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Ranking of Top 49 Online Auction Sites, Marketplaces, and Classified Sites for Sellers

  1. amazon.com

    Amazon is our top choice for sellers as an eBay alternative! The huge amount of traffic, the great reputation among customers, and the flexible tools, make it an excellent choice for many online sellers.

    Amazon has multiple selling options, which include different services for different types of sellers. For example, you can sell individually or enroll as a Pro Merchant, if you have a large and specialized inventory and a high volume of sales. Pro Merchant Services include discounted selling, bulk listing tools, and unlimited marketplace selling. Whatever type of seller you are, there are 4 easy steps to selling on Amazon: list your items, get orders, ship the items to your buyers, and then get paid! To begin the process, visit Amazon.com and register for free.There’s no fee for listing items, either. You only have to pay once you’ve sold an item. Overall, Amazon is a great choice for selling items because of its volume of visitors and fee policies.

  2. craigslist.org - Craigslist is a wonderful site for sellers – it’s free, simple, and easy-to-use! Craigslist is a collection of local forums and classifieds for 570 cities in 50 countries worldwide, and is viewed by a whopping 50 million consumers each month. On Craigslist, you can post and respond to free listings for just about anything. If you’re looking to sell, you simple visit Craigslist.org and click ‘Post to Classifieds.’ You then fill out the form describing the item your selling, its fixed price (Craigslist does not auction), and add a picture if you’d like. Then, you submit and wait for a confirmation email. After it’s been posted, you can edit it for any last-minute changes. The site’s FAQ section is particularly useful, as it contains additional information regarding the expiration of posts, further editing of posts, and helpful tips to make your post seen. Craigslist is a great resource for sellers, as it’s free and highly-trafficked.

  3. realtor.com - Looking to sell your home? Realtor.com may be a good solution for you and your family. At Realtor.com, you can learn about the process of selling your home – including calculating the worth of your home, learning how to plan and prepare your home to be sold, getting a realtor, setting a price, closing, and moving. The site includes tips and tricks for the process, as well. The site also has a find a realtor function, where you can enter your zip and the site lists nearby realtors. Overall, the site is easy to use and provides valuable information if you’re looking to sell your home. It’s also recommended for buyers, as it displays listings of homes for sale in multiple regions of the U.S.

  4. autotrader.com - Autotrader, “the ultimate automotive marketplace,” wants to help you sell your car. At Autotrader, you can buy or sell a car. For sellers, the site is a great resource. If you’re interested in selling your car, the first step on Autotrader is to create a free count. Once you’ve done this, you can use the site’s various research tools to find out more about how to sell your car –including finding out what your car is worth and creating an accurate and attention-getting ad (Autotrader allows for up to 27 color photos per ad), as well as read additional tips and tricks. Autotrader offers car-sellers exposure and volume, so plenty of shoppers will be able to view (and hopefully consider) your car. In fact, Autotrader has the highest web concentration of users who are seriously considering buying a car. Once you’ve created an ad, you can edit or renew it. In addition, your ad may appear on other sites as Autotrader continues to make new business partnerships. Keep in mind, you can only advertise vehicles made after 1981. Overall, Autotrader is a great selection to advertise an available car, because of its extensive viewership.

  5. cafepress.com - Want a fun, funky online venue to sell your own t-shirts, books, CDs, stationary, art, and more? If so, Café Press might be for you! www.cafepress.com is a website that not only sells these items, but is also open for sellers to upload their work and sell it on their website, free of upfront costs and inventory investment. To start, visit the website and click on the ‘Start Selling’ tab. From there, you can pick a type of merchandise you’d like to design on the site and then sell (this includes audio and data CDs). Café Press takes care of the rest – after you’re finished selecting designs for your product, Café Press produces and ships your item, as well as handles all returns and exchanges and offers customer service. You also receive emails notifying you of the profit you’ve made. Truly, Café Press is a great choice if you’re looking to design and sell its offered merchandise – it does the work for you – for free!

  6. etsy.com - Etsy is an impressive concept – using the technology of the internet to create a forum where shoppers can buy and sell handmade creations, arts & craft supplies, and vintage items. Etsy offers jewelry, stationery, quilts, toys, clothing, candles, ceramics & pottery, knitting, houseware, and much more. For Etsy sellers, you can begin selling by register on Etsy and listing your item(s). Then, once you’ve found a buyer, you receive your payment and ship the item. Etsy is a great choice for online selling because it’s so specialized, so if you’re a maker of handmade goods, this site is for you. Such a concentrated viewership is great, but sellers beware: it costs the small amount of 20 cents to list an item for four months, and 3.5% transaction fee if your item sells. For true lovers of all things handmade, though, this is a good choice.

  7. oodle.com - Oodle proclaims itself as the new, smarter classifieds and the best alternative for sellers, advertisers, and publishers. Oodle lists classifieds for everything from jobs to houses to toys to pets. If you’re interested in selling on Oodle, you can add your listing for absolutely free. Oodle has a large click-through rate, and when your add is posted, it’s also listed on other classified sites Oodle is in partnership with. In addition, you don’t have to register to post a free ad, all you need to provide is a valid e-mail address. To create an ad, just click ‘Post a FREE ad’ in the upper-right corner of the home page. Your ad will stay active for 30 days, with unlimited text and up to 4 pictures. Overall, Oodle is an easy-to-use classifieds site that is great for sellers because it’s extensive reach – ads posted on Oodle are also linked to classified sites like Lycos, Googlebase, and many others.

  8. stubhub.com - Got tickets to the theatre you need to get rid of? (Or a sporting event, or a concert?) Try Stub Hub! What is Stub Hub? Stub Hub is an online forum where fans can buy and sell tickets to big-time events. If you’re interested in selling tickets, click on the ‘Selling’ tab at the top of Stub Hub’s homepage. After you’ve registered on Stub Hub, you can list your tickets and your price, which you can change anytime you want. Stub Hub handles buyer inquires as well as guides you through the easy shipping process. Sellers can choose between two selling options: Free delivery and Free last minute services. With Free Delivery, Stub Hub provides you with a pre-paid shipping slip from FedEx for you to send your tickets to your buyer. With Free Last Minute Services, sellers can sell tickets to large events and allow buyers to purchase them right up until the time of the event. Stub Hub is a safe, great online forum for ticket-sellers, whether you are selling tickets to a one-time event or season passes.

  9. cars.com - Interested in selling your car? If so, visit Cars.com! Cars.com, launched in June 1998, is a site designed to help those looking to buy and sell cars – offering vehicle pricing and quality information, side-by-side comparison tools, and photo galleries. What are the benefits of using Cars.com if you’re a seller? Cars.com is viewed by some 10 million interested buyers, as well has connections with 175 newspapers and television stations throughout the country. The downside? There’s a price. Cars.com offers several packages if you’re interested in posting an ad on their site – depending on your zip code (you enter this on the site prior to selecting your package), you will have different ad options available to you. These options include both online and print advertisements. When a buyer is interested in your car, they’ll contact you based on information you’ve provided. Cars.com also offers a 90-day guarantee, in which if you are an individual seller and your car has remained on the site for 90 days without a sell, you are refunded your listing fee. (Note: Your package must include the guarantee to be used). Though Cars.com has some technicalities regarding fees, the exposure your receive is tremendous. Explore Cars.com if you’re interested in a frequented site to sell your vehicle.

  10. kijiji.com - Need a classifieds site but tired of browsing Craigslist? Try Kijiji.com! Kijiji, meaning “village” in Swahili, was created to provide a clean, easy-to-use online marketplace and alternative to Craigslist. The most popular Kijiji categories are Pets, Motors, Real Estate, and Jobs and Services. If you’re using Kijiji to sell, just visit the site and click ‘Post Ad.’ It’s free! From there, you can write your ad, add pictures, and then wait for responses! Kijiji suggests that any local sales are made, to avoid fraud and shipping charges. In addition, Kijiji’s Frequently Asked Questions section has a list of tips to maximize your selling on the site. Overall, Kijiji is a simple, clean alternative to Craigslist, and is worth a look for anyone especially interested in selling locally.

  11. carsdirect.com - CarsDirect, a Los Angeles-based online, multi-brand car buying service that offers information to buyers and sellers about cars – including pricing, advertising, quality, and brand information. CarsDirect offers sellers the ability to create an ad on their site, but there’s a significant downside –it costs a whopping $29 USD to do so, and the ad only lasts 30 days, which is the standard for most online car marketplaces. In addition, CarsDirect does not offer refunds for their listing fee if your vehicle doesn’t sell. Though the site offers research tools to help sellers accurately place an ad and price their car, the site overall is not a good choice for a seller not willing to shell out a considerable amount of cash. The site is adequate, but is not recommended when compared to other car sites.

  12. ecrater.com - eCrater is a free online store-builder and marketplace, where buyers can browse online shops and sellers can create their own online stores. Since its creation in 2004, eCrater has been featured on CNN Money and and BusinessWeek. eCrater is surprisingly simple – to create your online store, sign up by creating an account with eCrater, and then begin to build your store. eCrater does not provide products for sellers, they must sell their own stuff. There are no major software requirements for eCrater, either. In additional to a free online store, sellers receive great publicity and viewership by selling with eCrater, because all eCrater ads and stores are posted within Google Product Search as well. Overall, eCrater is a great (and free!) choice if you’re a seller looking to create your very own online store.

  13. loopnet.com - Looking to sell real-etate easily online? If so, you might want to check out loopnet.com. LoopNet, Inc. is an online lending services information provider that serves organizations, real estate firms, and other professionals. Impressively, LoopNet is the largest and most trafficked commercial real estate listing service with 3 million plus members and 900,000 viewers per month. LoopNet’s customers include Coldwell Banker, Century 21, and Prudential. If you’re interested in placing a listing on LoopNet, visit the site and click the ‘Add Property’ site. From there, you can specify whether you’re selling or leasing a property and other important details. You can also add an up-close photo with Microsoft’s Bird’s Eye technology, track how many times you’re listing has been viewed, and contacted interested buyers. All of this is for free. LoopNet is a great site for companies looking to sell what they’ve got.

  14. ioffer.com - iOffer, an online buying, selling, and trading marketplace, was started in 2001 to offer “an alternative to frenetic and competitive web marketplaces.” It seems it’s become just that – iOffer offers everything from clothes, collectibles, and computers to music, movies, and more. If you’re interested in selling something on iOffer, the process is delightfully simple! Click the ‘Sell’ tab at the top of the home page, and a large, easy-to-use ad uploader appears. Here, you enter a description of what you’re selling, along with keywords, a photo, and a price. You also select the category in which you’d like your item to appear. With the easy uploader, you can bulk upload or transfer listings from another site. The best part? iOffer’s free, so try it – there’s nothing to lose (unless you’re selling!)

  15. Google Base - Google Base is a division of Google where sellers can post items, including events/activities, vehicles, housing, and jobs, that are available. Google Base is great for sellers who aren’t interested in creating their own website to advertise, because it’s so simple. You can advertise one item for a one-time period, or add a spreadsheet or Excel data sheet describing multiple items. To do so, just visit the site and click on the option you’d like. (There are special posting instructions for sellers posting real-estate or product-related items). Then, upload your info and wait for a buyer! Google Base gives you the fantastic exposure of Google for free.

  16. abebooks.com - Book worm? Abe Books is the perfect site for you! Abe Books, a subsidiary of Amazon.com designed by two couples from British Columbia, is an online book marketplace where sellers can advertise their books and buyers can browse them. Revered by the New York Times, Abe Books offers more than 110 million cheap books, ranging from textbooks to novels to first editions from as early as the 15th century. Abe Books is truly a site for the old and new gems you’re looking for. If you’re looking to sell, you can choose to register (for free) as an individual seller or a professional seller. As an individual seller, it’s free to sign up, advertise, and to ship if you’re selling only a few books. If you’re a professional seller, you can get extended exposure to 6 international sites. For both, the site offers a price-check function, so you can be sure you’re reasonably pricing your literature. Students can also sell the site their used textbooks. Overall, Abe Books is a great book-selling resource if you want to get rid of some dusty editions on your shelf.

  17. half.com - If you’re looking to sell books, movies, games, or music – Half.com is your site! A division of eBay, Half.com offers items for low prices and you can choose from which seller you purchase. To sell on Half.com, visit the site and click the ‘Sell My Stuff’ tab, at the top of the homepage. From there, you can enter the ISBN or UPC code of your item and then fill out your selling information. Half.com provides a picture of your item, and you can describe its condition and name your price. Then you wait for a buyer! Once this occurs, you package your item, ship it, and receive payment. The downside? Unlike other sites, Half.com does not reimburse you for shipping completely – rather, reimbursement is based upon a chart which depends on your item and shipping method. Aside from this, Half.com is a great choice for good exposure and a high volume of browsing buyers.

  18. powells.com - Want a friendly, personable online book shop? Try Powell’s! From a small bookstore in 1970s Portland, Oregon to a popular, reliable online book store, Powell’s has always offered variety and good service. Powell’s offers used books, classics, bestsellers, and textbooks. To sell your books on Powell’s online store, simply visit the site and click the ‘Sell Us Your Books’ tab and enter the ISBN numbers of the books you want to sell. If you agree with Powell’s suggested price, send in the books (Powell’s covers the charge of freight) and then receive payment when they sell via store credit or PayPal. Powell’s site is worth perusing, as well – as they have interesting essays and blogs from contributing authors. For sellers, Powell’s is a good site to try if you can’t seem to get rid of a book or have a special edition that may sell online. Otherwise, the downside is that you can’t handle the sale yourself.

  19. forsalebyowner.com - For Sale By Owner is the leading for sale by owner real-estate site since 1999. What exactly does the site do? For Sale By Owner helps interested buyers and sellers learn about accurate house pricing, commission rates, and how to buy and sell real-estate without a real-estate agent. The site contains valuable tools especially if you’re a seller, like how to accurately price and advertise your home (the site suggests advertising real-estate on Realtor.com, the #1 online real estate site.) The site also offers selling advice in the form of a downloadable e-book, as well as downloadable real-estate forms, a savings-without-agent calculator, and a “Common Questions” page. Overall, For Sale By Owner is a great resource site for individuals, families, or couples looking to save money and sell without a real-estate agent. FSBO is definitely recommended.

  20. coasttocoasttickets.com - Looking to sell your tickets? Coast To Coast Tickets may be the online ticket marketplace for you. CTC is an online ticket marketplace for individuals who want to buy and sell tickets for sporting, comedy, musical, theater, and family events. You can search the tickets by the city in which the event takes place or the recent most popular events. If you’re looking to sell tickets, click the green ‘SELL’ tab on the website’s homepage, and you’ll be redirected to create a free acount. Once this is done, you can display and price your available tickets and wait for a buyer. Shipment is linked through the site with FedEx, so your buyers will be guaranteed reliable delivery in time for their event. However, there is a sale fee – if your tickets sell, you must give CTC 10% of your profit. Compared with other ticket sites, CTC is easy to use, but the fee may be a deterrent. CTC’s wide variety of events offered may encourage a large viewership, however, which is beneficial to the seller.

  21. liquidation.com - Liquidation.com is an online auction marketplace that offers commercial and governmental surplus items, including jewelry, computers, consumer electronics, clothing, houseware, tools, vehicles, and other general merchandise. Conditions of the items range from new, used, and returned. If you’re a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, or a wholesaler, and you’d like to sell your items on Liquidation.com, simply visit the site and click on the ‘Seller’ tab. This will lead you to a FAQ page with valuable information on how to begin selling your surplus items on the site. First, you need to register. From there, you submit your assets (the items you’d like to sell), contact a sales executive, and ship your item once you’ve found a buyer. Liquidation.com is not recommended for individual use, but is a simple and easy-to-use site for manufacturers or wholesalers looking to liquidate their businesses.

  22. bonanzle.com - Bonanzle boasts it’s the most friendly online social buyer and seller’s community, and it might be right! Bonanzle was established for friendly buyers and sellers to browse unique, hand-picked items in real time or to visit an ‘online garage sale’ (called a bonanza). Bonanza offers items like coins, clothing, pottery, toys, jewelry and other memorabilia. To sell on Bonanzle, register for free and then the site helps you design your ad page. You can add pictures easily, as well as receive price guidance from the site. Impressively, 33 of 33 of sellers that Bonanzle asked said Bonanzle was "easier" or "much easier" to post items on compared to other sites they had used. Bonanzle is free to register and advertise, and the fee for successfully selling is less than a third of what other sites mandate. Overall, Bonanzle is a fun, friendly, and easy site to use if you’re interested in selling an item.

  23. usfreeads.com - US Free Ads, an online classifieds site, has been offering an alternative to Craigslist since 1999. On Us Free Ads, you have the registration option of choosing a premium or basic membership. As a premium member, you can upload multiple images to your ads, specify your price, use HTML to format them, and have your ads automatically renewed (as well as many more options). As a basic membership, recommended for individual, one-time, noncommercial sales, you have none of these options. US Free Ads, because of their extensive benefits as a premium member, is recommended more for commercial use than individual sales. The site is also recommended for buyers, as the home page lists recent posted classifieds and a keyword search function, so you can more easily search for what you need.

  24. sedo.com - With the advent of today’s technology, it may seem impossible to find a new domain. But on Sedo.com, the only online domain marketplace, you can buy and sell domains! Sedo has 11.5 million domains available for sale. To sell a domain, click on the ‘Sell Domains’ tab on the homepage. From there, you’re instructed to become a registered user of the site. After this, you can upload and transfer your domain, price it, and wait for responses. If you use an pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet, you can upload up to 50 domains or more. It’s free to list on Sedo, but there is a 10% commission fee if your domain sales. This fee, however, is small in comparison to the services of the website, and is definitely recommended for internet users or companies looking to get rid of their domain names.

  25. classifieds1000.com - At Classifieds 1000, established in May 1999, is an online forum where users can post classifieds, blogs, websites, or advertisements for services. It’s absolutely free to post on Classifieds 1000. To do so, register as a member on the site and then post your ad under the ‘Web Directory’ tab on the homepage. From there, you can specify what you’d like to advertise. Posts are organized by category or state/region. Though Classifieds 1000 is a good resource for posting something, it should only be used supplementally to another web or print ad. It’s slightly disorganized and confusing, and has a low frequency of visitors.

  26. ecampus.com - Need to get rid of those old math books and don’t know where to turn? At Ecampus, you can sell them from the comfort of your very own home! Ecampus, an online student marketplace and resource site, sells textbooks, school supplies, test prep books, college apparell and movie. If you’re looking to get rid of some old textbooks, simply register as a member on Ecampus. Then, click on the ‘Sell Textbooks’ tab at the top of the site’s homepage. Here, you can enter multiple ISBN numbers of the books you’d like to sell. Ecampus offers a suggested price, and if you agree with this, you ship the books to the site. Ecampus covers the shipping charges, and upon receiving the books, sends you a check in the mail! It’s as easy as that. Ecampus is definitely recommended for selling textbooks as well as for other school-related gear.

  27. equinenow.com - It seems you can get everything on the Iternet – including horses! At EquineNow, an online marketplace, advertises classifieds for horses, saddles, and other tack/gear. If you’re selling something, you have the choice of 4 types of advertisements. If you decide to place a text-only ad or a basic photo ad, you can do so for free after completing the free EquineNow registration process. If you’re interested in a text ad with up to 5 full-size, color photos and multiple layout choices, select the Premium Photo ad, which is available at $7.95 USD per 3 months. If you’re interested in uploading a video, you can select the Video Ad for $19.95 USD per 3 months. EquineNow also has a ‘Manage your Ads’ tab, where you can check in on responses to your ad and see when your ads expire. Overall, EquineNow is a great resource for horse-lovers everywhere who are looking to sell their stuff.

  28. owners.com - At Owners.com, you can find homes for sale as well as sell your home online. Owners.com, heralded by the Wall Street Journal as a “favorite website,” offers several packages for those looking to sell their home, ranging from Basic FSBO (For sale by owner) to Agent Assisted, ranging in price from free to $695 USD. With these packages, you can advertise your home with photos and get your listing linked to other real-estate sites and search engines. The options and features increase with each package. For example, the the Realtor.com showcase links your ad on Owners.com to Realtor.com, the number one real-estate website. To post a basic ad, click on the ‘List your home for FREE!’ tab on the site’s homepage. Then describe your property and wait for a response. Owners.com is definitely a recommendable resource for sellers.

  29. agriseek.com - Today, Agriseek is the leading online marketplace for equipment, livestock, realestate, jobs, farm-related products and services. Agriseek’s products include crops and seeds, insecticides, farm animals, soil preparation products – just about anything! Whether you’re an individual farmer or an agricultual company looking to sell, register on the site. Then, click on the small ‘Start Selling’ tab. You are allowed to post up to 100 items, and can modify some information after you’ve posted it. Once you’ve clicked Start Selling, you choose the type of service or product you want to sell. Then, you enter a required short and detailed description of your item. Then, wait for buyers! Agriseek is truly a great resource for everything agricultural, since it caters to such a unique group of buyers and sellers.

  30. equine.com - Since 1995, Equine.com has become the leading online marketplace for everyone equestrian and breeders, depicting ads of horses and trailers for sale. Equine recieves 2.7 million visitors, making it an excellent site for breeders or sellers who want to advertise their prized horses for sale. To begin selling, click on the large, red ‘PLACE AN AD’ tab on the site. Equine offers five types of advertisements: a free text-only ad eligible for a month, a basic ad, with 6 full-color photos for $20 USD per 3 months, a premium ad with 12 full-color photos for $25 USD for 6 months, a guaranteed ad with 24 photos, a video link, and a homepage spot for $90 USD per 6 months, or a barn package – a package of ten premium ads you can post over one year for only $199 USD. What’s great about Equine is that it gives you a substanstial amount of package choices, so, depending on your need, you can advertise for one horse or many. Equine also offers expert help with the ads from their hotline. Equine is undoubtedly recommended for breeders and horse-sellers everywhere.

  31. carsforsale.com - Cars for Sale says it all – and this site is as simple as its title! On Cars For Sale, an online auto buying and selling marketplace, you can place an advertisement for a car for sale for absolutely free. Cars For Sale is intended for both individual, private sellers as well as dealers. The process is extremeley simple. Visit the site, click the ‘Sell a Car’ tab, and then specify the details of your automobile. You’ll be asked to provide details such as the car’s make, model, type, accessories, color, and engine description. You can also add up to 12 photos. With your provided information, interested buyers can contact you via your preferred method. Cars for Sale is simple, easy, and accessible, and a great site for companies or individuals looking to sell their cars.

  32. wigix.com - At Wigix.com, an online catalog for buyers and sellers, many items – electronics, apparel, toys, jewelry, magazines, motors, and books – are available to be traded. What’s unique about Wigix is that each item has its very own page, and this page contains all the product’s information as well as its current price and past price fluctuations. Think of Wigix as an online stock market and the stocks as its items. This way, you can ensure you’re getting the lowest price for your desired item. Currently, Wigix features pages for 2 million items! To sell, click on the homepage’s Sell Tab. Once you’ve completed registration, you can describe the item you’re selling. You can use a bulk upload function or transfer items from another site. Wigix uses a creative new strategy to keep prices low, and with expert advice on the site, sellers can learn how to take advantage of this and make the most out of their product.

  33. bizbuysell.com - At BizBuySell.com, interested patrons can browse businesses for sale. BizBuySell is the Internet’s largest and most popular site for franchise sales, and offers small from-home businesses as well as large companies. Sellers can advertise their fitness centers, grocery stores, speciality shops, or just about any other type of store on the site. BizBuySell is also the most heavily trafficked franchise-for-sale website in terms of both buyers and brokers. It also has a parternship with the Wall Street Journal. For companies or individuals looking to sell their businesses, they have the choice of placing three types of ads – standard, featured, and showcase. The standard ad costs $59.95 (with a minumum ad-term of 2 months), and provides standard Wall Street Journal and Google exposure. The featured ad, bought for a minimum of 2 months at $79.95 USD, offers these benefits as well as more guaranteed more leads and exposure. Finally, the showcase ad, costing $99.95 a month for a minimum period of 2 months, provides the seller with these features as well as email leads and exclusive brochures for their property. Though it may seem expensive, in comparison with selling your franchise, this website’s services charges are considerably well-priced. BizBuySell is definitely recommended.

  34. recycler.com - Reyclcer.com does just what its name implies – reycles! Reyclcer.com, a classifieds site serving Southern California, has been displaying ads for customers in a variety of categories for nearly 30 years. Recycler.com displays cars, appliances, real-estate, personals, music and even potpourri that’s for sale! To use Recycler as a seller, simply visit the website and click the ‘Place an Ad’ tab, where you’ll be redirected to complete a registration. After this, you can start selling – you describe the item you want to get rid of and name its price. From there, its up to the buyers. Reycler.com is great for Southern California residents, because it provides a plethora of local ads to choose from. This way, it’s easier to dela with pick up/shipment also. Recycler services the regions of Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Oxnard, South Bay, and Sherman Oaks, California.

  35. sell.com - At Sell.com, an online classifieds site, proclaims to be the alternative to eBay and online auction sites. At Sell.com, buyers and sellers browse and post classified ads for items and services. To sell on Sell.com, click on the ‘Sell’ tab on the website’s homepage. Here, you register as a member of the site and are able to post three types of ads: negotiable (the buyer and seller negotiate the price), fixed-price (the price is stable), or no-price (if the seller is not sure of the price). It’s free to register, but costs to post an ad, and the cost depends on the category of product you’re advertising. For example, pet ads cost $3 USD, car ads cost $2 USD, and real-estate ads are free. Though sellers pay to advertise, there is no commission for a sale. The great aspects of Sell.com is that a seller can negotiate its price with the buyer with anonymity, or even wait for the buyer to suggest a price. Sell.com is definitely a recommended classifieds site for sellers who may be concerned with online security and prefer anonymity.

  36. sellmytimesharenow.com - Sell My Time Share Now is an online timeshare marketplace that allows individuals to buy, trade, and sell timeshares without broker, commission, or appraisal fees. For sellers, Sell My Time Share Now is a great resource – it provides the seller with valuable information concerning types of timeshares, lawyer recommendations, terms of sale, and the closing process. In addition, Sell My Time Share has a large frequency of viewers – as many as 12,000 per day. If you’re interested in selling your timeshare, click on the ‘Sell My Timeshare’ tab on the homepage. From there, you’re directed to a registration and timeshare description all-in-one. You simply enter your personal information and information about your timeshare, its location, ammenities, etc. and then submit a sale request. Messages received from interested buyers are directed to your email from the site. Overall, Sell My Time Share Now is a great resource because it targets a unique group of people seeking vacation spots, and provides sellers with extremely vital selling info.

  37. petclassifieds.us - Pet Leeg Pet Classifieds, found on petclassifieds.us, is an online site for pet classifieds where interested individuals can buy and sell their animals. Pet Classifieds has a wide range of animals advertised, from puppies to kittens to horses, as well as pet supplies, gifts, and accessories. The selling process on Pet Classifieds is very simple. Click on the ‘Start Selling!’ button on the homepage, complete a personal registration, and describe the animal or product you’d like to sell or advertise for adoption. Pet Leeg Pet Classifieds has a high volume of viewers, nearly 100,000 per month – so the chances of your pet finding a new loving home are high! Pet Leeg Pet Classifieds are definitely recommended for breeders and pet-sellers everywhere.

  38. bid4assets.com - At Bid4Assets.com, individuals can buy and sell their valuable, high-priced assets in an online auction setting. Bid4Assets also specializes in government auctions. Bid4Assets is a great site for companies or individuals looking to get rid of high-priced assets, as the site prides itself on being secure and safe. Interested sellers must register with the site for free and pay a flat-rate $10 USD advertising fee. Upon auction completion, the seller is charged for commission depending on the price of the item sold. Bid4Assets offers additional advertising enhancers for a price. Though the fees may add up on Bid4Assets, it’s a unique way to avoid uncertain auction environments and be able to browse high-priced assets without worry.

  39. horsetopia.com - Looking to sell a Thoroughbred? If so, check out Horse Topia. Horse Topia is an online, horse classifieds site advertising horses for sale around the country. Like most horse classifieds sites, Horse Topia is free to register but offers several advertising packages that sellers can choose from. Horse Topia, notably, has some of the lowest prices. Horse Topia offers the free text ad, the the silver ad, with a 6-second video and 6 photos, the gold ad, with 6 photos, a video, and a search-result picture, or the platinum with a 1-minute ad, a search-result photo, and maximum visibility. From the free to platinum ad, the prices are as follows: free, $9.95 USD, $15.95 USD, and $24.95 USD. Compared to other horse classifieds sites, these prices are the lowest, offering both video and pictures. In addition, ads for horse equipment are free to post, and the site offers helpful tools that can help you price items or horses if you’re unsure. Horse Topia is definitely recommended.

  40. blujay.com - “Why pay Ebay when you can sell on Blujay for free?” boasts Blujay’s website. And this is a good question – since Blujay’s classifieds offers sellers the opportunity to post advertisements for products and services for FREE with unlimited, HTML-applicable, 4-photo ads that are valid for 180 days. Blujay also allows sellers to condense their items on one page as their own online store (which has the simple URL of blujay.com/yourusername). To begin selling, complete the free registration on the site, then visit the ‘About Us’ tab on the bottom of the homepage. From there, you can redirected to the selling page. Blujay is simple, easy, and free, and definitely recommended as an excellent alternative to Ebay.

  41. secondspin.com - Second Spin is a California-based music, movie, and game store that went online in 1996 – and it’s at this online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell their CDs, DVDs, and games. Second Spin takes used CDs, games, and DVDs for cash. All you have to do is visit the site, register, and visit the site’s Trade-In tool. Here, you enter in the name and information about the product you want to trade in, and Second Spin tells you how much they’ll pay you for it. Then, you ship the item to Second Spin and they send you the cash. Second Spin ofers $5 USD for CDs on their Most Wanted List, accessible on the website. Sellers beware, however: though Second Spin accepts CDs that are not placed in jewel cases, but charges 50 cents for each case they need to replace. Otherwise, Second Spin is an easy way to get fast cash for those old, embarassing CDs from the 90s.

  42. equipmenttraderonline.com - Equipment Trader Online is the leading online classifieds site for equipment buyers and sellers. Equipment Trader reaches 1 million buyers and sellers in the industry, showcasing its earthmoving, agricultural, forestry, mining and industrial equipment, as well as its trailers and salvage items. For dealers or individuals interested in advertising their equipment, they can visit the site to get started. Simply click on the ‘Sell’ tab on the site’s homepage. Here, you register as a user and can begin your advertisement process. Whether you are an individual seller or a dealer, you enter information on the equipment you’re looking to sell , your price, your location, and your contact information. The site also has a price checker function for buyers as well as sellers – so sellers can be sure their prices are on par with the industry. Overall, Equipment Trader Online is a good resource for those in the agricultural or construction industries who wish to sell their products wisely.

  43. ebid.net - Ebid.com is an impressive alternative to today’s auction sites – currently, there are 2,434,887 auctions and nearly 10,000 available item categories. Ebid is a wonderful alternative to other auction sites because there’s no listing fee, and the final sale fees random from 0 to 2% (depending on the type of auction you’ve selected from your item). If you’d like to sell on Ebid, visit the site and select the region from which you’re selling. Then, you can describe the item you’re selling, add photos, and most importantly – wait for buyers! Due to Ebid’s low fees, it’s definitely recommended as a cheap alternative to pricey auction sites.

  44. horseville.com - Horseville.com is a horse classifieds site where the equestrian-minded can buy and sell horses. Horseville.com offers sellers the choice of three types of ads: basic, silver, gold, and premier. If you choose the free basic ad, you will have a rudimentary textual ad with one photo. The silver ad package offers 2 photos, and is priced at $8.95 USD. The gold ad offers 4 photos, a potential link to your own website, and is priced at $14.95 USD. Finally, the premier ad offers 6 photos, a link to your own website, and is featured on Horseville’s homepage. This ad is priced at $29.95 USD. All ads run for six months, and each ad package offers more exposure than the last. Horseville is a simple, easy-to-use horse classifieds site that’s definitely recommended to horse lovers who are looking to buy or sell.

  45. buyatimeshare.com - At Buy a Time Share.com, an online marketplace for the buying and selling of timeshare properties, interested vacationers can browse available timeshares as well as advertise their own for sale. Buy a Time Share.com, like many other online timeshare marketplaces, institutes no commission or appraisal fees. Buy a Time Share allows you to advertise your time share for free, as long as all your fees on your property have been paid. To begin selling, visit buyatimeshare.com and click ‘Sell your Timeshare’ at the bottom of the site’s homepage. Then, complete the free registration process. Once you’ve completed this, you can begin advertising your timeshare, by depicting where it is, how much it costs, etc. Photos are included in advertisements. Buy A Time Share is a recommended timeshare marketplace because it’s not only simple but provides valuable information for both buyers and sellers like a “Timeshare 101” and tips and tricks on how to sell your timeshare.

  46. horseclicks.com - Horse Clicks, an online equestrian-related classifieds site, proclaims itself as the easiest and fastest way to sell horses, rural real estate, tack, and saddle –and this claim is right! Horse Clicks offers sellers the chance to advertise their horses, farms, or gear with a photo and a textual ad for absolutely free. In addition, there are no commission fees. Creating a free photo classified with Horse Click is easy. All you have to do is visit the site and click on the small ‘Post an Ad’ tab. You can begin posting your advertisement after you’ve completed the site’s easy, quick, free registration. Then, you can describe your product – whether it’s a thoroughbred, farm, or a saddle – and add a picture of it. The site offers main control functions for sellers like a message inbox (to maintain anonymity with buyers) and a ‘manage ads’ function. Overall, Horse Click is a great choice for anyone looking to sell horse-related products on an easy, free, specialized classifieds marketplace.

  47. sellmycar.com - At Sell My Car, you can find listings for over 200,000 used cars as well as advertise your own used car for free. The site also has a forum on used car information, auto loan information, and various vehicular accessories. Selling your car on the site requires that you complete the site’s free registration. After you’ve completed this, you can begin creating your specifically-designed classified. What’s impressive about Sell My Car is the options it offers you – you can add up to 16 photos, pick the region in which the add will be filed under, and the search radius for the ad. Every Sell My Car ad also is advertised in the auto section of Google Base. Sell My Car’s visibility and ease make it a recommended used car classifieds site for sellers.

  48. bizquest.com - Biz Quest is the online business and franchise marketplace. At Biz Quest, both individuals and brokers can advertise their available franchises –ranging from grocery stores to fast food restaurants to furniture stores. Both these sellers will enjoy nearly 100,000 viewers on the highly-trafficked franchise-exchange site. Brokers can choose to become a member of the site and take advantage of the benefits via two membership options – standard and premium. At $49.95 USD a month, the standard membership package offers multiple listings, exposure, a broker directory, and a webpage. At $79.95 USD a month, the premium membership package offers these benefits plus a featured spot on the Biz Quest homepage, a featured spot on premium search pages, and the ability to have photos and attachments on your listings. If you’re an individual seller, you have the standard and premium membership options as well, with slightly different features. The standard membership is priced $54.95 USD a month, and offers a 2-month term, listing stats, and email alerts. The premium membership, priced the same as the broker’s premium membership, has the same features as well as increased exposure. Overall, Biz Quest is a franchise classifieds site that offers extensive options and is a great choice for a broker or an individual.

  49. bigwords.com - Big Words is truly a unique textbook resource site –because it doesn’t sell anything! Big Words uses Multi-Item Price Optimization to compare both book prices online and in textbook stores, as well as buyback offers from a host of book buyers, for both book buyers and sellers. If you’re interested in selling your textbooks, DVDs, music, or games, simply visit the site and enter the title, author, or ISBN number of your product in the buyback comparison searchbar. Big Words then lists the buyers who are willing to pay the most for your books. Though sellers can’t sell directly to Big Words, it’s a great resource to compare buyback prices and make the most buck off your book.

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