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Ranking of Top 15 Auction Software

  1. Vendio - Vendio has become the #1 provider of e-Commerce and online auction services by gaining the trust of over one million sellers and helping them sell more than $15 billion in merchandise to almost 300 million buyers since 1999.

    Starting as eBay's first developer partners it has now been named one of the “Hottest Businesses in 2003” by Entrepreneur Magazine. Their main goal is to help sellers manage their businesses effectively by raising profit, managing inventory and sales on eBay and across the Web, make their retail more effective, and update their business so they can beat the competition. They want to help enhance e-commerce businesses and help them to succeed and that is why any business of any size should try it risk free today and see how Vendio can better their business.

  2. Bidnapper - Bidnapper is a premiere auction sniping service that facilitates eBay buying. The site boasts that they have the “system, strategy and support that you need to succeed”, which is evidenced by their multiple guarantees for success and gleaming testimonials. Bidnapper is different from other auction sniping programs because it is an online service – not a complicated software program. There is nothing to install or download, and no upgrade reminders on your computer. Also, Bidnapper is compatible with a wide range of auction sites, including specialty and international sites. Some sniping services only work with eBay, but Bidnapper allows its users to choose their auction site. The final thing that sets Bidnapper apart from its competition is its advanced bidding application, system reliability and customer support.

  3. PowerSnipe - Powersnipe.com is one of many online auction sniping sites that facilitate eBay bidding. This service functions as software which you must install onto your computer, and it’s also accessible through a website. If you’re using the software, you don’t even need to leave your computer on once you’ve set your bids on Powersnipe! The software stores your bid information on a bidding server with a high-speed internet connection that places your snipe for you, while you can confidently wait for the results. Powersnipe’s service includes a one-time fee (as opposed to monthly installments or subscriptions), and a 30-day money back guarantee. This service is a great way to avoid messy “bidding-wars”, and get the items that you want at the lowest possible price.

  4. eBay Seller Tools - eBay Seller Tools offer an extensive set of software tools to fit your selling needs. Unlike some of the other selling software that’s out there, many of eBay’s Seller Tools are completely free! Whether you sell tens, hundreds, or thousands of items a day – eBay’s seller tools software can offer something for everyone. In the free category, users can choose between the Sell Your Item (SYI) option, and the Turbo Lister, which lists your items at a faster rate. Should you choose to use a paid package, you can benefit from automated selling and file exchange as well. Either way, whatever your business needs may be, eBay’s Seller Tools can help to increase your selling efficiency and success!

  5. Auction Sniper - Remember that pair of gorgeous shoes you saw on eBay? Maybe it was a designer shirt, a set of knives, or a toy for your nephew… Whatever it was, you wanted it. Did you place the highest bid and wait to receive your prize, only to find you had been sniped? For amateur auctioneers, auction-sniping is when an automated system places the highest bid in the last available seconds of the auction, therefore winning the item. Frustrated? Now you can snipe, too! Auction Sniper is a website that recognizes your desired item and enters the highest bid in the last possible moment to secure your win. Auction Sniper lets you avoid typical price-inflators like premature bidding and bidding battles. Though Auction Sniper places the bid for your item, it does not pay the seller – you must pay the Auction Sniper fee as well as pay the seller yourself. With the ability to use Auction Sniper three times for free, it’s worth trying on an item you’re really after. If you’re an avid eBayer, Auction Sniper may be worth the fee - 1% of the final auction price with a minimum fee of $0.25 USD and a maximum fee of $9.95 USD for only the auctions that you win.

  6. Auctiva - Founded in 1998, Auctiva is a software that offers web-based tools to expedite the eBay listing process. How? Through a template or scrolling gallery that best exemplifies and frames the items being sold, Auctiva has found great success among the users as well as the buyers. The best part of Auctiva, however, is that each template is 100% free, giving you an attractive and professional look that will enhance your brand and increase sales. There are 1500 auction templates to choose from, and every look from fun to cute to professional to risqué. Viewers can now sight-shop all your items in a one-stop shop process, instead of hopping around from product search to product search. Auctiva is not only the fastest growing solution for eBay sellers; it is the highest rated eBay solution for sellers!

  7. ChannelAdvisor - Is your flourishing eBay business outgrowing eBay’s resources? Channel Advisor’s Marketplace Advisor software allows eBay sellers to expand their businesses, by offering a variety of key features that make selling easier, faster, and more efficient. The software does this by replacing standard eBay procedures with detailed and automated business plans. Marketplace advisor can help sellers reduce operational costs with these automated strategies, which can also result in increased revenues – and an immense over all benefit for the company. The software boasts “superior efficiency to a high-performing e-commerce business”, and easing the transition to other online channels. This software is a must-have for serious eBay sellers.

  8. Auction Flex - Auction Flex is used for live auctions and is in short a complete auction management software program that assists customers with their sales. It is clerking software, accounting software, mailing list management software, inventory management software and more. It provides its users with flawless solution that allows them to place their auction catalogs on the internet in a searchable database instead of a plain HTML. This can all be done with a single click of a button making it easier for anyone to use Auction Flex and succeed today. They offer free 30 day trials so that their users can experience what they have to offer before they go on and purchase anything. They are so sure that you will like their product that they are offering this 30 day trial to anyone who signs up so come join today!

  9. Auction Stealer - Auction Stealer is an online auction-sniping system that works to ensure a user secures the highest bid on his or her desired item. Auction Stealer works similarly to other sites of its kind – it recognizes the user’s desired item and automatically offers the highest bid during the last possible minutes of the auction. Your computer does not have to be on for the sniping system to work. The site’s function is great for frequent bidders, but is generally not recommended or necessary for seldom eBayers. Auction Stealer offers two memberships, a free trial and a paying membership, called the Priority Service membership. The Priority Service membership offers more functions and faster service for bidders.

  10. EZ Sniper - As true auctioneers recognize, there’s no need to sit around and bid for an item from the get-go! Why? Serious collectors and professional dealers understand the pre-determined value of the item, and understand that there’s no need to waste precious time upping the bid. Just bid in the final seconds of the auction- the secret to a swift and quick bid to success! That’s why EZ sniper is the easy efficient service that will save you the hassle from participating in driving up the prices, but get the result that you want. Like a sniper, EZ sniper will hide out on the item you wish, and bid on behalf of you when it nears the final seconds. This means that you don’t have to be glued to the computer, just pre-set your bid so that your EZ Sniper bid agent will do it for you.

  11. justsnipe.com - Sniping has become very popular with online auctions because you can make your bid at the very last moment, approximately 5 seconds before the bid closes, at a higher price and win the bid because no one has time to beat your bid. Now JustSnipe.com has made it even easier to successfully snipe with their auction sniper software. It provides a user friendly website and an easy and quick technique to snipe the exact item you are interested in. They have been in service since April 2002 and now their main goal is to help people “to bid on eBay auctions during some odd closing hours”. Bidding has never been easier and more successful with JustSnipe so come join for free today and receive 5 snipes a week!

  12. Infopia - If you are an online business owner, than you know how much time and energy go into managing operations. Many invest in online business software to help cut down operational costs but then, end up having to buy individual software per managing sector. Most times, the software doesn’t integrate with one another! There has to be a better way than the traditional method, and yet a smarter way than paying for time by software costs- that’s where Infopia comes in! Infopia is operational software that works with traditional business systems to streamline everyday services. Reduce costs by up to 60% while keeping track of merchandising, data management, orders & shipping, analytics, site traffic &conversions, and customer relations management. This eCommerce solution will manage growth and make business more profitable!

  13. BidNip - BidNip is an auction sniping online system that’s claim to fame is the money it saves you: “By placing your bids just seconds before the auction ends, BidNip eliminates competitive bidding, emotional bidding, and lets you win more auctions for less money!” And it evidently does just that – BidNip was recently voted the “fastest and most powerful online auction sniping service.” As per usual, BidNip offers a free trial membership and a paid membership, but also offers several intriguing and useful options that make it a truly worthy adversary to other sniper sites. Comparatively, BidNip offers great prices, and is worth a try for both the inexperienced online buyer as well as the seasoned bidder.

  14. Gixen - Online sniping services are the best solution for snipers because it is the most reliable, you set it and forget it, and when you snipe fraudulent sellers have no time to conduct shill bidding. There are many different sniping programs out there that users can choose from with many different pros and cons so it could be hard to choose. However, Gixen is free across the boards and is user friendly and wants to help bidders all over snipe easier! With over 3,000 users currently with pending snipes and over 9,000 pending snipes it is the best choice for anyone who wants to make the sniping experience more enjoyable and more successful. So come join Gixen for free today!

  15. AuctionSound - Are you an experienced online bidder looking for an online system to help you get that extra edge when buying? If so, Auction Sound may be the system for you. Auction Sound is software specifically developed for Powersellers and eBay consignment, with features that are designed to make your eBaying more efficient, secure, and faster. Auction Sound has five available packs to purchase, called Standard, Basic, Intermediate, Powerseller, and Enterprise. The more functions each pack offers, the higher the price. Correspondigly, the prices range from $24. 99 USD to $199.99 USD. Auction Sound’s webiste chronicles its vast array of features. It’s recommended the buyer peruse the site before purcashing any pack – and purchasing is only recommended for serious buyers looking for an advantageous product.

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