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37 Top Clothing Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: premium Sponsor

  1. Liquidation.com

    Whether you are looking for menís clothing, womenís clothing, or a mixed lot, go to Liquidation.com. This website can be great for finding affordable options on the clothing you really want. They not only have amazing deals, but you never have to pay more than you want. This is because you only have to place the bids you are comfortable with. This means you simply place bids as you go to purchase the clothing you want.

    The clothing at this website varies in color, size, brand, style, and more. Select the lowest price possible to find the best deals. From there you can work you way up until you reach your price budget.

    Do not wait until the auctions are over. Go to Liquidations.com now and start shopping for the clothing you want.

  2. Clothing.Shop.Ebay.com - Shopping for clothing can be expensive, but when you go through Clothing.Shop.Ebay.com you are able to bid only as much as you want to bid. This means when you find the article of clothing you want, you can place as many bids as you want until the auction is over and the piece is yours!

    You are also able to sell clothing on this website. Instead of hassling with a garage sale, use this website to clean out your closet and make some extra money.

    Look for the clothes by a specific keyword or just browse by the auctions ending soonest. Get started with Clothing.Shop.Ebay.com today.

Part 2: 4 Popular Clothing Auction Sites

  1. ShopGoodwill.com - Finding amazing clothes for less money can be possible at ShopGoodwill.com. Here you are able to see an extensive selection of clothing ranging in style, color, size, category, price, etc., for sale by auction. By bidding on the items you want, you can potentially save money and still look amazing!

    Take a look at the Jones Wear blue silk blend blazer, up for auction now. It is currently only $11.99! It would look great with jeans for a casual chic look, or dressed up with a nice skirt or pants. Also look at the womenís fox fur coat that is being auctioned now for just $21!

    Start your bidding now at ShopGoodwill.com.

  2. Bidz.com

    Whether you are back-to-school shopping or just want to expand your wardrobe, Bidz.com can help you get started. They have a large amount of clothing auctions to help you get started. You can find name brand options as well as classic pieces that can last you for years to come. They also have clothing accessories like hats and outdoor options.

    Shopping by the brand could be a great way to save time. They have name brands like Ed Hardy, Bulgari, Diesel, Christian Dior, DKNY, Disney, Chloe, and much, much more! The list of brands is alphabetical so you can work your way down or pick and choose until you are satisfied.

    Next place your bids and see how many different clothing auctions you can win. You could expand your closet without having to pay a lot of money! But do not wait. Go to Bidz.com now to get started.

  3. PoliceAuctions.com

    PoliceAuctions.com often has clothing for auction.

  4. PropertyRoom.com - When you are in need of some new clothes, go to PropertyRoom.com. Here you can find a large selection of clothing auctions, just waiting for your bids. They are changing daily, so if you do not see the auction you want today, you may be able to find it soon!

    Right now there is a lot of girlís clothing being auctioned currently at $6. It has 6 different pieces in it! There is also a pair of Nike boyís shorts up for auction at $1! These auctions will not last forever, but there may be comparable auctions for you to take advantage of.

    Go to PropertyRoom.com now to get started.

Part 3: 17 Online Clothing Marketplaces

  1. Amazon.com - Whether you are looking for a few items of clothing or a whole new wardrobe, Amazon.com is a great place to start. They have pages and pages of clothing for you to select from. It ranges in style, color, category, size, etc., so you can more easily find what you are looking for.

    They have organized this website well, allowing you to navigate through the inventory with ease. If you are looking for dresses for the warmer seasons, take a look at the dresses department. Right now they have dresses starting under $10 to help you save and look great.

    Start looking for clothes at Amazon.com today!

  2. Sears.com - Browse through the marketplace Sears.com when you need fashionable clothing for less money. They have integrated their marketplace clothing listings into their website to help you find great deals on stylish pieces.

    You can shop for everyone in your family at this one convenient website. Find the category that you are interested in and start searching for the style and price that works for you.

    Take a look at the discounted top sellers in the menís section. They have dress pants selling for under $20! You can stock up on great deals and you may still be able to stay under budget.

    Look at the entire inventory of clothing at the marketplace at Sears.com now.

    Sellers can sign up here!

  3. Etsy.com - Wearing handmade clothing is a great way to show off your fashion sense. At Etsy.com you are able to purchase beautifully handcrafted clothing items for the whole family. Some of the items are made completely homemade while others are embroidered, designed, printed, etc.

    Take a look at the items that have been listed recently to get the most up to date ideas. Currently they have fun graphic t-shirts starting under $20. This is for both men and women, so you both can look great for less!

    Go to Etsy.com now and see if they have the handcrafted style that works for you.

  4. Buy.com - Finding great clothing for less money can be done at Buy.com. This marketplace website lists different sellerís clothing in an organized manner. You are able to browse the different categories until you find what you are looking for.

    If you are on a budget, take a look at the specific price ranges. Check out the $0 to $24 price range for low prices. Currently they have several different childrenís school uniform pieces on sale for under $20!

    Because new clothing is being listed daily, be sure to check back often. And do not wait around for the deals to run out, go to Buy.com now.

  5. eCrater.com - Using a marketplace website like eCrater.com is a great way to find clothing on a budget. Here you are able to search through the clothing by category, helping you to save time and energy.

    They have categories for women, men, vintage, kids, teens, unisex, and more. Within each category are more subcategories, so you can be as specific as you would like to be.

    They currently have womenís tops for sale for under $1. Take a look at the sparkle long sleeve tops for sale for 20 cents. They come in four different colors, allowing you to buy one of each and still spend less than $1!

    Take a look at the different clothing categories now at eCrater.com.

  6. iOffer.com - Find discounted prices on name brand clothing at iOffer.com. This website has a large selection of designer and name brand clothing items for the whole family. Because it is a marketplace website, the majority of the clothing is listed lower than the retail price! This means you can save money and still be on top of the fashion trends.

    They give you a list of the top searches in each category to help you know what other people are currently buying. Many of the sellers allow you to make an offer on the clothing. Naming your own price is a great way to stay within budget!

    Visit iOffer.com now to see their entire collection of high end clothing for discounted prices.

  7. Bonanzle.com - If you are searching for clothing on a budget, go to Bonanzle.com. Here you can find a great selection of clothing for the whole family, listed at marketplace prices. This means the price is generally lower than what you would pay in the store, allowing you to save money and still look great.

    Take a look at the menís section of this website. They have t-shirts for sale under $10! Purchase the Jockey long sleeve t-shirt for only $5, or the South Pole ringer t-shirt, also for $5!

    Browse through the different categories at Bonanzle.com today to see if you can find deals on the clothing you want.

  8. Clothing.RubyLane.com - Go for the vintage look and shop at Clothing.RubyLane.com. Here you can find amazing vintage clothing for marketplace prices.

    Search by decade, person, occasion, etc. Each category has great subcategories to make your searching even more organized. You can search by price range to help you stay within a certain budget.

    Take a look at the under $25 category of womenís blazers and jackets. Right now you can find a Charles Glueck Focus 2000 wash and wear dress jacket in black for just $10! Take a look at the different categories and create an outfit around this great jacket.

    Start looking for wardrobe pieces now at Clothing.RubyLane.com.

  9. Wigix.com - Look for affordable clothing at Wigix.com. This website brings you a wide selection of clothing from various sellers. Because they are reselling their clothing, the prices are generally lower than what you would find in the stores.

    Take a look at the wide selection of t-shirts for sale for only 99 cents. They range from shirts with funny sayings on them to cool graphics. They also currently have a Karen Stevens dress for sale for just $1! With low prices like these, filling your closet could cost less than you think.

    Go to Wigix.com now and start revamping your closet.

  10. Tias.com - Find stylish clothing without having to leave your house at Tias.com.

    This website sells fine antiques and collectibles, but also has a good selection of stylish clothing listed. It ranges from modern styles to unique vintage pieces. And many of the items are listed at low prices!

    You can find a classic vintage Cougar Golf of CA polo shirt for only $9.99. Impress your golf buddies with more than just your good game!

    You can also find a Sara Roberts long wool coat for just $18! It comes in a fantastic hot pink color that will stand out without breaking the bank.

    Visit Tias.com today to find great prices on fun clothing.

  11. ArtFire.com - Go to ArtFire.com when you are looking for a good way to stand out with your clothing. They have a mixture of partially and fully handcrafted clothing for reasonable prices.

    When you shop through this website you are able to narrow your search to help save time. Make your price range fit your budget so you do not waste your time with the expensive items. You can also search the selections from prices low to high to get a good idea of what you can afford.

    Start searching for your clothing at ArtFire.com now and see how much you can afford!

  12. BluJay.com - If you want to find clothing for the whole family but do not want to pay retail prices, go to BluJay.com. Here you are able to find discounted prices on clothing for the entire family. This free online marketplace allows you to search easily through their inventory to find what you are looking for.

    Take a look at the girlís pretty pink gingham dress by Youngland for only $5. Or purchase the girlís Greendog blue dress, also for $5. Either of these dresses would be great for church, special occasions, or just to look adorable!

    Browse the entire inventory now at BluJay.com and fill up your familyís closets.

  13. AtomicMall.com - Buy clothes for less at AtomicMall.com. This marketplace website allows you to easily search through their inventory to find the items you are looking for. They have broken everything down into simple to navigate through categories, helping you save time and energy while you shop online.

    Type in the maximum price you are willing to pay and view all of the clothing that falls under it. You can do this for the broad range of clothing, or for a specific category. Purchase shirts for the family as low as $1! Start by looking at the lowest prices and work your way up. But do not wait any longer, go to AtomicMall.com now.

  14. NewEggMall.com - Look for discounted clothing for the entire family at NewEggMall.com. At the website you can find many different categories of clothing. Look at specific categories or start your search broad and work your way down.

    Take a look at the t-shirts for the kids in your family for under $10. They have t-shirts for your children for just $3.99! This means you can buy a few shirts and still pay less than some other websites charge. They also have t-shirts for adults for under $10, allowing your whole family to be casual and comfy for less.

    Go to NewEggMall.com today to get started.

  15. TripleClicks.com - When you want to buy new clothing but do not want to pay too much, go to TripleClicks.com. At this marketplace website you can find clothing that is both stylish and competitively priced.

    They have broken down the prices into different sections, allowing you to view only the items in that range. Find your price range and click on it to help you stay within your budget. View the items under $25 for additional savings.

    Take a look at the yellow chiffon dress for only $4.50. It would be a great staple for the warmer months. You can dress it up or dress it down for every day chic.

    Stop by TripleClicks.com now and start shopping.

  16. En.DaWanda.com - Find unique pieces of clothing at marketplace prices at En.DaWanda.com. This European website has the prices listed in Euros, but do not let that discourage you. Their prices are still competitive and reasonable!

    View the elegant brown shawl collar shrug for just 5.50 Euros. It would be great for breezy days in the warmer seasons or to keep warm during the colder seasons. It has free shipping to any country, so you do not have to worry about extra overseas charges.

    Take a look at the clothing with the prices starting low to high. This can help you get a better idea of what you can afford.

    Shop today at En.DaWanda.com and look stylish sooner!

  17. MadeItMyself.com - If you are looking for a great way to make a fashion statement, go to MadeItMyself.com. Here you can find a large assortment of handcrafted clothing items that will give you personal style without breaking the bank.

    While some of the items are not as low priced as other websites, the uniqueness of the item may be worth it. Take a look at the beautiful handcrafted jacket by Interiorsout. It is vintage-inspired and made with genuine 1940ís wooden buttons. This one of a kind jacket can be yours for only $22!

    Find unique clothing today at MadeItMyself.com and start looking stylish!

Part 4: 6 Online Classifieds

  1. Craigslist.org - Find great pieces of clothing in your area for less at CraigsList.org. When you go through a classifieds website this popular choice, you are able to find prices that are often discounted and reasonable. This can help you keep a budget and still look amazing!

    The listings are posted in order of date, so you get the newest listings without having to search! If you are looking for a particular item, type it into the keyword search and see what comes up. You can also set a price range to save you time.

    Go to CraigsList.org now and start looking for a new wardrobe for less.

  2. ForSale.Oodle.com - Look at ForSale.Oodle.com to find great pieces of clothing. Type in your location and view their current inventory of clothing for sale.

    You are also able to view the clothing by category within your location. This can help you narrow your search time and find what you want sooner. You are also able to list your own customized price range, keeping you within your budget.

    They also have a large selection of free items, so be sure to look through that section as well! Do not wait until someone else buys what you want, go to ForSale.Oodle.com now and get started!

  3. Kijiji.com - Do not overpay for clothing, go to Kijiji.com and find great clothing for resale prices. Online classifieds are a great way to find deals on clothing you want, and this website can be very helpful.

    This website has set up a great way for you to search. You can type in a keyword in the clothing section to find a specific piece. You are also able to type in the price range, so you do not have to waste your time looking at the pieces that are too expensive. Finally you can limit the search to your specific location.

    Buy your clothing the easy way with Kijiji.com today.

  4. Hoobly.com - When you want new clothes but do not want to pay too much, go to Hoobly.com. This website allows you to search local classifieds online to find the clothing you are looking for.

    Select the category of clothing you are looking for to get started. Search through womenís, menís, infants and toddlers, and much more. Each category tells you how many items are currently listed, so you know what your selecting process will be like before you even start!

    Take a look at the Ralph Lauren Polo for only $9! This seller also has other name brand pieces for discounted prices for you to search through.

    Shop today at Hoobly.com and find the clothing you need.

  5. Sell.com - Start looking for additions to your wardrobe at Sell.com. They have organized their listings into easy to navigate through categories, making your searching more seamless and convenient. Pick the category you are interested in and get started.

    Many sellers have designer and name brand items for sale, allowing you to look expensive without paying the expensive prices. Contact the seller and start looking chic right away. There are currently items for sale from Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Ugg, Louis Vuitton, and much more.

    Do not wait any longer to have great style. Go to Sell.com now and find great style for less!

  6. Apps.Facebook.com/Marketplace - The marketplace at Facebook.com is a great way to find clothing for sale by your networking peers. Chances are you may already use Facebook, so why not use it to find deals on clothing too?

    Right now on this website, they have a set of two tank tops for sale for only $7.99! Most tank tops cost more than that separately, so you know you are getting a deal! Or take a look at the sequins dress for sale for $20. The seller has it in different prints so you can look chic and trendy for less money.

    The listings change daily so be sure to check out Apps.Facebook.com/Marketplace now.

Part 5: 8 More Clothing Auction Sites

  1. US.eBid.net - Whether you are looking for an easy way to get rid of some clothes and make money, or you just need some new additions to your wardrobe, US.eBid.net is a good place to start. Here you are able to search through the various styles of clothing easily.

    They have broken down the clothing into categories to make your searching easy. After you choose who you are shopping for, they have subcategories of clothing to make your searching even faster.

    Put your old clothing up for auction at this website by registering and following their steps. In moments you can be getting rid of your old clothes to make room for the new ones you bid on!

    Go to US.eBid.net to find clothing auctions for you.

  2. uBid.com - Online auctions are a good way to save money on the clothing you need. At uBid.com you may be able to find the clothing you want for prices much lower than the original. This means you could save money, stay within your budget, and still look like a million bucks!

    View the current auctions listed under menís clothing. Right now there is a leather bomber jacket up for auction, currently just at $1! Look at the auctions that are ending soonest to get your last minute bids in to win.

    Bid on the clothes you want today at uBid.com and start looking great!

  3. CQOut.com - If you are looking for an easy way to buy and sell Clothing, go to Us.eBid.net.

    Finding affordable clothing is achievable at CQOut.com. This auction website is a good place to go when you want new clothing but do not want to pay new prices. Here you are able to place bids on the different styles and items of clothing you want for your whole family. You can choose the person you are shopping for and choose a subcategory to narrow your search even more.

    With this website you also have the option to place your old clothing in an auction. This allows you to make money off of your old clothes so you have more room and money to bid on new clothes!

    Use CQOut.com when you are looking to bid on or sell your clothing.

  4. OnlineAuction.com - Bidding on clothing can be a great way to save money and still be able to afford a new wardrobe. At OnlineAuction.com you not only can bid on great pieces for everyone in your family, but you can sell your old clothing for a profit as well!

    This website does a really great job at organizing the auctions they have going on. They have broken down their clothing into many, many different categories. You are able to look through different brands, styles of clothing, vintage pieces, etc. They have categories for Coach, Ferragamo, Lucky, BEBE Sport, and many more.

    Place your clothing up for bid now and start bidding on other clothing with the money you make at OnlineAuction.com.

  5. Wensy.com - Whether you want new clothes or you just want to get rid of your old clothing, go to Wensy.com. Here you are able to place bids on clothing to fill up your closet, and put your old clothes up for bid to make room for the new stuff!

    They have different categories of clothing for you to choose from if you know what you are looking for. If you are just looking for a whole new wardrobe, browse their selections by auctions ending soonest or the auctions with the lowest prices.

    Go to Wensy.com now to get started.

  6. WeBidz.com - Save money when you shop for clothing by going to WeBidz.com. With this website you are able to bid on clothing from various designers, brands, styles, colors, sizes, fits, etc. Find clothing for everyone in your family and never bid more than you want to.

    If you want to make some extra money, put your own clothes up for bid at this website. It is simple and can help you save up for more new clothes!

    They have clothing categories for men, women, boys, girls, dancewear, infants, toddlers, vintage, and more. Pick a category and get started now at WeBidz.com.

  7. WebStore.com - If you are looking for an organized and easy way to bid on and sell clothes, go to WebStore.com. Here they have broken down their clothing auctions into easy to view categories. They have different categories for the different people you are shopping for, and subcategories within each of those. You are able to get as specific or stay as broad as you would like. This is also helpful when you are trying to sell your clothes because it can help customers to more easily find your item.

    They have clothing starting under $1, so do not wait until the auctions are over. Go to WebStore.com now and see for yourself.

  8. PlunderHere.com - Clothing can be expensive, but using an auction website like PlunderHere.com can help you save money. With this website you are not only able to place bids on the clothes you want, but you are also able to create your own clothing auctions for others to bid on!

    If you have a specific item of clothing in mind, type it into the keyword search to see if they currently have an auction for it. You can also search by category, time of the auction, current auction prices, etc. Each category has a number next to it indicating how many of each item is in it.

    Whether you want to make some extra money or just need new clothes, use PlunderHere.com today.

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