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Ebay.com seems to have it all, and at amazing prices.

Currently, for the city of Austin, Texas and its surrounding areas within 3 hours outside, this affordable auction site is showing us 3,400 different listings of automobiles being auctioned off! Yes, you read that number correctly: Three-thousand, four hundred vehicles that you can pick and choose from.

But there is no reason to let that large number overwhelm you, because on EBay, you can refine your search by using a number of different subcategories. Depending on what your preference is, you may want to narrow the options down by who is selling the unit (a dealer or a private seller, etc.), the body type, the transmission, the price, the fuel type, the mileage, the condition or even the interior and exterior colors.

If you bid on Ebay.com, you have a great chance of getting the exact vehicle that you desire!

8 Popular Austin Auto Auction Sites

C.A.R. ĖCharitable Auto Recycling

C.A.R. (Charitable Auto Recycling) is an honest, reputable, and well-established company, located in the heart of Austin, Texas. This large organization is extremely versatile, and is suited for individual buyers, wholesale customers, exporters, dealers, and those wanting to donate.

With a pre-auction preview of the variety of units, from Volkswagen to Ford, from Cars to SUVs, C.A.R. allows all buyers the opportunity to make informed decisions. They are an organization looking to support the locals with good running vehicles, and sustain an ample amount of charities.

If you are looking for an honest auction to purchase your next automobile, in a simple, speedy and secure process, then Charitable Auto Recycling is the public auction you should attend. Check out their website at CarsTrucksAndBoats.com for more details on the next auto auction!

Metro Auto Auction

Metro Auto Auction has the lineup of auction dates posted for the entire year of 2011, with an auction taking place each month. These massive southern Austin events occur on 8 acres, auctioning off an average of 200 cars each time.

What makes Metro Auto Auction so reliable and fair, more so than your average car dealership? On the Thursday and Friday before each auction, the buyers are invited to a live preview from 10 AM to 5 PM, and given the opportunity to inspect the physical and mechanical condition on any vehicles on site. They even recommend bringing a mechanic!

With the variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, available at a Metro Auto Auction affair, you should have no problem finding an affordable automobile. $300 cash deposit at registration, plus the not-so-pricey price of your new vehicle, now thatís a bargain! Visit Metroautoauction.com for more information!

Insurance Auto Auction

Houston, we have a winner!

Roughly 3 hours from Austin, you can attend an Insurance Auto Auction in Houston, Texas. These auctions are weekly, and are held every Thursday starting at 9 AM. In order to get a preview of the automobiles you can expect to see at this auction, and get a head start in the decision making process, buyers can check out the onsite preview Wednesdays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

In the mean time, you can always head to the website (https://www.iaai.com/Auctions/BranchListingView.aspx?branchCode=440) to check out the vehicles listed under the Houston Branch.

From Chevrolets to Chryslers to Ford, Insurance Auto Auction has an ample amount to bid on! But donít worry, if for some reason you are unable to attend the live auction, you wonít miss out! You can still bid LIVE when you download I-bid LIVE software. How great is that?

Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. (@ Dallas)

Roughly 3 hours from Austin, the Dallas branch of Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. is situated at the City of Dallas Auto Pound site.

Every other Monday, you can bid on a range of 150-400 different automobiles, which have either been abandoned or impounded. With the auction event starting at 10 AM, buyers have plenty of time to register (8 AM to 10:30 AM) and inspect the mechanical and physical conditions of a few of their top choice vehicles (9:30 AM).

A previous (as of recent) auction featured 305 autos, from classic to current, from luxury to family models. Get your bid on and make your next car be a smart purchase! Happy biddings!

Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. (@ Lewisville)

Travel just a little over 3 hours north from Austin and you will be in Lewisville, ready to aggressively auction by bidding boldly and brightly.

Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. has several different locations in the single state of Texas, and this organization is a great success! Auctions are not held at each location at the same time. In fact, the Lonestar Lewisville location auctions off every other month.

Every other month, buyers can expect to have the opportunity to choose from 50 to 200 different vehicles, which have all been either impounded or abandoned. Registration begins at 8 AM and goes until 10:30 AM. But since the auction starts at 10 AM, you may want to get there early in order to register and inspect the vehicles in the lot at 9:30 AM!

Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. (@ Irving)

Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. has taken over Texas by storm. It is an organization whose popularity has proven its validity and reliability. Just a quick three hour drive outside of Austin will have you in the city of Irving.

Here, starting at 10 AM sharp, you will be able to bid on a number of different automobiles. But this Lonestar location is not as frequent as ones that auction weekly. In fact, the Lonestar Auctioneers in Irving has auctions only on the last Thursday of every month.

Though their auctions may not be in ample amount, the Irving location sure does have a range to choose from! Auctioned off at these events are a number of cars, from 50-200, all either impounded or abandoned, and all at great prices!

Lonestar Auctioneers, Inc. (@ Online)

Currently, at LonestarOnline.com, you can find over 20 listings of abandoned or seized vehicles that are being auctioned off (as we speak!).

The City of Waco, Texas Police Department has listed these automobiles and has issued a public auto auction. With an online auction, the buyer is able to identify hot items based on an updated progress of how many bids have been placed, the current bid to beat and exactly how much time is left.

Buyers also have access to information regarding the vehicles information, accompanied by its condition and pictures.

Get safe with a civic and bid for just $250.00 for this í92 model. But hurry, because the site is telling us that it is a hot item!

For more information, head to LonestarOnline.com and check out the City of Waco listings!


RideSafely.com allows you to choose your country and your region. And in this case, weíre choosing Austin, Texas.

The buyer can then choose the auction type they want either pre-bidding or live internet only, and then choose the listing they need, from car to RV to truck.

Currently, this affordable auction site has roughly 700 different vehicles for the buyer to choose from. Fortunately, RideSafely.com has a great variety that it is not a problem to allow you to get down to the specifics, such as make, model, and year. Therefore, you donít necessarily need to worry about fishing through all of those units, because this site does it for you!

For more information, head to the website and start bidding on your next purchase!

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