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43 Top Book Auction Sites & Alternatives

Part 1: Sponsor

  1. Books.Shop.Ebay.com - Do you love books and buy them often? Save money by going through a book auction website like Books.Shop.Ebay.com.

    This website is easy to use and simple to navigate through. Simply type in the name of the book you are looking for and see if someone is currently selling it. Because it is Ebay, the majority of the books are selling for prices much lower than the prices in the store.

    You can also sell your books through this website easily! Once you sign up with them, putting your books up for bid is simple.

    Go to Books.Shop.Ebay.com today and find the books you want for less.

Part 2:3 More Popular Book Auction Sites

  1. ShopGoodwill.com - For a great website to bid on the books you want, go to ShopGoodwill.com. Here you are able to browse through their wide selection of books to find and bid on the ones you want.

    They have books ranging from collectibles and antiques, to nonfiction and fiction, to cookbooks, collections, and more! You are able to see their current number of inventory in each category by looking at the number next to the category name. This will help you know how many options you will have before you start your search.

    Start your bidding at ShopGoodwill.com before the auction timer runs out!

  2. Ha.com - If you collect special edition, vintage, or antique books, Ha.com is a great resource for you to use. This website allows you to place bids on books, magazines, comics, etc., that can benefit your collection.

    You can choose several different ways to search through their inventory of books. This includes searching by price, number of bids, time left, lot number, name, etc. By refining your search you can save time and focus more time on each auction. Some of the auctioned books even have a “buy now” option which allows you to skip the bidding.

    Bid on the books you want now at Ha.com.

  3. Bidz - This is not a typical site you will think of book auction, but it turns out, to often have a number of interesting books to bid for.

Part 3: 19 Top Online Book Marketplaces Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Alibris.com - If you’re a student looking for cheap textbooks, an avid reader searching for that hard to find novel, or just want to sell some unwanted books to declutter your shelves, Alibris.com is the right site to use! This site allows buyers to find great prices on all types of books from independent sellers around the world, and sellers to offer books, movies, and music to a global audience of buyers. In fact, this site offers over 100 million books – new, used, rare, and out-of-print!

    If you’re looking for lower prices on books, movies, and music, Alibris.com is the place to go. With thousands of independent sellers offering items for cheaper prices than you would find in any bookstores, you’re sure to find a deal. Searching for used books is always a great option to save money on books. This site carries a massive selection of “as good as new” used books, as well as a Bargain Books section. Alibris.com helps you save even more by offering free shipping on selected books, discount shipping on books from the same seller, and frequent sales and promotions on certain items.

    Need to get rid of some old books that are taking up too much space on your shelves? Or are you a professional bookseller looking to reach a wider audience? Alibris.com is an excellent choice for casual and professional sellers alike. Signing up to be an Alibris.com seller is quick and easy. There is a low free for selling items at this site, but reaching such a huge buying audience with your items makes the fee well worth it! Alibris.com even provides free, user-friendly tools to help sellers manage their listings and process their orders. Professional sellers will love that listing posted on Alibris.com will also reach a number of affiliate sites, such as Amazon.com, Half.com, and Borders.com. Reaching millions of buyers with your items couldn’t be easier!

    Students, booksellers, and just regular bookworms will love the great deals that Alibris.com offers. Check out this site today!

  2. Abebooks.com - Trying to find a rare or out-of-print book? Maybe you’re looking for a signed copy or a used textbook? No matter what kind of book you’re looking for, Abebooks.com is sure to have it! This site offers an incredible selection of books of all sorts – from textbooks to children’s books, from cookbooks to history bestselling novels. Countless independent sellers offer great prices on every type of book, so you’re sure to find a deal here. If you need to sell books, this is also a great place to reach a worldwide buyer audience with your items. Abebooks.com is a thriving online book marketplace, where you’ll certainly find the books or buyers you’re looking for.

    Abebooks.com makes it easy to find just the book you’re looking for. An easy-to-use search engine on this site’s home page lets you search by title, author, keyword, or ISBN. If you’d rather browse, this site organizes books in convenient categories such as Fiction, History, Science, Music, and many more. Most students have tight budgets, and buying textbooks can be a real killer for the wallet. For students who need low prices on textbooks, Abebooks.com features an entire section dedicated to new and used textbooks. You’re sure to find excellent deals on new and used books of all sorts at Abebooks.com.

    If you’re looking to sell a few books off your shelf, sell back your used textbooks, or widen your buyer audience as a professional bookseller, Abebooks.com is the right place to do it. To sell a few books or your old textbooks, all you have to do is enter the book’s ISBN, accept Abebooks.com’s offer, and ship the book! You’ll be paid for the book by the method of your choice. If you’re a professional bookseller, Abebooks.com is the perfect site to enlarge the group of buyers you reach with your items. For a low monthly fee, you can list your books at this site and watch your business grow! Abebooks.com also offers a free software download for managing your inventory and orders. Your books will soon be marketed to a worldwide audience through Abebooks.com. Get started today!

  3. half.ebay.com - An Ebay.com offshoot, Half.com is one of the most popular sites on the web for buying and selling used and new books. This site is useful for students looking for affordable textbooks, avid readers looking for great prices, and anyone who wants to make some cash by selling unwanted books. It doesn’t matter what type of book you’re looking for – Half.com is sure to have it.

    Most people know that buying books used online can save time and money. Why choose to buy books at Half.com in particular? This website’s popularity and affiliation with Ebay.com bring it an astounding inventory of books from countless independent sellers across the globe, making it an excellent choice for online book shopping. Here you will find thousands upon thousands of books, from Art and Photography to Law to Humor. In addition, this site’s wide selection of textbooks can help students save heaps of money when it comes time to buy school books. Most textbooks that are offered at Half.com carry hugely discounted prices – finding a textbook for 93% off its usual price is not uncommon here! Half.com also features book recommendations based on your interests and purchase history.

    When it comes to selling your books online, it doesn’t get much better than Half.com. Signing up to be a seller at this site is quick and easy. There are no start-up fees or listing fees, but Half.com does take a small commission on each item that you sell. One convenient feature that Half.com offers to sellers is dual listing on Half.com and Ebay.com. When you become a seller at Half.com, you can create an Ebay.com account or use an existing one to list your items on both Half.com and Ebay.com. This means your items will have twice the buyer audience, as a result of very little effort on your part! Whether you plan to buy or to sell books, Half.com is a convenient site to use. Try it today!

  4. biblio.com - Biblio.com not only offers a huge variety of low-priced used books for sale from independent sellers worldwide, this site carries an incredible selection of rare and out-of-print books. Specializing in these types of hard-to-find books, Biblio.com is the ideal site to go to whether you’re having trouble finding a book or just want to find a great bargain. Students, bookworms, and booksellers alike will love this site.

    This site’s specialty is in rare and out-of-print books. If you’re looking for a book that you just can’t seem to find, or you simply love collecting rare books, this is the site for you. Here you’ll find an enormous selection of these hard-to-find books. Of course, Biblio.com also offers an outstanding selection of used books that aren’t so hard to find, but that are offered here at excellent prices. Not only that, this site carries a variety of used textbooks that can help students save money when purchasing their books. Biblio.com even offers a helpful textbooks buying guide that can aid students in finding the best possible deals on textbooks. Want to turn your used textbooks into cash? You can also sell back your books on this site, which is convenient and easy to do. An aspect of this site that makes it unique is its personal touch. This site provides the names and locations of all the bookstores that sell at Biblio.com, so you can go shop in person if you want to.

    Another unique feature of Biblio.com is its commitment to the welfare of independent booksellers and to service of the global community. This site provides a place for independent businesses from around the world to sell their used, rare, or out-of-print books, and Biblio.com is dedicated to helping all of these independent businesses thrive. In addition, this site is actively involved in helping to global education community flourish. Biblio.com even helped to finance the construction of a public library in rural Bolivia! These make great reasons to choose to buy books at Biblio.com. When you do, you’re not just getting a good deal; you’re helping your community and communities around the world. Why not check out this terrific site today?

  5. Amazon.com - Finding books for discounted prices is made possible at Amazon.com. This marketplace website allows you to look for books for sale both by sellers and distributors. They are often sold at prices lower than the original store prices, allowing you to buy even more books!

    They have many different categories of books to help your searching move quickly. If you do not know which specific book you want, simply search through the category that you like. Look through the Best of 2009 for a selection of highly regarded books.

    Because they offer books in both new and used versions, you can more easily find a price that works for your budget. But go to Amazon.com now before the book you want runs out!

  6. Books.Delcampe.net - With a wide selection of book categories to choose from, finding the book you want is easier at Books.Delcampe.net.

    Here you can find books for prices that are often lower than the stores. This not only saves you money, but it saves you time by shopping right online. Browse through the categories and subcategories or type in the name of the specific book you are looking for. Each subcategory has a number next to it regarding how many are currently under that section, so you can get a good idea of where the bulk of their inventory is.

    Save money on books when you go through Books.Delcampe.net.

  7. Books.RubyLane.com - Go to Books.RubyLane.com when you are looking for a big selection of great books to choose from.

    This website has a great variety of vintage, antique, and collectable books for you to purchase. They have thousands of books currently for sale. This means a lot of searching possibilities. It helps to figure out which category of book you are interested so you can save time. Once you pick your category, you have different search options to help sort the list. These options include price, arrival time, and lane.

    Whether you already have a book collection started or you are looking for somewhere to begin, go to Books.RubyLane.com today.

  8. eCrater.com - Visit eCrater.com for a variety of books at marketplace prices. These books are generally listed for lower than stores sell them for. They also have a great variety of vintage and antique books for you to add to your collection without paying too much.

    You can find great fiction novels for under $1! The prices vary on different books, but you can usually find a good deal. If you are looking to fill your bookcase with a variety of books, start searching with the prices at the lowest. You can purchase numerous books for the price of one full priced book at the bookstore.

    Don’t wait any longer, go to eCrater.com now.

  9. Bonanzle.com - Whether you are looking for a popular new book or a rare antique book, go to Bonanzle.com. This marketplace website is a great place to start searching for the books you want. Search by the title of the book you want to save time. If you do not have any one particular book in mind, search by a keyword of your interest, or by the categories they have.

    Start your search with the lowest prices to see how many books you can afford on your budget. You can also search by new or used books if you have a preference.

    Go to Bonanzle.com today for a great variety of books to look through.

  10. BluJay.com - Search for the book you want quickly at BluJay.com. Simply type in the name of the book and quickly find out if they have it in stock or not. If you do not have one book in mind, search by the category you like. They have thousands of books, hundreds in different subcategories, to make your choices even greater.

    They have books for sale under $1, so you can stock up and still save. Find the books that you have been dying to read, for prices that are generally much lower than what the stores sell them for. Give yourself a budget and see how many books you can find!

    Shop now at BluJay.com and find the books you want!

  11. Etsy.com - When you want new books but do not want to pay the new book prices, go to Etsy.com. Here you can find a wide variety of books, new and used, for prices that are typically lower than the store prices. This means you can find great deals on the books that you have been looking for. Some are sold in a combination pack, meaning more than one book for sale at one low price.

    The savings on their books can really add up. They currently have a set of 16 paperback novels for just $4! That adds up to just 25 cents per book! With many other deals comparable to this, your possible savings seem endless. Hurry to Etsy.com now to take advantage of their great deals on excellent books.

  12. GoAntiques.com - If you already collect antique books, or you want to start, go to GoAntiques.com. This website is a good place for you to quickly view books from different decades and different genres. They have books ranging from cookbooks to magazines. It is a great place to look if you have a specific book or edition in mind.

    While their searching options are not as specific as some other websites, they do have a lot to search through. Some come with free shipping, and others have such low prices that paying for shipping won’t seem like a big deal.

    Whether you are looking to start a collection or are just interested in vintage books, visit GoAntiques.com today.

  13. AtomicMall.com - Shopping for books online is simple when you shop through AtomicMall.com. Search through their entire inventory of books for sale, or be specific with your search. You can type in a keyword to get general matches, or browse by price to see which ones you can afford. A good majority of the books come with free shipping so you can save even more money!

    The prices on books at this website vary, but are still usually lower than the original store prices. And because you are shopping online, you are saving more than just money, you are saving time!

    Shop at AtomicMall.com now and see if they have the books you want to buy.

  14. Buy.com - With many different categories to choose from, finding the books you want is made easier with Buy.com. If you know the book you want by title, type it in and see if they have it in stock. Otherwise search by category and wait for one to pop out.

    Search through the cooking section, health and fitness, fiction, history, biographies, or one of their other many categories. Some of the books have new and used versions, which allow you to save even more money.

    Go to Buy.com today to take advantage of their sales on new and used books for your collection.

  15. Wigix.com - If you love books but hate paying full price, go to Wigix.com. Here you can find books from a variety of different categories for marketplace prices. This means the books are generally much less expensive than what the book stores are selling them for. Different sellers often are selling the same book, which means you can find the best deal between them for optimal savings.

    Sort by price once you are in the category you prefer to see which books are under your budget. You can also search by relevance for a list of books that best match your search or category.

    Stop by Wigix.com today and buy the books you want before someone else does!

  16. iOffer.com - Whether you are looking for text books or love stories, iOffer.com is a good place for you to start. You are able to search by keyword or category to find the book you are looking for faster.

    If you do not have a particular book in mind, or simply cannot think of the title, searching by category is a good place to start. Look under their fiction section for a wide selection of popular novels at discounted prices. Or take a look at the cookbook section to stock your kitchen with different styles of cooking manuals.

    This website not only offers flat rates for its books, but some also have the option for you to make an offer. This allows you to name your own price and save even more money. So go to iOffer.com today!

  17. TripleClicks.com - If you are a book lover, go to TripleClicks.com to find great deals. This marketplace website allows you to search easily through their inventory of books to find what you are looking for. While the prices vary, they are still generally lower than the original bookstore price.

    If you are on a budget and still want to find great books, sort the books by price. Pick your price range and stick with it! You can also get more specific by picking a sub-department. These sub-departments include fiction, children’s books, audio books, and more.

    Make your book searching easier when you go through TripleClicks.com!

  18. ArtFire.com - For a variety of books at marketplace prices, go to ArtFire.com. Here you can find books ranging from vintage children’s books to handmade journals. Many of the books are related to the arts or are handcrafted. This does not mean that they do not have other styles of books as well.

    You can sort the books different ways to get a variety of views. Look at the best matches, the lowest prices, the newest, the oldest, the ones with the most views, etc.

    Look at ArtFire.com today to find a wide selection of handmade, vintage, and other books for your bookshelf.

  19. SilkFair.com - Whether you are looking for a popular novel or a rare book, search at SilkFair.com. At this website you can find books ranging from the popular Twilight saga to The Lord of the Rings. They also have handmade books and journals for you to purchase.

    You can filter your search a number of ways at this website. Choose the category of book you are looking for and decide on your price range. This will allow you to view just the books you are interested in at the prices you can afford.

    Go to SilkFair.com to find out if they have the book you want.

Part 4: 6 Top Online Book Classifieds Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. CraigsList.org - Using the online classifieds at CraigsList.org to find the books you are looking for is a great way to save money.

    Start your search at this website by choosing the area that you live in. The closer you live to the person selling the book, the less travel you will have to do! Next you can type in the name of the book that you are looking for. You are also able to select a price range. Choose to view all listings or just the ones with images to ensure they have the right edition.

    Contact the seller and you can be reading the book in no time!

  2. Oodle.com - It is possible to find deals on books when you go through the online classifieds at Oodle.com. Your best bet is to limit your search the area that you live in, so you do not have to travel to pick up the book or negotiate shipping.

    Type in the name of the book you are looking for to see a list of people in your area that are currently selling it. Find the price that works best for you and contact the seller to set up a purchase. This is a great way to find deals on textbooks as well as books for everyday leisure.

    Go to Oodle.com now and start your search.

  3. Apps.Facebook.com - The amount of people on Facebook.com is growing, so why not take advantage of the classifieds they have set up at Apps.Facebook.com to find your books.

    You can search for textbooks, novels, magazines, etc., in your area. Look for the lowest price or the edition that you need. After you contact the seller to pick a place to meet up, the rest is practically done.

    They do not have as many search filters as some classifieds websites. However you are still able to view a large amount of results from your search.

    Use Apps.Facebook.com when you are looking for a specific book.

  4. Hoobly.com - Find books for less at Hoobly.com. Whether you are looking for a textbook or a children’s book, start with this website.

    Whether or not you have a specific book in mind, this website can help you search. If there is one book in particular that you need, type in the title to see if someone in your area has it for sale. If you are simply looking for books in a general genre, search by category.

    This is a free classifieds website. If you have a book that you want to sell, you can post it for sale for free here!

    Go to Hoobly.com now and find the book you want in your area.

  5. Sell.com - Look for the books you want at Sell.com. This online classifieds website is a great way to search your local area to find the book you want for less money than the bookstore.

    Search by the title of the book to find sellers in your area. If you are lucky you may have many sellers to choose from. This allows you to pick the best price and best location for you!

    This website also has books that are listed as free. This is a great way to expand your book collection without breaking the bank.

    Shop the online classifieds at Sell.com today to buy your books.

  6. Kijiji.com - When you are looking for an easy way to buy books, go to Kijiji.com. This is a website for online classifieds across the country. Type in your zip code and immediately find listings for books in your area.

    Once you have limited the search area to accommodate where you are, search by the title of the book. If there is more than one listing for the book you want, narrow the search by adding a price range. This not only allows you to stay within your budget, but it also can cut down your searching time.

    Go to Kijiji.com to look for your books with their online classifieds.

Part 5: 14 More Book Auction Sites

  1. CQout.com - If you love reading and love getting new books, try out CQout.com.

    Here you not only have the option to bid on the books you are interested in, but many of the books come with an InstantBuy option. This allows you to skip bidding and just pay the flat rate that the seller is asking for. If you have a particular book in mind that you want right away, the InstantBuy option is ideal for you.

    Next to the brief description of the book, there is a space for how many are left, who the seller is, what the current bid is, the postage cost, and when it is ending. This will help you prioritize your searching.

    Look for the books you want or sell the books you have now at CQout.com.

  2. US.eBid.net - Whether you want to buy new books, or sell the ones you already have, go to US.eBid.net.

    At this website you are able to buy and sell books without the hassle. Searching for the ones you want is as simple as typing in the title or authors name. You can find books from best sellers, to vintage, to self-help, to DIY. Once you find the one you want, place your bid and wait for the auction to be over.

    If you want to sell books on this website, sign up and get started. Selling does not take a lot of work, so what are you waiting for.

    Go to US.eBid.net now and get reading!

  3. Books-Comics.BidStart.com - Buying and selling books with online auctions is easy with Books-Comics.BidStart.com.

    Whether you know which specific book you want, or just want some new books, this website is a great place to start. Choose the category you are interested in and see which books come up. Bid on the ones you want and go from there.

    Selling your books can be easy with this website too. Register and follow the simple instructions for posting to get started. You can have your books auctioned off in no time! Take a look at just auctions, the buy it now section, or both for a good mix. Start bidding and selling today with Books-Comics.BidStart.com.

  4. SpecialistAuctions.com - If you are a book enthusiast, or just are looking for something new to read leisurely, go to SpecialistAuctions.com. Here you can find the books you are looking for and win them through bidding. Some of the books are available for immediate purchase if you do not want to go through the bidding process.

    You are also able to sell your books on this website. Clean out your attic and make money from the books that are lying around! Make room for new books and earn some extra cash at the same time.

    Start with SpecialistAuctions.com when you want to buy or sell books.

  5. OnlineAuction.com - Whether you love online auctions or are just looking for some new books, OnlineAuctions.com is a great website for you to visit.

    With this website you are able to not only bid on a multitude of great books, but you can also put your own books up for bid. The first step is signing up, and going from there is simple!

    Browse through the different categories or search by the specific book you are looking for. Place your bids before the time is up and see if you are the winner.

    Selling your books is just as easy as bidding with this website. Go to OnlineAuction.com and see what you can find and sell.

  6. UpperBid.com - When you are looking for a quick and simple way to bid on and sell books, go to UpperBid.com.

    They have a great selection of books for you to browse through and bid on. The inventory is always changing because auctions are ending and opening daily. Search for your specific book of choice or browse the books that are ending soon for fun.

    You are also able to sell your books here conveniently. Sign up and see how easily you can get rid of your books and make space for the new ones.

    Go to UpperBid.com today and see how many books interest you.

  7. WeBidz.com - Buying and selling books is made easier with WeBidz.com. Here you are able to bid, buy, and sell books quickly and conveniently.
    You can search through the books easily with their subcategories. You can also search by books no longer in print, antique books, second hand books, as well as many other ways. Type in the name or author of a specific book or simply browse until you find one that catches your eye.
    If you have a few books, or a whole room or books, that you are looking to get rid of, why not make some money off of them? You are able to sell them easily through this website.
    Start looking for and selling your books at WeBidz.com now.

  8. ChildrensBookmart.com - Whether you have children or you love collecting the old classics, ChildrensBookmart.com is a great place for you to buy and sell your children’s books.

    Auctioning off your old books and bidding on new ones is a great way to make and save money. After your children grow out of their books, buy them new ones with the money you make from selling the old ones. Keep them constantly entertained by changing up their books!

    This website has a variety of categories for you to choose from. These include activity books, foreign languages, nonfiction, fairy tales, and more! So go to ChildrensBookmart.com today.

  9. WebStore.com - If you are looking for comics, fairy tales, nonfiction, or another type of book, go to WebStore.com. Here you not only have the opportunity to bid on books from different categories, but you are also able to sell your own books!

    When you are looking for a book that is up for auction, you have different choices how to look for it. You can search by best match, time ending soonest, ending latest, prices low to high, or prices high to low. This will help you save time searching and give you a good view of their relevant inventory.

    If you want to sell your books, simply register with this website and go from there. They will walk you through the steps to get your books sold.

    Visit WebStore.com today to start auctioning off your books and bidding on new ones.

  10. Wensy.com - Buying and selling books is done conveniently at Wensy.com. Whether you are looking to sell of your entire bookshelf, or just a few, this website can help you. You are able to auction off your books, comics, magazines, pamphlets, etc., easily. Your book is placed in the proper category and easily viewed to those who are searching.

    Bidding on books at this website is convenient too. You can search by category, time ending, price, match, etc. Many of the books are available for much less than you would pay at a store.

    Use Wensy.com the next time you want to buy or sell books.

  11. PlunderHere.com - Plunder.com is a great place for you to bid on books that you want and auction off the books that you do not want. You are able to sign up easily to get the ball rolling, and from there the buying and selling options continue.

    With this website, you are not only able to bid on the books that you want, but many of them have the option to buy directly. This means you can skip the bidding and waiting and purchase the book immediately. They have many different subcategories of books that help you find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

    Go to PlunderHere.com to get to know their systems for bidding and selling.

  12. ePier.com - Finding the books you are looking for is made easier with ePier.com. They have a wide selection of book categories to help you find the specific book, comic, magazine, or collection that you are searching for. Bidding on the book allows you to name your own price and put a cap on your spending budget. Pay attention to how much time is left on the auction so you can know when to get your last minute bids in.

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