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37 Top Collectible Auction Sites

Part 1: Premium Sponsor

  1. Ebay Collectible Auction - EBay’s Collectible Auctions far surpass any other collection sites on the web.

    No matter what you collect – stamps, key-chains, videogames, photographs, ANYTHING – they’ve got it in the collectibles section on eBay. Already the most trusted auction site in the world, eBay’s expanding categories make shopping and bidding easier, more affordable, and fun. Whatever your hobby may be, eBay’s Collectible auctions can fuel your fire. Whether you’ve got a prized lot of vintage lunchboxes, crazy lamps, historical memorabilia or pez dispensers from your childhood - you are sure to find all that and more on eBay’s Collectible page. Old, rare items that you’ve sought out for years are available at the click of a mouse.

  2. Visit the official site of EBay’s Collectible Auctions now!

Part 2: 10 Popular Collectible Auction Sites

  1. Ha.com - Ha.com is one of the world’s largest collectible auctioneers with focus on art, coins, comics, historical material and stamps.

    Even before you start bidding, you can view Ha.com’s auction schedule to get an overview of their collectible items as well as order their catalogs. Ha.com allows you to bid several ways, such as by internet, e-mail, postal mail, in person and by phone so the auctioning process will be most convenient for you. Popular live auctions feature collectibles like rare books and manuscripts. The Charles Darwin Voyages book is one of the most famous 19th century accounts of exploration and it is estimated to be worth up to $30,000. You can win this bid for 20% original value at Ha.com’s auctions.

    Join Ha.com for free now to gain access to their collectible auction archives for prices, photos and full descriptions on thousands of precious items online.

  2. ShopGoodWill - ShopGoodWill has a nice collection of collectibles for auction. The collection has categories like clocks, comic books, cups, trays, vases, figurines, and historical document.

  3. Liveauctioneers.com - Live Auctioneers is a leading online auction sites for buyers looking for collectible antiques, jewelry and art pieces. You can either browse through upcoming sales or search for an item you desire.

    Their catalog of auctions is updated in real time with featured items on the front page. Because Liveauctioneers.com stresses the quality of their collectibles, you can find many high-end works at reduced prices. For instance, the Jean-Michel Basquiat crash crop painting is a rare piece from his 1984 contemporary collection, an ideal addition to your gallery or home. Register for an account on Liveauctioneers.com to start bidding today. You can view other bids as well as increments to increase your chances of winning this precious item.

    Live Auctioneers appeal to specialist collectors with antique, vintage and modern styles and they offer benefits for buyers like alerts and Iphone apps.

  4. Icollector.com - Icollector.com focuses on auctions for trading antiques, fine art and premium collectibles especially for buyers. It empowers hundreds of the world’s leading auctioneers with tools to maximize their results.

    Check out live and upcoming auctions to get the latest collectible goods or browse by item categories, from art to jewelry. A rare Sterling Silver Garnet and Marcasite Ring start as low as $45 and you can preview details at selected times. You can enjoy more fine art and jewelry from the auctioneer’s collection, which includes early 16th century tapestry and oil on canvas works by Andre Gisson. Icollector.com also offers a selective coin collection on auction by US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc. They provide unique and vintage silver dollars, civil war era coins and mint condition Indian coins.

    Place a bid today or create an account on Icollector.com to bookmark your favorite choices.

  5. Hakes.com - Hakes.com provides quality collectibles, especially pop culture items for buyers across the globe. You can view top auctions by day or even visit the post auction sales section for discounts on auctioned items.

    Bidding on Hakes.com is fast and easy; you can use search features to find your interest and bid according to the opening or next acceptable amounts, and invoices will be mailed to all bidders after the closing of the auction. Check out Hake’s Top Tuesday Items, and you can find valuable pieces like the Neil Armstrong signed first day cover, postmarked 1969 or “Buy War Bonds” WWII promotional brochures from the early 1940s. Hakes.com offers these items and thousands more to bid on, from Captain Marvel comics to figurines and action figures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save on great collectibles today.

  6. SoldUSA.com - As one of the oldest internet companies on the market, SoldUSA prides themselves as “the most comprehensive collectibles auctions in the world”. Its roots delve back as far as 1990, then when it was recognized as a Dixie Sporting Collectible auction site. From its premier hunting service beginnings, SoldUSA has blossomed into a general collectibles site that has been maintained and managed by the original founders, a generation of the Roberts. Perhaps it is the steady history that has built SoldUSA to a stature of over 30,000 members since its inception. As a pioneer in auction services, SoldUSA has also opened up sister auction sites such as HuntingCollectibles.com and WarAuction.com. Covering every category from A-to-Z, SoldUSA is particularly accommodating to historic antique collectors who are looking for historical gems at very affordable prices.

  7. CSTV - As part of the very popular information and entertainment CBS Sports Network, CSTV Auctions was created! On CSTV, collectors and admirers alike get a chance to bid on some of the best college sports gear and memorabilia! To obtain these items before these young stars move into a professional division may just make for a million dollar investment! Every sport is covered, from baseball to gymnastics to golf. Used jerseys, autographed historic photos, even gift certificates are auctioned off! All participating colleges are neatly alphabetically ordered to the left of the homepage, making it quick and easy to see all items pertaining to that team. This is the real deal; with item cost that ranges from the thousands to the lower double-digits. As sports enthusiast recognize, these are undiscovered hot commodities! Get them while it’s still affordable!

  8. GoMotorBids - GoMotorBids is unlike the usual auction business, striving to obtain TRUST from their clientele through complete honesty (no fraud) and supply of quality items. This declaration for superb customer service is the reason and method to which GoMotorBids has become one of the most trusted sources for automotive-related collectibles on the internet! Specializing in automotive collectibles and memorabilia, GoMotorBids assures quality and consistency by owning “everything being sold”. In this, users don’t take “chances” with individual sellers but one certified seller! GoMotorBids has the knowledge and experience in collecting the highest quality and deepest variety of automobilia in the world, having been in the automotive collectibles business since 1996! With the promise of treating customers with integrity and dignity, you can now purchase auction items without fear of phantom bidding, fraud, or product misrepresentation.

  9. Propertyroom.com - Founded in 1999, Propertyroom.com specializes in auction of stolen, seized, found and surplus goods and vehicles, serving over 1,500 law enforcement and public agencies nationwide.

    From automotives to electronics, propertyroom.com offers a diverse range of collectible auctions. The quick wins section features auctions closing soon so you can snatch up the hottest new deals. For instance, you can win a gorgeous genuine cultured freshwater pearl and diamond designer ring in 10k yellow gold for as low as $73. This elegant and exquisite piece is estimated to value more than $400, popular in fashion districts in New York and LA. Another top collectible is the Calvin Klein brand new sunglasses starting at $52.

    This glamorous pair is sculpted with clean lines and lightweight frames in a wide range of sizes and colors.

    Register at Propertyroom.com for free access to personalized searches, watch lists and additional benefits.

  10. Ubid.com - If you’re looking for the inside connection to high quality products with the world’s most trusted brands, uBid.com is the place to go to bid on collectibles for reselling or adding to your personal collection.

    Ubid.com features a fantastic collection of new and used collectible antiques, knives, coins and more, starting as low as $1. For cultural figurines, the eSalesUSA Horus Falcon Statue can be won for just $37. This ancient Egyptian hawk bird figurine symbolizes the God of the Sky and Sun in ancient Egypt, originated from around 3000 B.C. It is hand-painted with cold cast resin and bronze finish.

    For coins, the US Large Ancient Roman Gold Token Medal can be bid on for only $1 each, and the collectors’ edition contains over 6 mils of pure 24k gold. Take a look at today’s most popular collectible auctions for top deals that everybody wants.

Part 3: 10 Online Collectible Marketplaces

  1. Delcampe - Delcampe calls itself the “International Collector’s Community”. Claiming to have over 21 million items for sale at any given time, they are a small, but expanding, online auction website. Though they are not as well established and popular as eBay or other related sites, they do have an extensive inventory of collectibles and limited items. Specializing in international items, Delcampe aids collectors in finding exotic and foreign memorabilia and merchandise that they simply cannot find anywhere else. Registration is fee, and listings are relatively inexpensive as well. The site is a small community of online auctioneers and bidders, with forums, polls and articles to aid in your online acquisitions and sales. Take advantage of Delcampe’s services today!

  2. Bonanzle.com - Bonanzle is a great marketplace for individualized items you can’t find mass produced. Their collectibles are “everything but the ordinary,” and Bonanzle.com provides a safe environment to buy and sell.

    Bonanzle offers handpicked items, favorite booths, local items, sales and freebies. Their hand-picked collectibles are definitely worth taking a look for high quality and valuable choices. For instance, one favorite is the Bavarian Beauties collection for Bavarian china and porcelain. The Teapot set with floral designs and gold trip around the lid, rim and spout goes for only $40. There are multi-piece sets available also like the Vintage Bavarian Demitasse 16 piece tea set for $120.

    The upcoming sales section features collectibles that are further marked down, like the Gorgeous Flowered Collectible Glass Paperweight for only $6. Take a look at uploaded images, payment information and seller’s booth for more insight.

  3. Goantiques.com - Founded in 1994, GoAntiques has become one of the longest running and most experienced antiques and collectible sites online. They offer an efficient and all-inclusive solution with thousands of listings for you to browse through.

    Popular member deals include Antique Station with quality art glass, sterling silver and estate jewelry and EuroLux specializing in European antique furniture and decorative goods.

    Antique Station features over 100 collectibles from pottery to prints. For example, the 1914 Charming Vintage Belle Epoque Color Magazine Plate is a vintage and rare collectible, a great addition for any postcards collection or store. From EuroLux, the Vintage French Art Deco piece might be a valuable find, to add a traditional touch to your home or storefront. Not only are most of their pieces sold in excellent condition, but they also provide fast shipping and friendly customer service.

  4. Ecrater.com - At eCrater.com, you can build your own storefront and shop for collectibles through its free marketplace within minutes.

    Featured collectibles include barware, clocks and fossils. You can easily filter out unwanted items and expedite your hunt by sorting according to your price and ratings criteria. For collectible barware, you can find vintage shot glasses, memorabilia, corkscrews and more. A set of six lovely wine glasses from the famous Hoberg’s Resort in 1885 go for just $80. Ecrater.com’s collectibles also cater to different ethnic tastes such as the Retro Corkscrew Japan Wood Handle in stainless steel. This piece features a unique shaped handle, solid trimmed with wood, and it comes in great condition.

    Ecrater.com will even recommend similar items based on your viewing preferences. Buy these collectibles now or ask individual sellers for more information.

  5. Amazon.com - Amazon.com is a large marketplace for anything and everything you can collect, from coins to vehicles to aircraft.

    Although Amazon offers many choices of collectibles, they especially focus on an expansive coin collection. For example, you can get the Beatles Fab 4 Commemorative Coin in new and used conditions. This half dollar size coin comes in solid brass and it will be a great addition to your personal collection as well as a thoughtful gift for friends and family.

    Another option is the 1896 US Indian Head Cent in bronze and mint condition from the Sheridan Coins & Collectibles collection. This authentic coin goes for as low as $6.50, a bargain deal for its value!

    Amazon.com also allows you to search by popular brands like United States Mint and Highland Mint, and you can read customer reviews to verify quality of items.

  6. Blujay.com - Features at Blujay.com are free for sellers and buyers like unlimited posts up to 180 days and useful management tools.

    Blujay.com presents you with over 86,000 collectible goods in comics, advertisements, kitchen utensils, vanity products and more. One of their largest concentrations is on advertising material, printed ads and vintage ads. For instance, you can find a rare early 70’s Budweiser ad in mint condition for just $10. Not only are collectibles on Blujay.com affordable, but you will have the option to purchase in bulk for reselling purposes. You can find a lot of back strike vintage matchbooks from various restaurants and restaurants for just $2 or a variety of 1930s Flyer Ads for $2.99 each.

    Blujay.com offers PayPal and Google Checkout options for fast and easy transactions, and a community forum for you to share tips with other members.

  7. Etsy.com - At Etsy.com, you can discover unique collectibles in their global marketplace and from individual sellers, many of which are vintage or handmade.

    Check out the “Treasury” for handpicked featured items from Etsy.com members or the editors’ picks showcase for listings found in editorials. Etsy.com allows users to create their own lists of favorite collectibles to provide you with suggestions on the hottest new finds. For instance, if you are searching for something “Sweet, cute and shiny,” browse through YuliyaArt’s list from Home of Imagination. A fabulous recommended collectible is the Saffron spring yellow crocheted flower brooch with romantic and delicate details. It is embellished with yellow and green glass beads and sewn onto an alligator pin so you can wear it in your hair to make a fashion statement or add it to your brooch collection. You can find this collectible along with many others on Etsy.com.

  8. Atomicmall.com - Atomicmall.com enables sellers to sign up and setup for free and allows buyers to chat with sellers in real time to get the best deals on all collectible goods.

    A popular seller on Atomicmall.com is the Fantastique Dolls and Collectibles storefront with hundreds of artist designer dolls, books, cartoons and accessories. You will find treasures like the Vintage 8” Japan Disney Snow White Dopey plush toy for the low price of $22. The doll is hand stitched with stockinet fabric, felt details and leather intricacies. They also feature an extensive porcelain doll collection with items like the Porcelain Court Raincoat and Sunday best dolls for under $20. This pair of adorable vintage dolls comes in brand new condition and meticulous clothing and accessories, perfect additions to your doll collection.

    Atomicmall.com also features thousands of other sellers in over 50 categories of collectibles.

  9. Ioffer.com - Ioffer.com has more than 47 million items for you to buy, sell and trade with no listing fees, a free iOffer store and transfer items with ratings. Their strong community will make your collectible buying and selling experience even more fun.

    Top searches on Ioffer.com include comics, postcards and pop culture goods. They have many genres of items to suit your taste so whether you enjoy science fiction or Disney, Ioffer.com can locate the perfect collectible for you. For instance, they have a 1992 Star Trek USS Reliant Pewter Ship model in original box with title display card. You can buy it now for $24.95 or make the seller an offer. If you are into collecting characters, check out the Alice in Wonderland Mini Snow Globe for $14.

    Because Ioffer.com allows you to transfer items from other marketplaces like eBay, you can easily integrate your existing collectibles into their database.

  10. Tias.com - Tias.com is an online marketplace that focuses on fine antiques and collectibles from all over the globe.

    If you want great deals on some vintage dinnerware and china, you are in luck. Tias.com provides thousands of modern and vintage items with high-end workmanship and a fraction of the costs. For example, you can find a Royal China Blue Heaven Platter circa 1950 for just $15. It features a blue grey on cream blue heaven pattern in excellent condition. Tias.com offers vintage cultural pieces such as the Blue Danube saucer originated from Japan with an eye-appealing design of floral and butterfly touches. You can purchase many of their collectible goods individually or in massive quantities, optimal for reselling locally.

    Save your favorite items for future references or buy now to take advantage of the indispensable opportunities at Tias.com.

Part 4: 5 Collectible Classifieds

  1. Craigslist.org - Craigslist.org offers classifieds for collectibles on sale in your local area, enabling you to search for the item you want and directly contact the seller for additional information.

    In New York City, you can find neat and accessible collectible goods from merchants in every borough. However, because Craigslist doesn’t sort them by subcategories, you will have to use the search engine to specify your preferences. Craigslist.com is a great resource if you don’t want to pay for shipping and handling but still want to find bargains. For instance, you can find a collection of armed forces pins for an asking price of $35. You can email the seller to further negotiate or inquire about details.

    You can view personal photos and descriptions of collectibles on each ad page. Also, if you are interested in selling your own items, Craigslist.org is a free and easy way to advertise.

  2. Oodle.com - At Oodle.com, you can search for collectibles on sale in top US cities like Dallas and LA as well as browse through classifieds from sellers across the world.

    One of the most popular collectibles categories is antiques, with over 16,000 listings currently available. For example, you can find an antique plastic train toy box from Wexford PA for just $25. Even though the seller doesn’t post many details about the product, you can view photos or contact him for more info. Another valuable collectible featured on Oodle is the Rose Mandarin Elaborately Ornate Charger advertised in Texas. This beautiful Mandarin charge originates from the 1920 period in China and brings together an elaborate band of colored flowers, butterflies and oriental emblems to create a vintage look.

    Check out these collectibles along with thousands of others like cards and stamps on Oodle.com or post your own ad for free.

  3. Apps.facebook.com/marketplace - Facebook Marketplace is only a great networking tool but also a friendly buying and selling community for all types of collectibles.

    You can tailor your shopping experience to your needs by specifying search results to fit your location. Facebook Marketplace might not offer a great variety of collectibles, but you can still discover rare goods like the signed Peyton Manning Jersey from Los Angeles California. If you are a member of Facebook, you can view comments and ask your friends for opinions on all collectible sales. Many of the sellers on Facebook don’t publicize prices and specific details so you will have to respond to the ad for additional information.

    Sometimes you can find merchants advertising for their collectible stores like the Austin Bead Shop with an assortment of stone jewelry, but Facebook Marketplace is definitely a useful resource for collectible fanatics.

  4. Sell.com - Sell.com classifieds is an alternative solution to eBay and other online auctions. You can post your ad for collectibles for free or show collectible items on sale within your zip code.

    Whether you are searching for collectible DVDs or art décor, Sell.com will offer you hundreds of choices in that category. If you are film lover, Sell.com can help you fill your DVD collection with modern and vintage selections such as the Cary Grant collection for just $11. You can also gain bargains on vintage movie posters from the early 1920s that might be hard to find through larger marketplaces.

    Many sellers even post collectibles in bulk so you can purchase many of the same goods to resell. Simply contact the merchant through the ad and you can communicate directly through Sell.com. With Sell.com classifieds, you can arrange with the seller for immediate pickup.

  5. Kijiji.com - Kijiji.com emphasizes simplicity in their classified ads, so you can buy, trade and sell collectible items without stressful and prolonged processes. Kijiji has been featured on many media sources including New York Times and Cnet.com.

    Once you enter your zip code or city, you can start looking for collectibles on sale. Their listings are updated hourly and daily, with images and short descriptions. For instance, if you are searching for a photo frame collectible in the NY region, check out the Mikasa Double Heart Glass Frame for just $10.

    Kijiji.com might not offer an expansive selection, but it’s still worth taking a look. Their posts range from collectible classic cars to wall plates. You can also advertise for your own collectible items by posting a free listing in just a few minutes!

Part 5: 11 More Collectible Auction Sites

  1. eBid.net Collectible Auction - affers a large selection of collectibles. Actually, the number of collectibles available for auction is rarely matched by other auction websites.

  2. Old and Sold - Old and Sold is the premiere online auction site for buying and selling antiques. Old and Sold, founded by Brenda Eilers of DBA Quality Antiques, strives to provide a vast inventory of rare, high quality antiques from respected and educated sellers. If you’re interested in selling an antique, you can also do so on the site. Regsitration is easy and free, and is the only requirement for participating in bidding and selling. The site also offers useful links to other antique sites as well as articles about the history of certain antiques within their historical context. Old and Sold is an easy, interesting site for those who are passionate about collecting rare, hidden finds.

  3. OnlineAuction.com Collectible Auction - Offers one of the web’s largest selection in many categories for auction.

  4. WeBidz Collectible Auctions - offers a lot of collections for auction. The most popular categories are knives, swords, blades, trading cards, decorative collectibles and comics.

  5. Webstore Collectible Auctions - Webstore Collectible Auctions, a categorical division of webstore.com, is an online auction site dedicated to the buying and selling of rare collectible items. As a whole, webstore was created to auction off items pertaining to people’s hobbies. The website features ranging from postage stamps to music boxes to model trains. Webstore Collectibles is free to browse AND sell (there are no seller fees). The site is relatively standard, with its available items displayed both on its front page and under each Collectibles subcategory on the left side of the site. However, the no fee advantage definitely makes it worth perusing.

  6. UpperBid Collectibles - is another nice alternative for collectible auctions, in categories such as autographs, advertising, bears, cultures, figurine, glass, and dolls.

  7. Cqout.com - As an international online market place and auction site for buyers and sellers, CQout.com features collectible goods of all varieties through their auctions. In fact, they have over 10,000 collectible auctions to choose from.

    From collectible coins to novelty items, CQout.com covers many different categories of products. For example, if you are into vintage newspaper or advertisements, check out the Players Navy Mixture Newspaper Advert dated 1905 in mint condition. Whether you are looking to resell for your own collectible business or buy for your personal collection, CQout.com’s auctions are an excellent source to garner new collectibles at cheap prices. Many auctions even allow you to instant buy in mass qualities. For example, you can get the Camelot Clock in units of 12 or bid on individual ones to reduce the price. Because many of CQout.com’s auctions are international, they provide currency conversion tools make the bidding process easier.

  8. Collectibles.bidstart.com - BidStart.com is an online marketplace and auction site focused on stamps, for collectors and deals around the world to buy and sell. However, they also provide auctions for coins and other collectibles.

    BidStart offers over 1,000,000 stamp auctions from the US to Europe. You can easily find a specific type you want with sub categories such as date, cover, coil, collections and more. Even if you’re unsure of what type of stamp you are interested in, BidStart lists featured items, recent bids and auctions ending soon so you can snatch up the hottest deals. For example, one featured stamp is the #73 Blackjack 2c Issue of 1863 with pre-printing paper fold. You can buy it now or make your best offer to the seller. Other popular collectible auctions include books, comics, sports memorabilia, postcards and more. Register for free today to start bidding and winning items!

  9. Epier.com - Not only does ePier offer a safe community for buyers and sellers to obtain collectibles at reasonable costs, but they also make it quick and easy for individuals and businesses to set up auctions.

    Auctions at ePier.com include antiques, coins, crafts, dolls, movies, games and more. Some of the most popular items are military emblems like the 12-31 German WII Rad Unit patch starting at just $75. It is sold in mint un-issued condition as part of a large collection. You can bid on this piece or multiple auctions from the collection. ePier.com is also a great source for antique auctions. Whether you are collecting pieces from the ancient Egyptian culture or tapestry from the Post 1900 era, ePier.com can help you find a fantastic bargain.

    View each auction and seller’s page today to read through description and look at photos.

  10. Playle.com - Playle.com is a family-owned alternative to large corporate sites for buying and selling vintage postcards, stamps, antiques and other collectibles.

    As a buyer, you can browse through thousands of auction items to place your bid or instantly purchase. Playle.com offers advanced search capabilities, improved notification system and favorite search storing. For sellers, Playle.com provides lower prices for volume sellers, your own dealer page, two free images per listing, bulk uploader and other seller tools. You can even feature your item in the auction spotlight to increase visibility. Playle.com features a large pool of animal related collectibles, especially postcards. The Alaskan Dog Sled with Huskies stamp box collection starts at just $3! Sort the results by auctions closing first, newest today or highest bids as well as image displays.

  11. Auctionfire.com - Because Auction Fire is an automated online auction site, buyers and sellers can transact in real time with benefits like free image hosting.

    Currently auctionfire.com has over 2,000 collectibles up for auction, from jewelry to vintage magazines. Featured auction items include a Rival Oblong Skillet with removable pan and a large cooking surface. This versatile electric skillet can be used for frying, sautéing, baking and roasting with variable temperature controls to keep your food warm even after you’re done cooking. Bidding starts at just $65 so you can definitely win this skillet at an incredibly low price. Jewelry collectibles include Rolex watches, gemstones, tribal pieces and more.

    Auctionfire.com makes collectible auctions easy to find, and you can even save items onto your watch or want lists for alerts and updates.

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