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25 Top Cell Phone Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: Premium Sponsors

  1. Liquidation.com

    Go to Liquidation.com if you want to purchase a cell phone for less money. They have a large selection of cell phone auctions for you to place bids on. These auctions often offer the cell phones for less money than their retail price. This means you can bid at your own pace and rate and still possibly save a lot of money!

    To get started with your bidding, sort their cell phone auctions from the lowest to the highest price. By doing this, you are able to see the most affordable cell phone auctions first. This also may give you the opportunity to start bidding well before the auction ends.

    Another great way to shop is to sort their inventory by the auctions ending soonest. You can wait until the last minute and get your potentially winning bids in!

    Visit Liquidations.com now to get started!

  2. Cell-Phone.Shop.Ebay.com - When you want to find deals on great cell phones, use Cell-Phones.Shop.Ebay.com. Ebay's cell phone section is a great place to go to bid on and sell new and used cell phones.

    Here you can find different brands of cell phones at prices that are generally lower than what you would pay at the retailer. This allows you to save money and maybe upgrade your cell phone package instead! They have iPhones, BlackBerries, cases, chargers, and much, much more.

    You can also make some extra money by selling your old cell phone on this website. Sell the old one and use the money to bid on a new one!

    Go to Cell-Phone.Shop.Ebay.com now to get started.

  3. CowBoom.com

    If you are looking for a new cell phone, go to CowBoom.com. They have a large amount of cell phone auctions to help you find what you are looking for. Auctions can be a great way to save money while still purchasing the cell phone you want. And just because you purchase through an auction does not mean it will not be high quality. Many of the options have minimal or no use to them previously!

    Right now the BlackBerry Bold 9000 GSM Smartphone for AT&T is bidding for just $81. This phone is normal sold for hundreds of dollars! But when you can place a bid on this phone now and possibly receive it for must less.

    These auctions will not last forever. So go to CowBoom.com now and start bidding.

Part 2: 3 Popular Cell Phone Auction Sites

  1. ShopGoodwill.com - What better way to purchase a new cell phone than to pay what you want for it? When you use the auctions at ShopGoodwill.com you can do exactly that. Because you only bid what you are willing to pay, you will never have to pay more than your budget allows. You may not win right away but there are new auctions coming and going daily for you to take a chance with.

    Take a look at the lot of 3 Motorola RAZR cell phones up for auction currently at $21. One is pink, one is light gray, and the other is dark gray. Two of them come with batteries as well.

    Look at all of the auctions today at ShopGoodwill.com.

  2. UBid.com - Buying your cell phone through an auction website can be a great way to save money. UBid.com is a great place to start looking through auctions.

    There are different ways for you to narrow your search on this website. You can go by the manufacturer, price, carrier, subcategories, styles, and condition. This can help you find the precise one you are looking for or give you an idea of what you might like.

    Some of the cell phones also have the option to buy now. This means you pay the flat rate that the seller is asking for and you are able to bypass the bidding process. Go to UBid.com now and figure out which cell phone is worth your bid!

  3. PropertyRoom.com - Look for a new cell phone today at PropertyRoom.com. This is a great auction website that sells both new and used cell phones. You get to name your own price because you are the one doing the bidding!

    The auctions are starting and ending daily, so you find new inventory constantly. This is helpful if you do not see what you want right away, or just like to change up your phone frequently. Many of these phones are being auctioned off at prices hundreds of dollars lower than what they are sold for at their retailer.

    Do not wait until it is too late, go to PropertyRoom.com now and find the phone for you.

Part 3: 6 Cell Phone Marketplaces

  1. Buy.com - When you need a new cell phone, go to Buy.com first. This website is a great resource for top of the line cell phones for discounted prices. Because this is a marketplace website, the sellers generally list the cell phones at prices lower than what you would pay at the retailer.

    Whether you are looking for a smart phone with internet capabilities or just a phone to make calls on, this website may have what you are looking for. Search by brand, unlocked phones, top selling phones, and more. Look around until you find what you are looking for and be sure to snatch the deal up before someone else does.

    Go to Buy.com today to find your next cell phone.

  2. iOffer.com - Marketplace websites are a great way to find cell phones for less. Start looking with iOffer.com.

    They have a great assortment of cell phones ranging in price. If you have a certain cell phone in mind, save yourself time by searching for it directly by a keyword search. If you do not have one in mind, search by brand or search all cell phones by relevance.

    Currently they have an Apple iPhone for sale for only $114.98! It is unlocked and ready to be used. They have many offers similar to this to help you save money.

    Start looking at iOffer.com and purchase your next cell phone for less.

  3. Bonanzle.com - Buying an affordable cell phone does not mean you have to sacrifice quality. At Bonanzle.com you can find a large variety of cell phones for sale at marketplace prices instead of retail prices. This gives you the possibility to save money and still find a great phone.

    Take a look at the different styles of phones available through this website. They have smart phones, flip phones, sliding phones, BlackBerries, iPhones, and many, many more. Look for the phones that are already unlocked so you do not have to fuss with that when it arrives.

    Shop for cell phones today at Bonanzle.com.

  4. Wigix.com - To find a selection of reasonably priced cell phones, go to Wigix.com. This marketplace website has cell phones for sale at prices generally lower than what the retailers offer. This means you do not have to sacrifice style and quality for price.

    Their inventory of cell phones for sale is changing often. This means you can check back daily if they do not have the one you want right now. Many of the sellers simply want to get rid of their old phones and are offering them at amazing prices.

    Take advantage of the marketplace prices Wigix.com offers on cell phones and purchase one today.

  5. BluJay.com - Whether you are looking for a fancy cell phone or a simple one just for making calls, BluJay.com is a great place to look. They have a large selection of cell phones that range in style, color, price, model, and brand.

    Right now they have a fantastic BlackBerry Pearl selling for only $217. It is unlocked and ready to go as soon as you buy it! It is the chic blue version and comes with free shipping. You can access the internet, play games, text message, make calls, and much, much more on this phone.

    Start looking for a cell phone at BluJay.com today.

  6. AtomicMall.com - Purchase a cell phone for less at AtomicMall.com. Here you can find a great assortment of cell phone brands, styles, colors, and models for prices generally lower than found in the retail stores.

    Type in the specific name of the cell phone you are looking for if you have one in mind. This will help you figure out right away whether or not they currently have someone selling it. Otherwise simple search all cell phones until you find one that fits your preference and budget.

    Search from prices low to high to figure out which cell phones you can afford. But do not wait any longer, go to AtomicMall.com now.

Part 4: 6 Cell Phone Classifieds

  1. CraigsList.org - Find cell phones for sale in your area at CraigsList.org. Their postings are listed by date, so you see the most current listings without a problem.

    They have pages of very good deals. Right now there is a seller in the New York area who posted an ad for an Apple iPhone for just $250. If this phone is purchased before you get a chance to buy it, do not worry, other sellers have posted similar offers.

    To save yourself time, look at the ads that are in your area. This way you can have a better idea of where you will need to travel to pick it up.

    Look at CraigsList.org today before someone buys the cell phone you want!

  2. Oodle.com - To find a cool cell phone in your area, go to Oodle.com. Here you can search through their inventory of local online classifieds to find the cell phone you have been looking for.

    Because most people who are selling their cell phone are looking to make some money on something they are no longer using, the prices are generally reasonable. Many people are happy just to get rid of it for some extra cash, so if they accept offers, be sure to make one.

    Some of the items are sold through different websites and have shipping as an option. This is great if you find a phone you really like that is not in your area.

    Go to Oodle.com today to start looking.

  3. Kijiji.com - Search for your next cell phone at Kijiji.com. This is a great online classifieds website that allows you to search in your specific area. The closer you search to where you live, the shorter of a distance you will have to travel!

    While the majority of the phones on this website are for sale, some users are willing to trade phones. For instance, one seller right now is looking to trade their brand new unlocked BlackBerry for an Apple iPhone. Another user is looking to trade their G1 T Mobile cell phone for a BlackBerry or an Apple iPhone.

    Take a look at their daily postings to stay up to date with the phones for sale now at Kijiji.com.

  4. Hoobly.com - Start your search for a great cell phone with the online classifieds at Hoobly.com.

    Click on the electronics category and then select cell phones to find a refined list of the cell phones for sale in your area. You can also search the cell phones around the country and world for a larger listing.

    Check out the Samsung Sway for Verizon selling now for only $75. It is only 6 months old and is said to be in great condition. It is listed from a seller in Michigan but there are deals comparable to this from all around the globe.

    Go to Hoobly.com now and see the phones for yourself.

  5. Sell.com - Finding a great cell phone can be done more conveniently at Sell.com. Here you can look through a large selection of cell phones being sold by people in your local area.

    This website has phones ranging from smart phones, to different styles of BlackBerries, to the Apple iPhone 3G, and many other styles of phones. You can refine your search with keywords or an area code to help the process work faster.

    Take a look at the brand new BlackBerry storm that is for sale from Boston for only $250! This global smartphone is listed for hundreds under what some retailers sell it for! Shop for your next cell phone at Sell.com today.

  6. Apps.Facebook.com/Marketplace - If you have not taken advantage of the networking opportunities on Facebook.com yet, use them to find the perfect cell phone. At Apps.Facebook.com/Marketplace you can find cell phones for sale by other Facebook users in your area. It works like any other online classifieds or marketplace. Simply contact the seller and go from there!

    Check out the i68 Quad Band cell phone for only $109.99. It is unlocked so you can use it under different carriers. It is sleek and has a touch screen for convenience.

    Go to Apps.Facebook.com/Marketplace today to browse the current cell phone listings in your local area.

Part 5: 6 More Cell Phone Auction Sites

  1. Us.eBid.net -Buying and selling new and used cell phones is made possible with US.eBid.net. This website is a great auction website that allows you to easily make bids on items or put your own items up for auction.

    They make viewing the product details easy. You can see how many of a certain cell phone is left, what the current bid is, the shipping cost, how many views it has had, and how much time is left.

    Selling your cell phone on this website can be easily done by registering and following the steps. You can start your auction and make money in no time.

    Get bidding and selling now at US.eBid.net.

  2. Webidz.com - If you are looking for a good way to buy and sell cell phones, go to WeBidz.com. Here you are able to easily place bids on many different cell phones until you win the one you want. You can also register with them to sell your cell phones on their website conveniently.

    Search by auctions that are ending the soonest to get your last minute bids in. The closer it is to the end time, the better your chances can be to win the cell phone. This is especially true if you are bidding against someone!

    Go to WeBidz.com now and see what you can find.

  3. CQout.com - Cell phones can be expensive, but if you go through an auction website like CQOut.com they do not have to be. This website has a constantly changing inventory of cell phones that range in price, brand, and model.

    This website lists its cell phones in European pounds, but has the American dollar conversion next to it. It also tells you what the shipping cost would be to get it to America.

    Many of the more expensive phone auctions offer free shipping!

    You can also sell your cell phones at this website, so go to CQOut.com today and get started with your bidding and selling.

  4. WebStore.com - Save money on your next cell phone by buying one from the auction website WebStore.com.

    Because these cell phones are being auctioned off instead of sold by a retailer, you can often find amazing deals. Take a look at the Apple iPhone 3G 16GB cell phone up for auction right now for only $289.99, including free shipping. The market value for that phone is much more, and many of the other phones on this website have similar deals.

    This website also allows you to put your own cell phones up for auction. Make some extra money and splurge on a new phone later.

    Start your cell phone bidding and selling now at WebStore.com.

  5. Wensy.com - The online auction website Wensy.com is a great resource for a variety of cell phones. With this website you are able to bid on cell phones that you want and sell the ones you no longer need. This is a great way to save money and also make money!

    Take a look at the new red Motorola Z3 RZR slider cell phone that is currently set at $95. This sleek red phone is brand new and selling for much lower than AT&T is selling it.

    Be sure to take advantage of the selling options at this website. You can make money to use for bidding on new phones by selling your old ones!

    Go to Wensy.com today to see the options first hand.

  6. OnlineAuction.com - Buying a cell phone can turn into a big investment, but if you go through OnlineAuction.com you may be able to cut the cost by bidding on the one you want!

    They have cell phones of many different brands and models. And because their inventory changes with each new auction posted, you can find new phones every day. Currently they have BlackBerries, Samsung sliders, the LG Shine, Motorola RZRs, and many more.

    Selling your old cell phones with this website can be an easy way for you to make extra money on something you do not use anymore. Register to get started.

    Visit OnlineAuction.com today before the auction for the cell phone you want ends.

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