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59 Top Art Auction Sites and Alternatives

Part 1: Sponsor

  1. Shop.eBay.com

    Ebay.com has become one of the most popular websites for art auctions. Whether you’re buying or selling, you will appreciate the features that eBay has to offer you for your art sales. Buyers will appreciate eBay’s extensive selection and bargain gems.

    Buyers will also enjoy taking advantage of sellers’ feedback ratings – using these ratings to make intelligent decisions and to purchase from credible sources. Sellers will enjoy the low posting fees and high traffic that eBay has to offer. If you want to sell artwork (whether it’s something you’ve made, or something from a fancy collection), eBay is a great resource. The scope of artworks on eBay.com is astonishing – ranging from marvelous masterpieces to less impressive crafts. Buyers and sellers will agree that eBay provides them with a forum for exchanging artwork with ease.

Part 2: 8 More Popular Art Auction Sites

  1. Sothebys.com

    If you’re hoping to purchase fine art, you should pay a visit to one of the largest art auction houses in the world – Sotheby’s. At Sothebys.com you can place your bids online, instead of attending the in-person auctions of yesteryear. Sothebys.com is one of the leaders in the art auction industry. Their site gives you access to the dates and times of in-person events, as well as the ability to place bids online.

    If you want to experience an incredible spectrum of artwork, encompassing hundreds of years, periods, styles and movements, you should pay a visit to Sothebys.com. This auction house has artwork to suit anyone’s tastes (although it may not suit everyone’s budget). Sothebys.com has a great reputation and extensive artillery of carefully selected artworks. This high-end auction house is truly a force to be reckoned with.

  2. Fineart.ha.com

    Another auction house that we would like to recommend to online art buyers is Fineart.Ha.com. Heritage Auction Galleries, the world’s third largest auction house, can be found at Fineart.Ha.com. When you’re purchasing fine or decorative arts, you need to ensure that they come from a reputable source. By purchasing through an auction house, you receive the comforting fact that your artwork was certified as authentic. Heritage Auction Galleries have long been heralded as a respectable and trustworthy auction house. Their site features auction archives and a guide that can help you determine the true value of your art purchase. You can utilize these resources on Fineart.Ha.com even if you aren’t making a purchase. But, if you have made the decision to start purchasing fine artwork that you’ve always admired in galleries and museums, Fineart.ha.com is a great place to do so. Use Fineart.ha.com to purchase fine art from around the world.

  3. Christies.com

    Are you planning on purchasing a piece of fine art? Christie’s Fine Art Auctions is the place that you should turn to. At Christies.com you will find one of the world’s largest collections of art for auction. Christie’s sells post-war contemporary, impressionist and modern paintings, as well as many other rare and unique collectibles and works of art. If you truly hold a passion for art, you are probably familiar with Christies.com already. This site is not for the frugally-minded, however, as many of the works for sale are from famous artists and expensive collections. True art collectors all over the world turn ot Christies.com for their art purchases, and so can you. Start shopping for your next art piece through Christies.com.

  4. Bonhams & Butterfield

    Bonhams & Butterfield is a world-renowned auction house, operating one of the largest establishments to appraise and sell a wide-variety of high-quality items. For those who are interested in participating in an art auction, you will find here an extensive collection of works in a number of categories.

    They specialize in artwork that covers a range of styles, schools, periods and media thus guaranteeing a superior selection for all discerning purveyors, purchasers and collectors of fine art.

    Auctions are held year-round at one of their numerous American auction sites. Those looking to bid have the option to attend in person or else can utilize one of their many absentee options. To learn more about the Bonhams operation and to find out about upcoming art auctions, visit them online ar bonhams.com!

  5. Liveauctioneers.com

    Liveauctioneers.com is an internationally acclaimed auction site that deals with collectibles, jewelry, antiques and art. If you are interested in art auctions, you truly ought to pay a visit to Liveauctioneers.com.

    We recommend this site for buyers because it is an excellent place to score fantastic deals on unique artworks. Whatever your taste may be, you’ll have a lot of artworks to choose from at Liveauctioneers.com. This site is not recommended to startup sellers, however, because they have strict selling requirements and a small number of approved sellers. If you are a dealer, you may decide to go through Liveauctioneers.com’s approval process to begin selling, but really this is a buyer’s site. Start shopping for your next art purchase at Liveauctioneers.com.

  6. iCollector.com

    iCollector.com calls itself “The site to find collectibles at auction.” If you are looking for rare, unique, and fine artworks, you should have a look at iCollector.com. ICollector.com has a very large selection of fine art prints, etchings, lithographs, and other valuable original works. Unlike many other auction sites, iCollector.com approves each of its sellers, and holds them to strict selling regulations. You will not have to worry about the authenticity of your purchase, as many people do when they purchase art online. ICollector.com verifies the seller’s authenticity for you, leaving you with peace of mind and ease in decision making. When you browse through all of the artwork on iCollector.com, you will recognize the names of many popular contemporary artists, as well as some more obscure creators. Start shopping for your next art purchase at iCollector.com.

  7. Artnet.com

    If you’re somewhat involved in the art community, chances are you’re quite familiar with Artnet.com. Whether you’ve just browsed a few artist profiles, or spent some time reading their articles, you know that ArtNet.com is a valuable artist tool and resource. One thing that you may not have known, however, is that Artnet.com hosts a myriad of online auctions from some of the art world’s most popular artists. Whether you’re looking for fine art, contemporary works or something with age and history, you’ll be able to find it on Artnet’s auction page. Simply click on Online Auctions to start navigating through some of the art world’s hottest auctions. You won’t believe how easy it is to start bidding on fine artworks that you’ve seen in galleries, shows and even museums. Make your next art purchase through Artnet.com.

  8. iGavel

    At iGavel, there is always an art auction to take part in, with new listings constantly cropping up. This is an exclusive online auction, selling fine art, antiques and collectibles. Pieces are supplied by a number of independent auction houses, dealers, and appraisers. Each item is of professional auction quality and many of the items can be examined at their “live” exhibitions in New York.

    Those looking to buy will enjoy iGavel’s easy-to-use platform that allows a comprehensive overview of each item offered and from a myriad of sellers. There are a number of items up for auction at any given time. Go to the website at bid.igavelauctions.com to browse through the various collections.

    There is always something new to be bid on, visit iGavel today!

Part 3: 35 More Art Auction Sites

  1. Coeur D’Alene Art

    The Coeur D’Alene Art Auction House specializes in 19th and 20th century Western and American artwork. They have a beautiful selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures with an emphasis on depictions of the American West. This is the largest auction house in the country that specializes in this type of work.

    You will find that their catalog offers top-quality representations of their offerings, thus providing a finer display service. It is their aim to provide a superior art auction experience. They have worked in the industry for over 120 years and have garnered many sales, grossing $200 million within the last 10 years. Additionally they have been the choice auction house for major museums and corporations as well as distinguished private collections.

    For one of the best sources in western art auctions, take a look at Coeur D’Alene. You can bid in person or as an absentee. Take a look at their 2010 Catalog at cdaartauction.com!

  2. Los Angeles Modern Art Auctions

    Specializing in modern and contemporary works of art, Los Angeles Modern Auctions has an exceptional inventory emphasizing the works of 20th century artists, designers and architects. Offered here are many rare and unique pieces that are sure to please those connoisseurs with a fine taste for incomparable contemporary works.

    Los Angeles Modern Art Auctions is distinct in its specialty, serving as a premier source for expertise in modern art and design. The founder of this establishment has become a powerful force in the world of art dealing as well as an expert in modern fine art and design.

    If you are looking to peruse a modern art and design auction, LAMA is an authority in their field. View their upcoming auctions and e-catalogues online at lamodern.com!

  3. Phillips de Pury & Co.

    Located in Chelsea, the heart of New York’s gallery and art’s district, Phillips de Pury & Co. operates an exceptional gallery and auction house that specializes now in contemporary art and design. The Phillips auction company has been in business since 1796, selling to elite collectors. It has of course transformed its offerings and services since its London-based beginnings, but still continues its tradition of expert knowledge and quality service.

    They offer many auctions throughout the year, which can be accessed on-site or through a number of their alternate bidding services. Take a look at their upcoming auctions on their website at phillipsdepury.com. You will find auctions separated into various categories, each offering some of the finest contemporary art pieces!

  4. Swann Galleries

    Established in 1941 as a rare books auction house, the Swann Galleries has expanded to offer select fine art pieces. They specialize in photographs, posters, prints & drawings, and African-American fine art. Swann Galleries has had a rich history of collecting rare and exceptional works.

    They operate approximately 40 auctions per year, in a number of departments and to a large international client base. Their inventory is open for all to see, whether you are interested in merely viewing their collection or wanting to place a bid. If you are unable to attend the live auction, there a number of absentee options for you to take part in.

    Go online now swanngalleries.com to preview their upcoming auctions and to take a look at previously auctioned works!

  5. Doyle New York

    The Doyle New York auction house dedicates itself to “expertise, integrity, and service” offering clients a quality art buying experience. Offered here are a number of pieces in both the fine and decorative arts in a number of categories that encompass many styles, eras and media. These various departments are sure to include works to suit art collectors of all tastes.

    Auctions are held throughout the year featuring pieces from their department categories. You have the option to attend the auction in person or utilize their alternate bidding methods including their comprehensive online version.

    Visit their website at doylenewyork.com to take a look at images from their departments and to learn about upcoming auctions!

  6. Saffronart

    Operating for over 10 years in the online auctioning field, Saffronart has specialized in the sale and continued appreciation of Indian art. Their mission is to serve “the growing community of Indian collectors, while also creating a cultural bridge to India for both the global India diaspora and the international community at large.”

    Their website gives collectors convenient access to Indian art as well as information on upcoming events and exhibitions. You can go online to view their current catalogue, offering an extensive collection of work from around 1,000 established and emerging Indian artists. For those interested in bidding, Saffronart offers live auctions at their New York location as well as successful online auctions.

    Head to saffronart.com to preview their auction catalogues and learn how to take part!

  7. Art Fortune

    Art Fortune hails itself as the “#1 Worldwide Online Art Resource.” Here artists, collectors, gallery owners, dealers and curators come together for showcasing and selling works of art. They have worked to make their site easy to navigate in order to make the art community accessible to all interested parties. They serve as a great hosting source for both artists and buyers, helping to build a community and create a supportive network.

    For those interested in buying art, check out their extensive database of pieces for sale. Coming soon is a more comprehensive art auctioning section. Keep checking back with artfortune.com for updates and new inventory!

  8. Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

    Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is a full service auction house, headquartered in Chicago and made up of a team of professionals with experience in the appraisal and sale of high-quality goods. They have had an excellent track-record in the sale of valuable pieces of fine art both classic and contemporary.

    Many of their clients have been museums, galleries and expert collectors. Those interested in high-quality work and services have turned to Leslie Hindman. They are in-tune with the worldwide market with a network of people to conduct appraisals, analyze current trends, conduct research and initiate sales.

    If you’re interested in buying take a look at their online auction catalogue at lesliehindman.com. You can either take part on-site or through a number of alternate convenient avenues for bidding.

  9. 140Hours

    A unique source in online art auctions is the innovate 140Hours auction site. Potential buyers utilize twitter in order to bid and purchase original works of art. The goal of this process is “reinventing the art auction business and making it ready for the 21st century.”

    They offer an extensive collection of work that can be viewed on their website. If you wish to bid on any of the items featured, you just simply need to follow the form outline and send a message to 140Hours via your twitter account! This is a fun and faster-paced way to bid on great pieces of original art.

    Head now to their website at 140hours.com to learn more about their process and to browse available art!

  10. Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers

    Shannon’s is a Connecticut based auction house that specializes in American and European 19th and early 20th century paintings. Auctions are held two times a year and feature a whole host of high0quality works in a variety of media. The philosophy behind their establishment is to make each buyer’s experience as enriching as possible with personalized attention and attention to those emerging as collectors.

    Those seriously interested in taking part in the Shannon’s auction can buy an auction catalogue from their website to preview before the next coming auction. If you are planning on participating you can attend live-auctions or else participate online and through various other absentee options.

    To read more about this high-end auction house, go online now to shannons.com!

  11. Israeli Art Auction

    If you are looking for a source at which to find affordable art, Israeli Art Auction is a place you ought to consider. The folks behind this operation felt that the online art auction world needed to have more options for those looking for work that is much more reasonably priced than traditional auction houses.

    This particular source specializes in works created by Israeli artists. Their hope is to bring the beauty of Israel into home across the United States and Canada. Auctions are always occurring with an extensive inventory of original work. If you head to their website you can browse their whole collection, and take note of their great low prices!

    Visit israeliartauction.com now to take a look at their constantly moving inventory of art!

  12. Baterbys Art Auction Gallery

    Baterbys offers a rich collection of fine art to be bid on at both their popular live auction events or at their online auction house. Their website offers a in-depth look at the art available and the artists who made it, affording collectors and connoisseurs the chance to obtain deep insight into the value of the work.

    You will also find on their website a section entitled “Art Education 101.” This is a quick and enriching overview of essential art terms, thus turning buyers into informed art patrons. Baterbys is dedicated to providing an exceptional service by not only hosting auctions but holding art lectures and providing art consignment and appraisal opportunities.

    To take full advantage of the services offered on their website and to learn more about upcoming events, head to baterbys.com today!

  13. Gray’s Auctioneers & Appraisers

    Another source for those seeking quality pieces of 19th and 20th century paintings and decorative arts is Gray’s Auctioneers. Gray’s dedicates their services to not only providing quality works of art chosen by experts in the field but also to offering a superior auctioning experience by fully understanding the business and how it operates.

    Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Gray’s features numerous live auction events throughout the year as well as a live-bidding option which grants collectors access to the showroom from anywhere in the world. Catalogues can be viewed online or as a hard-copy before the auction and bidding can occur in any manner that suits you, whether you attend the auction, participate online or via telephone.

    Take a look at any upcoming options when you visit graysauctioneers.com!

  14. Aspire Auctions

    Aspire Auctions Fine Art & Antiques maintains an inventory of tasteful drawings, paintings, decorative arts, sculpture and more. Pieces come from a myriad of eras and in a variety of styles, however if you are looking for contemporary work this might not be the site for you. There is enough varying representation to please collectors of many artistic persuasions. Each auction features a large cache of work, thus providing an excellent showcasing of predominantly American and European art from the 19th and 20th centuries.

    There are a few auctions conducted throughout the year, what the option to participate online. Catalogues are available for preview on their website and each work has been photographed thoroughly, highlighting essential details and workmanship. Additionally you will find accompanying the images as complete a description as possible about the quality and history of the piece.

    Go online to aspireauctions.com to take a look at the works to be featured in their next coming auction!

  15. Cowan Auctions

    With a reputation for attracting the nation’s top fine art and antique collectors, Cowan’s has proved itself a trustworthy and expert source for appraisals and auctions. Based in Cincinnati, OH, this auction house is run by Wes Cowan, the appraiser on PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. Cowan offers a variety of artistic departments, featuring sales of fine, folk, decorative and western art.

    The auction house conducts 3 large-scale fine and decorative art auctions per year. For those interested in bidding, you can either attend the live auction or else bid via telephone or their online service. Cowan’s is also a leader in the auctions of American Indian art and has 2 auctions of Native American artifacts and western art each year.

    Learn more about Cowan’s expert services and preview work at cowanauctions.com!

  16. Sante Fe Art Auction

    For those interested in the collection and purveyance of western art, the Santa Fe Art Auction boasts an exceptional collection of classic western art; in fact, it is the Southwest’s largest western art auction! They conduct one grand auction per year, with a large inventory of work. You can see a preview of what has been auctioned at previous events in the catalogs available on their website.

    This is a prime source for connoisseurs of western and distinctly American artistic representations. They carry a unique collection of rare, valuable and coveted pieces.

    Visit santafeartauction.com to view the works from previous auctions and to find about upcoming events!

  17. Slotin Folk Art

    Representing a unique niche in the art auction world, Slotin Folk Art specializes in work from self-taught artists, southern folk art, as well as antique and anonymous folk art. The pioneers behind Slotin Folk Art are dedicated to bringing folk art, also known as Outsider Art into mainstream America, claiming that “Self-taught art is the most important visual culture America has ever produced.”

    Here you will find a celebration of these unknown artists who have created passionate pieces expressive of their isolated culture and experiences. Each year Slotin Folk Art hosts the Folk Fest – “The World’s Greatest Self-Taught Art Show & Sale” as well as an auction highlighting the work from a particular folk artist.

    Take part in the celebration! Log onto slotinfolkart.com to learn more!

  18. Rago Arts

    The aim of Rago Arts and Auction Center is to share the joy of art and provide exceptional and personal service to serious collectors and dealers. Rago’s client base consists of world-famous designers and decorators as well as a strong celebrity bidder presence. Their original focus was in 20th century design, but they have since expanded to encompass fine arts as well as other departments.

    Auctions are hosted around the year, either in-house or through one of various absentee methods. The Rago’s staff encourages people to attend, if not to buy, then to get a feel for the way that auctions unfold. Staff is also available to answer any questions about the work, as well as art and design in general.

    Pieces from well-known, prominent artists as well as rare and unique works are always up for auction. Visit ragoarts.com to take a look at their auction schedule and browse past and current catalogues!

  19. Freeman’s

    Since 1805, Freeman’s Auctioneers and Appraisers have remained in-tune with the art market, bringing specialized and detailed understanding to their enterprise. They house around 30 auctions per year out of their Philadelphia located auction house, with option to participate in online live bidding. This is a full-service house that can handle a wide variety of pieces and is backed by a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service experience.

    Each year they hold 2 auctions showcasing American and European paintings and sculptures. These typically feature Old Master paintings as well as work from the 18th- 20th centuries. Different schools and styles are represented at each auction. Also featured at Freeman’s is a large selection of fine and decorative Asian art, and have become an acclaimed presence in the field.

    Find out about upcoming auctions by logging on to freemansauction.com!

  20. Scottsdale Art Auction

    The Scottsdale Art Auction is an annual event that is put together by a network of art dealers. This is a large-scale event that specializes in the sale of western art. The dealers behind the event are well-established authorities in the western art world and have been in dealing business for years.

    You will find a whole host of paintings and decorative pieces, illustrating the western American wildlife and experience. This is a heavily attended and highly anticipated event. For those interested in bidding, the art auction offers a direct phone line to the bidding floor to accommodate those unable to attend in person.

    To preview the work featured in their upcoming auction, visit scottsdaleartauction.com!

  21. MassArt Benefit Auction

    Each year the Massachusetts College of Art and Design hosts a benefit auction featuring a wide variety of work from internationally-known artists, emerging artists, as well as MassArt alumni faculty and students. The money from the auction goes towards raising funds to support scholarships, faculty development, exhibitions, and art programs for urban youth. Each auction typically showcases around 300 pieces.

    This is a large scale event, drawing a great pool of art collectors and appreciators. For those interested in bidding, there is both a live and silent auction as well as advanced artwork previewing. For those unable to attend, telephone bids are also accepted.

    To learn more about the MassArt auction, head to the support page at massart.edu!

  22. Art Papers

    Art Papers is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization that is “dedicated to the examination, development, and definition of art and culture in the world today.” They are interested in perpetuating an engaging and socially relevant discourse about today’s art world. The Art Papers magazine and various public events are the platforms by which their mission is realized.

    Every year, Art Papers hosts an auction showcasing Atlanta-based as well as internationally-known artists. This auction helps support the Art Papers initiative as well as introduces a vibrant collection of contemporary work to the public. This is a large-scale event that draws people in from far-reaching destinations.

    If you are interested in taking part in this event, visit the events page at artpapers.org!

  23. Dallas Auction Gallery

    The Dallas Auction Gallery specializes in the appraisal and sale of fine arts and antiques. They pride their auction house on its reliability and personalized service given to both buyer and seller. The folks on staff at the Dallas Auction Gallery are experienced appraisers and auction specialists available to make sure that your auctioning experience is uncomplicated and enjoyable.

    Auction catalogues are available online for immediate preview. You will find a large inventory of antique fine and decorative arts. If you are unable to attend the in-house live bidding, you are invited to participate using an absentee bid, on the phone, or online. The Dallas Auction Gallery wants to provide for you a simple and enriching experience.

    Find out about upcoming auctions online at dallsauction.org!

  24. Shopgoodwill.com

    Although you may be surprised to hear it, another excellent site for art auctions is Shopgoodwill.com. We would like to recommend this site to frugal buyers. If you are just starting out your collection, it’s a good idea to start with low prices and bargain artworks. By purchasing from a site like Shopgoodwill.com, you may be able to find an incredible deal on some valuable artworks. To start out your collection, you should try to keep your initial investments at a minimum, and a good way to do this is by carefully selecting works through Shopgoodwill.com. This site will show you lots of rare and unique artworks and craft items, which you’ll find hard to resist with their low auction prices. Use Shopgoodwill.com to find all of your inexpensive artworks.

  25. Propertyroom.com

    If you’re into police auctions, you may have heard of Propertyroom.com. Propertyroom.com is popular among bidders of all backgrounds, whether you’re looking for electronics, apparel or even fine art. We would like to recommend this site to people who are purchasing fine art, because it has an extensive collection of rare and limited edition prints, photographs and other artworks. Whether you want to spend $1 or $1000, you’ll find something worth the money on Propertyroom.com. Many of the auctions are priced reasonably, and don’t have fixed rates or minimum bids. Art collectors often find awesome deals on PropertyRoom.com, where masterpieces can sometimes slip through undetected and be found at bargain deals. Start purchasing your artwork from Propertyroom.com, and you’ll enjoy low prices, exciting bargains and an overall experience that will leave you wanting more!

  26. Policeauctions.com

    Depending on the type of art you plan on buying, Policeauctions.com may be a great site for you. If you are into decorative prints and oil paintings, you may have found that they cost lots of money in the stores. You may have also found that prints and paintings from famous and popular artists have even more exorbitant costs. If you don’t care who signed the back of your canvas, you should pay a visit to Policeauctions.com. Although this site features a number of works from unknown or unnamed artists, it’s the perfect place to find beautifully rendered, skillfully created pieces at fractions of their values. You may even find a few prints from well known artists in there, as well! This site is very good for beginning collectors or even interior decorators looking for tasteful wall art.

  27. Seizedpropertyauctions.com

    You may be surprised to find art prints at Seizedpropertyauctions.com. This site refers to itself as the “premier auction company for liquidating property seized by police and federal agencies.” Although many people expect to find electronics and vehicles on sites like this, they would be delighted to learn that oftentimes art can be found at police auction sites. In order to bid at Seizedpropertyauctions.com you must first create an account. It’s easy to register, and this will give you access to all of the seized property auctions on this site. Once you’re a member, you can enter into different internet auctions and start purchasing all kinds of artwork. Seized from the houses of all types of people, this artwork encompasses a broad range of styles, periods and price ranges.

  28. eBid.net

    When you go to eBid’s homepage, you will be encouraged to “Buy & Sell just about anything”. Buyers and sellers would agree that eBid.net can benefit both of them in a number of ways. If you want to get into the art auction industry, eBid.net is an important site to visit. Whether you’re purchasing or selling artworks, you can utilize eBid.net as a tool to achieve your goals. Buyers will love the incredible selection of works from different time periods and artistic movements. Sellers will enjoy the thousands of categories and zero listing fees. EBid.net is a site that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved in the art market, so start buying and posting your art auctions today!

  29. CQout.com

    If you enjoy art auctions, you should pay a visit to CQout.com. This international auction site has an astonishing collection of artworks from all over the world. Whether you’re buying or selling a piece of art, you can benefit from CQ out’s policies. Sellers will appreciate how easy it is to post items for sale with CQout.com. You don’t have to be an art dealer to sell works in the Arts and Antiques category at CQout.com, in fact many of the sellers in this category are simply selling heirlooms and inherited artworks. Sellers will also love the immediate collector pool that can be found with CQout.com, as many of the buyers on this site are art collectors themselves. Buyers will enjoy the bargains that can be found on CQout.com, where sometimes inexperienced sellers will let go of valuable items for low prices. Be a part of the fun art auctions that occur on CQout.com.

  30. Artbyus.com

    If you want to buy and sell artwork in an auction format, you should pay a visit to ArtbyUs.com. The sellers on ArtByus.com are artists and collectors who have a serious appreciation for the work. Sellers will enjoy using this site because the buyers are interested in niche items. Whether you’re selling glass art, metal art, or something more traditional like painting or jewelry, you will find that there are many customers awaiting you at Artbyus.com. Buyers, you’ll love the eclectic mixture of art pieces that can be found on ArtbyUs.com. Stop skimming through cheap prints and boring paintings, when you can find unique, limited art pieces at ArtbyUs.com. This site is a favorite of buyers and sellers alike, as it caters to the needs of artists and collectors. Start enjoying the art auctions on Artbyus.com.

  31. Onlineauction.com

    Many people enjoy participating in the auctions at OnlineAuction.com. Onlineauction.com. This site is very popular among both buyers and sellers, mainly because of its non-existent posting fees and wide selection of merchandise. Online Auction writes, “our sellers save money so you can find better deals at OnlineAuction.com.” If you want to buy or sell artwork, this site has a great arena for it. There are a lot of people who check the “Art” category for unique paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints. There are so many different kinds of artwork on Onlineauction.com. You won’t believe how easy it is to post an item for sale, with $0 Final Value Fees and $0 Commission fees to save you money. As a seller, you’ll have access to a large group of buyers. As a buyer, you’ll have access to a wide range of products.

  32. Webstore.com

    If you’re interested in art auctions, another great site to check out is Webstore.com. Webstore.com is popular among online sellers and buyers alike. Their “art” category contains hundreds, sometimes thousands of listings that are truly exquisite examples of art. Whether you’re interested in modern and contemporary works, or older pieces (some can be found under the Antiques section, as well), you’ll be able to find them on Webstore.com. Sellers appreciate Webstore’s policies, where their sponsors pay for the listing fees. Buyers enjoy the excellent selection and low prices that they receive from these happy sellers. Webstore.com’s policies work out in everyone’s favor, so that both parties can sell and receive artwork with ease. Start buying and selling your artwork with Webstore.com.

  33. WeBidz.com

    Webidz.com is an extremely popular online auction site. Many people enjoy using Webidz.com because of its wide selection of products and variety of categories. We Bidz is actually a great art auction site, where buyers and sellers mostly focus on print sales. If you want to buy or sell some prints, WeBidz.com is a very good arena for you. Sellers enjoy the low posting fees and easy site interface, while buyers appreciate the fantastic selection, low prices, and unique merchandise that’s available on this site. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll enjoy auctioning art prints on WeBidz.com. With hundreds of prints to choose from, and plenty of buyers scooping them up, your chances for a successful art exchange are high at WeBidz.com.

  34. upperbid.com

    Upperbid.com is an online auction site that is based in the United States, catering to the needs of both its buyers and its sellers. With low posting fees, Upper Bid makes it easy for sellers to post any kind of item. If you’re interested in art auctions, you’ll find that there is an eclectic mix of items for sale on Upperbid.com. Although there are typically only a few hundred listings in the “Antiques and Art” category, they are of various works in a number of mediums. Sellers will enjoy posting their treasures on this site, where niche buyers come to snatch up these rare items. Buyers will enjoy the low prices and great deals on unique, rare artworks and antiques. Whichever side of the art auction spectrum you fall on, Upperbid.com is a good site to explore.

  35. Aantv.com

    America’s Auction Network can be found at Aantv.com. This auction network has become very popular among art collectors because of its extensive art collection and reliable sellers. We would like to recommend this site to anyone interested in purchasing art. If you want to purchase through an established site with reputable sellers, you should turn to AANtv.com. There is a comprehensive selection of contemporary prints and pieces on AANtv.com. Consider purchasing a Claes Oldenburg print, for example, which even has a “Buy it Now” price on AANtv.com for just around four hundred dollars. If you’re a true art lover, AANtv.com can put you in touch with valuable, precious, rare and unique artworks that will leave you in awe. Start buying art from AANtv.com.

Part 4: 11 Art Marketplaces

  1. Amazon.com

    If you’re interested in art marketplaces, you may be surprised to learn that Amazon.com is a very popular place to find them. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you will benefit from the transactions that occur on this site. Sellers will appreciate how easy it is to add an item, and also the low posting fees. Buyers will enjoy the great selection of items and low prices that are available on Amazon. Although Amazon does not have a category dedicated specifically to art like many other online marketplaces, it’s easy to search for artworks with their search filters. Simply specify the type of artwork you’re interested in (for instance, search Modern Art Print for something funky to decorate your home. You’ll find thousands of pieces of artwork from various sellers, some for auction and some for immediate purchase. Start enjoying online art auctions at Amazon.com.

  2. Etsy.com

    Etsy is your place to buy and sell all things handmade. Whether you’re looking for an actual artwork, or a handmade item with an artistic twist, you’ll love the products you’ll find on Etsy. Etsy’s marketplace is constantly bustling with new handmade goods that retain a unique and special quality. If you want to purchase these items for yourself or as a gift, you will find that the marketplace is easy to navigate and browse. Whether you’re looking for something specific, or need to brainstorm some good ideas, Etsy’s a great place to explore. If you’ve got some crafts of your own, you can sell them with Etsy, too! A marketplace goes both ways, and Etsy caters to the needs of both buyers and sellers. Whether you plan to purchase or produce anything handmade, Etsy.com is a spectacular site.

  3. Delcampe.net

    Delcampe.net calls itself the “International Collector’s Community”. This online marketplace houses a number of collectable items, from coins to stamps, old documents and more. Artists and art collectors will love the marketplace at Delcampe because of its extensive selection of art from all areas of the world. Browse through a seemingly endless collection of artwork from different places, periods and movements, and see why Delcampe is one of the leaders in the online art marketplace industry. It’s easy and free to become a member at Delcampe.net. Sellers will find it easy to post their rare artworks, since sales fees are only payable once an item has been sold. With hundreds of thousands of members (and growing), Delcampe.net is one of the most popular artist markets on the web. Start buying and selling artwork at Delcampe.net’s online marketplace.

  4. Bonanzle.com

    Bonanzle encourages its users to “Find everything but the Ordinary”. This refreshing alternative online marketplace has a wide variety of artistic products, from crafts to fine arts and beyond. If you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll enjoy participating in Bonanzle’s marketplace, which has been called a “people-centric site” that focuses on all of its users. There are plenty of products for sale on Bonanzle.com, everything from inexpensive decorations to serious fine art collectibles. Whether you plan on buying or selling products that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, or simply something that costs a few bucks, you’ll find a venue for it at Bonanzle.com. Bonanzle’s simple, sleek design makes it a breeze to navigate, and their stellar selection of artistic products makes them a force to be reckoned with. Start using Bonanzle.com’s art marketplace today!

  5. Ecrater.com -

    Ecrater.com is a free web store builder and a free online marketplace. If you’re building your own webstore, Ecrater can lend you the tools and expertise to create a very professional business. For our purposes, however, we’d like to focus on their online marketplace. Ecrater’s online marketplace has a number of artistic products. There are a number of different sellers that sell their art through Ecrater, and you will find that it’s easy to set up and manage your sales through this site. There are tens of thousands of listings within the “Art” category on Ecrater.com. You can buy and sell Drawings, Folk Art & Primitives, Mixed Media & Collage, Paintings, Photographs, Posters, Prints, and even Sculptures and Carvings through Ecrater.com’s marketplace.

  6. Goantiques.com

    Professional antique and art collectors have long turned to Goantiques.com for online sales. If you are interested in art marketplaces, Goantiques.com is the site for you. With categories ranging from decorative arts, to prints, glass, jewelry and just plain art, Goantiques.com is an art-driven marketplace. GoAntiques.com has over 1,000 dealers from 31 countries, contributing rare and unique art items to their Virtual Warehouse. Whether you’d like to become one of GoAntique’s dealers, or simply enjoy their products as a buyer, you’ll be enamored with their extensive selection and fair terms of service. It’s easy to create an account on Goantiques.com, and even easier to start buying artwork from this site. If you want to find art from every corner of the world, visit Goantiques.com.

  7. Art.rubylane.com

    If it’s an art marketplace you’re looking for, Art.Rubylane.com is the place you ought to go! Ruby Lane has one of the most comprehensive online art marketplaces available. This site specializes in fine art, and unlike many other marketplaces – art is all you will find here. Whether you plan to buy or sell some artwork, Ruby Lane can cater to your needs. Browse through their categories, which include Ceramics, Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, Printmaking and more. You will find a wide array of artworks on this site, from a variety of dealers. This auction site is very popular among the artistic community, as it features quality work from reputable dealers. If you want to get involved in online art marketplaces, Art.Rubylane.com is a great site to search.

  8. Blujay.com

    Blujay.com is a 100% free online marketplace. If you’re hoping to bust into the art online marketplace scene, but haven’t got the cash to afford costly listing prices and outrageously priced products, you should look to a free marketplace. Blujay.com has a very good collection of artworks from all over the world. Their pieces range in period, movement, material and more. Although Blujay.com offers many other products in addition to their artistic collection, it has established itself as a reputable art marketplace. Sellers, enjoy posting your items without a fee. Buyers, find lower prices and better deals from the happy sellers you’ll encounter at Blujay! It’s easy to find any kind of art to suit anyone’s tastes, so start using the art marketplace at Blujay.com.

  9. Atomicmall.com

    If you want to visit a very popular online art marketplace, one terrific site is AtomicMall.com. AtomicMall.com focuses on providing their users with phenomenal deals. Their art selection is superior to that of many other marketplaces, despite the site’s origins outside of the artistic realm. If you are an art dealer, you can register as a seller with AtomicMall.com. Even people with other professions can sell art as a hobby through Atomic Mall. Sellers can sign up and set up for free, and only pay if your item has sold. Buyers have the benefit of realtime chat with the sellers of certain items, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. This site is a great forum for the exchange of art, and can benefit both buyers and sellers tremendously. Start using Atomicmall.com as your online art marketplace today!

  10. iOffer.com

    iOffer.com is an online community that allows you to buy, sell and trade through negotiations. This online marketplace has been gaining popularity among all types of people, even art people! If you’re interested in art marketplaces, iOffer.com is a good site to check out. With no listing fees and a free iOffer store, this site makes it easy to sell any kind of art item. Whether you want to buy or sell fine arts or craft arts – it doesn’t matter! Ioffer.com has a place for all kinds of art, without discrimination. Check out the “Current Activity” on iOffer to get a feel for the scope of this site. At the time of this review, there were over 35,000 users online, over 15,000 negotiations currently underway, and more than 35 million items posted. Buyers will go crazy for the selection, and sellers can enjoy prominently featured items with some great customers to boot.

  11. Tias.com

    Tias.com is a very popular online marketplace where you will find fine antiques and collectibles. If you are interested in entering into the online art marketplace arena, you will find that Tias.com is an excellent site. Many art world professionals enjoy using Tias because of their collection of fine and rare artwork. You can become an affiliate with Tias.com and enjoy additional features on the site. If you are a serious art dealer or collector, Tias is worthy of your time. If you are a buyer who is interested in original (and sometimes expensive) artworks, Tias.com is a great place to find them. Stop wasting your time on sites that offer you cheap knockoff prints of great artists, and get the art from the source at Tias.com. This marketplace is one where art retailers, artists and collectors can come together and share their passion for the arts – so join this expanding community today!

Part 5: 4 Online Art Classifieds

  1. Craigslist.org

    If you are an artist, you may have faced some difficulty finding employment or activities in your area. Artists are creative people, with passions and talents that are hard to rival. One popular artist resource is the classified site Craigslist.org. This site has discussion forums, community listings, and even job listings that appeal to artists in your area. For art collectors and art employers, this site is also extremely valuable. If you want to be put in touch with collectors who may be interested in your works and commissions, Craigslist is a great place to find them. Collectors, if you want to get some great deals on work from emerging artists – search Craigslist! None of the prices are final, since you make your official transactions on a person to person basis. This site is a great forum for interaction between both parties in the arts, so start making your art deals today!

  2. Oodle.com

    Oodle.com is another outstanding classified site that can benefit artists and art collectors. Whether you’ve created the work yourself, or are looking to sell an art piece that you’ve acquired, Oodle.com is a great venue for you. Collectors will also enjoy using Oodle.com, since they can buy directly from the original artist, and contact sellers directly. Since Oodle.com is a classified site, you can’t do your transactions directly on it. You can, however, be put in touch with another person who is passionate about art in the same way that you are. If you want to find the art lover on the other end of the spectrum, go to Oodle.com. This is one classified website where artists meet collectors, where dealers meet buyers, and where art is truly appreciated. Start interacting with other artistic professionals, making art transactions, and finding out about artistic happenings in your area with Oodle.com.

  3. Sell.com

    Another popular classified site is Sell.com. Sell.com has a plethora of artworks for sale, and it’s also very easy to make your own posting here. Like other classified sites, Sell.com does not actually execute sales. It is, instead, a forum for meeting and discussing sales and exchanges. On Sell.com, you will find artwork from every corner of the world. Whether it’s a $24,000 John Jennings oil painting, or a $6.95 elephant figurine, it’s rare, exciting, and artistic. Artists can sell their own work through this site, or dealers can sell it on their behalf. Collectors will love using this classified site because none of the prices are set in stone! Although you are able to buy some items immediately with the “buy now” feature, many of them are open to negotiation. Sell.com has an excellent art section.

  4. Kijiji.com

    Kijiji.com is a fun and exciting classified site that is free and friendly. If you want to start finding out about local art events, opportunities, or even artworks available for purchase, you should really check out Kijiji.com. Kijiji has some awesome artist resources in almost every city in the United States. Enter your zipcode on their homepage to find artist resources in your area. If you’re planning on buying or selling art through Kijiji, you’ll find that most interactions through this site are pleasant and helpful. Artists and art collectors all over America enjoy using Kijiji because of its simple interface, free posting policy, and expanding database of users. Start using Kijiji for all of your art transactions!

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