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36 Top Antique Auction Sites

Part 1: Premium Sponsor

  1. Ebay Antique Auction - For antique collectors and dealers all over the world, eBay has become one of the most popular sources for fine antiques. With retailers from every corner of the globe, the collection of antiques available on eBay is truly astounding. Pieces from every period and place can be found on eBay.

    You can search for your prospective antiques by specifying periods and styles, or searching specifically for the type of antique (i.e. furniture, musical instruments, linens/textiles and more). Whether you’re searching for an antique dagger made with real ivory, or a ladies’ watch from the 1800’s, you will be able to find it on eBay.com.

    Many collectors enjoy using eBay because they are able to find very obscure and unique items that are otherwise incredibly difficult to find through small antique stores. Because of the wide variety of items that are available on eBay, collectors are also able to get better deals. If three different retailers are selling necklaces from the same time period, they are less likely to pull one over on their customers. One difficulty that collectors face when purchasing antiques is estimating their value off the bat. Although you probably won’t have an appraiser handy, you will be able to tell if a seller has good customer relations based on their feedback score.

    Many people begin their collecting careers on eBay by first purchasing a small item that is not very expensive. After getting the item appraised at a later date, those buyers evaluate the eBay seller that they purchased the antique from. The seller’s feedback score and previous history can give you a good indication of the quality of their products, as well as the likelihood of authenticity (truthfulness to period, material, etc). You can trust that other serious collectors would provide reliable feedback about their purchases. In a traditional antique store, you may not be able to tell if certain items are gold or gold-plated by looks alone. You may not be able to tell if a piece of jewelry has precious stones or simply cut glass upon first look. Ebay sellers are held accountable for their transactions because of their feedback scores. In fact, they are less likely to sell you a “lemon”, so to speak, because they would receive bad publicity for it. Top-rated sellers are your best bet when you first start collecting antiques through eBay. Bid strategically and stay smart with your purchases, and you will walk away with some amazing antiques from eBay.com.

Part 2: 12 Popular Antique Auction Sites

  1. Ha.com - Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the internet’s largest collectible auctioneers, and although they don’t have a specific category for antiques, you can still find many valuable vintage artwork, décor, antique prints and jewelry.

    Ha.com offers rare antique pieces such as historical books and manuscripts. If you’re into US history, the Manuscript of American Revolution Leaders’ Signatures might be worth taking a look. This antique document includes classic signed letters by some of history’s greatest leaders like Richard Spaight and Ezra L’Hommedieu.

    You will also find antique artwork like the 1946 Marine oil on canvas by Jean Dufy, a classic French painter. This painting of a seascape will bring liveliness to any room you want to display it. Check out more previews and images of this antique auction along with many mores on Ha.com.

  2. Liveauctioneers.com - A leading online auction site with antiques from around the world, Liveauctioneers.com provides tons of choices for buyers interested in collection or redistributing quality antiques.

    Register for a free account today to start bidding on great antique auctions. For instance, the Pair of Chinese Polychromed Porcelain jars offer an opening bid of just $150. It features classic Chinese dynasty images with floral patterns and traditional characters.

    Liveauctioneers.com offers many functional and appealing antique items such as the Antique Wood Rocking Chair for just $25. This wooden work is constructed from durable solid cherry wood with intricate detailing on the railings. It will make a beautiful vintage addition to your guestroom or living room, complementary of traditional décor styles. View more information and photos of antiques on Liveauctioneers.com.

  3. Icollector.com - Icollector.com is a live auction source with 1372 antiques currently available for you to bid on.

    They offer a large antique textile selection like the Navajo Textile with 1940s geometric patterns. This antique rug piece will accent your living room or bedroom, bringing a tribal flair to your home. You can start bidding on this original textile for as low as $250.

    You also have to choice to bid on collections of antiques such as the Box Lot of Assorted Porcelain. This set includes Imari style demitasse cups, saucers and teapots, ideal for large parties and tea tastings. With an Asian inspired style, the porcelain collection features detailed paintings of cherry blossoms, birds and nature scenes, a lovely blend of tranquility and gracefulness.

    Sign up for Icollector.com’s weekly newsletter to stay updated on all their hottest antique auctions.

  4. Shopgoodwill.com - Shopgoodwill.com is an excellent site for antique auctions. If you want to find a wide array of antiques, then you will enjoy the constantly changing selection on Shopgoodwill.com. All of the antiques on Shopgoodwill.com are available for bidding – and since the site is not very highly trafficked, your chances of winning a bid are very high.

    Shopgoodwill.com is the first internet auction site that was ever created, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization. Created by Goodwill of Orange County, it has since expanded to include collections from Goodwill’s all over the country. The antiques and collectibles in their collection are surprisingly rare and in good condition. Since the majority of their products have been donated by estates and organizations, they make a 100% profit on each item. Revenues from those profits fund Goodwill’s education, training and job placement programs for people with disabilities and other barriers. Since they don’t have an initial purchase price for these items, they are able to offer them to the public at low prices. You can know that when you purchase an antique from Shopgoodwill.com, the proceeds are going to a worthwhile cause.

    In addition to new and gently used items, you will be able to purchase a wide array of antiques through Shopgoodwill.com. The fact that nearly every item on Shopgoodwill.com is second hand or donated contributes to their large body of antiques and collectibles. Although they may not have the thousands of listings that other sites maintain, Shopgoodwill.com typically has about a hundred different antiques listed at any given time. The listings are constantly being updated as well, so you should continually check back for specific items. This site is great for both the serious collector and someone just starting out. Whether you want to make a serious purchase on something like an antique cash drawer for a few hundred dollars, or something less pricey like an antique mixing bowl for somewhere around ten dollars, you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

    Shopgoodwill.com is very easy to use and navigate. Even inexperienced internet users will be able to use this site with ease. To bid on items you must first create a free member name and password, and then you will be able to start bidding! Enjoy the beautiful antiques that have been donated to the Goodwill’s all over America, and let your purchase go towards a good cause. Start shopping at Shopgoodwill.com for your antiques.

  5. Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers

    Skinner’s operates as one of the world’s premiere auction houses, offering collectors and interested parties access to fine and rare pieces. They are staffed by a team of experts with great knowledge in appraisal, thus ensuring that the merchandise that moves through the Skinner auction house is of the utmost quality. They are also in-tune with the intricacies of the current auction and antique market and can offer their services and knowledge for the benefit of all clients.

    On their website you will see their detailed list of categorical offerings, helping you to browse those items relevant to your interests. They hold a few auctions each month out of their Massachusetts-based auction house. For those unable to attend, Skinner’s also provides telephone and online live-bidding. Those interested can also view their catalogue online.

    To see what quality items are available at the next auction, head now to skinnerinc.com!

  6. Turkey Creek Auctions

    Turkey Creek Auctions is a North Central Florida-based auction house that has been operating in the field of competitive auctions and appraisals for over 20 years. They maintain a large selection of inventory that has been selected and appraised by the team of professionals involved with this auction house.

    They host an auction about once a month, sometimes with more added inbetween each scheduled occurrence. Auctions are held live at their Florida auction house, but they do encourage prospective participants to visit their online catalogue of items and submit an absentee bid. Here you will find a collection of fine antique artifacts that can be previewed online.

    Visit antiqueauctionsfl.com to get ready for their upcoming antique auction!

  7. Auctions Neapolitan & Gallery

    For a comprehensive selection of decorative and quality antiques, take a look at the Auctions Neapolitan & Gallery. This Florida-based auction house carries a wide-array of items sure to please antique collectors with tastes that range from simple to decadent. They are one of the largest liquidation services and Florida, thus offering a competitive selection of estate antiques with professional service.

    Auctions are head on multiple dates throughout the month, giving buyers ample opportunity to participate. They hold weekly live-auctions at their gallery space with the option to participate via telephone or absentee bid. Auctions are also broadcasted live via Ebay, giving you the chance to buy from wherever you are located!

    Head now to auctionsneapolitan.com to browse their inventory and learn about upcoming auctions!

  8. Thieves Market Antiques

    Thieves Market Antiques prides itself on providing a comprehensive selection of “the best selection of affordable fine Antiques that you have ever seen, all under one roof!” Their inventory of exquisite objects is constantly rotating, giving the public incomparable access to a large stock of items.

    While their large site facilities are impressive and replete with a number of coveted pieces, they also host ongoing online auctions, allowing those who don’t live nearby greater access to these rare and unique antiques. They have been presenting their items online now for over 10 years, becoming a widely popular source for antique auctions.

    To take part in their online auction and to browse their selection, head to thievesmartketantiques.com!

  9. Slawinski Auction Company

    The Slawinski Auction Company was established over 40 years ago as a family-run auction house with a specialized focus on the auctioning of antiques. They are committed to providing customers with personalized service as well as fundraising for community causes.

    You will find that they offer a number of elegant and unique items at auction in a range of styles, time-periods and materials. You can preview all the lots at their website as well as find out when their upcoming auctions are being held. Auctions are conducted out of their California-based site, but those who are unable to attend can submit an absentee bid.

    To see what items are ready to be auctioned, visit slawinski.com today!

  10. Pioneer Auction Gallery

    The Pioneer Auction Gallery is a full-service auction house sells a wide range of coveted pieces in a number of categories. . The experts on staff are available to answer any questions you might have regarding the auction process, the quality of products and more. Their expertise also works to ensure a smooth and efficient auctioning experience for all involved.

    They host live auctions from their Oregon-based establishment but additionally offer comprehensive internet bidding as well as telephone and absentee options. Visit their website to find out about upcoming auctions and to browse their online catalogue.

    There are a few auctions every month, head to pioneerantiqueauction.com to participate!

  11. Sunset Auction

    Sunset Auction is a Washington State-based auction house that offers interested buyers an expansive network of quality materials. This is a prolific auction house, hosting events at multiple times during the month. Each auction features a large inventory of rare and beautiful objects, ensuring a great selection of items for you to consider.

    Additionally offered is a comprehensive online auctioning service. Those who are not conveniently located near the auction house can still participate in these exciting events with online bidding. If you are at all interested in participating, full photo catalogues are available online for your browsing pleasure.

    Get ready for the next auction by visiting sunsetauction.com today!

  12. Garth’s

    Since the early 50’s Garth’s has been in the business of appraising and auctioning fine art and antiques. Since their humble beginnings, this enterprise has grown to become a large-scale auction house with the enlisted help of a number of art, antique, and auctioning professionals. They have remained in-tune with the evolving industry, striving to offer a competitive service at the top of the marketplace.

    Garth’s hosts live auctions around once a month from their auction house in Ohio. For those not located in the vicinity, Garth’s encourages online participation or else by utilizing any of their additional absentee services. There are many exquisite items up for auction including a number of well-appriased antiques. If you have a penchant for antique collecting, consider participating in an auction with Garth’s.

    To find out about upcoming auctions, log on to garths.com!

Part 3: 8 Popular Online Antique Marketplaces

  1. Antiques.rubylane.com - Ruby Lane is one of the largest online marketplaces for antiques, with 28,840 different antiques on sale. You can filter through antique art, jewelry, pottery and more by subcategories to enhance your shopping experience.

    Take a look at Ruby Lane’s daily featured antiques and treasures to get the hottest new deals. A great antique accessory is the Brass Candlesticks with Charming Porcelain Figurine Inserts. The figurines are painted with a mixture of luster and matte paints, and the design features unique detailing such as flower baskets. Made in Germany in the mid 1800s, this antique candlestick pair will bring vintage creativity into your home.

    You will also find many sale items on Rubylane.com such as the Solid Copper Round Wall Clock on sale for $399. It comes in solid copper, polished to a mirror finish and lacquered. Enjoy more antique goods on Rubylane.com for great value at less the price.

  2. Bonanzle.com - Bonanzle.com features antiques that are everything but the ordinary. You can buy, sell and trade antique pieces with other members from across the globe.

    Bonanzle specializes in Asian antiques and decorative arts. An awesome Asian antique is the 19th Century Chinese Antique Silver & Turquoise earrings. This vintage pair of genuine silver earrings features delicate duck-shaped trinkets that dangle from a braided silver metal chain.

    A trendy art décor antique is the Antique Dish with Charming Decorative Floral Design, and it’s on sale for just $35. It is a white plate with floral patterns in copper and blue with slight indentations around the outer edge for style.

    View more details and photos of antiques on Bonanzle.com or list your own antique items by opening a Bonanzle web store for free!

  3. Ecrater.com - Ecrater is a free online marketplace that allows you to create your own store in a few minutes to sell antiques or browse through thousands of vintage goods.

    To filter results and pinpoint an antique you’re hunting for, use their advanced search engine to specific keywords or prices. Ecrater merchants carry a lot of unique antique pieces like the Decorative Carved Wood Mask for just $46. This vintage mask is made ready to be hung to introduce a sense of adventure and exoticness into your living space.

    Other antiques are functional as well as externally appealing. The pair of Silver Plated Bird Figural Salt & Pepper Shakers will make your dining room table festive and entertaining for children. It features a design of sparrows perched on a limb with foliage, berries and flowers, all in silver.

    Ecrater offers more antiques such as books, furniture and textiles.

  4. Goantiques.com - Goantiques.com has over 1,000 dealers from 31 countries across the globe to build its antique collections. From porcelain to prints, you can find rare and affordable pieces in every category.

    If you love Asian inspired antiques, check out the 1850’s Japanese Champlevé Enamel Vase with designs of mythical beasts and cloud scrolls. The vase has been drilled into a lamp so you can place it in your bedroom for nighttime reading, while enjoying the fine detailing of this antique.

    Goantiques.com also specializes in many antique accessories, such as the Vintage Tiffany 18k Gold and Ruby Pin. Sold by Burton Brook Farm Antiques, this classic vintage bouquet pin with seven rubies is stamped with Tiffany Co’s logo, and it is a rare find from Italy.

    Contact individual dealers for more information on an antique item or sign up for email alerts for the latest deals from Goantiques.com.

  5. Antiquearts.com - Antiquearts.com is a special online marketplace with thousands of fine art and antiques ranging from the 19th century to modern times.

    Antiquearts’ showcase features the newest addition to their collection of antiques. One great decorative piece is the Early Davenport Pearlware Blue Transfer Plate circa 1793. This antique plate in excellent condition can be easily used as a flat soup plate or serving plate. It features a detailed engraving of an Oriental building complemented by three figures on a walled deck overlooking a river and a high bridge next to a waterfall. Not only is this antique tableware rare and interesting, but it’s also affordable at only $175.

    You can also freely peruse through Antiquearts.com’s list of individual antique shops that are dedicated to specific eras or types of antiques. If you are an antique distributor, you can be added to the directory for increased visibility.

  6. Collections.delcampe.net - Delcampe is an international community with more than 48,000 members who buy and sell antiques. From African art to European ceramics, Delcampe offers diversity as well as selectivity in its antiques.

    African art antiques include the Pure African Ivory Handcrafts for just $1.50. It features four original African masks that can be used as necklaces, radiating exotic and simple elegance. Not only will this set make an excellent addition to your personal collection, but you can gift it to friends and family.

    Collections at Delcampe also offer Eastern European pottery and ceramic antiques for sale. The Rooster Mug from St. Petersburg Russia will bring charm onto your dining room table. It is sold in perfect condition, featuring a beautiful design of red rooster with floral patterns.

    Find all of your favorite antiques at Collections.delcampe.net; add them to your watch list or email the item pages to others.

  7. Ioffer.com - A unique marketplace, Ioffer allows its members to buy, sell and trade antiques by negotiating, and you can get started by browsing their collection or list your items for free.

    Ioffer.com features many antique art pieces such as the Original Abstract Painting Time to Come by Mitris. Made in 1974, this work is painted on illustration board with acrylic.

    Mitris’ pieces are widely exhibited in Toronto and Montreal, so this antique painting will be a great investment that will only increase in future value.

    Other antiques include a 1914 Electric Percolator coffee pot for just $45. It features silver plated handles, wooden pads and spout handles. This coffee pot makes a beautiful display antique as well as a functional kitchen tool.

    Make an offer today on antiques from Ioffer.com and you can get a great bargain!

  8. Blujay.com - At Blujay.com all features are 100% free for buyers and sellers, and you can even open a free online store to showcase all of your antiques. From toys to furniture, Blujay.com covers a wide range of antiques. The Antique Cast Iron Horse Toy in mint condition makes a fun buy for kids and adults for just $10. The horse measures three inches high and it comes with hand painted features. For vintage furniture, check out the Vintage Bed, Chest, and Drawers set in solid cherry finish. Circa 1940’s, this collection also includes side rails, headboard, footboard and mirror in good condition. Although the price is indicated at $290, it is negotiable via email contact with the seller. Blujay.com offers these amazing deals as well as thousands of other antiques on sale.

Part 4: Popular Antique Online Classifieds

  1. Craigslist.org - Craigslist.com provides you with hundreds of opportunities to find antiques in your local area.

    Start looking for the perfect antique by searching for keywords of a specific item, and you can even filter results by price limits and city or town. Because these antiques are sold by individuals, you probably won’t find them elsewhere. For instance, if you live in Atlanta and you’re looking for antique china, the Harmony House “Antoinette” 51 Piece Antique China Set is a great buy. For $300, you can get a set of dinner plates, salad plates, dessert bowls, serving platters, saucers and more. The lavender floral design was created in 1960 on a white background with gold trim. It will make an excellent addition to your existing dining collection or as a gift for friends and family.

  2. Kijiji.com - A free and friendly online service, Kijiji can help you receive a fantastic bargain on valuable antiques, and all you have to do is type in your location to begin!

    Top cities for antiques featured on Kijiji include Boston, Chicago and Houston. Although Kijiji classifieds doesn’t provide a large selection, you can still uncover antique treasures like the Antique 10K Bangle Bracelet in the Boston area. With gold detailing and double looped groves, this bracelet radiates a unique and classy style. Other antique jewelry includes an Antique 18k Pin with Sapphires and Diamonds. This brooch features intricate patterns of petals across four linked rings.

    However, many sellers ask for certain accommodations like cash only or pickup, so make sure you read through each item page before initiating contact.

  3. Sell.com - Sell.com classifieds works as an alternative to eBay and other online auctions, offering tons of antiques for sale through ads posted by local sellers.

    You can browse through 180 different posts that are being updated daily, from antique furniture and home décor to antique textile. For instance, in Fremont California, you can find a listing for an Antique Mahogany Dining Table with foldable center pieces. It features rounded edges with solid wood construction and rich mahogany laminate. Other advertisements are for moving sales, offering antique furniture at markdowns. An antique table, mirror and chairs set goes for only $260. Sell.com posts often allow you to buy now via PayPal or contact the seller for more information on the antique as well as on payment terms.

Part 5: 12 More Antique Auction Sites

  1. eBid.net Antique Auction - Ebid.net calls itself the site where you can “buy and sell just about anything”. With millions of auctions and thousands of categories, it is one of the most popular auction sites on the web. Their antique auctions are very extensive, and there are often over one hundred thousand items listed at any given time.

    The majority of antiques on eBid.net fall into the “decorative” category. In this category you will find things like teapots, vases, art prints, and other home and décor items. Many of these antiques are no longer functional, so things like a “vintage button hook” also fall into the decorative category. You will probably find the best results by searching for an item by keyword, as opposed to browsing categories on eBid.net. This is because their search engine is much more efficient at finding key words than the sellers are at categorizing their items. When you use their search filter, you are able to specify as much or as little information as you’d like. Specify keywords, condition, price, and even minimum feedback score from the seller.

    Like eBay’s feedback policy, eBid’s feedback policy holds its sellers accountable for their goods. When you see a seller with a low feedback score, that’s an indication that some of their items were either below the quality level indicated, or that perhaps their customer relation skills are subpar. Although it’s unfortunate that some individuals have low feedback scores, they remain a good indicator of the type of transaction you are entering into. Sometimes a truly special item may be worth the risk to you, and that is a personal decision that varies between users.

    The antique section of eBid.com will be especially rewarding to antique Fine Art collectors. The extensive collection of prints and paintings on eBid will truly blow you away if you’re into period pieces. Folk art, art deco, and many other styles of art can be found in eBid’s collections. The listings are always changing, so keep browsing eBid.com to find great antiques and art pieces.

  2. Old and Sold - Unlike some of the other auction sites that we’ve mentioned here, OldandSold.com is specifically dedicated to selling antiques – and only antiques. This antiques auction and marketplace is very popular among antique collectors and store owners alike. With their helpful columns and excellent collection of items, OldandSold.com really brings the special into specialization. They are truly dedicated to uniting antique sellers and buyers in a way that is profitable to both parties.

    Antique collectors will be happy to know that it is free to list items for sale on OldandSold.com. If you’re simply dying to add new things to your collection, consider selling some of the things you’re not so fond of in order to make some extra cash. Not only is it free to list your items on OldandSold.com, but it’s also very easy. They provide users with an easy guide to selling products on their website. OldandSold.com also contains an Antiques Digest that helps users to identify and appraise their antiques. This is an extremely helpful tool for new and inexperienced collectors. With thousands of articles related to antiques and collectibles, the Antiques Digest is reason enough to visit this site. Even if you are not planning on making a purchase, your interest in antiques will be stimulated by reading the Digest. Many of the articles are antiques themselves, dating from earlier periods in history. Old and Sold calls their Antiques Digest “Lost Knowledge from the Past”. These articles can impart some terrific wisdom and charm into your life.

    The literature that is available on OldandSold.com is very valuable. If you find a bit of time to peruse through their articles, it would definitely benefit you as an antique collector. Articles such as “What is an Antique?” and “Buying Antiques Abroad” can impact your methods of collecting as well as the way you store, clean, and treat your antiques.

    The items that are available for bidding on OldandSold.com are of high quality and sell for reasonable prices. Jewelry, furniture, decorative items and more can be found at Old and Sold. For every type of collector, beginner or otherwise, Oldandsold.com is a valuable tool. Start reading some of their articles, and begin bidding on precious antiques at OldandSold.com.

  3. AtOncer

    AtOncer is an online auction and marketplace database with the goal to create “an international platform where private sellers and dealers can buy and sell any products or service overcoming geographic barriers and fully participating in the benefits of the new global economy.” They offer a full spectrum of products, like most online auction houses with free registration and no-cost bidding.

    If you are looking for antiques, you will be pleased by AtOncer’s extensive collection of quality items, separated into detailed categories for more focused browsing. This is an extensive database with a constantly rotating inventory of rare and excellent items.

    Log on now to atoncer.com to see what great antiques are currently being offered!

  4. cqout.com - At Cqout.com, you can find over 190,000 auctions for antiques, from antique art deco to posters to furniture.

    Cqout.com provides you the opportunity to bid on thousands of fine antiques, with an especially encompassing collection of china and porcelain. The Apple Blossom Oriental Decorative China Plate opens bidding at just 4 Euro. This hand plated china plate comes with gold rim, in mint condition. Its festive red color and intricate floral patterns will surely draw attention in the display case or on the dining room table. You can also find great antique paintings such as the Fearsome Sea Oil Panting on Canvas circa 1892. This original piece of the boisterous seas will add a sense of adventure to your home.

    Most payment transactions through cqout.com are secured through CQ SecurePay and PayPal so don’t hesitate to start bidding today on your favorite antiques.

  5. Onlineauction.com - Antiques from Onlineauction.com are auctioned off for as low as $3. From china tea cups to antique dolls, Onlineauction.com offers a wide range of antique items for you to win or sell your own.

    The antiques from Onlineauction.com are eye-appealing and functional. For example, the Vintage Silverplate Gravy Ladle, marked 1847 Rogers Bros is engraved with a classy floral pattern on the handle. It is perfect for serving soup, gravy and sauces at your dinner gatherings and you can bid on it starting at $1.99.

    Onlineauction.com also has auctions for antique sets such as the Vintage Ruby Red Glass Sherbet Sunday set of 3. These deep dark ruby glasses feature glass pedestals and bases, perfect for afternoon tea or ice cream.

    Visit onlineauction.com today for more descriptions and photos of antiques on auction.

  6. Webstore.com - For buyers, you can find quality antiques on auction or instantly make a purchase; for sellers, you can open a free web store today to advertise your antique collection on Webstore.com.

    Webstore.com focuses on 20th century antiques, from the 1920’s to the modern decades. From the 1920s, you can find an Antique Grooming Set, an eclectic collection of retro hairbrushes, nail cleaner, and nail buffer, mirror, and more items in great condition.

    Webstore also offers unique antiques that might be difficult to find elsewhere. The Antique Mandolin Harp is a special Niagara Model in fair condition. With a starting bid at $50, this instrument plays well and makes an excellent cultural display in your home.

    Register for a free account to start selling or buying antiques on Webstore.com.

  7. Webidz.com - Webidz.com creates a safe and interactive community for buyers and sellers to list, bid and trade antiques.

    Featured auctions include accessories such as an Antique Lion Head Drawer Pull for $9.99. With this steel drawer pull, you can add a vintage feel to your cabinets or desks and touch up any simple drawer. Another valuable antique you can bid on is the Edward Meyer Grandfather Clock with black finish and mother-of-pear inlay. It is beautifully crafted of solid wood and well maintained by the merchant. However, you must be a registered member to bid on this item.

    If you are an antique seller or distributor, Webidz.com offers many different types of store accounts, ranging from bronze to platinum features to suit your products and budget.

    Because Webidz.com doesn’t charge additional fees to sellers, buyers also tend to get better deals on antiques.

  8. Epier.com - At Epier.com, you can access an extensive network of buyers and sellers so you can win bargain deals or gain profits from your collection of antiques. Antique sellers are regularly featured on the front page to increase visibility.

    Epier.com features a lot of antique jewelry, from bracelets to pendants. A popular open auction is the Bakelite Dark Rose Bangle Bracelet starting at $29. This hand carved Bakelite bangle piece can go nicely with your personal jewelry collection or your web store line.

    You can also find antique tableware and utensils on auction like the William A Rogers Oneida Teaspoons. This set of two silver plate teaspoons are in mint condition with no scratches or dents, and you can win it at a fraction of the original cost.

  9. Upperbid.com - For great antique finds, first check out Upperbid.com’s gallery for a quick overview of all their available auctions.

    Although Upperbid does not offer an expansive collection, they have unique and rare antiques from individual sellers across the country. For instance, one of the current auctions is the Vintage 1940 Barometer with Steering Wheel Shape by Taylor Instruments. This quirky piece can make an awesome décor addition to your home and you can win it for as little as $10.

    Upperbid.com also offers vintage tools on auction like the Vintage Package of Super Minis miniature wood train set. You can get up to 4 cars in brand new condition, with two engines and a caboose. It will make an excellent for kids of any age or collectibles for adults.

    By joining Upperbid.com, buyers can access bid history and watch list, and sellers will have useful management tools and free listing options.

  10. Playle.com - Since 1997, Playle.com has been one of the growing auction venues for antiques. Buyers can gain advanced search capabilities to find the perfect antique and the option to buy items instantly. Sellers can design and update your own page with free images with every listing. Other seller tools include notifications, bulk uploader and various package deals.

    You can find many auctions for antique posters and magazines at Playle. The 1971 Photoplay Magazine Cover featuring Lucille Ball and Son is an excellent choice for pop culture lovers. Inside includes a story and photos of the mother and son, and the original magazine is preserved in mint condition. Another antique find on auction is the 1930s Sheet Music collection featuring Guy Lombardo. It features five pages of sheet music, words and photographs of Lombardo. Enjoy your favorite tunes from the composer’s original work. The opening bid is only $1.25.

  11. Bidstart.com - Bidstart.com’s community has over 34,000 buyers and sellers and 715 auctions for antiques alone.

    Featured antiques include a Currier & Ives Print. Of the Mayflower Steamboat, a classic vintage piece from 1855. Bid on this painting for as low as $6.95 with no reserves.

    Bidstart.com is also a great source for cultural antiques with Asian works such as the Japanese Woodblock Vintage Tranquility from the 1950s. It comes with a handmade paper backing, suitable for a 5x7 frame to be hung in any room of the house to bring tranquility and peace.

    You can even sell your personal antiques on Bidstart.com with listing prices starting at just one cent per post. However, you must register an account before you can bid or sell any antiques on Bidstart.com.

  12. Wensy

    For another option in free online auctioning, take a look at Wensy. This site aims to provide buyers and sellers with a simple and efficient way to exchange goods. They also are dedicated to providing a safe and honest service to make all your browsing, buying and selling needs as pleasurable as possible.

    This site hosts a large section devoted to the auctioning of antiques. You will find an extensive selection of categories to choose from that match your tastes and whatever it is you might be looking for. This is not necessarily a high-end retailer, but you can be assured of a lot of quality items at affordable prices. As Wensy is an online auctioning site, items are available to be bid on 34/7!

    Visit wensy.com now to browse their database of antiques!

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