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9 Best Cell Phone Auction Sites 2021 By Popularity

Part 1: Advertisers



When you want to find deals on great cell phones, use Cell-Phones.Shop.Ebay.com. Ebay's cell phone section is a great place to go to bid on and sell new and used cell phones.

Here you can find different brands of cell phones at prices that are generally lower than what you would pay at the retailer. This allows you to save money and maybe upgrade your cell phone package instead! They have iPhones, BlackBerries, cases, chargers, and much, much more.

You can also make some extra money by selling your old cell phone on this website. Sell the old one and use the money to bid on a new one!

Go to Cell-Phone.Shop.Ebay.com now to get started.

Part 2: 8 More Popular Online Cell Phone Auction Sites



Look for a new cell phone today at PropertyRoom.com. This is a great auction website that sells both new and used cell phones. You get to name your own price because you are the one doing the bidding!

The auctions are starting and ending daily, so you find new inventory constantly. This is helpful if you do not see what you want right away, or just like to change up your phone frequently. Many of these phones are being auctioned off at prices hundreds of dollars lower than what they are sold for at their retailer.

Do not wait until it is too late, go to PropertyRoom.com now and find the phone for you.



What better way to purchase a new cell phone than to pay what you want for it? When you use the auctions at ShopGoodwill.com you can do exactly that. Because you only bid what you are willing to pay, you will never have to pay more than your budget allows. You may not win right away but there are new auctions coming and going daily for you to take a chance with.

Take a look at the lot of 3 Motorola RAZR cell phones up for auction currently at $21. One is pink, one is light gray, and the other is dark gray. Two of them come with batteries as well.

Look at all of the auctions today at ShopGoodwill.com.



The site offers many cell phones for auction. It’s in wholesale format and phones are auctioned at lots of large quantity, such as 6 units, 10 units or more.



TechLiquidators offers a good number of cell phone for auction.

There are two main advantages of the auction site. First, the products are provided by Best Buy, a brand many people are familiar with. Second, they often have a good number of phones for auction, therefore, you may find real bargains. When we visited the website, we found Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, and Apple iPhones were available for auctions.

The phones were auctioned in a lot, and each lot included 20 or more phones. So, it's not an ideal choice for consumers to buy a single phone. But businesses might find some good deals through the phone auctions at the site.

To find cell phones for auction, you may want to follow the link we provide, and then search "cell phones" on the search bar of the main page of the website.

Direct Liquidation


Direct Liquidation offers wholesale cell phone auction to retailers, wholesalers, or other businesses.

First the liquidation isn’t for individual consumer, since each lot often includes dozens of cell phones.

The list of cell phones for auction is comprehensive, and the suppliers include many top national retailers like Walmart.

Public Surplus


Public Surplus often offers some cell phones for auction at bargain price.



Listia offer a small number of cell phones for auction.



Go to Liquidation.com if you want to purchase a cell phone for less money. They have a large selection of cell phone auctions for you to place bids on. These auctions often offer the cell phones for less money than their retail price. This means you can bid at your own pace and rate and still possibly save a lot of money!

To get started with your bidding, sort their cell phone auctions from the lowest to the highest price. By doing this, you are able to see the most affordable cell phone auctions first. This also may give you the opportunity to start bidding well before the auction ends.

Another great way to shop is to sort their inventory by the auctions ending soonest. You can wait until the last minute and get your potentially winning bids in!

Visit Liquidations.com now to get started!

Part 3: Popular Cell Phone Auctions on eBay Ending Soon

Apple iPhone XS Max - 64GB - Space Gray (Unlocked) A1921 (CDMA + GSM)    $325.0    5 bids     10 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 256GB - Mystic Black (AT&T) New Open Box SM-F916U    $1050.0    33 bids     16 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus SM-G986U 128GB 12GB RAM (UNLOCKED) 6.7" 64MP    $540.0    8 bids     21 minutes

Apple iPhone XR - 64GB - White (Unlocked) A1984 (CDMA + GSM)    $104.0    1 bid     52 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781U - 128GB - Cloud Navy (Unlocked)    $421.0    5 bids    1 hour 51 minutes

HTC ONE M8 Amber Gold Smartphone in excellent condition    $45.0    7 bids    1 hour 52 minutes

OnePlus 7 Pro Smartphone, 8 GB RAM 256 GB ROM - Blue(GM1915)    $160.0    8 bids    1 hour 56 minutes

Apple iPhone 12 mini - 64GB - White (Unlocked)    $639.0    13 bids    2 hours 4 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 T-Mobile 64GB SM-N920T Phone Black DEFECTIVE AS-IS B1206    $43.0    5 bids    2 hours 21 minutes

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - 512GB - Graphite (Unlocked)    $1150.0    3 bids    2 hours 22 minutes

UMIDIGI A7S 6.53" Smartphone with Infrared Temperature Sensor Unlocked 4150mAh    $94.0    49 bids    2 hours 29 minutes

Apple iPhone Parts Lot **lOoK** Huge Assortment & Different Generations Included    $56.0    22 bids    2 hours 46 minutes

LG Versa LG-VX9600 Verizon 3G CDMA Cellphone W/ Touchscreen & QWERTY Keyboard    $19.99    2 bids    3 hours 6 minutes

Google Pixel 5 GD1YQ - 128GB - Just Black (Unlocked) (Single SIM)    $460.0    10 bids    3 hours 12 minutes

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 128GB - Rose Gold (U.S. Cellular) A1784(GSM)    $162.49    9 bids    3 hours 13 minutes

Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115A - 32GB - Black (Cricket Wireless) (Single SIM)    $61.0    16 bids    3 hours 20 minutes

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - 128GB - Pacific Blue (Unlocked)    $830.0    12 bids    3 hours 49 minutes

Apple iPhone X - 256GB - Space Gray (Verizon) A1865 (CDMA + GSM)    $292.0    19 bids    3 hours 57 minutes

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB - Space Gray (Unlocked) A1897 (GSM)    $260.0    1 bid    3 hours 59 minutes

Apple iPhone XS - 64 - Silber    $204.5    18 bids    4 hours 7 minutes

Apple iPhone 11 - 128GB - Black (Unlocked) A2111 (CDMA + GSM)    $520.0    21 bids    4 hours 28 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U - 128GB - Phantom White (T-Mobile)    $521.0    1 bid    4 hours 31 minutes

LG WING 5G Swivel LM-F100N Factory Unlocked 8GB / 128GB Snapdragon 765 *OPEN BOX    $455.0    3 bids    4 hours 37 minutes

Apple iPhone XS - 64GB - Silver (Unlocked) A1920 (CDMA + GSM)    $158.5    17 bids    4 hours 46 minutes

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Space Gray A1897 (GSM) T-Mobile/Sprint    $222.5    12 bids    4 hours 58 minutes

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955 64GB Coral Blue READ DESCRIPTION FOR DETAILS    $87.0    46 bids    5 hours 12 minutes

Apple iPhone 6s - 16GB - Rose Gold (T-Mobile) A1688 (CDMA + GSM) Parts IC Locked    $28.0    15 bids    5 hours 22 minutes

Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Rose Gold (Unlocked) A1778 (GSM) (CA)    $71.0    48 bids    5 hours 26 minutes

Apple iPhone 6 Plus - 16GB - Silver (AT&T) A1522 (GSM)    $51.0    4 bids    5 hours 29 minutes

iPhone SE 2020 2nd Gen 64GB White (T-Mobile) A2275 Brand new open box.    $250.0    22 bids    5 hours 33 minutes

Apple iPhone X - 64GB - Space Gray (Sprint) Locked/Blacklisted with Sprint    $200.0    8 bids    5 hours 35 minutes

NEW- Samsung S10 Unlocked    $310.0    13 bids    5 hours 37 minutes

Apple iPhone X - 64GB - Silver (Unlocked) A1901 (GSM)    $265.0    40 bids    5 hours 45 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910A - 32 GB - Charcoal Black (AT&T) Smartphone    $40.0    4 bids    5 hours 49 minutes

VERIZON Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 Mystic Bronze 5G SM-F916U     $870.0    4 bids    5 hours 51 minutes

Apple iPhone XS Max - 64GB - Silver (Unlocked) - **Back Superficial Crack    $307.0    9 bids    5 hours 54 minutes

Apple iPhone 11 MWKV2LL/A 128GB White (Verizon) A2111 (CDMA + GSM) (0022)    $364.0    50 bids    5 hours 56 minutes

NEW Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991U - 128GB - Phantom Gray (T-Mobile)    $455.0    41 bids    5 hours 56 minutes

Apple iPhone 6S 32GB Unlocked Smartphone - Rose Gold (A1688)    $62.0    11 bids    5 hours 57 minutes

T-Mobile - Mint - Metro OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren 48MP 256GB 5G LTE Smart Phone    $112.5    7 bids    6 hours 7 minutes

Apple iPhone XR - 64GB - Blue (AT&T) A1984    $243.5    16 bids    6 hours 8 minutes

OnePlus 7 Pro - 256GB - Nebula Blue (8GB RAM) (Unlocked) (Dual SIM)    $256.0    16 bids    6 hours 15 minutes

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB - White Unlocked Great Condition!    $230.0    21 bids    6 hours 21 minutes

Google Locked Samsung Galaxy A20 A205U Boost Mobile Check IMEI GLD RJ-800    $52.0    18 bids    6 hours 23 minutes

Apple iPhone 6 A1586 MG4F2LL/A 64GB Space Gray (TMOBILE) (Global) (0084)    $38.0    7 bids    6 hours 27 minutes

Samsung S6 Edge used    $75.0    14 bids    6 hours 28 minutes

Samsung S6 Edge used    $51.0    24 bids    6 hours 29 minutes

Samsung S6 used    $28.0    11 bids    6 hours 31 minutes

iphone 7 128GB used    $81.0    11 bids    6 hours 31 minutes

iphone 7 128GB used    $94.0    17 bids    6 hours 31 minutes