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6 Popular Auction Management Software

  1. Vendio - Vendio.com is some of the best online auction management software around. Not only can this software help you manage your online store, but it is also FREE. It is so rare to find quality products that are truly free, but Vendio.com is one of those rare gems.

    After you’ve created a basic account, you’re invited to customize your free online store. Their simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to get a look you’re satisfied with in no time at all. After you’ve set up an online store front, you can import or manually enter your saleable items. With images, descriptions and quantities, your shoppers will appreciate the clean and crisp layout of your listing. This software is great for anyone who does not already have their online store set up, as it has no startup fee and is very easy to create.

    After you’ve set up your free online store, you have the option of sharing your inventory with other larger online retailers. This is where Vendio’s auction management comes in to play, as their software links up with large auction houses like eBay, Amazon and more. Their homepage invites users to “start here, sell anywhere”, and they certainly make that possible for everyone. This software is called Vendio Platform Marketplace selling, and it can open up a whole new world of opportunities for your online business. For this service, Vendio charges a very reasonable fee of only $10 per month and 1.95% of sales from your first $1,000. This “Marketplace success fee” is only charged when you make money, so you won’t have to worry about paying them any monthly fees on top of the $10 for Vendio Platform Marketplace Selling.

    If you aren’t sure whether Vendio Platform Marketplace Selling is right for you, consider setting up a free online store on Vendio. You’ve got nothing to lose with their free store, and creating one will allow you to get a better feel for their site and services. Many people love the interface on Vendio, and find it to be an easy way to manage their online inventory. If you are one of those people, you will enjoy using Vendio to mediate your eBay and Amazon sales, and it can become a very profitable auction management supplement.

  2. Channeladvisor.com - Channeladvisor is one of the world’s leading software companies specializing in online sales. With software to supplement comparison shopping, online stores, rich media and marketplaces, Channeladvisor works to facilitate every aspect of online sales. If you are looking for auction management software, then you will be most interested in Channeladvisor’s Marketplace Services. There are two different levels of service, CAManaged Marketplace and CAGuided Marketplace. The former is intended to provide larger retailers with a fully outsourced solution, including implementation, on-demand consulting and ongoing weekly reviews. The latter is designed for any-sized retailer, and enables smaller retailers to gradually take control of their online business as they increase their proficiency. Both CAManaged and CAGuided will help your business reach new solutions for your online sales dilemmas, and increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.

    CAGuided Marketplace offers hands on training to get listings up and running quickly. It also offers access to marketplace experts, who manage top retailers in the industry. With a quarterly strategy support and advice from in-house experts, CAGuided is just the software that you need to create proficient managers for your online auction business. It literally guides you and your employees through the initial stages of development and management, making it easier for you to run your business most efficiently. CAManaged Marketplace also offers all of those same features, with additional go-to-market planning and tips, as well as the maximizing of new and existing online brand presence. The Managed Marketplace also offers standardized reporting for product performance analysis, and ongoing conference calls to ensure alignment with goals and objectives. CAManaged Marketplace is a more interactive and more complex software, as it provides a larger amount of services than CAGuided. CAManaged is recommended for larger online retailers, who need to manage more facets of their online operations. Either one of these services will help you maximize your profits and increase the efficiency of your online business, if used properly. With a little bit of training, these services can enhance your auction management by a significant margin. Invest in ChannelAdvisor, and find out why their CAManaged and CAGuided Marketplace software is so popular among eBay sellers worldwide.

  3. Auctiva.com - If you want impressive and comprehensive auction management software, then you should consider Auctiva. Auctiva is “your complete solution for selling on eBay”, as they are one of the leading sites in eBay enhancement software. This site is both extremely popular and easy to use, and can help you to make more money on eBay. If you want to post better looking listings at a faster rate, then you should consider Auctiva. Regardless of your product or volume of sales, you will benefit from the ease and functionality of Auctiva software.

    With over 1,700 professionally designed auction templates, you’ll be able to get the look that your business is craving. Many people settle for boring page listings, which are not attractive or appealing to potential buyers. If your listing looks good, people are more likely to read all about it and to take your business more seriously. Auctiva can help you improve the visual quality of your listing.

    Auctiva also offers its customers free scheduling, free image supersizing, free image watermarking and a myriad of time-saving tools for listing on eBay. If you want to increase the efficiency of your business, and maximize both your profits and your product sales, then you should seriously consider adding Auctiva to your business’ routine.

    We know what you’re thinking: all of these services must cost a ton of money, right? Actually, that’s not true. Auctiva’s prices are extremely reasonable, with a starter plan that costs only $2.95 a month. For pocket change, you will be able to greatly improve the speed, quality and appearance of your online eBay store. Their premium plan, which grants you access to all of their features, costs only $19.95 a month, which is a small price to pay for a high-volume business.

    A software company that has been trusted by eBay users for over 10 years, Auctiva is one of the most reliable, reputable and reasonable auction management software companies on the market. To improve your eBay business, start using Auctiva today. Sign up for their free 30-day trial (which doesn’t even require a credit card!) to see how this software can benefit you and your business.

  4. Inkfrog.com - Inkfrog.com is an excellent online auction management software that has become very popular among eBay users. Listed among eBay’s certified provider solutions, inkFrog has received a great reputation and is growing strong. Started in 1999, inkFrog has helped thousands of sellers improve their presence on eBay by increasing their sales and improving their customer relations. If you need help managing your listings, you ought to turn to inkFrog.

    With inkFrog, you can list your auction through their easy interface, instead of messing around with eBay’s complicated pages. You can customize your listing, either through one of inkFrog’s professionally designed, pre-built templates, or through one that you’ve designed yourself. These templates really increase the visual components of your listing, by making your posts stand out among other eBay listings. If you have a well-designed listing, people are more likely to respond to your product and your business because of that level of professionalism. For those of us who can’t design templates ourselves, inkFrog’s prebuilt templates are truly a godsend.

    Some other helpful auction management features on inkFrog.com include their management, tracking and import features. With inkFrog you can manage your inventory, photos and schedules very easy. Their software makes it simple to track your sales history and inventory history, as well. Say goodbye to your dilemmas over previous sales or shipped items, because inkFrog will abolish your worries! Their organized, comprehensive management system will help you keep all of your information in line, and even previous sales can be imported into this software. You can import your current, closed, and csv file listings to inkFrog, so that you can manage your previous transactions just as well as your future ones.

    And, one new feature that has just been incorporated into inkFrog’s services is the 55cent shipping insurance. This USPS discounted shipping insurance will save customers at least $1/15 per package when purchasing insurance from USPS directly. InkFrog goes above and beyond traditional auction management software, by providing additional services that will be helpful to their sellers. If you want to subscribe to a service that will help you list, manage and sell your eBay items, consider signing up at inkFrog.com. Their eBay listing and selling manager costs only $9.95 a month!

  5. Aaaseller.com - AAASeller is a full featured eBay management and auction listing software, ideal for vehicle, jewelry, collectible and apparel auctions as well as a variety of other merchandise.

    It features the zooming pictures component to attract more shoppers and active bidders with detailed images of your products. AAAseller’s optimal technology delivers fantastic results, allowing bidders to better grasp the quality of your auctioned items, increasing chances of higher bids. AAAseller also targets closeout auction items to market goods with low cost/recovery ratio. Zooming pictures reduce the risk of buyer’s remorse or item misrepresentation, providing higher positive feedback and ratings for sellers. Other features include inventory database, custom email invoices, reports, feedback alerts and more. AAASeller will customize business solutions to different types of auction markets so inquire today to see how they can help your auction store.

  6. Sellersourcebook.com - Since 2003, Seller Sourcebook has been providing affordable auction tools such as image hosting and templates for full-time and occasional sellers. Their certified eBay Compatible application tools will assist you in selling more and maximizing the potential of your auctions.

    Seller Sourcebook offers over 25000 auction templates to select from, and you can match the theme and design with your items. You will receive 500mb of image hosting space with no bandwidth limits and no per image fees. Upload as many photos of your auction listings as you desire in order to provide better information to the bidders. Seller Sourcebook is additionally compatible with TurboLister, other auction sites and various PC and Mac systems. All you have to do is choose your template, create a listing and set up your eBay user ID in a few simple steps to get launched.

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