site often has a few comic books for auction.

  7. Bidz

    This is mainly a jewelry auction site. But guess what? From time to time, they also offer a small number of comic books for auction.

  8. PoliceAuctions.com

    The site often has a few comic books for auction.

Part 3: 8 Other Comic Book Auction Sites

  1. www.amazon.com

    If you’re a comic enthusiast, chances are you’ve realized how expensive comic collecting can be! Amazon.com can be a great resource for comic collectors, because it offers comics for lower than usual prices! If you’re looking to purchase some new comics, visit www.amazon.com and search ‘Comic Books’ in the search bar. You’ll be brought to Amazon’s ‘Comics & Graphic Novels’ section, where you can browse their selections by price, release date, type of comic, author, and more. Because of Amazon’s online auction format, the prices are kept low. You can find great new and old comics to add to your collection for less, such as DC/Marvel Comics Crossover 11 for just $12.23. Amazon is a great site for beginner collectors, too. Be sure to check out the low-priced classics today.

  2. www.bidstart.com

    Searching for a comic collectible to add to your collection? Head to BidStart! BidStart, the ultimate online collectible marketplace, provides an auction space for stamps, comic books, memorabilia, and more. If you’re a comic collector, it’s a great site to check out. Simply visit www.bidstart.com and type in ‘Comic Books’ in the search bar. You’ll see that BidStart has a unique selection of comics, from Archie to Daredevil to Donald Duck. You can browse the comics by price, release date, auction termination, and more. BidStart’s a fantastic site to use if you’re a serious collector, because they have great comics for astoundingly low auction prices. (For example, there’s currently a 1949 Donald Duck comic available for $30.50 USD. Check out BidStart today if you’re looking to purchase some comics for your collection at great, low prices!

  3. www.capitalcomics.com

    If you’re looking for a comic auction website, Capital Comics might not be your go-to (since currently there are zero comics on auction). But, Capital Comics is a great source if you’re simply looking to buy a comic – so we’ll give you the details of the site here. Capital Comics is an online comic book marketplace, and has a great selection for new or veteran collectors. Capital Comics offers Bronze, Silver, and Golden Age comics as well as online comics, from publishers including Marvel, DC, and Fawcett. You can also browse several genres, such as Superhero, Western, Romance, Crime, and War. To see what’s available for sale, click on the ‘Comics for Sale’ tab and choose which type you’re looking for. What’s great about Capital is their low prices (many comics are under $20 USD). Check out www.capitalcomics.com today for low prices and great collectible comics!

  4. www.onlineauction.com

    Online Auction is self-explanatory! If you’re looking to fill in some gaps within your comic collection, head over to OnlineAuction.com. Select ‘Books & Publications’ and then type in ‘comic books’ in the search bar. While Online Auction doesn’t have an extremely impressive selection, they do have some choices that are great for the price. For example, Online Auction has a Standard Catalog of Comic Books for just $3.59! If you’re a seasoned collector looking for an online auction with lots of options, you might want to consider another site first. This site is worth taking a quick look at in case one of the comics featured could be your missing link. Otherwise, save this site for last.

  5. www.webstore.com

    Whether your kids love comics or you’re a comic collector yourself , Webstore is a great place to browse! Webstore offers pages of comic books available for low prices, and has a surprisingly decent selection. To browse the comics on Webstore, visit www.webstore.com and type in ‘comic books’ in the search bar. Though the search criteria is slightly inconvenient (you can’t search by publisher, release date, or type of comic), they have great, low-priced options, like 5-Excaliber X-Men comment auctioning currently at $5.25! Since there’s pages and pages of Webstore comics available, and the prices are extremely low in comparison to other collectible auction sites, we definitely recommend checking out Webstore. Visit www.webstore.com today.

  6. www.foocomics.com

    Looking to add a comic to your comic collection? Check out Foo Comics! Foo Comics is an all-about-comics site that can provide you with a great online auction place for comics. To get started, visit www.foocomics.com and click on the ‘Auctions’ tab at the bottom of the homepage. You’ll then see a text list of all the comics available, and the time left on their auctions. For a smaller site, the selection is impressive – currently, Foo Comics has about 22 recently listed auctions and about 20 current auctions. While it doesn’t have many search refining options, you can search by comic publisher. Foo Comics has extremely low starting bids, such as $1 and $1.50. If you’re looking for selections like Crisis on Infinite Earth, Robotech, Best of the Brave and the Bold, check out this site! Visit www.foocomics.com today.

  7. www.cqout.com

    CQ Out, a UK online auction site, is a great untapped resource for comic collectors everywhere! While it’s a British company, you can order online from any country and still take advantage of the great prices. To see what comics CQ Out has available, visit the site at www.cqout.com and type ‘comic books’ in the search bar. CQ Out has both comic collecting guidebooks and information books as well as actual comics, including Spiderman, Batman, Bart Simpson, and Books of Magic. Most auctions listed currently have bids at lower than 10 pounds (lower than 20 American dollars), so it’s a great place to browse for comics that might be missing in your selection. Beware of two things, however. The selection is oddly specific and limited, so if you’re looking for a vast selection to browse, try another site. Also, beware of the exchange rate since this is a British site.

  8. www.epier.com

    If you’re a comic collector and you’ve browsed what feels like every auction site in existence, try ePier, a free online marketplace. To see what comics ePier has available, go to the site and type ‘comic books’ in the search bar. ePier provides links to both individual comics being sold and comics in sets, including Superman and Wonder Woman. ePier is cheap – most bids are currently running at $20 or lower. It’s a little difficult to shop on this site because many comics are grouped together for sale by sellers, and you can’t see exactly the comics you’re getting. In addition, the site lacks an extensive selection. We wouldn’t advise putting all your collecting stock into this site, but it is worth a quick look. With such low prices, you’d want to know if a comic here was missing from your collection.

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