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43 Top Car Auction Sites & Classifieds

Part 1: Sponsor

  1. eBay Motors -

    Fans of motor vehicles will surely make use of eBay Motors, an auction service that specializes in the buying and selling of autos, used cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, parts, accessories, RV’s and other vehicles.

    With over 10 million shoppers who visit eBay Motors every month, vehicles sold at every 60 seconds, and a part & accessory sold at every 2 seconds- eBay Motors is the hot-spot for sellers and buyers alike!

Part 2: 27 More Car Auction Sites Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Copart - Copart is a leader online remarketer of vehicles, a business that sells “more than 1 million vehicles per year” and is recognized by both Forbes and Business Week. Copart isn’t your typical “car auction” service, as it provides vehicles that are deemed “total loss for insurance”. What does this mean? This means that most of the vehicles sold are damaged, or recovered stolen vehicles for which “an insurance settlement with the vehicle owner has already been made”. The cars are still highly serviceable but often regarded as the “unwanted” surplus mixed up in insurance settlements. For this reason, the clientele for these types of products are most often licensed dismantlers, rebuilders, used vehicle dealers and exporters. Statistically selling a car every 8 seconds, Copart is the place to go to find a diamond car in the rough!

  2. www.manheim.com

    When it comes to wholesale auto sales, you might not be sure you’re getting a great product for a great price. But with Manheim, a car resale company in business for 65 years, you can be sure you’re getting a quality vehicle from a certified company. Though Manheim’s claim to fame is being an international marketplace for vehicle wholesale, they also offer a public auction database. This thorough database provides auction locations and times from the East to West coast, and also provides inventory information. Visit www.manheim.com today to create an account and organize the auctions you’re interested in, as well as browse the various inventories. No matter where you live, Manheim will tell you the auctions closest to you and the cars available. If you’re looking to purchase a used car, check out www.manheim.com today.

  3. GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales - GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales, a division of the federal government, offers quality, U.S. Government owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans to the public at substantial savings. G.S.A. stands for General Service Administration – the department of the government which handles and auctions these vehicles. All of the cars, trucks and other vehicles that are offered by GSA have low mileage and only one previous owner. These vehicles have been well maintained and are evaluated by the GSA before they are put to auction. Additionally, with no buyer's fees, pre-owned vehicles from GSA usually sell for substantially less than from other sources. Although some vehicles are available for purchase online, most of the GSA Fleet Vehicle auctions are held in-person. The site allows users to search for auctions in their area.

  4. IAA - Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc (IAA) focuses on North American auctions within the automotive total-loss industry. With over 150 corporately owned facilities throughout the United States and Canada, IAA provides its buyers and sellers with a safe and affordable arena to auction and bid on used vehicles. IAA’s extensive itinerary of vehicles is mainly comprised of recovered thefts, fleet leases, dealer-trade-ins and collision damaged rental vehicles. Since 1982, Insurance Auto Auctions have established themselves as a leader within the salvage auction industry- and constantly strive to uphold their great reputation. Now, having been in the industry for over 25 years, IAA can provide its users with both in-person and online auction arenas. If you’re planning on purchasing any sort of vehicle, you should sign up for IAA today!

  5. Proxibid.com - Proxibid.com offers a large collection of car auctions including in live webcast and timed formats.

    Browse through each auction catalog for various types of vehicles. You can find a 1997 Ford F150 for a high bid of just $325. This Ford pick-up features 5 speed manual, bench seat and 3rd door extended cab. Add it to your watch list to keep an eye on bidding progress.

    You can also bid live on hot cars like the 2003 Chevrolet Corvette in metallic silver. This convertible model features aluminum wheels, tan leather sets, power windows and keyless entry. Don’t miss out on an awesome deal! Register today to start bidding. You can manage all your auto bids right from your Proxibid.com account and increase your chances of winning.

  6. Capital Auto Auction - Experience is the backbone of Capital Auto Auction! Since 1989, Capital Auto Auction has been drawing customers from either coast, from DC to the Northeast Washington. The large part in which Capital Auto Auction has found its success exists in their supply of vehicles that fits “every budget and need”. Their versatile selection of quality and clean used cars for excellent prices is the reason to why sellers as well as buyers love Capital Auto Auction! Not only that, Capital Auto Auction also takes vehicles on consignment, offering an in-depth service that includes phone calls, advertising, and selling. And since it’s a public car auction, everyone is welcome to share in the excitement. The bargains are outrageous!

  7. RideSafely - Are you racing to get a new vehicle? Need a site with lots of options and low prices? If you answered yes, you should consider purchasing a salvaged vehicle from Ride Safely. Ride Safely is an online auction site that lists available cars and motorcycles for purchase from wholesalers, insurance companies, fleets, and franchise dealers. What’s great about Ride Safely? It’s free to join and to be a member, and its listings are displayed right on the main page of the site, along with the availability of certain car brands.

  8. Interstate Auto Auction - For deep discounts to retail prices, purchase vehicles at its wholesale prices at Interstate Auto Auction. Since 2002, Interstate Auto Auction has been providing the public with a venue for an exciting buying experience! Not only is there the opportunity to purchase donated vehicles for as little as $50 dollars, Interstate Auto Auction also has a “system” that informs prospective buyers of its mechanical status. Interstate Auto Auction is the only vehicular auction service to allow free test drives before purchasing. It’s just like any other certified dealership, except now you can online bid in real-time! With Interstate Auto Auction, you CAN cut out the middle man and purchase the same car at its original low-value cost. “Participate in the online car auction through Interstate Auto Auction and BUY LIKE THE DEALERS DO!”

  9. New Jersey State Auto Auction - The New Jersey State Auto Auction is a state auto auction website that offers pre-owned vehicles with “clean” titles for low prices. To browse the website and to purchase a car, you must register, but registration is free. Once you’ve selected a car, bid, and won an auction, NJ State Auto sends you the paperwork as soon as overnight. To find a car, just click ‘Find A Car’ on the front page and browse the listings. You can also see the various makes available on the left side of the screen. NJ State Auto has an impressive variety of makes, cars, and price ranges .

  10. www.theauctionhotline.com

    Looking for a quality pre-owned car? If you’re a resident of the greater New York City area, visit www.theauctionhotline.com. The website is home to The Queens Auto Mall, an auto location in Queens, NY. The Auction Hotline offers live as well as online auctions, so it’s a useful resource even if you don’t live in the greater-NYC area. What’s great about The Auction Hotline is that they have a large color-photo inventory that you can search using an advanced search or just by simply browsing the homepage. The Auction Hotline offers many different makes and models of cars, along with financing services. Though the Auction Hotline is crammed with resources, it’s also quite confusing to use and doesn’t provide the exact time of Live auctions. If you’re looking for a pre-owned car and want to use Auction Hotline, consider registering for the site to get clearer information.

  11. www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/html/auctions/autoauctions.shtml

    The Department of Citywide Administrative Services for New York City might prove an unexpected place to find a used car for a low price. If you’ve been searching various auction website and are frustrated by membership fees, check out the NYC DCAS Auto Auction website. Biweekly, every other Wednesday, surplus government vehicles and other donated cars are auctioned off at the Brooklyn, New York Navy Yard. Though you can’t bid online or view the upcoming inventory online, this site (and the auction itself) still prove a valuable resource. If you’re a resident of the area and want to check out used cars, head to the auction every other Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. (The next one is on July 7th, 2010). Head to the Brooklyn Navy Yard today to find quality government surplus vehicles for low prices.

  12. www.quincyautoauction.com

    Quincy Auto Auctions, an independently owned auto auction company based in Quincy, Massachusetts, offers unbeatable deals for pre-owned vehicles. Quincy Auto Auctions offers an auto auction that’s both for dealers and for Internet users (bidding online as if you were at the auction). Quincy offers the highest quality pre-owned cars and a great environment for business transactions. Quincy attracts hundreds of buyers each Monday. The website has a full view of the cars available for each auction that buyers and sellers can view before auction day. While it’s only located in Quincy, Mass., it’s still a good resource for individuals scouring the web for auction sites. Because you can bid online, you can still purchase a vehicle from Quincy Auto Auctions even if you aren’t present. Overall, Quincy Auto Auctions is definitely worth a second look. Quality cars and reliable business are promised.

  13. www.twaa.com

    Tidewater Auto Auction, an auction company located in Virginia, offers many quality pre-owned cars for dealer, specialty, and public auctions. Tidewater Public Auctions each Saturday at 10 AM, and offer up to 1,400 cars! Tidewater offers financial services for bidders, and also has an extremely well-equipped auction facility with a restaurant on site and 24-hour security. You can visit www.twaa.com to see the upcoming auction calendar as well as the car listings that accompany the auctions. TWAA also offers specialty auctions, which showcase wave-runners, motorcycles, and other unique vehicles. Because Tidewater only serves Chesapeake, Virginia area, it’s recommended you’re a resident of this area or are willing to travel there. But with Tidewater’s extensive car offering and great service, you might want to travel there! Visit www.twaa.com to register for the next auction or for more information.

  14. www.richmondaa.com

    Whether you’re looking for a pre-owned car for the first time, or are a seasoned bidder, Motley’s Richmond Auto Auction is an excellent choice for ample selection and frequency of auctions. RAA offers re-possessed vehicles, government vehicles, and fleet vehicles, both for dealers and the public. RAA hosts an auction every Friday at 10 AM. An interested bidder can visit the site, access the auction calendar, and see the cars that are listed for public auction. Bidders and dealers can also inspect the vehicles and test drive them before the auctions, Monday through Friday. Motley’s offers financial services, condition reports, asset recovery, and more. What’s great about RAA is that you can bid in person, online, by phone, or absentee – so whether or not you live in the Richmond, VA area doesn’t matter! RAA is a fantastic auction company that offers many cars and options for every bidder.

  15. www.dpaa.com

    Are you a resident of Delaware? Are you looking for a reliable and easy auction to find a car? If so, visit www.dpaa.com ! DPAA is the website for Delaware Public Auto Auction, held every Thursday at 7pm and every Saturday at 12 noon. DPAA offers the ability for bidders to view the cars two days before auctioning begins, as well as financial services. Bidders can visit www.dpaa.com and view the upcoming inventory, complete with car details and color photos. New bidders can use DPAA’s “How to Bid” tutorial section to learn how to effectively bid, and bidders who want to expedite the process can email DPAA with specific car criteria and get notified when that car is available. Overall, DPAA is a great auction company if you’re searching for a pre-owned car. The only downside? To attend the auctions, you should be near New Castle, Delaware.

  16. www.waukeganautoauction.com

    Looking for a car in the windy city? If so, try Chicago Car Auctions (accessed via www.waukeganautoauction.com). Chicago Car Auctions offer public auto auctions every Saturday at 8 AM. Alhough the auction center is located in Waukegan, Illionois (outside of Chicago), you can register to bid online as if you were at the auction. Interested bidders can view the upcoming sale inventory on the website by clicking the ‘Auction List’ or ‘Featured’ tabs. Chicago Car Auctions has thorough profiles of the cars they offer, complete with model and make information as well as color photos. Chicago Car Auctions offers trucks, motorcycles, and boats in addition to standard sedans and SUVS. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for the Chicago-area resident OR online bidder who’s looking to buy a car. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and informative. Check out www.waukeganautoauction.com today.

  17. www.carriagetrade.com

    If you’re looking to purchase a pre-owned car via auction, learn to pronounce Conshohocken! Conshohocken, PA is home to Carriage Trade Auctions, a 31-year old company offering pre-owned vehicles for auction prices. Carriage Trade Auto hosts a public auto auction every Monday at 5pm, where they offer specialty vehicles as well as SUVs and sedans. As with many other auctions, you can preview the inventory available on the site. Also, if you want to purchase a car up front, you can purchase it at the auction location. While Carriage Trade is a recommended option if you’re a resident, you’ll be charged $30 USD per year to become a registered member. The site also lacks the e-bid feature. Consider these factors before using Carriage Trade Auto, though the registration fee is small in comparison to the purchase of a new car.

  18. www.cccpaa.org

    Searching for a pre-owned vehicle? Try Contra Costa County Public Auto Auction, an auction company offering a different approach to auctioning cars. Like many other auction companies, CCCPAA hosts monthly auctions of pre-owned cars, and bidders can browse a catalog of vehicles online before attending. Unlike other auction companies, however, CCCPAA guarantees they will rectify transmission slippage, engine rod knock, and drive trains noise for vehicles purchased at or over $3,500 USD. Also, kids are welcome at CCCPAA auctions! (Often, kids aren’t at other auctions). CCCPAA also guarantees verified information on all cars being auctioned. Overall, CCPAA’s friendly service, performance guarantees, and large car selection make it a great selection. Unfortunately, however, CCCPAA doesn’t have an e-bid feature – so we recommend you are a resident of California.

  19. www.acauction.com

    If you’re a NorCal resident looking for an auction of pre-owned cars, look no further than Almameda County Auctions. ACA wants you to “buy cars like dealers do” at their public auctions, where you can find pre-owned cars for competitive rates. ACA offers a catalog of available cars from Toyota, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz. ACA is a good choice for a car auction company, as it offers the standard features offered by most companies as well as an online auction function. You need not be a resident of Northern California to browse the inventory ACA has to offer. Rather, you can register for the auction online and then “e-bid” as the auction is taking place. Check out www.acauction.com today for more information on how to register. Good luck!

  20. www.autoauctionsdallastx.com

    Yee haw! If you’re looking for an inexpensive car for you and your family, head on over to Trinity Public Auto Auction located in Dallas, TX. Trinity hosts a public auto auction every Sunday at 12 noon, where interested bidders can browse the cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and more offered for auction. If you visit the website, you can browse the available inventory of cars and trucks offered at the upcoming auction, from makers like Cadillac, Buick, GM, and BMW. Pre-auction registration is simple – you just visit the site and click the ‘Registration’ tab. Then, you’re ready to bid! The only catch to Trinity Auto Auctions is that it’s centralized in the Dallas, TX area, so if you’re an out-of-towner you may want to consider another auction company. Otherwise, visit www.autoauctionsdallastx.com today for more information!

  21. www.premierpaa.com

    At Premier Public Auto Auctions, you’ll find a great auto auction company located conveniently close to both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. PPAA hosts auctions each Saturday at 10:30 AM, both dealers and the public. (Cars are categorized). PPAA offers a special viewing time slot for bidders on 9:30 AM on Saturdays, before the auction. If you’d like to get a head start, you can visit the site’s inventory. PPAA’s online inventory is especially unique and useful, as it includes the car’s make, model, year, and mileage. You can also donate or sell your car at your preferred price to PPAA, who will then put it up for auction. PPAA also offers insurance, towing, and detailing services. PPAA is a great service provider and is definitely recommended, we just also recommend you live in the area for added convenience.

  22. www.allentownautoauction.com

    In the case of Allentown Auto Auction, alliteration is the indication of a great auction resource for Pennsylvania residents. Allentown Auto Auction is a company that offers pre-owned, donated vehicles for public auction every Wednesday and Saturday at 4 PM and 930 AM. Before the auction, you can register on the site to avoid lines and also the preview the cars available. In addition, an hour and a half before each auction you can preview the vehicles live. Allentown Auto Auction has quite an extensive inventory, offering vehicles from Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Audi, and more. Though it doesn’t have an online auction function, it’s still recommended for bidders in the Allentown area or bidders who are willing to travel. Check out www.allentownautoauction.com today for more information!

  23. www.blokauto.com

    Looking for a car but don’t want to spend over $10,000? Try Blok Auto Charity Clearance! Blok Auto, based in Gardena, California, offers pre-owned vehicles every Saturday at their auction center. To bid, simply show up at the auctions at 8:30 AM and purchase a $5 bid card. Then, you’re eligible to bid. During this time, the cars are also available for inspection. You can also preview the vehicles before hand at the center during their office hours. Finally, you can view the color-photo inventory of cars available on their website. BLOK offers popular cars like the Ford Explorer, for low prices such as $2,800 USD! At such a steal, it’s worth perusing the website and auctions if you’re a California resident. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere, since Blok does not offer online bidding functions.

  24. www.phpaa.com

    Need a new car at a low price? Check out auctions in the city of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia Public Auto Auctions offers pre-owned cars within auctions held twice each week, one on Wednesday at 7 PM and one on Saturday at 12 noon. Not only are the times convenient for the working individual, but the auctions offer an hour before for bidders to inspect and explore the vehicles offered. PHPAA.com has 5 pages full of color-photos and detailed car profiles, so you can even get a glimpse of what’s available before the day of the auction. Pre-registration isn’t necessary, all you need to do is show up! Bidding with Philadelphia Public Auto Auctions is a simple and easy choice, with great selection. Visit the website today for more information on the cars offered.

  25. www.masondixonautoauction.com

    Mason Dixon Auto Auctions’ slogan is “Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a quality used vehicle or just want to turn your existing vehicle into some quick cash, think Mason Dixon.” And for good reason! MD offers public auto auctions of donated vehicles each Tuesday at 5:30 PM at their lot in Greencastle, PA. You can visit the site to register and learn more about the auction, and the cars are on display 2 hours before each auction so you can view them before the bidding begins. You can also view color photos of the expected vehicles for the upcoming auction. MD also offers reconditioning, transportation, and notary services. Because MD lacks an online auction function, we recommend this site to bidders in the local Pennsylvania area. Check out www.masondixonautoauction.com today for more information, or to see the near 450 cars available for next auction!

  26. www.henrysuaction.com

    Looking for a new car at a used price? Call Henry! Henry’s Auto Auctions, located in Manassas, Virginia, offers hundreds of cars for biweekly auctions. Henry’s offers both an Auction List and Auction Schedule on their website, so you can see when and where each auction is, and what cars they’re selling. Henry’s last auction hosted 169 quality pre-owned cars. The doors open 2 full hours before each auction, so the public can browse the cars and decide which car they’d like best. Henry’s is a simple, easy-to-use site that provides foolproof instructions for attending one of their auctions. We definitely recommend this site for bidders in the greater Virginia who may have perused other auctions and not found what they were looking for. Visit www.henrysuaction.com today for more information, and to find your perfect pre-owned car!

  27. www.houstonautoauction.com

    Looking for a perfectly priced pre-owned car? Look no further than the South! At Houston Auto Auctions, a company offering pre-owned, donated vehicles to dealers and the public, there’s a plethora of choices and resources at your fingertips. Houston Auto hosts a weekly auction for dealers and the public as well as the ability to bid from your very own home online. To successfully attend an auction, first visit www.houstonautoauction.com to view the auction calendar. You can see when the next upcoming auctions, and also browse the available inventory. You can also pre-register for the auction. Uniquely, Houstin Auto also offers heavy farming and construction equipment. Overall, it’s a great resource for a bidder who lives in the Houston area or is bidding from their very own home. Check out www.houstonautoauction.com today.

Part 2: 15 Top Car Classifieds Popular for Both Buyers and Sellers

  1. Facebook.com - Facebook.com enables you to find thousands of autos on sale within your location and price range.

    Some of the most popular cars advertised on Facebook include Ford, Toyota and Honda. You can find bargain deals for models like the 2003 Mustang GT with cowl hood, true dual custom exhaust, and low mileage. Facebook.com tends to advertise newer models of used cars so it’s a great place to find quality vehicles with little wear. You can find Toyotas like the 2005 Toyota Corolla LE with only 35 miles, fully loaded with clean title. Check out photos and more on Facebook.com.

    Facebook is also helpful if you’re looking to sell a vehicle because you can post ads within your social circle, allowing you to attract local buyers and friends. Interested buyers can easily post a comment or send you a message for contact information.

  2. Autotrader.com - Autotrade.com is one of the top automotive marketplaces online with thousands of certified cars, used cars and new cars to choose from.

    You can either search for a dealership near you or browse through ads from individual merchants. For example, Autotrade.com advertises a used 2002 Jeep Liberty 4x4 at a low clearance price! This sport utility vehicle features 6 cylinder gasoline, 4 speed automatic transmission and a ton of other features like air conditioning, CD player, roof rack and more.

    Sellers can also upload auto listings at an affordable price, reaching over 14 million shoppers nationwide. Autotrader.com offers you tips, tools and expert advice that will help sell your car through a step by step process. Their extensive network will grant you access to other partner sites leading to more potential sales.

  3. Craigslist.org - New auto ads are constantly being updated and added on Craiglist.org so don’t miss out on the opportunity to find your dream car! Craiglists.org lists new and used vehicles on sale by trusted dealers in your area. The 1994 Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 is listed from Yonkers, NY, with low mileage and excellent running condition. It is black with chrome and comes with TV and CD players. You can contact the seller for special offers as well as trade-ins. Craigslist also lists newer models like the 2008 Mercedes E Class in black and tan. Whether you are a personal owner or dealer, you can post vehicles on Craiglists.org for free depending on your city. Add descriptions, photos or a website to draw more buyers and make a profit from your sale!

  4. Cars.com - Cars.com exclusively caters to buyers, sellers and traders of all types of automotives.

    Start your search for the dream car right now with Cars.com’s search tool. All you have to do is type in the make, model, maximum price and location that you prefer and allow Cars.com to do the rest. For example, if you want a newer Dodge model, check out the 2008 Dodge Viper SRT in viper black. This sleek coupe comes with power windows, leather interior, polished forged alloy rims and more. You can conveniently use Cars.com’s contact form to convey your interest to the dealer or seller.

    As a seller, you can benefit from Cars.com’s millions of online buyers and 175 affiliated newspaper and partner websites to increase visibility. Sign up for free today to gain access to expert help from Cars.com’s seller guide as well as their select 90-day money back guarantee.

  5. Oodle.com - Oodle.com is a useful source for auto classifieds because you can easily find a suitable vehicle right in your local area.

    For instance, if you are near Long Island NY, you can find listings for quality used cars like the 2007 Toyota RAV4 with cruise control, keyless entry, power door locks, roof rack and more. This sport utility vehicle is sold by dealer and is available for test drives upon inquiry.

    You can also find older coupes for low prices like the 1998 Honda Accord for just $2800. It features a v-6 super charged engine, tinted windows, leather interior and black exterior. Don’t miss out on the great catch today!

    Also, as a seller, you can post your listing for free on Oodle.com and you can even integrate other sources like Facebook, GoogleBase and Twitter!

  6. Autos.aol.com - Aol.com’s auto classifieds makes the car buying and selling process effortless. You can use their search engine to specify the make and model of a vehicle within your zip code. Whether you are searching for a new Pontiac or a used Lexus, Autos.aol.com can hook you up with hot deals. You will find a brand new 2010 Nissan Altima at a fraction of market prices. It features front-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, tire pressure monitoring system and more awesome features. Check out trims, pricing, reviews and compare prices directly at Autos.aol.com Looking to sell your car for fast profit? No problem. Autos.aol.com offers free car classifieds that allows you to instantly create a listing with up to 12 photos. You can even use the Kelley Blue Book value to help price your car at an appropriate rate to stay competitive.

  7. Carsdirect.com - Carsdirect.com is an online classifieds tool directly aimed to help you save time and money in cars.

    When you sign up for free today, you will gain instant access to buyer reports as well as the latest incentives and rebates. For sellers, Carsdirect.com also offers the management tools to keep track of your vehicles for sale and modify your listings.

    Carsdirect.com provides a large selection for used vehicles. For example, you can find a 2007 Acura TSX on sale for a low price. With 5 speed automatic transmission, this vehicle offers stability control as well as top tier performance. It provides additional benefits like heated driver and passenger seats, cruise control, steering wheel controls and navigation system. Contact individual sellers today to learn more about financing options or to schedule a test drive.

  8. Vehix.com - Whether you love hybrid cars, sedans, trucks or SUVs, Vehix.com can offer you the right car for the right price. As a seller, you can sign up today for free listings of your vehicle for up to 30 days.

    Use Vehix.com’s car comparison tool to assess your choices and narrow down to the best deal. You can find affordable options for new cars like the 2010 Hyundai Accent in black, blue, grey or white. Available in seven different styles, this hot car offers quality design and performance. It comes with 5 speed manual transmission, front wheel drive and front stabilizer bar. Get a free price quote today on Vehix.com or view local inventory to see if it is on sale by a dealership near you. Vehix.com’s classifieds also feature used cars in great condition such as the 2005 Jaguar X Type with automatic transmission and AWD drive.

  9. Carsforsale.com - At Carsforsale.com, you can reach millions of buyers and browse through thousands of used and new cars on sale for free!

    Top makes featured on carsforsale.com include Acura, Mercury and Volkswagen. Looking for a dependable yet affordable car? Why not opt out for the 1996 Acura Integra for just $3,950? It features LS special edition trim, 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed automatic transmission. Contact the seller today using Carsforsale.com’s simple form to convey your interest.

    Listings for new models like the 2007 Acura TL are also common on Carsforsale.com. This red sedan features 6 cylinder engine, power door locks, premium wheels, cruise control and more! If you live near the Thousand Oaks, California region, don’t hesitate to set up a test run with Courtesy Motor Group today through carsforsale.com.

  10. Hemmings.com - Hemmings.com has over 12,000 cars for sale in their classifieds with profiles, photo galleries and videos. They cover a wide range of vehicles, from classic cars to muscle cars and vintage cars.

    A current hot deal is the 1978 Chevrolet Corvette, a silver anniversary edition with beautiful oyster interior. This one of a kind vehicle only has 12,000 original miles and it is loaded with 350 V-8 T Tops and four speed transmission. Not only can you rarely find it anywhere else, but Hemmings.com also can provide you with reasonable payment options with their payment calculator.

    You can subscribe to Hemmings today to gain lower rates and discounts on your auto ads. Online listings start at $35 for 30 days and you can add 1000 characters of description with 3 photos. Hemmings.com also provides you with the option of uploading videos to showcase your vehicle and attract more buyers.

  11. Oldride.com - Oldride.com is an online community for classic cars and trucks, a great source to locate your next project or steady vehicle.

    Check out their extensive collection of ads for classic cars like the 1956 Ford Thunderbird. This rare beauty is in excellent condition with automatic transmission, power steering and white wall tires with hubcaps. Not only does it look amazing, but it also drives well!

    Classic trucks can also be found for low prices on Oldride.com’s listings. The 1941 Ford Pickup Truck features straight body and solid orange paint with a 350 cubic inch engine and automatic transmission. This historic favorite comes with power steering, tilt wheel and digital dash. Get a quote today from the seller or view all listings for more options.

  12. Domesticsale.com - Domesticsale.com is the place to go to sell your vehicle to make a stellar profit!

    Getting started is easy. Simply sign up with your email to start uploading posts that include popular keywords, attractive photos, detailed descriptions and contact information. Through domesticsale.com, you can reach thousands of potential buyers in your local area as well as across the country.

    If you’re looking to take home your dream car, browse freely through Domesticsale.com’s 205,933 vehicle listings, by price, year, model, make and location. The 2010 Toyota Yaris LB Man in silver will make a fantastic everyday car for you and your family! It features manual transmission, high horsepower, traction control and more functions. View videos or schedule a test drive instantly with the dealership online at Domesticsale.com.

  13. Backpage.com - Backpage.com allows you to find quality vehicles whether you live in Alaska or New Hampshire, with new listings updated on a daily basis.

    For instance, if live in the Boston metro area, check out classifieds for autos within your designated radius. You can find affordable deals for the 2008 Ford Escape in white with 4 speed automatic transmission and low mileage. This sturdy vehicle can carry you and your family for years to come. If you are searching for a smaller car, check out the 2008 Honda Accord in beige with 2.4L engine and additional features and functions. Even if you don’t live within the area, many dealers and sellers will offer to ship for free or schedule a pick-up.

    You can also post ads on Backpage.com under the auto category for free with descriptions, addresses and up to four images.

  14. Hoobly.com - From minivans to coupes, Hoobly.com’s auto classifieds cater to a variety of preferences and needs.

    Looking for a hot BMW but don’t want to pay tens of thousands of dollars? Hoobly.com lists affordable deals like the 2004 BMW M3 from Las Vegas. It features 19 rims, new tires, GPS navigation, SMG transmission and more. The seller even offers easy financing, shipping and warranty options right on Hoobly.com’s advertisement page.

    Other vehicles sold by individual owners are also featured on Hoobly.com. The 2008 Ford Truck 250 4x4 in grey is listed at a reasonable price, but you can contact the merchant for possible negotiations and make your own offer. With low mileage and excellent condition, you can take this truck home immediately!

    Sign up now on Hoobly.com to start your hunt or post an auto ad for free.

  15. Ebayclassifieds.com - EBay Classifieds provide you with the safe, easy and friendly service to buy, sell and trade vehicles.

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