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43 Top Coin Auction Sites and Alternatives

Part 1: Premium Sponsors

  1. Shop.eBay.com

    Most internet users are familiar with Ebay.com, and know that it is a great site to buy or sell just about anything. So, whether you’re looking to add some exciting new coins to your collection or make some money off the coins you already have, Ebay.com is a terrific place to do it.

    The auction community at Ebay.com is massive, and will give you many options for buying or selling. With separate sections for United States, world, Canadian, and ancient coins, it will be easy for you to find just what you’re looking for here.

    For sellers, locating the right market for your coins here is incredibly easy. Signing up at Ebay.com to buy or to sell is simple, and sellers need only pay a low fee to list and sell items. Ebay.com is a fantastic auction site for any coin enthusiast!

  2. Coins Auctioned

    Auctions Auctioned has a pretty large selection of coins. At the time this description is written, the site has over 4000 auctions.

    The auction market is also active, since many auction have 10 bids or more. We especially like the “no reserve $1” coin auction. If you are patient and lucky enough, you may get a real bargain!

    Founded in 2004, the site is a family owned business, with over 100,000 items sold.

Part 2: 4 Popular Online Coin Auction Sites

  1. www.coinshop.com

    Frustrated with the lack of selection when searching for a coin auction website? Try Coin Shop! Coinshop.com is both an coin auction website and store, and has lots of coins available for purchase!

    Visit www.coinshop.com and click on the large tab that says ‘TO AUCTION.’ You’ll see 40+ pages of available coins, both old and new. The auction format keeps the prices as low as possible for collectors. You can find inexpensive collectibles like a 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar going for $3.05 currently, or a 1980 Lincoln Memorial Penny running at just 69 cents!

    Sterling Bids also has a Buy It Now section (you can purchase coins at a set rate) and especially useful search functions. You can search for coins by what’s closing soon, coin date, coin type, or coin sets.

    Coinshop is truly a fantastic resource for the avid collector. Check it out today!

  2. Policeauctions.com

    Hoping to find some interesting coins for your collection in an online auction? Then be sure not to overlook Policeauctions.com! This site features a variety of types of auctions, including government auctions and foreclosures. Here you’ll find a wide variety of coins up for auction at any given time, from historical to foreign to commemorative coins.

    Registering to bid at Policeauctions.com is relatively painless, and with your free account you can bid on auctions, but have somewhat restricted access to other features of the site. This is a great site for those that like to attend live auctions, but would like to have a preview of what they’ll find at the auction. Some lots can be bid on online at this site, but most are part of live auctions that you must attend in person. Find some great coins to bid on today at Policeauctions.com!

  3. Ubid.com

    Hoping to snag some collectible coins in an online auction? If this is the case, Ubid.com is worth your time. This site consistently has an extensive selection of coins up for auction including United States coins, world coins, and historical or ancient coins. It’s easy to find the coin you’re looking for here by specifying the type, price range, and subcategory of the coin you want. Likely, you’ll find it at Ubid.com!

    This site works in a similar manner as Ebay.com, with each item separately auctioned. Registration is quick, simple, and free. Bidding is also simple to do, and you can choose to have an email notification sent to you if you are outbid on an item you want. Sign up at Ubid.com today and find great coins to add to your collection!

  4. Propertyroom.com

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – this popular saying certainly applies to Propertyroom.com, where coin enthusiasts will find a treasure trove of seized, recovered, and unclaimed coins from law enforcement agencies all over the United States. You never know what you may find among this site’s variety of coins and currency. Maybe it will be that one coin you’ve been searching for!

    Conveniently, registration at Propertyroom.com is free and comes without any type of obligation. Bidding is also easy to do here. If you plan to bid here, you should know that the pickup locations are in City of Industry, CA, Chicago, New York, and Orlando, FL. Ready to start bidding? Head over to Propertyroom.com today!

Part 3: 17 Popular Coin Live Auction Sites with Online Bidding Capabilities

  1. Liveauctioneers.com

    If you enjoy collecting coins, you are probably aware of the money you can save when you buy collectible coins in auctions. But going to a live auction can be a hassle, so why not bid on the coins you want online? Liveauctioneers.com is an excellent choice in live auction sites, especially for those who are looking to buy coins. This site’s Gold Coins, Antiques, Comics, and Jewelry section has hundreds of choices in interesting and unique coins at any given time.

    As a buyer, you can absentee bid or participate in real time auctions via the internet. This site makes sure that your bidding is secure by using the Secure Bidding Network. Does this sound like the right coin auction site for you? Sign up at Liveauctioneers.com today – it only takes a minute!

  2. Icollector.com

    As a coin enthusiast, online auctions can be one of the best places for you to find the collectible coins you’re looking for. Why not see what Icollector.com has to offer you? This international auction site features a particularly diverse coin marketplace with collectible coins from all over the world. It’s easy to find exactly what you want by specifying the country, time period, or currency you’d like to bid on.

    Once you’ve discovered the coin that you’d like to buy, bidding couldn’t be easier! Creating an account is a snap, and then you’re free to bid all you like. As an online member, you can participate in the auction in real time through the internet. Best of all, online bidding is completely free, except for whatever you bid on coins, of course! Sign up at Icollector.com, and start bidding today.

  3. Ha.com

    Looking for the perfect place to bid on collectible coins online? Ha.com is the site for you! Heritage Auctions is a specialized site for art and collectible auctions, making it ideal for coin enthusiasts. The coin section at this site is a veritable treasure trove of rare and interesting coins that will certainly make terrific additions to your collection.

    Ready to bid? Take a moment to create an account at Ha.com. Then you can conveniently bid from home via the internet using Heritage Live, and you can also place LiveProxy bids through the Heritage Auctions website. No need to take the trouble to travel to the auction, just bid from wherever you happen to be! You can even watch the auction live on webcam. Get started at Ha.com, and soon you’ll be bidding on coins to add to your collection.

  4. Seizedpropertyauctions.com

    Whether you like collecting coins as a hobby or as an investment, you probably like finding good prices on coins. What better place to find some deals than an online coin auction? At Seizedpropertyauctions.com, you’ll find a huge variety of coins you can bid on that have been seized from abandoned safe deposit boxes, bankruptcies, and other consigners. With no minimums or reserves, you’ll likely be able to snag some interesting coins for low prices here.

    So how does bidding work on this site? The items you can bid on are split into separate auction events. Once you register as a member at the site and register for the event you’d like to bid in, you can start putting in your bids for the coins you want! Why wait to join and start bidding?

  5. Acsb.com

    If you’re passionate about collecting coins, you’ll love Acsb.com. This site online coin auction site is run by coin collecting enthusiasts, so Acsb.com understands the wants and needs of coin collectors. When you browse the available lots at this site, you’ll find an astounding variety of interesting coins to bid on. Acsb.com is an especially good choice for anyone who would like to buy many coins at once. You’ll find multiple coins for auction as single units in this site’s Large Lots section.

    When you’ve decided what you want to bid on, you’ll be glad to find out that bidding at this site is easy and straightforward. You’ll simply have to fill out an online form with the lot number, your bid, your total purchase limit, and some personal information. Then you’re part of the bidding! Start bidding today at Acsb.com!

  6. Teletrade.com -

    Coin collectors will find few better online coin auction sites than Teletrade.com. In fact, this site is entirely dedicated to coin and currency auctions! Because this site is so specialized, you’ll find a truly stunning variety of coins here that are up for auction. This site is an especially good destination for those who are particularly fond of United States coins.

    If this seems like a good place to find the coins you want, register today! It’s free to become a member, and then you’ll be able to participate in this site’s three weekly certified coin auctions. A community of nearly 200,000 registered bidders can’t be wrong about this site – Teletrade.com is a fantastic choice for online collectible coin auctions. Don’t hesitate; join today!

  7. Vauctions.com

    If you’re a coin collector with a particular fondness for ancient coins, there is no better online auction site for you than Vauctions.com! This auction site focuses on ancient coins, including Roman, Greek, Celtic, Byzantine, and other types of ancient currency. At Vauctions.com, you’ll find a surprising variety of ancient coins that will certainly make interesting additions to your collection.

    Does this sound like the right site for you? Then you’ll be glad to hear how easy it is to register and start bidding. Registration is relatively simple, as is bidding. If you’re confused, this site’s bidding guide is sure to help. You should note that Vauctions.com does charge a 10% buyer’s fee when you win an item in one of their auctions. Still, why not add some history to your coin collection? Register and start bidding at Vauction.com today!

  8. Aantv.com

    For many coin collectors, online auctions are a good way to find interesting coins to add to the collection. If you’re looking for a good auction site, Aantv.com is an excellent choice. This site provides knowledgeable coin collectors a great variety of coins to bid on. You may have to look around a bit to find what you want here, as much of the coin selection is unsorted, but you’ll certainly find some interesting coins while you’re at it.

    Registering and bidding at Aantv.com is quick and straightforward. After you take a moment to fill out the registration form and become a member at this site, you can start bidding. You can either choose to leave a left bid, or bid online in real time with LiveBID. What are you waiting for? Start bidding today at Aantv.com!

  9. www.auctionzip.com/coin.html

    Are you an avid currency collector? Check out Auction Zip! Auction Zip is a national Auction Locator and that offers details, inventories, and location information for car, real estate, car, antique, and other types of auctions. If you’re looking for a useful directory of coin auctions, head to www.auctionzip.com/coin.html.

    At this web address, you’ll find lists of coin auctions happening nationwide. You can click on the auction listing to view the location, auctioneer, and the inventory available. You can also use Auction Zip’s search bar to search for coin auctions in your area. Auction Zip offers listings of both online and local auctions, such as the Adams Currency Auction in Shamokin, PA.

    While Auction Zip provides a great list of coin auction websites, it doesn’t provide photo inventories of what’s available. It’s still a great resource, though, so we recommend giving it a look.

  10. www.davidlawrence.com

    Any coin collector will immediately favorite David Lawrence! David Lawrence is an excellent coin collector resource, featuring information on various coins, tips and tricks for collecting, and online auctions.

    To view the coins available via David Lawrence, visit the site and click on ‘Open Auctions’ on the bottom of the homepage. You’ll see pages of available coins, old and new, available for bidding. There’s 50+ pages of coins available, so you’re bound to find whatever you need to add to your collection at David Lawrence. In order to bid, you must complete a free registration.

    David Lawrence has a superior coin collection, with a wealth of coin collecting info on the site to boot (including a coin collector blog). We definitely recommend checking it out today – especially since the prices are low! Visit www.davidlawrence.com today for more information.

  11. www.coinsatauction.com

    Calling all coin collectors – bookmark this page! Coins At Auction highlights online and local auctions. Coins at Auction is a resource page for collectors that offers info and updates on popular national auctions.

    Currently, CAA is highlight the Top 5 Most Viewed national auctions –and some of them definitely might be worth your while. For example, currently there is an auction scheduled by Adams’ Auction Sales in Shamokin, PA. CAA is a great resource to find out where popular auctions might be taking place near you, and also features online auctions.

    The site also links to another, larger auction directory – Auction Zip (previously covered in this section). Though you can’t view the auctions’ specific inventories, we definitely recommend checking out this site.

  12. www.bowersandmerena.com

    Avid coin collector? If so, check out Bowers and Merena! Bowers and Merena is a California-based rare coin auctioneer company that schedules national auctions. (B & M have handled four of the most valuable collections in the world!)

    Currently, B & M have two auctions scheduled in the Boston area for Saturday, August 7, 2010. Both auctions have online bidding capabilities (so you needn’t exactly be a resident of Boston) and also have 50+ rare coins offered, including mint errors, Hawaiian coins, colonials, Double Eagles, Gold Dollars, Commemoratives, half cents, and more.

    Though the auctions are soon (and may have already passed by the time you read this), we recommend keeping an eye on B&M to see when their next auctions are. They have experience, tradition, and an extensive selection. To register to bid or learn more today, visit www.bowersandmerena.com.

  13. www.bidalot.com

    Are you a coin collector who wants to bid in the comfort of your own home? Try Bid A Lot! Bid a Lot is a coin auctioneer and dealer and currently has two online auctions scheduled for the 9th and 14th of August, 2010.

    Both auctions have an incredible coin selection, including foreign coins, casino tokens, commemorative coins, special event coins, and more. You can easily browse the lots available for each auction by clicking the ‘Upcoming Auctions’ tab on the homepage. Notice that most current high bids on these coins are under $10 USD. For this kind of bargain, it’s foolish not to add them to your collection!

    To get started, you just register on the site for free. What’s great is that Bid A Lot has frequent auctions – specialty ones scheduled at least once a month, and a regular coin auction every Monday online at 6pm central time.

  14. www.spink.com

    While many online auction sites can be confusing and disorganized, Spink, a nearly 400-year old British auction company, has both organization and tradition to help clarify the coin auction process.

    To browse what Spink has to offer, visit www.spink.com and click on ‘Auction Calendar’ beneath the ‘Auctions’ tab. You can then see a schedule of upcoming auctions Spink has to offer. There are a few downsides to shopping with Spink, however. You can’t view the exact inventory of each auction (except one), and most of their auctions are in London. You can, however, bid online, and the website provides detailed instructions on how to do so.

    If you don’t want to participate in auctions, you can also browse Spink’s regular online coin inventory. Simply click ‘search our online coin stock’ on their homepage and begin browsing.

  15. www.auctionflex.com

    Have you tried multiple auction websites and haven’t found the coins you’re searching for? You may want to try Pot of Gold. Pot of Gold Estate Liquidators (accessed via Auction Flex) currently has an auction that might be worth your while.

    The auction, to be held August 17th, offers antique collectibles in Avondale, Arizona and/or online. To register to bid online, you simply visit the site and register as a bidder. You can browse this auction’s inventory, and it offers several coin sets at steal prices. The 1884 Morgan Silver Dollar will be auctioned off starting at only $10 USD. There’s also a 1946 Booker T. Washington coin starting at just $16 USD.

    While this is only one auction, we definitely recommend browsing the lot if you’re a frequent coin collector. IF you’re a newbie and are looking for more a selection, you might want to try another site first.

  16. www.christys.com

    Are you a coin collector looking to add some new pieces to your collection? Check out Christy’s of Indiana Auction! Christy’s, a 35-year old auctioneering company specializing in real estate, collectibles, furniture, is a great choice.

    Christy’s has local auctions in Indianapolis, Indiana, but also allows for online bidding. Currently, Christy’s has one coin auction scheduled for August 14, 2010. You can view the catalog for this auction online, which includes Lincoln pennies, bust halves, chief notes, Washington quarters, and more. To bid online, simply register with Christy’s and place your bid. Or, you can attend the auction in person.

    Christy’s is a trust name in auctions, so we definitely recommend checking out this site. Plus –the base prices are extremely low. Many are below $5 USD currently! Check out Christy’s today.

  17. www.scoins.com

    If you’re a coin collector and haven’t heard of Scotsman Coin Auctions, we recommend you check it out! Scotsman Coin Auctions, a coin auctioneering company in business for 33 years, offers coin auctions every few months.

    The next scheduled auction for Scotsman is October 15, 2010. This auction offers a variety of modern coins as well as precious metals, and rare printed money. While Scotsman auctions are scheduled in the area in Missouri, you can bid online and follow the auction process from your very own home.

    We recommend Scotsman because it’s an experienced name in auctioneering, but there are also a few pitfalls. You can’t view the auction’s catalog online, and there’s only one auction coming up in October. If you need an auction immediately with a viewable selection, try another site first.

Part 4: 10 More Coin Auction Sites

  1. Webidz.com

    Looking for a good coin auction site? Webidz.com is an excellent choice for both buyers and sellers alike. The coin auction community at this site is large and active, with thousands of auctions listed at any given time. With separate categories for United States, ancient, and world coins, it’s easy to find the right market for your coins, or to hunt down just the coin you’ve been looking for.

    Setting up an account as a buyer or a seller at Webidz.com is simple and snappy. If you’re looking to sell your coins, you’ll be glad to know that basic listings are free at this site, and there is no final value fee either! The only time you’ll have to pay to list your auction items at this site is if you sign up for special advanced features. So, whether you’d like to buy or sell collectible coins, Webidz.com is the site for you. Try it today!

  2. Onlineauction.com

    Looking for a great place to buy old, exotic, or collectible coins? Or maybe you’re hoping to sell some? Whichever it is, Onlineauction.com is the perfect site for you! Here you’ll find thousands of different coin auctions in a wide variety of categories. From among ancient coins, commemorative coins, error coins, foreign coins, and many other categories, you’re sure to find what you’ve been looking for, or find the right marketplace for what you have to sell.

    This site makes membership a great choice for both buyers and sellers, charging only a low $8 monthly membership fee that comes with the privilege of no listing or final value fees for sellers. Those who just wish to browse, bid, and buy can do so for free at this site. Why hesitate? Start buying and selling coins today at Onlineauction.com!

  3. Bidstart.com

    Whether you’re ready to start selling or bidding on coins, Bidstart.com is definitely worth your time. This site’s organization and variety makes its coin auctions a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. A variety of categories specifically for United States, European, Asian, Ancient, African, and other types of coins make it easy to find where you should sell your coins or to find the coin you’re looking for.

    Both buyers and sellers will be glad to hear that registering at this site is quick and easy, and for buyers it’s free. Bidstart.com is friendly to sellers by charging only a very low listing final value fee for coin auctions. Take advantage of this great opportunity to buy and sell coins online – check out Bidstart.com today!

  4. Webstore.com

    When it comes to coin auction sites, it may be easy to find a site that is good for buyers to use or good for sellers, but it can be challenging to find one that is friendly to both. Fortunately, Webstore.com is just this kind of site. With a wide ranging coin auction marketplace including, world, British, United States, and Canadian coin marketplaces, you’re sure to find your niche at this site.

    It’s incredibly easy to start buying and selling at this site as well. Perks for buyers and sellers include proxy bidding for buyers and the setup of a free online store for sellers. Creating your online store is sure to boost your sales from just listing auctions at the site! At Webstore.com, you can also search by city for local auctions and see the coin auctions happening in your area. Why not get started at Webstore.com today?

  5. www.bid4assets.com

    If you’re a serious coin collector, you’ve got to check out Bid 4 Assets! Bid 4 Assets, an auction site offering real estate, car, computers, collectibles, coins, and more, is a great website to browse if you’re looking to add new coins to your collection.

    To peruse is simple – visit www.bid4asserts.com and type ‘coins’ in the search bar. You’ll see Bid 4 Assets has 2 pages of fantastic, affordable collectibles, including a Keydate Certified MS-67 1926-S Peace Silver Dollar set, valued at $35,000 USD but only auctioned for $84 USD! Bid 4 Assets has both an impressive selection and impressive prices. There’s even a coin with a possible value of $450,000 USD, being offered at $155 USD!

    We definitely recommend taking a look at this site. Visit www.bid4assets .com today and become a registered bidder. Hurry – these incredible, incredulous deals certainly won’t last long.

  6. Cqout.com

    For anyone who is seeking out the perfect place for buying and selling coins online, look no further than Cqout.com! With hundreds of coin auctions happening all the time, this site offers the perfect opportunity for sellers to list any type of coin they want to sell, and buyers to find just what they’re looking for. This site is based in the UK and has a decidedly international focus, so you’ll be able to buy from all over the world or sell to an international market when you use Cqout.com.

    Registration is a relatively painless process at this site, with a onetime registration fee for both buyers and sellers. Sellers will be glad to know that the low final value fees at this site are competitive with fees at other popular sites like Amazon.com, making this site one of the best choices for online coin auctions. Get started buying and selling today at Cqout.com!

  7. Epier.com

    If you like collecting old, interesting, or exotic coins, or you’d like to sell some, few sites on the internet are better than Epier.com. This auction site offers terrific opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Here you’ll find specific marketplaces for United States, Canada, world, and ancient coins.

    While all of these present buyers and sellers with lively auction communities, the world coins marketplace is particularly outstanding with its variety and wide selection.

    Both sellers and buyers alike will appreciate that registration as a member at this site is completely free and simple to do. Sellers need only pay a small final value fee in order to sell items at this site, making it a win-win situation for everyone. Don’t hesitate to see what opportunities Epier.com has to offer you today!

  8. Upperbid.com

    A great site for auctions of all kinds, Upperbid.com offers fantastic prospects for both buyers and sellers of collectible coins. Within this site’s expansive and active coin auction community, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for – whether it’s a certain coin you’ve been wanting, or a great marketplace in which to sell you coins. This site also offers the convenient Instant Purchase option, allowing buyers to buy without worrying about being outbid.

    Another perk to using Upperbid.com for buying and selling coins is that there is no listing price for sellers! If you want to sell coins at this site, you’ll only need to pay once your item actually sells, and even then the fee is minimal. Whether you’d like to get your hands on an ancient Byzantine Empire coin, or make some extra cash selling foreign coins, you’ve found the right place at Upperbid.com. Try it today!

  9. www.uscurrencyauction.com

    If you’re a seasoned coin collector, you might be annoyed by the lack of selection many online auction sites offer in terms of coins. You’ll be thrilled when you check out US Currency Auction, however! US Currency Auction offers tons of coins to choose from.

    To browse what’s available on USCA, click on “Coins: US” on the left-hand side of the page. From there, you can choose from a myriad of coin categories, like paper money, bullion, and exonumia. You can also browse coins by what type you’re looking for, or take a peek into the Featured Auctions section. In the featured section, you can see what’s being auctioned now. You can find exquisite coins for low prices, like the 1882 $5000 Gold Certificate starting at just $1.

    US Currency Auction has lots of choices and low prices – perfect for any coin collector. Visit www.uscurrencyauction.com today to learn more.

  10. www.treasurequest.com

    If you’re a coin collector scouring the web for coin auction sites, check out Treasure Quest! Treasure Quest is a site dedicated to treasure hunting (mostly metal detection) tips and tricks, but also has links to online auctions including coin auctions.

    To browse their auctions, click on the ‘Auctions’ tab on the top of the homepage. You’ll see auctions for various collectibles. Click on the ‘Coins/Paper Money’ auction. Currently, Treasure Quest is hosting 5 online coin auctions. Though the selection is minimal, it’s definitely worth a look. All the coins listed are dated between 1889 and 1964! And currently, their bid prices are maxed (now) at $1.50 USD! With such an incredible price limit, Treasure Quest is definitely worth a look.

    If what you want is extensive selection, skip TQ – but for casual collectors, we advocate a glance.

Part 5: 7 Popular Coin Marketplaces for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Ecrater.com

    Did you ever think you’d be able to open up your own online coin store for free? Or browse hundreds of specialty coin stores online at one convenient site? At Ecrater.com, both of these things are possible. This free online marketplace offers its members the unique opportunity to open an online store and receive web hosting for their store entirely for free.

    While this marketplace is an outstanding place to buy and sell just about anything, it offers great potential for buyers and sellers of collectible coins. For those with a special interest in ancient coins, you’ll be excited to hear that the ancient coin marketplace at this site is particularly popular and active. Setting up a store at Ecrater.com, or simply browsing and buying, is unbelievably easy. Give this site a try today!

  2. Amazon.com

    Most anyone who has ever shopped online is familiar with Amazon.com. This online marketplace is well known for its wide scope and user-friendliness, so it’s no surprise that Amazon.com is one of the top online marketplaces for collectible coins.

    If you’re looking to buy coins, you’re in luck – there’s no way you’ll leave this site’s over 13,000 choices in collectible coins without finding what you’re searching for! Whether you’re planning to use this site’s massive coin marketplace to buy or to sell, you’ll find that registration couldn’t be easier, and even sellers only pay small closing fees to sell items at this site. How could you ask for more? Take a look at the collectible coin marketplace at Amazon.com today!

  3. Coins.delcampe.net

    Coins.delcampe.net is part of an online marketplace that is entirely dedicated to collectible items, so it’s no surprise that this coin marketplace is so outstanding! If you’re seeking out international coins, this site is perfect for you. Sellers at this site offer collectible coins from all over the world – you may even discover countries you’ve never even heard of while browsing this coin marketplace!

    Sellers will also find that this site is a fantastic choice. It’s free for both buyers and sellers to sign up at Coins.delcampe.net, and there is no listing fee or even fees for sellers to have their own online stores. The only required payment is a low commission when you sell an item. The Coins.delcampe.net marketplace offers a great situation for buyers and sellers alike – try it today!

  4. Blujay.com -

    Many online shoppers have heard of Blujay.com, a popular online marketplace for a wide variety of products. So why not take advantage of this site’s terrific collectible coin marketplace? Here you’ll find thousands of different coins for sale, from ancient Roman to recent commemorative coins. Right now, there are over 12,000 listings in the coin marketplace at Blujay.com. If you plan on buying collectible coins, there’s little doubt that you’ll find that you’re looking for here!

    For those who want to sell coins in an online marketplace, you’ve come to the right place. One of this site’s primary promises is that all features – buying, listing, and selling – are free, always. If you try Blujay.com today to buy or sell collectible coins, you certainly won’t regret it!

  5. Bonanzle.com

    Collectible coins are certainly not exactly everyday items. There are plenty of online marketplaces that are perfect for selling CDs, books, DVDs, and other standard products. But what about something out of the ordinary? Fortunately, Bonanzle.com is an online marketplace that is dedicated to providing a place for people to buy and sell items that may be unusual or rare. “Find Everything but the Ordinary” is this site’s clever motto, making it the perfect site for coin enthusiasts to buy and sell online!

    The coin marketplace at Bonanzle.com is active and diverse, featuring coins from ancient to modern and from all over the world. If this sounds like the site for you, you should know that signup is trivially easy and even sellers need only pay a minimal fee to sell their items here. Give Bonanzle.com a try today!

  6. Ioffer.com

    Are you interested in buying and selling collectible coins online? Not sure where to go? Ioffer.com is an excellent choice, providing great opportunities for both buyers and sellers in its coin marketplace. This site’s coin marketplace is extensive, offering buyers the opportunity to find just about any type of coin they’re looking for, and sellers the perfect place to sell their coins.

    Among all of the subdivisions of this site’s coin marketplace, the ancient coins section is particularly impressive. Anyone who has a special fondness for ancient coins will especially like Ioffer.com. Sellers may list items for free at this site, and only a small fee is required when an item is sold. Signing up is quick and easy, making Ioffer.com the perfect choice for collectible coin buyers and sellers alike. Why not give this site a try today?

  7. Atomicmall.com

    Atomicmall.com claims “We’re kind of a BIG DEAL!” and when it comes to buying and selling coins, this site certainly is a great place to go! This online marketplace features coins of all different types, so if you’re a buyer, you certainly won’t leave empty handed. Here you’ll find an especially good selection of United States collectible and commemorative coins.

    So Atomicmall.com is clearly a good place for buyers, but what about sellers? If you plan on selling collectible coins at this site, you’ll be glad to hear that sign up and listings are free, with a small fee for sales. Uniquely, this site allows you to import items you may be selling on other sites, like Ebay.com or Amazon.com, to your Atomicmall.com store. Buyers and sellers can also chat in real time at this site. Take a look at Atomicmall.com today, it will be time well spent!

Part 6: 3 Popular Online Coin Classifieds for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Oodle.com

    Looking to buy collectible coins from local sellers? Or maybe you’d like to sell some coins to buyers in your area? Either way, online classified advertisements are a great way to go. So why not try Oodle.com? Here you’ll find thousands of collectible coin listings, from ancient and vintage to contemporary commemorative coins.

    This classifieds site offers the best for both buyers and sellers, with coin listings all over the United States and the world and a simple method for posting listings. In fact, posting an ad is almost too simple – just create an Oodle.com account, and then post your listing for free! When it comes to collectible coins classifieds, it doesn’t get much better than Oodle.com. Try it today!

  2. Craigslist.org

    Most anyone who uses the internet has heard of Craigslist.org. This useful website is a great place to post classified ads for just about any item, and to find items for sale in your area. Anyone who is looking to buy or sell collectible coins will certainly find this site to be ideal! Craigslist.org is an especially good choice for buyers who know exactly what they’re looking for. With a huge variety of coins classified listings posted at any given time, it helps to know what you want when you browse the listings at Craigslist.org. Sellers will appreciate that Craigslist.org offers collectible coin classified listings for free, and getting started with a Craislist.org account is quick and easy to do. Why not take advantage of the opportunities this site has to offer?

  3. Sell.com

    Sell.com is well known as a classified ad site where you’ll find just about anything for sale. Not surprisingly, this is a great place to find collectible coins to buy, or to post an ad for the coins you want to sell. With local ads from cities all over the United States and major cities in Canada, local buyers or sellers of coins are not hard to come by at Sell.com. At any given time, this site features listings of ancient, world, United States, and commemorative coins, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here.

    If you have coins to sell, this is a great place to post an advertisement. You’ll be happy to hear how easy it is to create your ad at this site, and how cheap it is to list it – just $1! Take a look at Sell.com today!

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